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Model Talk

So, as mentioned in my previous list, I made some of you into models. The process is gruesome and harrowing. I have to hit play on script, go about my day drinking coffee and playing with my dogs, and wait until the models finished running. Some of them took 20+ hours, and as of April 15, I haven't even run them all. For fun, and before I consign my computer to run the rest and finish the statnik piece on this, I'll post some of the results.
1Complete Failure
Heal No Evil

Complete models so far (as of April 15):
BigHans, CaimanJesus, Hawks, KILL

Update 4/16:
RikRoach7, Sevengill, Tyler.
2Cannibal Corpse

i mean either

fun dude i got his production n more is sure i remember them like some realish and check the only song ever but its like eye that relticance at the riffs are thrash you have ur town those is demilic

check like stop good and style have he had pussy which is before me got amobreader tho, original ass, tell extreme the prob my reason they rly even review a band on the spechalling out here sound ba

so fade i'm the worst dude sout into this but thats dick but night so i used to review it good fuck

ah great album at the land of miles different its cool

nah no people do say it songs and u shit it in the best albums are look listening to morbid shit great fuckin get like 1 gd (the ruled to be the best metal trainersger

it aint this cos they can dig that thrashing as good

pleb get that threading of fuckin damn i have everyone on me till there rules better yea

yea i was charbed death leads overall back to my fav live riff

no its so it crazy standard though
3Big Harp
Chain Letters

The contomned to rach to Kig (Broke)

DUd that I was a top 5 mine of the first live album

Fucking RIFFS

The preside song the best riffs first complete songs ever

But Praise of the most metal badass when they are the most song ever

Dude all time thought as the main now just seems though

now weak holy shit 1 wigh you ferome out

Thralk of a hate theres along all of the first time I would probably but this album shit.

The Eagles 3 albums but some will ever gone without eler lucu.

best fall, yeah yeah I would probably words hard 2 of my him chance it is pu-mony British Steel and Suckin and Deftones Steele intoramine
4The Jesus and Mary Chain
Damage and Joy

This one of it in a which is better than 4 made to me that the like this comment is so he'll gettine and post this is so bump to the first time on the coldest in the cool.

I was 3/5 of this album that it's better than's great farond together again

All of their shipmen wish better than the car wish same will get this for 3 on is better throw that can so well and have cake on a day, but more songs that whiny notice to be album, I do so much bet

I love Youtube cheaking

I love this in their 5 second album, I do my days that can so we can when I think good my marketply, and that hard.

I still haven't gotten that canding

The first 2 accint the market still here in the song

The gents is the only fall.

I wasn't get this at the only the days.

I need this shirt if here is down in the close to fough that the sky Cult of Luna is better than all 3.5 on a hell, guy that it's back together alogramied like that has my marol fuckin shit together
Invisible Sunrise

Rules yeah.

m/ m/ m/

One of the best dm end of Veriskists and Autumn Orchid is supposed to that, but I'm so god damn close.

Yeah whole album I think they are the only one yet.

Those albums close to but then it's good.

Fuck yeah, and saying that it rules.

Fuck yeah.

No I've been more that bed shouldn't go into that one we have a new one is ordered metal too.

Same though, but this album is the best favorite Midian and there's not quite it. I was hate what's up there over the vocaus is the whole did that didn't rule. m/

I mean they're all good.
6Acid Roach

I don't think I said the finale of my favorite have still least colounded. Still base that it's a guitar on the best though. I don't start it is, but it has a honest song is probably a whole days at

Yeahh ... there is not worth hearing of some precursors. I don't think at those are very emotional once. That's like that well-much as I just though, I feel their main which is that way an unbodge i

Yeahh, this coming and had in terms up with that gazic sound due to its guy some philosophy such a fan in the songs, at us all of people. What I still always rated. I had to find in the best album,

okay, they started so I got that it heard in the production that are better than it would see even it worth listening to not actually an enough will be worse

The second "study to me. I wouldn't doesn't add it for me.

PF one! It's not one of the genre too't have to love.)
7Max Roach
Featuring The Legendary Hasaan

RikRoach7 (cont.):
I don't mind that, but it prefer to be something better than any of their production and decides" and not a way with the same ... but it isn't more than I listen to this outur."This one is very real

The same you're terrible to to key to do it to the same time as a lot of atmosphere for anything because I don't feel look the reasons of a few riffs in the second obvio song behind so, so completel

"And every of their more metal like close.

Yeah, Through the Lepros album are a guitar to the most beautiful though. If you interes to be one of the band and this is a step in songs, probably become too house. The last 3 minutes melodic long
8Seventh Seal
Seventh Seal

No could fall the set of the album who feels over my mind? And Obscura ever listen to this album. But they see back to a whole booklines I can never heard Mistan, both and the compared to the rep

The Spell are something is a stain people seemently going from to be actience.

that considering this is probably my single-among the best scores was good stuff.

I don't say it else good tears.

very five recognized is 100% sasphapper. There's a lot if you have to have to do you're strep-album before their spelling on of it's the secon.

"I mean, as different and end of the last tour of my ball.

what mistaltly distractingly for me. It's seeing top 3.8 tell the best things ever

India Brann's Marstory are it an automo death instire, but it was a musician stuff with Himan Hereword Bey Mastodon's a record tour. It's accusuation on the naw expression.

I would fill the album are the song turn in Please show.

yeah I've never too much and I had to close
9Kayo Dot

Do these songs but they're all good tho

Yeah they were some of this so whats

This sanch songs and they'll go to this but my new literally everything they want to class. i prettul

wanderlust is the only thing can't ever wanna seem to me it

they'll be sounded so good. I a now so good

good honestly wanna stuck over

Bronk or it's not the breakdown or why i'm scream that is as an album is a whole and they are........

holy middled i tool new turn tracking on this so angry

i get this only makes that. momensly show on whatever it does tho know into ambo

holy good
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