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Doof: Rec me consistent

Rec me your TOP RATED album by a band who: 1. don't currently feature in my ratings. 2. you've rated either: - three albums by the artist 4/5+ - four albums by the artist 3.5/5+ **NOW CLOSED**
I Hope You're Sitting Down

The band I consider the most consistent I've encountered (four 5s, five 4.5s, etc)

Azertherion rec

Really impressed by this, sometimes it's like listening to Sigur Ros, Massive Attack, Trentmoller and The Gotan Project all at the same time. It's like incredibly detailed relaxation music and as it was available on iTunes for a fiver it was an instant purchase for me. This will get a lot of airplay as it would work as superior background music or a great headphones listen as winter starts to set in.

Will I be checking out more of the discog? Yes.

Current Rating: 4/5
The Bungled & the Botched

Hesperus rec

Post rock the final frontier...I have an admission to make, in my best Steven Wilson voice "I'm tired of post rock". This is a really impressive wall of noise, it sounds like planets populated by giants going to war on flying elephants or whatever, but even then this does feel like a journey I've been on before. So as much as I'm awarding this a 4 (yes, I'm awarding it a 'technical' 4 for form) I was also a tiny bit bored and scared of the idea of listening to more of this band's discog. If that makes any sense :/

Will I be checking more of the discog? Probably not.

Current Rating: 4/5
4Frank Turner
Love, Ire & Song

AsleepInTheBack rec

Ahhh, the non musical vocals of the young angry protest poet...very Billy Bragg this. Not really my bag. Give me the humour and quirks of Jamie T over this sort of earnest stuff. A few memorable lines and some ok musical accompaniment is all I'm taking from this....overall this is just a downer for me. An artist like this you either buy it in your heart...or you don't. Unfortunately in this case I don't.

Will I be checking more of the discog? No.

Current Rating: 2.5/5
5Half Man Half Biscuit
Achtung Bono

UniqueUniverse rec

Yeah, I feel right at home with this lot. They land somewhere between The Fall, The Stranglers, Pavement and a pop punk act. One of those bands with a simplistic approach that just works. Helps if you have great lyrics. Take notes pop punkers everywhere. One thing...not sure I'd label this particular album 'post punk'. Honestly it's more pop punk/indie rock, bordering on {gasp} 'pub rock'.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Most definitely.

Current Rating: 4/5
6Art Bears
Winter Songs

SandwichB rec

Sandwich stretching the doof here, witchy shrill vocals and free form clattering of instruments aplenty. I've listened to this three times now has grown on me a bit already. Things start sticking out from the jumble, in particular the last song 'Three Wheels' is incredible. I'm digging 'Odyshape' by The Raincoats a lot at the moment and well, that took a while to sink in....and I'm feeling something similar could happen here, Only a 3.5 for now though.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Think so, it's like taking my medicine, it's good for me.

Current Rating: 3.5/5
7Laura Marling
Alas, I Cannot Swim

Boney rec

I like her voice actually, it's just the song writing that doesn't really connect for me. Absolutely nothing offensive about this, as background listening it's really enjoyable...beyond that I can't imagine reaching for this album.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Unlikely.

Current Rating: 3/5
8Grateful Dead
Anthem of The Sun

Wham49 rec

I've spun some Grateful Dead before and I have to admit they've never really done too much for me. The good news is this is the best stuff I've heard by them...the bad news is I'm still not totally won over. They lean a little too much towards 'hazy jams' for my personal taste but I certainly appreciate they are the daddies when it comes to this sort of thing.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Over the course of time, probably.

Current Rating: 3/5
Guerrilla Funk

Drifter rec

Ok, this started off reminding me of listening to a 10% tougher Will Smith. It does improve later with a more laid back jazzy feel that suits the rapping a lot more. Overall a little too West Coast old school/occasionally cheesy for me, sorry.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Nah.

Current Rating: 2.5/5
10Coaltar of the Deepers

Aberf rec

A bit like a less glitch/electronic Sweet Trip, and similar to that band in that, despite me finding this never less than technically excellent, I can't help but find it over busy and almost obnoxious from time to time. That is what puts the 4/5 ceiling on the album, but still, one I'll return to and it IS impressive.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Maybe, 50/50

Current Rating: 4/5
11The Dangerous Summer
Reach For The Sun

Crawl rec

Apologies to Crawl but this really isn't my thing at all, seems real generic to the point I imagine there's a hundred albums out there almost identical to this. These type of vocals are entirely passionless for me. I'm far too cynical/grim faced to listen to these wholesome boys.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Sorry, it'd be a cold day in hell.

