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bgillesp's 2017 Albums of the Year

Format: Rating (description) Approximate Number of Listens This is all the albums I gave a rating of 4/5 or higher on the site for the year. Ranking is hard for first 20ish, moderate for the next 40ish, and pretty loose afterwards.
101(Sandy) Alex G

3.75 (from Pinback sounds to banjo and fiddle pieces, this has it all but not quite all of it works) 1
102. Ayreon- The Source
3.75 (very cheesy prog metal but the instrumentation is so good) 1

3.75 (Potsy is good at music apparently, Sput-OTY just barely beating out Dzo-Nga and Boring Bathtimes) 1
99Nothing But Thieves
Broken Machine

3.75 (a ton of really cool instrumentals but the album flow is a little off for me, very easily could grow on me) 2

3.75 (early year gem full of soul) 1
97Christian Scott
The Emancipation Procrastination

3.75 (better than Ruler Rebel, not as good as Diaspora, but really interesting as a few songs incorporate an alt-fusion type sound centered around the album highlight, the Radiohead-Videotape sample-based cover? song) 2
96Ghost Atlas
All Is In Sync, and There's Nothing Left to Sing

3.75 (there's been a lot of Circa Survive tribute bands lately but this has been one of the best of them) 1
95Slow (BE)
V - Oceans

3.75 (awesome atmosphere, but funeral doom can sometimes get boring) 1
Hot Thoughts

3.75 (interesting sounds mixed with post punk) 2
Excerpts From a Future Past

3.8 (super fun old-school style proggy psych rock, another thanks to Uni) 1
The World Is A Loud Place

3.8 (indie pop with a post-punkish flair, thanks Papi) 1
Who Told You To Think?​?​!​!​?​!​?​!​?​!

3.8 (a bit too try hard in spots but otherwise really great) 2
Kelle Surut Soi

3.8 (great folk metal with the right aesthetic, thanks to whoever rec'd me this I forget [2]) 1
The Sin and the Sentence

3.8 (I am just as surprised as you) 2
88Xiu Xiu

3.8 (not what I expected based on the band name) 1
87Bestia Arcana

3.8 (really full and interesting heavy death) 2
86The Horrors

3.8 (another good post punkish album on the list) 1
85Julien Baker
Turn Out The Lights

3.8 (I feel like she tried a little too hard to write what people wanted to hear on this album, killer voice and writing anyway though) 2
84The National
Sleep Well Beast

3.8 (some great songs but there's a fair share of bad moments when they try to get too pretentious) 4
A Tale Of Wildfire

3.8 (grindcore that you can tell is from Nepal, which makes for a very interesting sound) 1
Los Angeles

3.8 (nice little Spanish folk outing) 1
Reaching into Infinity

3.8 (surprisingly not that cheesy power metal and it is very well developed) 1
For Gathering Dust

3.8 (check this, it's good Russian ambient country indie folk maybe?) 1

3.8 (dreamy) 2
78Marty Friedman
Wall of Sound

3.8 (the guy who wrote the tornado of souls solo is good at guitar) 1
Keys to the Mysteries Beyond

3.8 (late year black metal with a very interesting vocal style, thanks Seven) 1

3.8 (really great proggy black metal but their vocals have faded and the songwriting is a bit stale) 2

3.8 (this album is freaking gorgeous but maybe slightly samey, I really want to check their discog now, thanks DinosaurJones) 1

3.8 (jazzy modern classical experiment that's really good, check their collabs w/ Tallest Man on Earth and more, I'm pretty sure Twig had something to do with me checking this, so thanks to you for having good taste and participating in the prog tourney) 1
Endangered Philosophies

3.8 (a bit repetitive but an amazing sound) 1
72The Smith Street Band
More Scared of You Than You Are of Me

3.85 (sad old emo guy makes good post hardcore) 1
Eternity, In Your Arms

3.85 (really interesting gothic-emo-pop-punk, well done on the emotive level) 1
70White Ward
Futility Report

3.85 (this combo of jazzy black metal really needed to happen, but it needed to happen better) 3
69Billy Corgan

3.85 (reminiscent of some of the softer moments in Mellon Collie with a welcome, warm, and humble feel, neekafat has an excellent review for this) 1

3.85 (I like Bjork so this is really good too, album flow isn't the best at times but some cool moments) 2
67Cradle of Filth
Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay

3.85 (having only jammed Nymphetamine before, I had low expectations, but it turned out to be great, especially that Allison Hell cover, which is funny considering that while I was listening to this, I was comparing the vocalist to Annihilator's) 1
66Circa Survive
The Amulet

3.85 (nothing new for them but they did it very well again, best in a while) 2

3.85 (trip hop is good, thanks Fripp for hyping this enough for me to discover them) 2
64The Ruins Of Beverast

3.85 (good black metal worth checking, killer production) 2

3.85 (prog-rock black metal done really really right, but some sections just drag on too long) 1
Take Me Apart

