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01.13.18 Universal truths told by the epic djent01.12.18 Universal truths told by the epic djent
01.11.18 Universal truths told by the epic djent

Universal truths told by the epic djentelman Pt 2

Don't argue with this. If you disagree you are a shitty ironic and braindead hipster who licks the dick of ian cohen for quarters
MM.. Food

Buzzfeed should only make videos about food or the worth it videos. The rest of the videos are poor and the politics and sjws shit they put is a disgrace for human race
2Mac DeMarco
Salad Days

Kids who use constantly terms like autistic, pleb, neckbeard and more are usually hipsters sjws trying too hard to seem mature but they are juvenile as shit, they are even fattier than the comic book guy, besides their balls drop off and their IQ is below 2 digits
Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I

Usually the power metal detractors haven´t listened a single power metal album, bands like kamelot, gamma ray, ayreon, symphony x, rhapsody of fire and more are too complex, epic and deep for them. They just have heard through the fire and flames on guitar hero or they just look a rhapsody cover and that's it. I know you were bullied by fans of power metal or I bet that a fan of medieval rpgs stole your girlfriend in high school but move the fuck on

Southern hip hop used to be good in the 90s with outkast, goodie mob, geto boyz, etc. But it has produced a lot of shit since the 00s, and trap and reggaeton are the bastard and filthy childs of hip hop; most of the trap fans nowdays are hipsters, sjws and bernie sanders fanboys with null IQ who deny their roots and want to act black. They are even worse than the rap metal suburban kids who worshiped fred durst in the late 90s and early 00s, they are not just stupid like any trap act or like fred durst or vanilla ice, they are really cynical hypocrites who also use a generic sjw bullshit speech to justify the uprising of the worst musical trend seen by mankind, trap is at the same level of crunkcore
Without You I'm Nothing

Is okay if you are gay but remember that there are only 2 genders
Thrash Zone

People should eat meat cuz peta is evil. Vegans are a fuckin cancer, 95 % of the hardcore vegans are some of the most annoying, dumb and useless pieces of shit I've met in my entire life. They were the only bad thing on berlin ( that city is full of those cunts). They are preachy, they think that they are morally superior when they are just stealing the food of cows, pigs and small creatures of the forests and they are believers of the fake science. If you don't eat meat you won't have a big part of the essential aminoacids. Learn some chemistry, biology, biochemistry and more you stupid cock sucker. Well tbh is nto surprising that sjws don't know anything about science

Varg is not that evil contrary to the popular belief. I mean he was just a whiny kid who was bullied by iraqi kids when his father worked for saddam and as result stole mommas makeup and black and white paints from his classroom and tried to act like imps or orcs from lord of the rings to hide his lack of testosterone. First of all, I know he is an heretic cunt who bunrt chruches in Norway but is not very different from every junkie exchange student in netherlands who smoke pot in the churches or is not very different from the dutch folks who turn temples into pubs. Besides he only killed euronymus for self defense. Now he is a pussy farmer in fuckin france. You see, deafheaven is moar evil than burzum bithc. Btw real right wing thinkers listen to fuckin depeche mode or cockney rejects
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