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Rec Me Albums from 2000
1Jill Scott
Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1


This album is ridiculously relaxing. From Jilltro to Try it's just a smooth breeze. Even at 73 minutes it goes by very easily. The run from A Long Walk to Love Rain is ridiculous, especially A Long Walk, He Loves Me, It's Love, and The Way. Jill's voice is just so...good. There's nothing more I can say. I will mention that little bit at the end of Show Me where she sounds like a flute is one of the craziest things I've heard vocally. I assumed I would like this just based off of the name, art, year combo and I was definitely right. Definitely gonna check out more of her stuff in the future because this is real good.

2At the Drive-In
Relationship of Command


This album really is insane you're right. I don't know why I took so long to check this seeing as how I'm obsessed with emo but whatever I've checked it now. A decent part of my love for this comes from the fact that the singer sounds just like one of the singers from one of my favorite bands Kolya (which you and everyone should totally check!) especially on Invalid Letter Dpt. which actually made me check whether the guy was actually in both bands. Sadly, he's not, but still it makes me love it more. Obviously that means my fav track is also Invalid Letter Dpt. Anyway, thanks for finally making me check this.

3Modest Mouse
The Moon & Antarctica


Frivolous, DoofusWainwright

This album is so comforting. Even if I'm feeling super stressed out about something this album makes me feel at least a little better. It's so tranquil and beautiful and really does paint a picture of a rain forest. That little noise/sound that repeatedly happens in the first 2 or 3 tracks seems like it'd grow tiresome but it's quite the opposite. Out of all the other ones here, I see this one growing to a 5 more than anything else (possibly because I still can't decide whether it's a 4.5 or 5 in the first place).

5Do Make Say Think
Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord is Dead


This only took so long because I didn't know whether I had heard it three times yet or not. I think I actually ended up listening to it like four and a half times but it's no big deal cause this it great. I don't really know how to talk about music like this but I will say I listened to it while playing Oblivion half of the times and it fits pretty well surprisingly. I was just doing it minutes ago actually. Uhh anyway this was great!

Dead as Dreams

Frivolous, foxblood, Sevengill

Frivolous, Avagantamos
White Pony

Dewinged, kalkwiese

For some reason I never checked this until now. I don't know what it is about it, bur the cover always made me lose interest in this when I thought about it. Don't get me wrong I think it's a good cover but it's just so... plain? In any case I did check this and I thought it was pretty darn good. Digital Bath, Knife Prty, and Change (In The House of Flies) are all superb songs and landmarks in the genre. I don't understand the immense love for this/the 4.4 average, but hey, maybe it's a grower?


10Deltron 3030
Deltron 3030

gryndstone, Prancer, Avagantamos, bgillesp, Papa Universe

Deltron 3030 is like no other rap album I've heard. It paints such a vivid picture of the setting through the lyrics, beats, and the album cover that I feel like I'm simultaneously in the future in the year 3030, and also in Halo 2 on the levels The Arbiter / The Oracle. There's never a dull moment here because Del's fun wordplay and observations always stay fresh throughout, as well as the beats and samples used. I can't even really pick standouts because it's just a very consistent experience the whole way through. I can see why so many recommended this to me. It definitely could become one of my favorites in the future.

11The Avalanches
Since I Left You

gryndstone, schoonda, ZombieToyDuck, zakalwe
12Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven


JustJoe, bgillesp

It took me a long time to get to this point. For some reason I could just never get through this album. I must’ve tried and ended up listening to the first three songs more than half a dozen times and never getting through. It took over a year and a half and me getting the cd for it to finally click. The very first listen I did on the cd started with The Root. I finished the run from that until the end and then replayed the entire thing back over without stopping. For 100 minutes straight I was immersed in this hazy, mystical land of love and /everything/ that comes with it. Also, the grooves on this thing are so so enveloping, especially on One Mo Gin. Amazing. Definitely worth the purchase (I actually only ended up paying 25¢ because the record store was closing) and definitely worth all the attempts to love it.

After The Eulogy

SteakByrnes, Kurai

My first listen to this weeks ago didn't leave me feeling much. I didn't like the metalcore bits at all and I felt the more evident post hardcore was merely passable... What was I thinking? This album is fantastic. It sounds like a classic album. The singer's voice is stupidly perfect and the lyrics are emotive as well. Like I said a few weeks ago, I prefer the post hardcore parts much more (and would prefer if the metalcore probably wasn't there at all) but I'm not one of those people that's like "This would be an X if not for X" because I figure you can just remove it yourself or skip it or whatever. I wouldn't do that for this but yeah. I'm rambling. In any case this is amazing.

