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Hi I'm Chris and 2017 was a weird one hey

Pretty weird year hey goofed around plenty, rec me your favourites
50Andres (USA-CA)
Strange Memories on this Nervous Night

had to add this one to the database just now because it was deleted? (No... correct page is now connected. The site doesn't like accent marks.) why they tryna hold my boy down? - I can tell you want me all alone

I'll never be or have a side chick but I'd imagine this is what it feels like - how could it be? 20 something, all alone still, not a thing in my name, ain't got nothin', runnin' from love

dreamy yadda yadda - if I saw you on the street would I have you in my dreams tonite?
47Full of Hell
Trumpeting Ecstasy

I just really appreciate unbridled rage - break their bands asunder, cast away their cords from us
46Tigers Jaw

sucker for this sound and these guys do it so well - what's your favourite way to dull the pain? I haven't found a way to replace you
Volume 1: Flick Your Tongue Against Your Teeth...

fuck this made me feel weird - just shut the fuck up if you wanna be a friend, I don't want to stretch you more than you extend, I don’t want to spit in the hand that you lend, I did it to myself, I get what I deserve
44Sun Kil Moon
Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood

yeah look I didn't listen to this much but the one time I sat through it all was an experience - so there goes my vague rock song, I really tried but there's wars going on
Two Parts Viper

I try to dance to this but I can't keep up hey - I've got lyrics that don't mean anything to you but they mean so much to me
Good Nature

"oh they sound like real estate" yeah well real estate are pretty good too haha - I know that it is only worth it if it's pure devotion
41Hannah Peel
Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia

this made me feel like I was on the set of some star trek esque sci fi show travelling the galaxy man
40Big Thief

I'm Australian but I still feel like this is the most "NPR" album on here - if you want to leave, you just have to say, you're all caught up inside, but you know the way

this album is like a proper fantasy world I'll never be able to fully understand it - when I spot someone who is same height as you, and goes to same record stores, I literally think I am five minutes away from love
38Death Bells
Standing at the Edge of the World

these guitars make me wanna drive forever - nothing ever, chaaaaaangeeees
Neo Wax Bloom

audio magic
36Big K.R.I.T.
4eva Is a Mighty Long Time

this will continue to grow on me in the years to come - I got to get away from that bullshit that they on
Hot Thoughts

effortless swagger - someday you won't be so alone, someday you'll be where you should go

oh man these guys are like the 1975 meets modern prog stuff delicious - I've been looking out through bubbles in the air
33Thy Art Is Murder
Dear Desolation

loved these dudes in high school cool that they grew up with me and are only getting better - kill in the name of your tyrant
32Vince Staples
Big Fish Theory

my best mate thinks this was the aoty and I just don't think so, dope for dancing to tho - tell the 1% to suck a dick, because we on now
31Xiu Xiu

this album like laughs in the face of suicidal thoughts idk - just for once come to me when looking for what means the most
You're Not You Anymore

will I ever be emotionally mature enough to not vibe with these guys - dedication makes a martyr out of me
Time Well

takes you places man - take me outside show me what I've been missin', people never fail to entertain my sour disposition
Miami Garden Club

everything about this is gorgeous, I love pop music - I say I wanna take you home but I love it when you say no
27Remo Drive
Greatest Hits

I tried to show this to so many friends and none of them gave a shit - I DON'T WANNA FUCKEN BE HEEEEERE ANYMOOORE
26Gang of Youths
Go Farther in Lightness

the triple j frothin fans sicken me but yeah lowkey dope - not everything means something honey, so say the unsayable say the most human of things
Material Control

at first I was devastated but now it's everything I could've asked for - dead silent, heaven sent, one step closer
After Laughter

if hayley williams isn't happy what chance do I have - I can't call you a stranger, but I can't call you
23Code Orange

my testosterone go to for the year - the hurt will go on, the end will never come
22Mac DeMarco
This Old Dog

I guess this year was my dreamy year so mac became god - one more love out to break your heart
The Underside of Power

I watched Detroit this year and the whole time I was like ooooooooh that's what it means - don't feed the animals, you could become one of them
20Kirin J. Callinan

this guy knows how to rile people up jeez let a man live - rain down in sympathy, rinse me, or hang me to dry, you hang me to dry

yeah that's right I can do a metal sometimes - try to love myself, but nothing ever changes
Who Told You To Think?​?​!​!​?​!​?​!​?​!

if this comes on in shuffle or something I'm like nah but when I sink in I'm like oh shit - don't stop running if you don't see me ahead
17Manchester Orchestra
A Black Mile to the Surface

this album rouses me every time I hear it - I believed you were crazy, you believed you loved me
16Father John Misty
Pure Comedy

I completely buy into josh tillman and his sarcastic bullshit - the homophobes, hipsters and 1%, the false feminists he'd managed to detect, oh who will critique them once he's left?

smoke weed with my friends - we're younger than clouds
14Jay Som
Everybody Works

listening to this on bus rides is fitting and perfect - I can't wait to find rest, won't you just give me peace of mind

god this should be cringy but I'm honestly in awe of it - you're in this alone, you made yourself a martyr, and it feels so good to fall on the sword

I actually love the cover art too, fuck you - love me again, if you dare
Take Me Apart

this is like some mass effect club shit that I really relate to - didn't it make you better? aren't we better now?
10Fleet Foxes

listened to this band for the first time this year, HA - if you need to, keep time on me
9Kendrick Lamar

Everyone reps Kendrick now and I just feel so wronged - if I could smoke fear away, I'd roll that mothafucker up and then I'd take two puffs

my first love of 2017 has comforted me all year - I really hope there's rainfall
The Dusk in Us

how is converge still better than every band tho - dusk lives within us, darkness won't give up
6Mount Eerie
A Crow Looked At Me

this album trivialises my sadness so much that it just makes me sadder - do the people around me want to keep hearing about my dead wife?
5Chelsea Wolfe
Hiss Spun

ah fuck poor chels - you cut me open, you lived inside, you kill the wonder, nowhere to hide
4Julien Baker
Turn Out The Lights

had tears falling from my eyes when I saw her, pin-drop presence - the harder I swim, the faster I sink

it's almost like all young adults suffer similar bouts of mental anguish, crazy - all of the things we're taking, cause we are young and we're ashamed
2Brand New
Science Fiction

fuck Jessie Lacey - I've got a positive message, sometimes I can't get it out

trilogy - your new outfit, I love it on you
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