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ZTD's Rec Me Classics (Songs Edition)

Inspired by AsleepInTheBack, I wanted to do a song rec list but not a competition for once. So I thought hey, why not try a different spin from what Asleep did? So send me a song rec that could be deemed classic in its genre respectively and I'll do 2-3 sentence writeups on each and give a rating as well. I will let you know if' I've heard it or not.
1Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind

Semi-Charmed Life may be my favorite single of all time.
23X Krazy
Stackin' Chips

Keep It On The Real
A nice mellow start to this list, 3X Krazy breezes through this rather simplistic bass beat with a pretty standard metronome and some lovely backing vocals. Agerman starts the track with a flow that keeps a brisk pace and fairly deep voice which melds to the instrumental pretty nicely. Keak Da Sneak also has a fairly similar flow, it almost is hard to differentiate the two vocals here honestly. Until B.A. comes in with his verse which in contrast two the other two rappers he's a bit higher in tone and is a little less speedy with his delivery. Overall a fairly enjoyable G-Funk track. 4/5
In A Major Way

Dusted n' Disgusted

Some really punchy bass on this here rec but I can't help but feel its a bit lackluster as it not a real impressive riff and it doesn't really vary enough to hook me. I do like the other elements that are brought into play in the background as far as the sorta spacey keyboard bits, the guitar plucking and some pleasant piano bits which all help to give some of the variety this needed. The raps here are pretty solid but there just these moments in the track I feel that just drag on without really doing anything astounding. I enjoyed this just wasn't impressed by it unfortunately. 3.6/5

Progressive metalcore

Edge of the Earth
7Crystal Lake

This track kicks off with massive and booming production that kicks with one hell of a wallop. From the moment the guitar riffs, drumming and bass initiate you are pummeled with technicality, precision and just brute force. The track eventually breaks and opens up to some lovely clean vocals which are unexpected and unique in delivery. I overall wish there was more vocal variety in the scream but I was still thrilled as hell by this track as a whole. 4/5
8Tides of Man

Post Hardcore / Alt Rock/ Prog Rock
Not My Love 2
As a fan of Tillian's vocals as of the past two Dance Gavin Dance albums I could see why you would say this is Tillian at the top of his game cause it truly is. Aside from the obvious merit of Tillian's vocals here this track has pretty massive production and the bass really jumps out here in the mix which give this track a huge punch. The progressive guitar leanings here are also quite pleasurable and answers the questions of what Tillian would sound like over a track with more Rock leanings. I was not disappointed this was a pretty damn solid track but I feel that solo at the end was a little overshadowed by the bass mixing. Overall though, I found myself digging this a fair bit. 3.8/5
9Ghost Atlas
Gold Soul Coma

Post Hardcore / Alt Rock

Surrogate Lover
10Rx Bandits
...And the Battle Begun

...And the Battle Begun
11Explosions in the Sky
The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

Your Hand in Mine
There's just a certain beauty in the guitar tone and melodies presented here. A marvelous, cascading and wondrous building in it's structure as it ebbs and flows onward. The pitter patter of the drums throughout the track give a nice balance to the long, droning and sweeping guitar licks that layer over one another in a harmonious fashion. There's such lush and crisp production here and I'm bewildered by this song's undeniable beauty. 4.8/5
12Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada

Blaise Bailey Finnegan III
"Why don't you just shut your fucking mouth for once and listen." Probably captures my feeling towards this track and lies within it's grandiose length of 17 minutes 45 seconds. The track begins with this interview of Blaise Bailey Finnegan III, who proves to be an intelligent and mind-probing individual as both the interview and the instrumentals progress and challenge the listener. The anti-establishment message about corruption in the government and the inevitable social decay hits so close to home especially with how things are in society with Trump in presidency, it seems the urgency of the message is more prevalent than ever. The orchestration overall is something quite special and everything serves its purpose marvelously. This is the definition of a classic track. 5/5
13Coheed and Cambria
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

Progressive Rock
In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

Gilgamesh (R-Texas)
Jazz / Progressive
15Queens of the Stone Age
...Like Clockwork

Alt Rock
I Appear Missing
Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

Far different from the well known track that is Midnight City, this track begins with some lovely acoustic strumming, smooth and encompassing vocals that provide a beautiful atmosphere as they surround the track as they build in pitch and deliveries. There's a real dreamy vibe as the track progresses and eventually comes to swelling ending with some driving yet underlying bass and a blend of electronics, drums, and guitars that just closes with brilliance. This was actually a ton better than Midnight City and I was very pleasantly surprised, could see this being highly regarded and its very much deserved. 5/5
17Regina Spektor
Soviet Kitsch