15Boards of Canada
In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country

Prancer, Avagantamos

This was a really nice ep. I loved the cold atmosphere throughout, especially on the tile track with the robotic vocals. There's not much for me to say that probably hasn't been said already. The rhythmic beat on the first and third track were cool and the glitchy closer was interesting at least.

The Unseen

Avagantamos, foxblood, bgillesp
17Three 6 Mafia
When the Smoke Clears


This album took a lot of growing. Up until my last listen I did not really like this. I thought every song sounded the same and didn't like that one copied song. I realize now this is kind of the point. Maybe not but I can get down with it. This really worked best as background music for me while I played Gears 4 with my friends. In any case, this is a pretty fun album and makes me wanna recheck Mystic Stylez.

18Amon Tobin

Avagantamos, Aiwaz
19Big Moe
City of Syrup


I desperately need to get into more southern hip hop. Admittedly, I don't know much, and what I do know is 95% No Limit which often mixes in elements of west coast rap and is also often dark. But this album? This album is fucking phenomenal. I've never heard anything quite like this. Big Moe's deep southern drawl over the densely produced southern beats is just fantastic and his singing is surprisingly wonderful. It's filled with soul even though he's talking about gangster shit and on the tracks where he does sing an entire hook, it never gets old. The west coast influenced tracks like I'll Do It and I Wonder which he finds the hooks for are outstanding. Especially the latter like that song is rap perfection. I'm definitely adding that to my smooth g-funk playlist. He talks about sippin that syrup for basically the entire album but the way he does it never gets old. Despite how long the skits are, they're hilarious and don't get old. This album is awesome.

20Alkaline Trio
Maybe I'll Catch Fire


Tbh this album is still growing but I must do this for consistency. On my first listen two days ago I felt almost nothing from this album. I was starting to feel like the only album I'd really care about from this band would be Goddamnit. That album came into my life at the exact perfect time that it could and I don't have the problem I did back then anymore so I'm not able to relate to anything with this. On my second and third listens which were both today, I started to connect with it though just off of the music and melodies themselves. Also I can't get Fuck You Aurora out of my head ahhhh.

21Primal Scream

22Shiina Ringo
Shouso Strip

Cheerleaders for Imperialism

Movement In Still Life


TheMrAlexK, neekafat

Before this, I wouldn't have called myself an OutKast fan. I don't really care for Aquemini and only ever returned to one song of theirs (Hollywood Divorce) and 90% of the time it was the version from Snoop's Blue Carpet Treatment Mixtape which takes out Andre 3K's and Big Boi's verses completely. This album changed my mind though. This album is so interesting with the crazy sounding songs like B.o.B., Gasoline Dreams, Xplosion, ?, and Humble Mumble. Then there's also the more normal but still awesome songs like Ms. Jackson, So Fresh So Clean, I'll Call B4 I Cum, and We Luv Deez Hoes. Really happy I finally checked this but really angry because I almost bought this months ago because it was like $3.99.

L.D. 50


I feel like I'm missing something. I feel like I'm just not getting what I'm supposed to. This is a bit of a metal classic it seems but I can't really distinguish most of the songs from each other. Most of the time it's just heavy heavy heavy with little variation, at least too little for me to notice. I think the songs where they try to diverge from this are the vest such as -1 and Death Blooms where there a lot of cleans mixed with the harsh vocals. I don't know it's just kinda samey to me. I will say, I do find the random rap in the middle of Under My Skin to be pretty fun if nit just because it's so randomly placed (seemingly).

The Art of Drowning


This was really fun. This album has like the perfect length for what it is. Just some fun and very catchy punk. My only gripe with it is the giant space of silence in Morningstar but it's not something that changes my rating at all. Also unrelated to the music itself, that cover is so awesome.

28Children of Bodom
Follow the Reaper

29In Flames

The View From This Tower


This album meets almost all of the criteria for a perfect emo album. It's got the twinkly guitar tone, it's got the lyrics, and it's got the vocals. My problem? There's not enough of the vocals. The singer for this band sounds like your typical emo singer but just a bit better. He really reminds me of someone but I can't quite think of who. In any case this album is awesome and I'll definitely return to it again. Cut Self Not and Sea Song are fantastic songs that I'll definitely remember for a while.

