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REC ROULETTE ROUND 7 -- Build Butcher a Decade

fripp so flip unique so chic bgill so ill
1The Monochrome Set

Here are the conditions for Round 7.. I'd like you to pick any continuous ten-year stretch (could be '63-'73, could be '07-'17), and rec me one song from each year of that ten-stretch.. Open genre. but do try to not make all of them fall into the same category.. in fact, three per genre is the maximum (fripp, gill, I'm looking at you you proggy frogs..)
2The Gun Club
The Las Vegas Story

There are bonus points in this round to be awarded potentially.. If you help me discover a proper treasure of a song that ends up on one of my playlists, and if I agree that it's one of the best of their corresponding year, I will give away free points like I'm a pedo handing out candy at Disneyland..

gill 3-12

Secret Face

This does have some very tasty riffing in it.. and I do like that the song breathes for a while, before those fucking meathead vocals come in and fuck it all up for me.. i've always really liked the tuning the opening soloing comes in, it has such a cyber dystopia tinge to it, and you don't get much of that treacly desperate sounds in punk.. 3.5/5
4The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream


I've listened to Siamese Dream, but can't remember any of it except for some choice Iha solos.. Corgan's voice always turned me off from them.. This is quite the pretty song, the strings and the doomy New year's day chimes work beautifully here.. And though I'd be loathe to praise grunge's nasally pseudo-poets, i'm going to anyway.. great tune.. 3.5/5
Automatic for the People


it's probably stupid given how huge both this album and single were, but i can't really remember much of Automatic for the People, and nowadays don't really listen to REM aside from Murmur and Life's Rich Pageant.. i like this song, the instrumentation is fucking lovely.. Stipe always sounds like he's bleeding on behalf of all humanity, which means he's a twat.. but he does write great tunes.. 4/5
Throwing Copper

I Alone

Another semi-landmark band I'm not familiar with at all.. after a quick search, this came out at the peak of grunge, and you can feel that in the drawling vocal endings of the singer.. decent tune, sneakily uplifting beneath all that heavy strumming., this album is apparently a very big deal, and i can see why.. it's a cleaner, nicer side of grunge music, something your suburban parents wouldn't have lost their shit over, as opposed to Chris Cornell's hypersexual posters of the era.. that being said, not entirely my thing, as it ditches the punk underbelly of the best grunge completely.. 2.5/5
7Gamma Ray
Land of the Free

Land of the Free

holy fuck, this chorus is big.. i really love the chug-a-chug that traverses the verses here.. it gives an earthly urgency to the song, that this genre's histrionic nature usually prevents.. and as much as I give progressive and power metal flack, you can't deny the musicianship on offer in those genres.. that's because when the punks were out getting trashed and laid, these guys were at home practicing.. 3/5
8In Flames
The Jester Race


same deal here.. instrumentation is so deftly done, it's like floating in a vacuum of pristine arrangements.. and the baroque slant of the acoustic passages is properly beautiful.. the vocals are a pit of crap, but hey, you can't have everything 3/5
9Ben Folds Five
Whatever and Ever, Amen


I know this album cover, i've seen in countless record shops.. and a lot of people i know and love adore this album.. so this was as perfect a time as any to finally give Ben a spin.. and it's beautiful and heartbreaking.. more shit like this, gill! achingly pretty and with preserved innocence, tough trick to pull off.. 4.5/5
The Shape of Punk to Come

Rather Be Dead

this generation of punk is not something I ever got into, though it's easy enough to gather that for people who did, this album is everything, a proper cornerstone.. I did enjoy it, but this didn't tick any boxes for me than far superior hardcore haven't, though I firmly believe in the importance of bands like these, because of their inherent likability.. at the heart of it, this punk niche were fucked-of suburban kids thrashing, which was much safer for their fans than what SST records bands were doing in the 80's.. so god bless, i suppose.. but as far as i'm concerned, this shit ain't punk. 2.5/5
This Is a Pinback CD


Well this was fucking pretty.. never heard of the band before, but solidly charming tune.. 4/5

Evil in You

This song has great atmosphere, a sort of Mad max level of shuddering momentum.. also, Swamplord is a great album title.. and the solos are cool.. but you know, why can't these fuckers just double up the speed and do a two minute song?! 3/5

gill's round score = 3.35
13Julio Iglesias
En El Olympia

Unique 13-23

La Mer

this it, Uni's favourite song of all time.. i can see why, as a former Soviet child, this tune immediately struck all the right nostalgic schlager pangs I have inside me.. my preferred artist for this sort of fix has usually been adriano celentano.. I like this one, not as much as Uni, but it's downright fucking lovely! 4/5
14Space Art
Space Art