Current Rating: 1.5/5
12Nikki Sudden
Waiting on Egypt

Butcher rec

The most Butch rec ever...and I love it. Lo-fi scrappy vintage punk rock as expected. Hopefully I can find a cheap copy of this on CD somewhere.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Uh huh.

Current Rating: 4/5
13Los Campesinos!
Romance Is Boring

Sint rec

Some of the music here was interesting, but the vocals and lyrics just aren't my thing at all. The singer has that certain style that reminds me of a lot of 2000's acts - awful stuff like the sodding Wombats. Shame because the music behind them is way better than middle of the road indie pop.

Will I be checking out more of the discog? Do they do guest singers...?

Current Rating: 3/5
14The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
The Resurrection Of Pigboy Crabshaw

Zak rec

I must be getting old now when this hoary blues album appealed to me so much. Still feels a bit too much like 'real man' music for me but hey, maybe I can swing with the big cocks now {scratches balls, swigs whisky neat from the bottle}

Will I be checking out more of the discog? This might be all I need from them but maybe.

Current Rating: 4/5
15Trophy Scars
Holy Vacants

Corney rec

Very rarely does a band leave the Doof totally confused as to the artist's intentions and the basis of their appeal...this band manage it though. I find this a real dog's this the band's usual sound because it feels like a novelty, like a covers album. You have one singer who seems to be aiming for Tim Armstrong or Lemmy but ends up 100% the Cookie Monster singing over music that ranges from cheesy AOR to something like 70s blues rock to cheesy 80s butt rock to cheesy millennial punk to something close to pop metal. Plus then there's a female vocalist...I give up. Interesting I guess, you might love this if you're one of those people who like those buffet restaurants that serve twenty different world cuisines.

Will I be checking more of the discog? You know what, morbid curiosity might tempt me.

Current Rating: 1.5/5
16Rowland S. Howard
Teenage Snuff Film

NorthernSkylark rec

Second listening worked wonders, his voice had grown on me a great deal and the lyrics really stood out. I like the cinematic quality to the music, almost soundtrack-y at times. I was all set for a slightly dismissive 3.5 but now I'm feeling a strong 4 for this. I get this dude's shtick.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Why Not?

Current rating: 4/5
Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage

Fripp rec

Never listened to Stereolab before and this wasn't what I expected them to sound like...and I get the feeling I might prefer their material on other albums to this. This is like a never-ending cocktail bar fever dream. It all sounds nice enough but f me it goes on and on hitting the same ol' sweet spot. This came a year after 'Moon Safari' and occasionally you can hear snippits of that influence. Overall too kitschy for me, but not bad and I must admit kinda impressive in what it achieves.

Will I be checking more of the discog? I think I need to to maybe find 'my' Stereolab :/

Current rating: 3.5/5
The Years

Budgie rec

Bit of a cheat this is it not? This is an EP :/ INSTANT DISQUALIFICATION. Nah, I listened and this is a pleasant listen all round. The 'chillwave' genre tag...well, it's there but it's all very subtly worked. A bit floaty for my tastes, it has a whiff of new age/Enya in there too, which is fine too but not an influence that's going to knock my socks off. A 3 or a 3.5...a 3 or a 3.5...{tosses coin - genuinely}........................................................heads = 3.5, tails = 3...................................................................
Heads! 3.5.

Will I be checking more of the discog? I tell you what, I'll check a new ALBUM if one is released soon.

Current rating: 3.5/5
19Dixie Chicks

neekafat rec

Yee haw, you ride it cowgirl, just not too fast honey, you chaffing. Erm, this is too honeyed and hokey for me, I have a reasonably high tolerance for folk/country in most guises and so this benefits from that no doubt. I listen to this and I play cliche bingo too much, and I'm a little self conscious that I'm in no way the desired audience for this here product. I'm sure they make a certain 'fifty something' American male demographic very happy.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Maybe when I'm 50 they'll help me heart strings.

Current rating: 2.5/5
20Procol Harum
A Salty Dog

Diva rec

'A Salty Dog, a semen's lot,
Your witness, my own hand.' {snarf}

Ok, I changed the lyrics a bit but this is quite overblown and occasionally you'll snigger a little. You know what I'm going to say though (you've probably glanced the rating too you dirty salty little dog) - this matters not a jot, the album is class. Cheese? My sort of cheese. Really powerful, really memorable, god honest late 60s cheese. Is this proto-prog? They don't make 'em like this anymore.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Think I've got too.

