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Perfect Songs ROUND 1

open genre!!
1David Bowie

Yet another fucking rec comp.. give me one perfect song.. desert island, nuclear holocaust, drought and flood and forest fire song.. This will be the perennial theme of the competition. every round, the remaining players will rec another perfect song of theirs.. The title track of the album to your left is perhaps my favourite song of all time.. it has everything I want from a piece of music.. Rec me yours.. open genre, as many submission as they get in before I decide that's enough.. there will be no saves.. Let's do this!!
2The Blue Nile


Let's Go Out Tonight - beauty of a song, addled hymn for lonely people.. i would have slightly preferred this be done in a deeper voice, maybe Richard Hawley or something, but there's no denying this.. 4/5


Truth - another sombre beautiful number.. gaining small subtle layers as it went on, then around the 4 minute mark, dropped some subtlety and let that electric fuzz kick in proper, perfect.. it was going amazingly, until 6 and a half minutes in, when those fucking vocals came in and laid all that beauty to waste (not in a poetic way).. 3.5/5
4Fleetwood Mac


The Chain - as soon as this tune started, i got deja vu.. then it hit me that it was played during Formula 1 transmissions from Britain.. fantastic song, great bass, greater guitars, and those patented vocals.. 4/5
All Eyez on Me


Picture Me Rollin' - haven't listened to 2pac since I was a kid.. love the instrumental and the Rnb vocals backing him up.. Couldn't give a fuck about the lyrics, because rhyme schemes, and occasionally-stirring politics or not, most of West Coast rap was a fucking wasteland of pointless posturing.. give me Rawkus Records or bust.. 3/5
6Boards of Canada


1969 - nice swirling electronica.. not crazy about the vocals, but pretty, ethereal song.. 3.5/5


Echo, Bravo - been meaning to check this band more than the stray songs I know, which i've enjoyed.. And this is fantastic.. all mood, all the time and some sludgy guitar piled on top.. and at four and a half minutes, does not overstay its welcome at all.. Also loved that the vocals are buried in the mix, works well with this set.. 4.5/5


Whispers Part 1 - another good one.. i got terrified when i saw the album art because i thought, ah fuck metal, but this is downtempo dub and very well done at that.. again, the vocals are patchy for my taste, but the instrumental is goddamn lovely.. have a 4/5
Leaves Turn Inside You


Terminus - I know this site loves this album like it's the prophet's skivvies.. i've listened to it a few times before, but my preferences always stuck closer to Unwound's rowdier earlier days.. that said, this was pretty great.. guitar tone is good, and at 3 and a half minutes, when the instruments start coalescing and doing the good things, it clicked proper.. i was worried about the length, but the third act turned out to be the best part, that soft sustained chime.. lovely.. 4/5
10Jimi Hendrix
Band of Gypsys


Machine Gun - I haven't listened to Hendrix in years and years, and when I do come back to it, it's mostly some choice bootleg cuts, (which i suppose this is in a way, despite its wide release).. not much to say here, fucking great, it's Hendrix.. 4/5
11Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio


'97 - you were right to be wary of my ratings.. i'm a devoted punk zealot, which pretty much makes music like this ipecac for me.. i mean, it's nice and romantic in mood, but meh, fuck it.. 2.5/5 ELIMINATED
12Kayo Dot
Choirs of the Eye


The Manifold Curiosity - this is a patient piece.. The only parts that detracted from it were the ones where the band go into crushing mode.. but there is so much contemplative beauty to be had here.. and I'm a sucker for arrangers who can make brass instruments and strings meld with rock well, which is definitely done here.. last 4 minutes is a bit of a wash for me, but hey, it does not tip the balance.. will check more of them, provided this wasn't a one-off track.. cheers.. 4/5
13Emma Ruth Rundle
Some Heavy Ocean


Shadows of My Name - not bad, not bad at all..once she gets going, her voice loses it for me a bit, with the punk poppy vibe, but you can feel the emotion soaking through it.. and the instrumental is fucking lovely.. 3.5/5
14Talk Talk
Spirit of Eden


The Rainbow - why have i been sleeping on this? so many people I know worship this album.. number one on my to-do list tomorrow.. the arrangement is just perfect, hell yes.. 5/5
15The Mothers of Invention
One Size Fits All


Inca Roads - I've got somewhat of a conflicted relationship with Zappa.. I can't or would every want to deny his artistic integrity, deconstructive fetish or the fact that he truly was a visionary that was frustrated by what was happening around him in the music world.. all that aside though, he has as many failed experiments as successful ones to me.. this is a successful one.. praise zee lord! 4.5/5
16The Sods
Under En Sort Sol


Ice Age for a While - oh Sandwich, you do know what I like.. you're right, this lovely, spacey post-punk schism won't win you this round, but it sure as hell is getting you through to the next one.. 4.5/5
Hurry Up, We're Dreaming


Wait - Beautiful, neeka, this may become another moment we can find common ground on.. will check more from them.. 4/5
18Kamasi Washington
Harmony of Difference


Truth - The twinkly keys underlining the rhythm section are a bit hoaky (fusion staple that always turned me away from the genre), but fucking hell, that trumpet, that slinky bass, those choir back vox, those strings, fucking hell.. yes.. 4.5/5
19The Durutti Column
Vini Reilly


Otis - nice, pretty, with some very cool touches to it.. a little underwhelming over its run, but solid through and through.. 3.5/5
20Slough Feg