31The Appleseed Cast
Mare Vitalis


The flagged review for this is pretty accurate. Even after three listens I just couldn't remember anything. It's a fine listen while it's playing but pretty unmemorable in the end.

Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!

SnakeDelilah, bgillesp

On first listen this didn't do much for me due to the short length and mood I was in, but the second and third listens hooked me in hard. This album is drenched in sadness. It's so cathartic and powerful that I really just wish it was longer. That guitar tone is perfect. The only real problem with this is the art work. It doesn't fit the album at all in my opinion. Something dark blue or black or some other dark color would be great. Anyway, that has nothing to do with the music so I'm just gonna end this here.


34Yo La Tengo
And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside...

35Pedro the Lion
Winners Never Quit


Maybe I'm just not listening to the lyrics closely enough but this really is just kinda your typical indie album for me. It's nice enough to listen to but nothing really sticks with me after listening. Even now after three listens I couldn't tell you anything more than the general sound. It's not bad by any means, just doesn't really stick with me.

36The For Carnation
The For Carnation

SnakeDelilah, DoofDoof
37The Jazz June
The Medicine

38The Juliana Theory
Emotion is Dead


I find it surprising that this has as low an average as it does because it's honestly one of the best emo albums I've ever heard. It has more of an alt rock edge which is very appealing and fits well. I don't see a problem with the production; I think it works well. I liked how most of the album was pretty gloomy and depressing but had its bright moments like "We're At The Top of The World" which is an awesome song that, again, I don't understand the hate for. I am writing this after over a month after finishing this so I can't remember any tracks but most of the songs are highlights and from the beginning it hooks you in really well. The choruses on this thing are really good for an emo album which is something a lot of bands struggle with. The singer was kind of hard to get into but after a few listens it really grew on me and I don't mind it at all.



41Last Days of April
Angel Youth

Hearts of Palm


The instrumentals are bleak and somber, the singer is whiny and "bad", and the lyrics are dreary. A recipe for a classic emo album. For some reason, listening to this album puts me in this place I was at a year ago with my family almost a year ago. I'm not sure why, probably because that was when the Emo Crown series started and I was listening to SDRE, but whatever the reason, it makes it such a trip. That's one of my favorite memories I have so anything that takes me to it is amazing. I honestly could see this becoming the fifth in my set of "elite" emo albums.


44The White Stripes
De Stijl

45Peter Gabriel

46The Smashing Pumpkins
Machina/The Machines of God


I didn't expect to like a Smashing Pumpkins album this much. I've only heard Siamese Dream and I do not like it. I found it boring and I found Billy's voice very annoying. On here though, his voice is much more appealing to me. Maybe from age, production, technique, whatever it is it's much better for me. I don't think anyone could have done I of the Mourning like Billy did. That song is easily my favorite on this and I could totally see it becoming one of my favorite songs of all time. It's that good. Never did I ever think I could say that about this band. I really like the production on this whole album; I don't know what it is about it but I love it. The album feels complete with the long running time and I don't really mind long albums to begin with so that's an up. Yeah this is bomb, can't wait to get on Machina II!

47The Smashing Pumpkins
Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music


49Queens of the Stone Age
Rated R


I have the same thing with Queens of the Stone Age that I have (or had) with The Smashing Pumpkins. I strongly disliked the album I had listened to previously (in this case it was Like Clockwork, crucify me!) but this was great and spawned another song that I could see becoming an all time fav: In The Fade. I don't know what it is about these specific albums, both being from 2000 that I dig, but hey! I'm okay with it!



I really shouldn't like this album. It doesn't really make sense that I of all people would enjoy this. I like little to nothing related to this but goddamn do I love it. When I first put this on, I was just thinking "what the hell is this?" but as it kept going, I started noticing it wasn't just random sounds put together; it was an intricately crafted and textured piece of music that succeeds on just about every front. It's groovy, it's punchy, the sound scape is vibrant yet cold, it's perfect night time music. I am by no means an expert on this genre (not even a novice), but I feel like based on general popular music and electronics, it's safe to say this was way ahead of it's time sonically. I don't know. Like I've said many times before, I love long albums, and this one is strong as hell the entire 76 minutes and I'm definitely gonna get this on CD as soon as possible.