Indie Pop/ Indie Folk
18Peter Gabriel

Art Rock
Solsbury Hill
Opening up with some lovely acoustics and little bit of egg shaker I'm guessing which give this a nice chill vibe. Vocals have sort of remind me of dad rock (in a sense this seems like something my father would really enjoy). This also further reminds me of when growing up my dad used to play Neil Young on his acoustic guitar in the basement and I could remember listening in and smiling. This sorta has that warming feeling only home can give you and kinda makes me want to take a trip home frankly. 4.2/5
19TV on the Radio
Dear Science

Art Rock
20Motion City Soundtrack
Commit This to Memory

Time Turned Fragile
I heard this album awhile back but forgot about it and I'm not sure why. The frenzied keyboard that kicks off that track bleed into some of the most infectious pop-punk vocals I've ever heard and the booming bass and overall energetic songwriting show why MCS were always one of the top bands in the genre. I fucking love when pop punk tracks have those breakout moments where the vocals isolate to pronounce on some of the best lyrics. That minute long interlude that breaks up the track with a jam out session is lovely and the drumming is top notch. 4.5/5
White Pony

Nu metal
Digital Bath
SO trying Deftones here again and trying to understand the true grip and adoration for these guys. I think I'm finally starting to see why the vocals would be a huge appeal as they are emotionally stirring and Chino does a great job switching between a rather haunting melancholic vocal to an almost shouted and exasperated singing. I do still feel a sense of boredom in the rather lethargic guitar riffs and overall droning atmosphere presented here though. I don't feel real impressed by the overall instrumentals presented here. I will admit the drumming was pretty damn enjoyable though. Maybe I need more time for Deftones to grow on me but this still wasn't as good as this gets hyped to be. 3.5/5
22Protest the Hero

Progressive Metalcore
Blindfolds Aside
I've always really enjoyed a fair bit of what I've heard by Protest the Hero but have not gotten around to hearing Kezia. Rody's vocals are actually fairly controlled and less over-the-top here compared to other tracks I've heard by them in the past. He's always had a really nice range and I do like his voice and all its eccentricities despite how crazy they are. Instrumentally this track even brought some nice surpises compared to what I've heard by them in the past. The acoustic segments was really a welcomed segment of the song that is introduced in a lovely fashion with some harmonizing from a female guest vocal that blends well with Rody's. Overall a highly entertaining and enjoyable listen and I expected no less really from these guys. 4.5/5
23Animals As Leaders
The Joy of Motion

Djent / Jazz Fusion / Progressive Metal
Physical Education
24MF Doom
MM.. Food

Fuckkkk that opening is unexpected in the best way possible. The stop/start nature of the drum beat paired with dj scratching and there's this underlying bass beat which is quick and repetitive yet enticing. The multiple instrumentation here in general has loads of appeal with the twangy guitar playing and acoustic elements that blend all together in a vicious blend. Count Bass D starts off with a deep melodic flow that has just the right amount of edge to it. Then comes the more drawling yet unique flow of MF Doom which goes really well with the rather manic nature of the instrumentals here as they sorta of fade into the mix without distracting from all of interesting elements here. 4.7/5
25Viktor Vaughn
Vaudeville Villain

Can I watch?
26The Skids
Scared To Dance

Punk / Post Punk
The Saints Are Coming
27Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Abattoir Blues / The Lyre Of Orpheus

Post Punk / Gothic
There She Goes, My Beautiful World
28Scott Joplin
The Entertainer (Fine Tune Gold Collection)

Classical / Jazz
The Entertainer (Piano Version)
Ah here we have a track I have heard but was not aware the name of it or the original artist. This was always really enjoyable. They used this in a fair bit of the classic video games I played. I used to have a pong game on my computer where this song would play and I remember just sitting there playing pong bouncing along to an electronic version of this and it would always put me in a pleasant mood. This has nostalgia enjoyment written all over it and definitely stands as another classic track. 4.4/5
29Joy Division

Post Punk / Gothic
30Julio Iglesias
En El Olympia

Pop / Classical
La Mer
I had no clue " Under the Sea" was originally a french song and not only that, the original blows the covers I've heard of it 'out of the water' he he he. In all seriousness though there's some magnificent vocals, bass work that is truly stellar and impressive, lovely strings, some horns for good measure. It's just an overall bombastic track both instrumentally and vocally. I also really enjoyed the sorta funky vibe that this has in its undertone. I could easily see spinning this for years to come, this is one of those classic tracks that surpasses generational biases. 5/5
31Abominable Putridity
The Anomalies of Artificial Origin

Death Metal
A Burial For The Abandoned
I'll be honest the pig squeals on this one got older super fast and its unfortunately they last the wholeeee time... Aside from that the drums on this were pretty damn impressive and had some nice little changes here and there. The guitar work here has some absolutely insane wankery which was pretty enjoyable but in general I feel like this is a pretty "expected" sounding, as nothing really stood out and grabbed me as unique for the genre. Just those pig squeals man.... 3.2/5