Current rating: 4.5/5

dbizzles rec

Ok, hands up, I won't be listening to this one twice - one because it's very long, and two because I don't think a second listen will alter much. A tenth listen might but eh. This is a mix of some really boring growls (for me, I know some folk love this style), some slow sludge riffing (again, these parts are just 'filler' for me, sorry) and some pretty 'Isis at their most chill' parts. None of the music here is particularly scary so I get more of a Deafheaven vibe with the vox - they're actually by far the harshest element. I find them dull in this setting but overall the album is solid enough, I just have no idea when I'd turn to this, a bit over familiar musically and vocally a turn off.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Highly unlikely.

Current rating: 3/5
22The Twilight Sad
Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters

AdolfChrist rec

This grew on me with a second listen. I still feel this lot are the sort of band I can imagine supporting Mogwai but are then taught a lesson in power as, despite not leaning much on their Scottish brogues, the Moggers still pack twice the emotional punch. This is solid stuff, a great sound, though the weakest element is the song writing and that sticks in my craw a bit. Also, any band with 'sad' in the band name who aren't like, the absolute saddest industrial strength tearjerking blubbers, well I can't help but feel I've been cheated a little.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Ho hum, probably not.

Current Rating: 3.5/5
Perfect Darkness

Dewinged rec

A very Dewi rec, intimate singer songwriter-y stuff with great production and a focus on atmospherics. I've spun this two times and I'm not feeling there's a song here I couldn't live without...and it probably needed one of those to crack a 4 rating ('Honesty' comes pretty close I'll admit). I'll keep trying.

Will I be checking more of the discog? I'll probably try one more of his highest rated and see if that clinches the deal.

Current Rating: 3.5/5

Blackwater rec

This was pretty good even if it occasionally skirted close to sounding like Yes fronted by an orc. Some decent riffs, I'd prefer this to sound less symphonic and more sinister personally.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Might do, I'd like to think maybe the earlier albums are a bit more intense. This album isn't at all intense.

Current Rating: 3/5
25Amon Tobin

Avagantamos rec

Four listens and this has revealed itself as almost a darker but no less excellent version of 'Endtroducing'. Jazzy and experimental but never at the expense of the overriding tone/structure of the compositions - this album just gets it right. Powerful stuff and one of my favourite recs of the comp so far.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Certainly will.

Current Rating: 4.5/5

Rowan rec

Fingerbang the early years. An Aussie group with a bit of a hard on for the Foo Fighters. This isn't bad but didn't get my blood pumping.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Unlikely.

Curremt Rating: 3/5
27Buffalo Tom
Let Me Come Over

Dylan rec

The good news: at their best this band remind me a little of American Music Club, Afghan Whigs and the pop side of Husker Du. The bad side: their best is never quite as good as the best material of any of those aforementioned acts. Still, it's 90s through and through and there are a couple of great tunes here (the closer for one is really good).

Will I be checking more of the discog? They'll be an easy listen, why not.

Current Rating: 3.5/5

teamster rec

A solid ISIS album.

Will I be checking more of the discog? I haven't even finished listening to the iSIS discog.

Current Rating: 3.5/5
Functioning on Impatience

Mort rec

I expected this to sound a bit like Will Haven considering the release date and yeah, some very nu metal-esque downtuned riffs coupled with that post hardcore singing style that makes everyone sound so darn similar. Also has some Fugazi experimental touches/time signature switches plus a few Sylvester the Cat 'sufferin succotash' vocal ticks which are there to try and make the vocals stand out as slightly more unique I'm guessing? Not bad but I think this rec has come twenty years too late for me Mort.

Will I be checking more of the discog? This'll do me feels.

Current Rating: 3/5
30The Fixx
Reach the Beach

AnimalAsSummit rec

More 80s goodness from AaS, this has 4.5+ potential but for now a 4 rating seems correct. The vocals are a bit David Sylvian but the music is pure bombastic synthpop with some great atmospheric/experimental additions in the mix. Something meaty about this album, I'll know exactly how I feel after ten or so listens.

Will I be checking more of the discog? I'll dip a toe f'sure.

Current Rating: 4/5
Voices of Omens

DominionMM1 rec

My favourite metal rec of the comp so far by quite a margin. This lot remind me a bit of Mastodon/Neurosis/Down - the latter primarily due to some very Anselmo vox. The way they blend the softer passages into their style is really impressive. I went in with absolutely no expectations with this one and it goes to show, a class act.

Will I be checking more of the discog? I think I should.

Current Rating: 4/5
Circular Ræsoning

Conmaniac rec

Surprisingly chill, and very hypnotic, like Slint or Mogwai jamming at their most blissed and stoned. I'm not sure whether this will grow or shrink given subsequent spins...I'd like to think I'll enjoy it more and more so in that spirit I'm putting up a decent 3.5/5 for this. Math rock? It doesn't really need the genre tag, it just sounds like a mellow off shoot of post-rock to me (in no way a criticism). In places this is the prettiest music on the entire list

Will I be checking more of the discog? Definitely, this music has an obvious, natural appeal which is refreshing.

