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The Last 100

I’m approaching 5000 ratings at which point I’m retiring this account. To make sure my next account is as elite as feasible I’m clearing as much of the RYM top 1000 albums within that last 100 as possible. As luck would have it, if you strip the stuff I don’t count as actual popular music records (classical, soundtracks, goddam Computer game music) there’s little over a couple of hundred left - let’s see (list in progress, ratings will appear in time). This list should also take out the last of the Sput top 200 too, or near enough (except classical, soundtracks, etc etc)
1Iron Maiden
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Think I’ve already listened to this, whatever


...and still not sure if I listened to this before. Outkast are alright, that mellow brand of hip hop I can take or leave. 'Wheelz of Steel' was a banger, nothing else sounded too life changing.
3Ornette Coleman
The Shape of Jazz to Come
4Otis Redding
Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul
5Charles Mingus
Blues & Roots
6Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges
Clube da Esquina
Still Life
8Alice Coltrane
Journey in Satchidananda
9Miles Davis
Jack Johnson
10Electric Wizard


25% Nirvana, 25% Kyuss and 50% Sabbath, I can definitely see the appeal of this. Does it have a song as good as a 'Symptom Of The Universe', 'Negative Creep' or 'Spaceship Landing'. Ah, you see, that's where I'm not quite so sold on Electric Wizard. I'm not sure this is graced by the presence of song writing genius but - it is fun in a slightly amateurish, loose and raw way. It sounds like a good time, it sounds like it doesn't take itself tooooo seriously, so I won't either. Enjoyable.
11The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Time Out
12The Kinks
Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire)


I like The Kinks, a bit more convincingly irreverent and rocking than The Beatles of 1969 - I don’t feel they’re delivering classic song after classic song here though, there are a few more forgettable moments. ‘Shangri-La’ and ‘Churchill’ back to back is an obvious high point.
13Art Blakey
Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk
14Fela Kuti
Expensive Shit


It’s pretty chill but it’s no ‘Zombie’.
15Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Deja Vu


Ok, I think Young has a few better albums than this himself but saying that, this is right up there. The only song that absolutely snagged me first listen was 'Almost Cut My Hair' but most everything else was at least solid. One I'll revisit many times and maybe - maybe - purchase.
Seasons in the Abyss

Certain I’ve listened to this but will check
Ashes Against the Grain
The Mantle
19Sly and The Family Stone
There's A Riot Goin' On
20Novos Baianos
Acabou Chorare
21John Coltrane
Olé Coltrane
22The Kinks
Something Else by The Kinks
Hvis lyset tar oss
24Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

Fucking iron madmen
25Cannonball Adderley
Somethin' Else
26Van der Graaf Generator
Pawn Hearts

Dreading these dudes just cos the name


Technically excellent no doubt, but the vocals are the stuff of nightmares and it's just the epitome of widdly woo prog, enjoyment level close to zero. ' a vampiiiire and it feeds on meeeee' - as OTT as Queen without Freddie's charisma. Possibly mightily influential, etc etc - not for me. There was a good section towards the end of the 25 minute long 'Lighthouse'....followed by a horrifically boring pomp section that closes out the song (naturally). But there was a good section.
The Yes Album


Some real excellence here - two instant classics in the form of 'Hallogallo' and particularly 'Negativland'. I'm not ruling out a future .5 bump. What a stunner for 1972!
The Sound of Perseverance

Don’t judge me
30Black Sabbath
Heaven and Hell
31Sonny Rollins
Saxophone Colossus
32John Coltrane
33Chico Buarque
34Judas Priest
Sad Wings of Destiny
In the Nightside Eclipse


I come from ye olde generation where people didn’t listen or have instant access to every genre...which is to say I feel bad coming to this from checking out Santana. This is meant to be extreme, you are supposed to be a card carrying extreme metalhead to listen to this imo, a face paint and all black’er. But no, I’ve been acclimatised to this sort of music a long time now to the point this album doesn’t even feel all that extreme - it’s quite cosy even. I also feel bad that back in ‘94 if you were into black metal and ONLY listened to black metal as you’d do, then this would be one of the major classics you’d have to clutch to your bosom for five years or whatever. I’m listening to this among loads of other stuff and as much as it might be an ‘Ok Computer’ of symphonic black metal I’m just judging it against Santana...and Pink Floyd...and everything else. It feels a bit wrong, but I’m of that generation - I shouldn’t really be listening to this. Not really. It’s good though
36Organized Konfusion
Stress: The Extinction Agenda
37Morbid Angel
Altars of Madness


Rhythmically really really great, very raw production also which I think suits the intensity. Strange but even the solos seem there more for rhythmic/tempo diversity rather than being overly melodic/progressive. I'm putting a 3.5 up for now but I'll revisit this to see what sticks. Overall I prefer a little more atmosphere I'm thinking.
38Charles Mingus
Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus

Hella mingus
Ghost Reveries

Individual Thought Patterns

Don’t judge me

Sultana fucker


Not the absolute most boring artist of all time but definitely in the top 1. My dad loves this dude and so Mr Sultana was a big part of my childhood. Now, well, it’s Nandos music. Music to eat spicy chicken by. Etc. Harmless ethno jammy friendly mildly progressive hippy-bliss bollocks. I’ve shaken my knob to get rid of the last drips of urine in restaurant lavatories to ‘Oye Como Va’ more than any other tune on this planet - it’s good for that purpose. Maybe I’ll get that song to play on repeat in my home lavatory? Or perhaps I’ll try to never listen to this willingly again?
42Gang Starr
Moment of Truth
43Isaac Hayes
Hot Buttered Soul
Storm of the Light's Bane
45The Mothers of Invention
Freak Out!
46Mercyful Fate
Don't Break the Oath
47Sun Ra
48Miles Davis
On the Corner
In the Land of Grey and Pink
MM.. Food