The Final Gambit - sorry, dude,, this power metal is undoubtedly powerful.. but i'm going to let this song be my Final Gambit with this band.. 2/5 ELIMINATED
21Chief Keef
Thot Breaker


In It - don't know if that's the album the song is from and couldn't care.. this is no bueno, apologies.. 2/5 ELIMINATED


Perennial Quest - decent thrash song with nice soloing that goes on for eight and a half fucking minutes.. 2.5/5 ELIMINATED
23Nara Leao
Dez Anos Depois


O Amor Em Paz - Chorts, this is fucking beautiful.. who the hell is this woman? more of that.. 4.5/5
Hymn to the Immortal Wind


Ashes in the Snow - it builds and builds and I'm loving it.. I don't care if it will be a fantastic climax or they wil leave me hanging, and i will take either one and slap a 4.5 on this sucker.. but the climax wasn't fantastic for me.. so 3.5/5
25Devin Townsend
Ocean Machine: Biomech


Bastard - gill, for fuck's sakes.. you will not infect me with love for Townsend, which i will now refer to as Towne Syndrome.. wasn't too bad though, the ominous atmosphere was great.. but on the whole, this isn't something i go for, sorry dude.. 2.5/5 ELIMINATED
26Fleetwood Mac


Sisters of the Moon - hmmm, not digging this as hard as the first Fleetwood Mac submission.. Decent stuff though.. 3/5
27Hannah Diamond


Attachment - What I can only assume is the anthem for children who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome towards their pedophile captors.. 1/5 ELIMINATED
28Steely Dan


Hey Nineteen - this is some likable elevator music.. I mean it, it was so boring as I listened to it.. Yet I liked it.. I don't know.. you broke my brain, MO, so I'm keeping you in for the next round.. 3/5
Of Life


Pushing - jack, you know I love you dearly, you're the sweetest kid.. But this didn't click. I listened a few times, there are moments in the instrumental that sort of tickle my fancy, but never cohesively.. and her vocals are a bit too anthemy for me.. 2.5/5 ELIMINATED
Amateurs and Professionals


I'll Take You Anywhere - not a huge emo guy, but once this song kicks into full gear, I start to like it more.. nothing too shattering for me, but I get why in its own niche, this is a perfect song.. 3.5/5
31Roxy Music
Roxy Music


If There is Something - Fucking great tune, rocking and smart.. I've listened to odd songs by them because of the Eno connection, and they never really pushed me into delving into them more.. clearly, I should have listened to this one.. 4.5/5
32Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
Lost in Translation


The Last Huzzah (Remix) - no.. 1/5 ELIMINATED
You Are My Sunshine


Chin Up - Dewi, you're one of my favourite, but our music tastes differ so radically.. I hate to do this, but I must kill you off.. out of love.. 2/5 ELIMINATED
34Los Campesinos!
Romance Is Boring


The Sea is a Good Place - I can get behind this power pop.. it won't win this competition, but it does make me want to sift through the band more.. I need to return to that list you made about them a while ago, Sint.. 3.5/5
35X Japan
Art of Life


Art of Life - these guys have deceptively rave-y album covers.. prog rock is not my bag.. And if prog rock was a bag, it would be a very long, ruffly one with a lot of weird recessed and lumps, with a zipper that would go on forever.. 2/5 ELIMINATED


Song for Zula - The only song I've heard from this guy was The Quotidian Beasts, which I loved.. This one is a slower burn, and it doesn't strike me as immediately, but I do love those strings.. it's beautiful.. would have been better with drums, and not a machine, though I get why he opted for it.. 3.5/5
And the Glass Handed Kites


Louise Louisa - A lot of people opted for songs that try to capture sheer beauty, which makes sense, because when someone succeeds at doing that, it's got a clearer shot at being a 'perfect' song.. the vocals here didn't work for me (a recurring moment in the indie rock submissions for this comp.).. and the instrumental, while pretty, lacked the nuance that others did (a prominent and singular string section, some odd modulation etc.) sorry, my man.. 2.5/5 ELIMINATED
Ghost Reveries


Ghost of Perdition - Blackwater, we've had the odd meet in a band's thread, and you seem like a cool dude.. this is a mix of prog and death metal.. which to me is like eating a mix between marmite and actual dog's bollocks.. it's extremely competent, like most staples of this genre are, they know their fucking instruments, i'll give them that.. Apologies, 2.5/5 ELIMINATED
39Cass McCombs


I Went to the Hospital - my qualm with McCombs, from the few songs I've listened to him is that he stretches these tunes out far longer than I would like.. Again, this won't win you the competition, but it's sure enough to get you through.. The beauty and ascetic charm of music like this hits me in the right spots.. 3.5/5
40Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden


Prowler - I like pre-Dickinson vox of Maiden, because there was a ragged punky slant to them, even as they reached for those grotesquely grandiose highs.. I suppose you can stick around, even though fuck Maiden,but the tune is pretty alright, nice tempo shifts.. 3/5
41Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind


Motorcycle Drive-By - true story, I dated a girl from Belize in my third year of uni, whose boyfriend back home had been killed in an actual motorcycle drive by.. Pleasant tune, people who love this band love them to death and back.. So i get why it's been rec'ed.. 3/5
One Time for All Time


65 Doesn't Understand You - The guitars started off and I thought, fuck, another emo thing, but this got weird, and some of it in a grand way.. the random breaks and start-stops, shifting genres was great.. Not perfect by my account, but I'm intrigued.. the rogue rec worked.. stick around, see what's good. 3.5/5
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