3.9 (really great R&B release from a killer voice) 1
61The Tiger Lillies
Edgar Allan Poe's Haunted Palace

3.9 (overlong but good concept and wierd as ever) 1

3.9 (super fun even if a bit cheesy math rock) 5
59Mutoid Man
War Moans

3.9 (ridiculously fun stoner rock/metal album but the lyrics aren't the best and the vocalist uses his scream/yell thing without any discrimination for when it is appropriate) 2
Two Parts Viper

3.9 (if they got rid of Ric Flair on vox, they'd be amazing) 2
57Christian Scott

3.9 (overlooked awesome jazz/jazz-hop, best of the trilogy) 2
56Ariel Pink
Dedicated to Bobby Jameson

3.9 (a lot of really great ideas and interesting bits but it was a bit drawn out in some places while too busy in others) 1
55Arcane Roots
Melancholia Hymns

3.9 (One of the most stylistically diverse and competent releases of the year, in other words, what Nothing More's latest should have could have been) 2
54Lil Peep
Come Over When You're Sober

3.9 (RIP, never heard of him until he OD'd but to my enormous surprise, I actually really enjoyed this, although it is an emo album with some hip-hop, not the other way around, also it's not that this is actually "good" per se, you might could even call it objectively mediocre, but something about it just hits you in the feels and sticks with you, he had potential as an emo artist) 12
53Blanck Mass
World Eater

3.9 (maybe if I knew more about electronic I'd dig this more, but seeing as it's one of my first electronic albums I've listened to and enjoyed, I call it a win, I'm sure once I learn more about the genre it'll grow on me) 2
52Angles 9
Disappeared Behind the Sun

3.9 (pretty cool avant jazz fusion thing, underrated) 5
Material Control

3.9 (I mean it's good but not that special, comeback overhype confirmed) 3
50Nokturnal Mortum

3.9 (good folk metal, not too cheesy until the end, thanks to whoever rec'd me this I forget) 3
49Ne Obliviscaris

3.9 (a little too busy and wanky but good prog metal nonetheless) 2
48Employed to Serve
The Warmth Of A Dying Sun

3.95 (no matter how much the album title sounds like a stereotypical melodeath release, this is a pretty killer hardcore-metalcore album) 1
47Artificial Brain
Infrared Horizon

3.95 (hate the vox but riffs super hard) 2
46Grizzly Bear
Painted Ruins

3.95 (great songwriting, with a great layer of sounds but a tad repetitive, thanks to my girlfriend for getting me into this band) 4
45Big K.R.I.T.
4eva Is a Mighty Long Time

3.95 (real southern hip-hop with a hometown flavor that feels so genuine and soulful, a couple tracks fall flat though) 2

3.95 (my introduction to Boris was a good one with this doomy fuzzball) 2
43The War on Drugs
A Deeper Understanding

4.0 (borders on too much of the same thing but only a little, otherwise awesome, thanks to my coach for getting me into this band) 3
42J. Roddy Walston and The Business
Destroyers of the Soft Life

4.0 (this under-recognized act has one of the freshest sounds of the year, and their eclectic songwriting styles is executed well enough to keep your attention throughout, thanks to my girlfriend for getting me into this band) 2

4.0 (idk why this got such poor ratings because it's awesome, he's a trip hop legend for a reason folks) 5
40Spectral Voice
Eroded Corridors of Unbeing

4.0 (really solid doomy death, comparable to Venenum crossed with Ulcerate without theft from either) 3
39The White Buffalo
Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights

Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights 4.0 (that old school outlaw sound with a modern twist) 2
38Tyler, the Creator
Flower Boy

4.0 (really good album that apparently is much different than his usual style, idk if it's worth checking his older stuff since people say this is much better and different, but this is all I've heard from him and I was impressed) 2
37Spirit Adrift
Curse of Conception

4.0 (a major improvement for the band who wishes they were Khemmis just a bit less now because they've begun to find their own sound that might could rival that of their rivals) 3
36Desolate Shrine
Deliverance From The Godless Void

4.05 (another great blackened death release from the year with a really great atmosphere and production) 2
You're Not You Anymore

4.05 (solid hardcore-metalcore without any cheese and some good emotion) 3
34Caligula's Horse
In Contact

4.05 (hanging on tightly but not *quite* standing on the shoulders of giants like Plini for a surprise great prog metal album, some weak moments but Graves is an absolutely killer track, near SOTY contention) 3

4.05 (straight up kick in the gut dm) 2

4.05 (really smooth and undiscovered stoner metal with a touch of proggy sludge) 3
31Shade Empire
Poetry of the Ill-Minded

4.05 (overlooked and underrated symphonic jazzy black metal) 3

4.05 (some more of the first post rock I've really enjoyed, these guys and Exquirla have opened me up to the genre) 2

4.05 (great noisy Punk record, thanks Papi) 2
28Mount Eerie
A Crow Looked At Me

5.0/0.5 (Descriptions Fail. who cares, never listen to this, but it's the best album ever made, but I hate it; in the words of our fellow Sputniker, Astral Abortis; "Words fail. Ratings Fail." my Review-OTY) 3
27Rata Negra
Oido Absoluto