Like food you can get stuffed on too much of the same thing, his shtick wears a little thin with me after 25 minutes (yes, inc Madvillainy, another 3.5). This is great in short doses but taken as a whole that’s a lot of comedy skit and a lot of mellow backing tracks.
51Iron Maiden
Somewhere in Time

Fucking Irons
52Miles Davis
Get Up with It
Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
54Stevie Wonder
Talking Book
55Deltron 3030
Deltron 3030
56Judas Priest
Screaming for Vengeance
57Peter Gabriel

Abandoned listening to this before hopefully because I wasn’t in the mood. Otherwise it sucks.
58Lou Reed
59The Fall
This Nation's Saving Grace


This will probably annoy Butch no end but this is my favourite Fall so far, sneaking ahead of 'Language' (that'd be a 4.2 rating though, not far behind). A basic pick perhaps, but this is their most immediate sounding album of those I've tried so far.
60Mercyful Fate
61New Order
Power, Corruption and Lies


I liked this a lot more than I expected to, for as wet as it is at times, it has this underlying Kraftwerk sort of metronome heartbeat of cool, quite hypnotic. Massively influenced AND massively influential - one of those. Parts remind me of the Mark Renner comp I got into this year, some other parts you can trace all the way up to the latest Hot Chip song etc. The songs that open each 'side' are the best two.
62Thelonious Monk
Brilliant Corners
63The Beatles


I left the correct Beatles albums resting on the shelf I’m thinking. This is ok, a sunshine-y Beatles. Love/hate relationship with the title track...actually it’s hate most of the time. Damn.
64Thin Lizzy


Jukebox favourites but as jukebox hits go ‘The Boys are Back...’ only scores a 7 or 8 out of 10 for me - and its the best tune here. The guitar playing has that usual style you associate with TL but it lacks power in places and the whole album comes across a bit polite. That’s not good for an album that’s supposed to be rebellious and raucous. Decent enough.
A Blaze in the Northern Sky
66Aretha Franklin
Lady Soul
67Van der Graaf Generator
H to He, Who Am the Only One

These better be godly
68Popol Vuh
Hosianna Mantra

Neoclassical - will leave this in for now


Thar's some magic in this here album, possibly has 4.5 to 5 potential - only time will tell...
69Aretha Franklin
I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You
70The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night


Not thinking this will be a Beatles fave of mine, a few good tunes we’re all familiar with, rest sounds like the band were starting to progress into something slightly less pop and towards rock.
71Charles Mingus
Let My Children Hear Music
72Big L
Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous
Reasonable Doubt
74The Pharcyde
Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde
75Paul McCartney

Ram fucking man


One of the big surprises this rating significantly higher than the two Beatles albums on the list. I can take or leave some of the more obvious Beach Boys harmony tracks but when this gets strange in the fashion of Dr. John ('Monkberry') or a proto Animal Collective ('Uncle Albert') it's really appealing.
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
77Bob Marley and The Wailers
Catch A Fire


I know some of his stuff is protest music, or political, or spiritual...but sorry Bob, this is 'superior background listening' for me and always will be. Nice stuff, best 600 of all time? No chance.
78Tim Hecker
Harmony in Ultraviolet


Think I might prefer this to Rave, gives good ambient fuzz. One of the greatest 600 albums of all time? Nah.
79Thelonious Monk
Monk's Music
80Edge of Sanity
81Fairport Convention
Liege & Lief


Some great musicianship but not a vocal delivery that transmits anything beyond the technical. I get more emotion from something like this year’s Stick in the Wheel. I wanted to enjoy this more, will revisit and check some of their other albums - sure they’ll have one I’ll connect with better.
82PJ Harvey
Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea


A little more mainstream/conventional but she still has her quirks for sure. I liked this, not sure quite how much, seemed to get stronger as it progressed so not sure if that's genuinely how the quality is spread here or it's just a case I warmed up to the album as it went on. Saying this, I still doubt this one will end up my favourite PJ.
83Marvin Gaye
Let's Get It On
Black Messiah

Listened to most of this before, what ever

Goddam thrush
86T. Rex
The Slider


Similar to 'Electric Warrior' this sounds cool but it just blends and lacks consistent song writing genius - if we agree Ziggy is a 5/5 (and we do) then unless something VERY iffy is going on with your rating scale how can you justify awarding over a 3.5 for this? There's an awful lot of rewriting the same songs from EW imo, which is why it lands a little below that album's [3.5] Doof rating. Nowhere near a top 600 album. Not even close.
87Fela Kuti
Roforofo Fight
88Robbie Basho
Visions of The Country


Yes, American primitivism is my sort of thing and I can certainly enjoy this mellow album of mostly acoustic guitar with the occasional Tim Buckley-eque vocal reverie. Looks hard to track down a physical CD copy or a download so that may harm its chances of going anywhere higher that a 4 - we'll see what I can do.
89Miles Davis
'Round About Midnight
Permanent Waves

Permanent thrush
Close to a World Below
93Lynyrd Skynyrd
Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd

Can never find a stream of this damn buggaloo - ok, not sure why I couldn’t!


Actually enjoyed this, I don’t know much about them except they’re the archetypal southern rock band and had beef with Neil Young. Scrapes a 4 because I’ve actually never got sick of ‘Free Bird’
94Depeche mode
Music for the Masses

Music for molasses
My Arms, Your Hearse

At the Heart of Winter
97Belle and Sebastian
98Judas Priest
Defenders of the Faith

Fucking priest
Ridin' Dirty

Sure I’ve listened to this shit
Transilvanian Hunger

Takes me down to no. 601, that’ll do
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