51Aix Em Klemm
Aix Em Klemm

52Jedi Mind Tricks
Violent by Design

Ryus, foxblood
53Zion I
Mind Over Matter

Ryus, foxblood

This album is unlike anything I've heard in hip hop. The spacey beats provided by Amp Live and the distinctive voice and flow of Zumbi together make a very unique album. From the first time I listened to this I was intrigued. While first song that I really perked my ears up to was Mysterious Wayz, which I still think is one of the most interesting and best, repeated listens have revealed every song to be interesting and great. It's an undeniable underground hip hop classic.

54Susumu Yokota


Sevengill, bgillesp

theBoneyKing, bgillesp

I really liked this. A few of the songs kind of lose my attention in the middle but it starts and ends very strong. Both versions of Sutro are great, especially the Supernova Whale Mix with the violin (?) near the end. Asian Gangsta Kidz is so unbelievably good though omg. That guitar in the chorus is just ahhhhh. I really like when the guitarist does more interesting stuff like on Wrong Song I think it was. One Less Year and the title track are also really good. The closer is pretty great too. Nothing bad here. Maybe not soon, but I could see this growing on me eventually.

57A Guy Called Gerald

58The Weakerthans
Left and Leaving

Felt Mountain

60Sainkho Namtchylak
Stepmother City


How do you even talk about an album like this? It's so strange but so... just good. The singer has an incredibly wide vocal range and can make just plain strange sounds with it (see: Tuva Blues). Yeah. I don't have anything else to say. Very good.

61Songs: Ohia
Ghost Tropic


I have no idea how to even talk about this album. Just read Doof's review and you'll understand.

Internal Wrangler

63Hot Snakes
Automatic Midnight

64Giant Sand
Chore of Enchantment



I always wondered what you were always going on about with Lambchop and now I understand. I'm new to this style of music but I really enjoyed this. Grumpus is a perfect song and You Masculine You is also really really nice. Where do I go from here?

66Ed Rush and Optical
The Creeps

Dongs of Sevotion


I hate to make the comparison but it’s hard not for me to compare Bill’s songwriting/music to that of Jason Molina’s. This is especially hard when wanting to talk about tracks such as Distance, Devotion, and Nineteen which could easily be mistaken for Songs: Ohia tracks were it not for Bill Callahan having his distinct southern accent. It’s truly beautiful music that I’ve always had a hard time trying to describe and discuss (which makes for a terrible write-up here but hey who’s really watching anyways?). These songs are juxtaposed by some of the earlier tracks like Dress Sexy At My Funeral which somehow fits despite the lyrics and it’s just a great tune.

68The Tiger Lillies
Circus Songs

69Songs: Ohia
The Lioness


Jason Molina was one hell of an artist. His voice was so powerful and painted pictures even if you didn't listen to the words he sang. In addition to the complete emotion he put into his singing, he already was a fantastic singer to begin with. Tigress, Nervous Bride, and Coxcomb Red show this perfectly. This album isn't as depressing as a whole like Ghost Tropic, but The Black Crow, Tigress, Nervous Bride, Lioness, and Coxcomb Red are definite mood songs. I think of this and Ghost Tropic almost as a double album due to their very similar sounds, plus the artwork to this fits perfectly to both. Honestly, the artwork to this is something I could stare at the whole time listening to this. The image of the beach or tropic at midnight is so incredible to me, I'm not sure why. The color, the black borders, even the font is perfect. I've only heard these two albums, but I can agree with the reviewer that Jason Molina is one of the greatest song writers of all time.

70Kathryn Williams
Little Black Numbers

71A Perfect Circle
Mer de Noms


Man this album rules. Classic alternative metal. Honestly, I could never hear what people were talking about when complaining that Chevelle was too similar to Tool, but I could hear the argument here. Maynard is a one of a kind vocalist and is so different from most other alt metal vocalists, it's a nice change. Especially those long notes on Thomas and the passion in The Hollow. The latter of which is definitely my second favorite Maynard song behind 4 Degrees. Other highlights include, of course, 3 Libras and Orestes, and Judith and Magdalena are awesome as well. Need to check Thirteenth Step.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence

73Limp Bizkit
Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water


Of course I would love this who do you think I am? This is one of those albums that I go into it wanting to really love it and I just do. The instrumentals to these songs are just amazing. I'm a sucker for that guitar sounds that starts songs like My Way, The One, and Hold On. This album just bangs.