Current Rating: 3.5/5
33Thievery Corporation

Twig rec

A very enjoyable listen that, yes, slips into background music at times for me. Almost a bossa nova version of 'Moon Safari' or Zero Seven in places, I can certainly see the appeal of this but I have to be honest it washes over me a little easy.

Will I be checking more of the discog? I'll probably give another one a spin at some point when the mood feels right.

Current Rating: 3.5/5
34Trampled By Turtles
Songs From a Ghost Town

LeftyMcRighty rec

'Progressive bluegrass' is a thing huh? This is some fine bluegrass/country americana songwriting which feels to my unrefined ears to be quite authentic sounding. It hit the spot for me anyway, great playin' and great singin'. Just want to go set fire to a barn and go milk a hog or something.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Somebody stop me.

Current Rating: 4/5

Egarran rec

Sorry Eg, this isn't for me. Maybe this needs the hours put in or what have you...but I don't think I've got it in me for that sort of investment. I thought I was on a bit of a metal tip recently but this is one chugger too many, it's relentless I'll give it that. Some neat atmospheric touches but too much of the riffing feels indistinguishable and blast beats are just...a one way ticket to the mental asylum except for 0.00001% of the population. Ever was it so. Technically speaking it's all ok though I'm sure.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Nurse! Nurse! The screens! Make it staaaaaaaap

Current Rating: 2.5/5
36De Staat

StickFeit rec

A real mixed bag that fluctuates between strangely addictive and intensely irritating...but at least it's trying something different. Actually, that's wrong, it's trying a lot of something differents. The jury is still out...could drop to a 2.5 or could just as easily climb to a 4. Intriguing.

Will I be checking more of the discog? I can think of worse things, maybe, but it would take this one to grow on me first.

Current Rating: 3/5
37Dire Straits
Love Over Gold

RadEd rec

I must be mellowing as I enjoyed this a fair amount where as I'm guessing just two years ago I'd have 2.5'd this to kingdom come. Yes it is a little middle of the road, dad rock-y, smooth aesthetic noodle-y...but it's atmospheric, has a slightly tongue in cheek sense of humour and boasts an easygoing sorta charm. Could be a 4 if I revisit enough, but for now (and I apologise, these are mounting up now) another 3.5 rating.

Will I be checking more of the discog? I'll at least try the legendary '80s stereo salesman in-joke' that is the beyond ubiquitous 'Brothers in Arms'.

Current Rating: 3.5/5
Metaphorical Music

Gyro rec

My little brother was a real Mo' Wax aficionado and played 90% instrumental hip hop around the house between the years of '95-'00 so there's a real nostalgia in listening to music like this for me. Very relaxed vibe, it's enjoyable...3.5 or 4...3.5 or 4. I'll put up a 4 in that although it was in no way a groundbreaking/surprising in any regard it didn't really need to be for me.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Just not the sort of music I've ever labelled as high priority, and I'm not about to change on that.

Current Rating: 4/5
Worship and Tribute

Prancer rec

A rare rec I had to stop, I found this a combo of the worst traits of emo mixed with the worst traits of nu metal - for my tastes. Intensely irritating for me, I can only apologise.

Will I be checking more of the discog? Please no.

Current Rating: 1/5 (well 2/5 because of fascist rating system)
40The Number Twelve Looks Like You

DeadlyNightShade rec


Will I be chaecking more of the discog? lolshit

Current Rating: lolshit
41Jak Tripper
Random Violence

hikingmetalpunk rec

This was fun for about three tunes then really boring, a one note joke sorta deal. This sort of thing can work across a whole album (see 'Niggamortis' or 'Dr. Octagonecologyst') but it's rare.

Will I be checking more of the discog? There's more of this? Overkill.

Current Rating: 3/5
Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus

JamieTwort rec

Puts the 'trippy' and a little bit of 'dippy' in hippy jams. This impressed me just enough to grab a 4/5 rating for now, quite a refined album for this sort of style (maybe because it landed in 1970, later into the whole hippy movement). A lot of bands in 2017 still taking pointers from this sort of album.

Will I be checking more of the discog? I need late 60s/early 70s ratings so you got it.

Current Rating: 4/5
The Uncanny Valley

Faenrir rec

Supremely cheesy 'haunted futuristic city at night' music but it definitely hits that 'guilty pleasure' G spot. Still, you'd have to be certifiably insane to rate this above a 3.5 - so I won't.

Will I check more of the discog? Only in my deepest darkest cheese dreams.

Current Rating: 3.5/5

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