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Ranking all 12 In Flames albums

This is just my opinion, you know. Feel free to disagree :D
1In Flames

Yes. I'm probably the only one who thinks that colony is better than The Jester Race and whoracle (by a tiny bit). Colony was my first In Flames record, and basically the first album I have ever heard out of the melodic death metal genre. It basically turned my on to mdn, which then turned me on to pure Death metal. But still to this day, I consider Colony one of my favourite albums of the genre, and that i think say's a lot about the quality of this album. In my opinion it is nearly perfect.
2In Flames
The Jester Race

I mean.. what hasn't been said about this piece of art? With At the Gates "Slaughter of the Soul" It helped trademark the whole "Gothenburg death metal style" and is an absolute classic. One of the best melodic death metal albums of all time.
3In Flames

I know I know. You probably are cursing me cause this isn't at number one. And I think in many other melodic death metal discographys this would be number 1 because it is an amazing record, but there are two albums above it that I just love.
4In Flames

I have a love/hate relationship with this album. Love - because it is an incredible mixture of there Gothenburg death metal they helped develope on there previous albums, and a more modern metal touch. Hate - sometimes I curse it, because of the musical way the band took after it. Nonetheless Clayman is a great album, and probably the one album I would give someone who wants to get into this band.
5In Flames
Lunar Strain

Lunar Strain, their debut is really a underrated gem in there discography. I really like the raw sound of this album, and that they experimented with many different things. It is very diverse and interesting for a debut album, and features some of my favorite songs by them period. It often switches places with Clayman in my ranking, but for know I place it at number five.
6In Flames
Reroute to Remain

I know a lot of people who told me they hate this album. It was the second In Flames album I've ever heard so mabye it hold's a bit of a soft place, but I still really enjoy listening to it now and then. A good album in my opinion.
7In Flames
Come Clarity

A return to form, after the pretty average "STYE". Just a good album, nothing more, but also nothing less. Could be great, if they would have thrown out some of the filler tracks.
8In Flames
Soundtrack to Your Escape

A few people I know have this one very high on there list, and while I can understand why, this album never hit me. Sure it has some good, catchy songs but it was also the first In flames album where I said, after first listen,hmm well that was pretty average wasn't it?
9In Flames

While i would not say that Battles is a return to form for the band, ( hell no) I think it is a move into the right direction.
10In Flames
Sounds of a Playground Fading

The first album on this list I don't consider being horrible. Was the first album where they really traded death growls/screams for clean singing. I think it has some good/ decent material on it, but for the most part it just feels uninspired, and like they tried to really get some airplay on modern rock radio. Not a big fan of that mentality.
11In Flames
A Sense of Purpose

I really, really dislike this album quite a bit, though there are 1/2 Songs I enjoy. Atlas is none of those, cause that overplayed piece of garbage sucks big time. At least in my opinion.
12In Flames
Siren Charms

Hahaha. That pretty much sums up my first reaction. But after hearing it numerous times i can say that ... it is still horrible and awful in every way.
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