74Project 86
Drawing Black Lines

All Hands on the Bad One

Papa Universe
76Modest Mouse
Building Nothing Out of Something

Papa Universe

Despite it being the second entry on here, I still haven't revisited The Moon & Antarctica. That means I went into this album, or compilation, assuming it would be more slow, monotonous indie rock that I remember that album being and anticipated a 2.5. This album is not like M&A, at least not what I remember that album being. Building Nothing Out of Something sounds like an album with that title would; it's care free, sweet, and fun. What more can you ask out of an indie rock album? Never Ending Math Equation was definitely my favorite track and Interstate 8 was also pretty great. Not totally remarkable, but interesting enough to make me interested in their other releases.

7723 Skidoo
23 Skidoo

Papa Universe
Contemporary Movement

Papa Universe
Like Water for Chocolate

Papa Universe
80The Casket Lottery
Moving Mountains

Papa Universe
81Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our

Papa Universe
100 Broken Windows

Papa Universe
One Life, One Death

Papa Universe
84Death Cab for Cutie
Forbidden Love

Papa Universe
85Hey Mercedes
Hey Mercedes

Papa Universe

I find it very interesting that this came out in 2000 because it sounds just like something that would've come out in like 2016. The melodies are catchy, the guitar playing and tone is great, and that's all I really have to say. There's not much to be said about a 4 track ep like this really.

86Aesop Rock

Papa Universe


I'm a BIG fan of No Limit. Probably the biggest on here. I love the big guys like Master P and C-Murder to tje unknown guys like Lil Ric and Full Blooded. Mystikal is definitely no exception. Unpredictable from 97 is one of my favorite albums to come out of the south period. It's dark, intense, but still fun and easy to listen to. His vocals still sounded fresh and manic as he hadn't been doing his scream-raps for as long. But om Tarantula, he kinda sounds weak. Which is to be expected after screaming for probably 1200+ days straight for hours on end. Even with that though this is still a pretty good album. The Neptunes production (and all the other production that sounds like them) surprisingly fits Mystikal's unorthodox flow. This album actually came out in 2001 I'm now reading but I've already wrote all this so I'm keeping it.

88Triple Beam


This is just some solid West Coast Hip Hop. Not too much to say about it. It's consistently "good" but only breaks into great territory with So High, the Parking Lot Pimpin' Remix, and the surprising Bootsy Collins collaboration Scared Man Can't Win. Seriously that was a very surprising and welcome feature here. That's all I really have to say. Also, this was my 1000th rating so woo.

89Symphony X
V: The New Mythology Suite

90Slough Feg
Down Among the Deadmen

91Garden of Shadows
Oracle Moon

92Pain of Salvation
The Perfect Element, Part 1


This took me far too long to finish. It's not even because it wasn't good I'm just rarely in the mood for this type of music. Recently though I've been playing Halo CE on Legendary/Heroic and this album fits perfectly! It's so epic and mysterious like the game itself is. I don't know what it is but this album just makes me feel good. Almost nostalgic for some reason. It paints a picture in my mind I can't quite explain and takes me back to when I was younger. The recurring melody throughout this album is fantastic and I love that they reuse it so much throughout, especially with the different instruments. The singer can go so high with his voice and sounds so great with his deep screams as well. It's pretty cheesey at points but it just adds to the charm. I love it!

93Sabbat (JPN)

94Dark Moor
The Hall of the Olden Dreams

95Mortuary Drape
Tolling 13 Knell

96Spiral Architect
A Sceptic's Universe


98Discordance Axis
The Inalienable Dreamless


You were kind of taking a risk with this one, but I'm not sure if you really were. I love skramz and this basically just skramz on steroids. If this is how grind (grindcore?) is, I want more. It's short, easy to listen to, and angry af. I love it.

99Iron Maiden
Brave New World

100The Microphones
It Was Hot We Stayed In The Water


This album is weird to me because when it's being a nice little indie album it is superb, but when it starts being noisy and messy it just takes me out of it usually. The title track works well but I'm not sure anything else does, especially the opener. The Pull was one of the songs in my original rec comp from last year and I feel the same way now as I did then: When it's just a normal indie song, it's perfect, but once that noise comes in it totally ruins it for me. The noisy parts and percussion points like on the song Drums are nice on their own but just don't fit with the rest of the album. Ice and Sand are pretty much perfect tracks and the title track is great as well. Nothing really bad, but the two opposites just don't go together for me.

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