33Skid Row
Slave to the Grind

Hair Metal
Wasted Time
34Off Minor
The Heat Death of the Universe

Hardcore/ Emo
This is a Hostage Situation
From the moment drums kick in this track just takes off both instrumentally and vocally. The layered screams and discordant guitar riffs layered over the manic drum patterns is wild to say the least. As the track progresses there were some surprising sections that feature some lovely emo guitar passages that noodle and meander until the track comes back to kick you full force in the teeth with more jarring screams and edgy guitar riffs with an almost grungy edge to them. Overall this was quite an energetic track my only real complaint is that the production is kind of hazy and muddled which works in some places but grates a bit in other parts. 4/5
35Joyce Manor
Joyce Manor

Punk / Pop Punk / Emo
Constant Headache
This has a real sort of vintage vibe to it, the production is just a bit muddled in a way that give it an almost grunge tinge which sorta adds to the rather angsty vocals and sorts rough guitar riffs. Songwriting here is top notch and catchy as it gets. The vocal melodies are memorable and the bass is at the perfect mixing here which is always nice in a pop punk oriented track. The track ends off on a nice little solo as well which ends off on feedback. This is definitely my top of track right here, but I wasn't blown away. 3.8/5
36Thin Lizzy
Black Rose: A Rock Legend

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Róisín Dubh
Thin Lizzy definitely pops up in the back of my head when I think of classic Hard Rock or Metal and this track doesn't disappoint with a chugging bass rhythm and some chunky riffs that lead into some incredible guitar solo work. Aside from that the vocals are fairly enjoyable, not my favorite from the time period but definitely above average. This nearly fills my sweet spot for Hard Rock and definitely has loads of merit, just not something I can see myself coming back to all that often. 3.5/5

Indie Pop / Electronic / Dream Pop
38Iron Maiden
Piece of Mind

Heavy Metal
The Trooper
One thing about Maiden I can always admit right at the start is that Bruce Dickinson can really sing. His vocal strength here really rips through the tracks as the track "runs you through" with its impressive bass work and soaring guitar leads. Everything about this track in general is built to just pummel you on every front, it fits perfectly with the overarching concept of the tracks lyricism. The bass almost makes you feel like you're riding the horse as it chugs along through battle, you almost feel like you're there for the frenzy. The solo here is also up there with some of the best I've heard Maiden do. This track proves I need to actually give these albums an in depth listen. 4.6/5
39Ornette Coleman
Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation

Lonely Woman
40Harvey milk
A Small Turn of Human Kindness

Doom Metal / Sludge Metal
I Just Want to Go Home
41The Microphones
The Glow Pt. 2

Lo Fi / Indie Folk
I Want the Wind to Blow
42Deep Purple
Deep Purple In Rock

Hard Rock/ Progressive Rock
Child In Time
OK Computer

Alternative Rock
Paranoid Android
The Bends

Alternative Rock
Street Spirit
The Kraanialepsy Split

Death Metal
Razor Wire Sodomy + Split Her Head In Half
46Depeche Mode
Enjoy the Silence

Electronic / Post Punk
Enjoy The Silence
47Sweet Trip
Velocity : Design : Comfort

Shoegaze/ IDM /Glitch
Fruitcake and Cookies
48Lil Ugly Mane
Uneven Compromise

Experimental / Hip-Hop
Uneven Compromise
49Pink Floyd

Progressive Rock / Psychedelic
You'd Prefer an Astronaut

Shoegaze / Post Hardcore / Alternative Rock
51The Stone Roses
The Stone Roses

Alternative Rock / Brit Pop / Indie Rock
I Wanna Be Adored
Screams and Whispers

Thrash Metal / Progressive Metal
53The Alex Jones Prison Planet
Cursed To Hell EP

Death Metal
Cursed to Hell
54David Sylvian
Gone to Earth

Art Pop / Ambient Pop
Before the Bullfight
55Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada


1) 5 Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada
2) 5 M83- Wait
3) 5 La Mer- Julio Iglesias
4) 4.8 Explosions in the Sky - The Earth in Not a Cold Dead Place
5) 4.7 MF Doom - Potholderz
6) 4.6 Iron Maiden - The Trooper
7) 4.5 Motion City Soundtrack - Time Turned Fragile
8) 4.5 Protest the Hero - Blindfolds Aside
9) 4.4 Scott Joplin - The Entertainer (Piano Version)
10) 4.2 Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill
11) 4 3X Krazy - Keep It On The Real
12) 4 Off Minor- This is a Hostage Situation
13) 4 Crystal Lake- Apollo
14) 3.8 Tides of Man - Dreamhouse
15) 3.8 Joyce Manor - Constant Headache
16) 3.5 Thin Lizzy - Riosin Dubg
16) 3.5 Deftones - Digital Bath
17) 3.2 Abominable Putridity - A Burial For The Abandoned
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