4.1 (thanks Dewinged, this is a ridiculously fun female-fronted Spanish hardcore release) 1
26Der Weg Einer Freiheit

4.1 (not a bad year for bm at all, this remains fresh in a genre on its downward slope in terms of real innovation rather than just genre blending) 4
25Ryuichi Sakamoto

4.1 (thanks Fripp, really great minimal) 2
24Benjamin Clementine
I Tell A Fly

4.1 (an unusual piece that stands out from its peers by creating beautiful melodies blended with unconventional songwriting, a grower, thanks Uni) 2
23Flotation Toy Warning
The Machine That Made Us

4.1 (thanks butch, underrated indie dream rock) 4

4.1 (a subtle best black metal LP of the year, really great atmosphere that feels genuine and not too polished) 4
21Manchester Orchestra
A Black Mile to the Surface

4.1 (this one is tough because it really does sound quite amazing, but something about the production really feels as if it tries too hard and isn't fully genuine, very good regardless of how you view it on that spectrum, thanks to my girlfriend for getting me into this band) 3
20The Magnetic Fields
50 Song Memoir

4.1 (not as well done as 69 love songs but the earlier songs are great with plenty of humor, so very long though) 1
19Big Thief

4.15 (calling up thoughts of everything from Tallest Man on Earth to Smashing Pumpkins, Big Thief put out a huge lo-fi folk release that went under the radar here on Sput, I was even a hold out until it popped up on all the year end lists) 2
18Blood Cultures
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday 4.15 (having not even heard of this until the staff list, I was surprised to see it place so highly, but after listening, it haunted it's way right into my top 20 as well) 2
17Brand New
Science Fiction

4.15 (overrated but still awesome, will have trouble listening to this band in the near future thanks to Lacey though, but even though my enjoyment may be affected my rating remains the same) 8

Utopia 4.15 (a solid album falling amongst the middle of her discography, but that's pretty darn good, Body Memory SOTY contender) 6
15Portugal. The Man

4.15 (underrated like crazy and super fun, thanks to my girlfriend for getting me into this band a few years ago) 3
14Chelsea Wolfe
Hiss Spun

4.2 (very gutsy and I like it, really unique sound and I will definitely check her older stuff soon) 4
13Fleet Foxes

4.2 (prog folk ftw, nearly flawless except for that it is only slightly bloated, but their best yet, thanks to my girlfriend for getting me into this band) 5
12The Tiger Lillies
Cold Night in Soho

4.2 (thanks Doof, not many people may have noticed your crusade to promote the Lillies here, but it worked for at least one person I guarantee, Lillies do Lillies well here making one of their best I've heard) 3
Trance of Death

4.2 (best death of the year, great builds, lots of blackened influence, can't wait to see what this band has in store for the future) 7
10Forest Swords

4.2 (powerful electronic music with a chorus of semiunintelligible vocal samples that are guaranteed to move you, thanks to my friend Graham) 5
Thin Black Duke

4.25 (really entrancing stuff, killer atmosphere to this thing but I wish there had been more, thanks once again butch) 6
8Kendrick Lamar

4.25 (not his best but it's still Kendrick, so pretty incredible as usual) 5
7Pain of Salvation
In the Passing Light of Day

4.3 (really great prog metal with a lot of terribly catchy moments, some deeply sincere moments, but a couple suspiciously insincere moments, potential SOTY in Meaningless) 12
Relatives In Descent

4.3 (what can I say other than Papi knows his Post-Punk very well, thanks for a fun year on the Sput because I really enjoyed you being here, thanks for hyping this album, for your hilariously awful and fun tourney, for rec roulette, for all your contributions to the site, and much more, it went well for you too at least until Tyler said to "Defenestrate the [former] King", song in the album joke plus you lost the post punk tourney... potential SOTY in A Private Understanding) 5
Mass VI

4.4 (killer atmosphere on this *mass*ive outing, hehe, A Solitary Reign is transcendental and a potential SOTY, Metal-OTY) 5
4Gang of Youths
Go Farther in Lightness

4.5 (truly awesome album from a newer indie alt group, several SOTY contenders, thanks Uni for hyping this because now both me and my girlfriend love it) 4
3Perfume Genius
No Shape

4.55 (genius perfume, several SOTY contenders, thanks to my friend Cameron) 10
2The Afghan Whigs
In Spades

4.65 (genius combo of indie and grunge, thanks butch for introducing me to this band who has several incredible albums, also thanks for a good year on Sput with your reviews and rec roulette, several SOTY contenders, potential someday 5) 15
Para Quienes Aún Viven

4.65 (huge thanks to Sniff for his monthly lists where I found this, essential post-flamenco by the post-rock band Toundra teaming up with flamenco singer Niño de Elche, several SOTY contenders but Un Hombre takes the cake, potential someday 5) 13
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