The soundtrack to two of those white dildo mannequin soldiers from Star Wars falling in love on the Death Star (storm poopers..) I like this to a level, but this is kitsch music to me.. again, i do understand the nostalgic aspect, a lot of old Soviet sci-fi and existential cartoons were scored with this sort of fare.. 3/5
15The Stranglers
Black And White


i guess what few things i've heard from the Stranglers have been so pop influenced, i missed the part where they started off as a pretty bad-ass punk band.. this isn't anything groundbreaking, but it's a cool mid-tempo number with some good electronic effects to stud it out.. 3/5
Danger Money

Nothing to Lose

this is some powerful ham and cheese.. I think you're trying to play on my Soviet nostalgia way too much with this.. problem is, my father hated this stuff, so i never really heard it around the house.. not my thing, really, though the chorus does have that undeniable sparkling catchiness.. 2.5/5
17Cold Chisel

Standing on the Outside

this i can get behind.. this is some sturdy, good old blue-collar power pop.. it's catchy and likeable.. 3.5/5
18Positive Noise
Heart of Darkness

No More Blood and Soil

This is pretty fantastic.. Skeletal post-punk, a sort of blueprint structure more than anything, but it works.. Good, lingering atmosphere and that rallying voice that serves as the perfect overlap between post-punk and the punk that it came from.. the woop's are also fucking great! 4.5/5
19Dexys Midnight Runners

Plan B

Yet another band I've never delved into properly.. this is post-punk of the utmost civilized variety, made of art schools and carrying that undying gloss to it.. when the rhythm section kicks in, it's all beauty and the shout-along chorus is another kick up the bracket.. the harmonica was a strange add-on, but it worked.. 4/5
20Midori Takada
Through The Looking Glass


This is a bit twee for my taste, which makes sense, because Japanese culture has been exploring that cutesy deftness for far longer than Western culture has, and they've got a real shtick to it.. not my shtick though, though it is undoubtedly relaxing, even as it veers out of twee and into some vaguely ominous territory at points.. 2.5/5
Forever Young

Forever Young

Oh, this song! I've heard this on the radio.. Sky high 80's pop.. The hook is of course infectious as anything else in this world.. Can't say I will be exploring anymore of these guys, but it was about time I listened to this juggernaut of pop in its entirety.. 3/5
22Psi Com
Psi Com

Human Condition

The bass here is just fantastic, dissonant and so detached, exactly like goth post-punk should have.. There's no mystery here, this plays to my tastes of 80's music far better than soaring choruses and glammy pop.. 4/5

Uni's score = 3.4 THE WINNER!
23Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come

Fripp 23-32

Time Captives

alright, this is great, despite the fucking 8 minute runtime.. great, because it sounds less a prog song and more like an experimental drone track, with some pre-dub and trip elements.. i like it, there's swirling electronics and a nice dense rhythm to it.. nice and spacey and even the la da da toward the end didn't fuck it up, because the music transitioned so perfectly.. 4/5
24Todd Rundgren

The Last Ride

this tune's got soul.. real soul and plenty of it.. the hammy instrumental robs a fair bit away from it.. but his voice sounds beautiful and there's no taking away from that.. 3/5
25Peter Hammill
Nadir's Big Chance

Nadir's Big Chance

shit, this is very good.. post-punk in the heart, even if it is cloaked in some proggy theatrics.. good stuff, and may just fit into my '72-'77 series criteria.. will listen to more of this for sure.. 4/5

Criminal World

this is much woozier than Bowie's cover.. i was unaware that the song wasn't bowie's to begin with.. i enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed all of Let's Dance.. dancy and somewhat thoughtful but lacking replay value for me.. 3.5/5
27Douji Morita
A Boy


I love the instrumental.. Spaghetti western and baroque.. the vocals are touch and go, but mostly, this is just fucking beautiful.. this is how you negotiate differences in music tastes, gill and Uni.. Fripp with a methodical approach, giving me the good side of prog and other genres i wouldn't have delved into otherwise.. 4.5/5
28Yellow Magic Orchestra
Yellow Magic Orchestra

Tong Poo

this wasn't too bad, a bit chintzy, but it's got some nice grooves in it.. overall, i don't think i would want to tong this poo again, but who knows? 3/5
Chewing Hides The Sound

The Model

again, the post-punk aspects of this make for a pretty good song in so far as my tastes go.. it didn't hit me quite as good as Hammill did, but very very decent indeed.. 3.5/5
30Daryl Hall
Sacred Songs

Babs and Babs

nah, this one is a wash.. the second act of the song is just strutting piano with some thick electronics layered on top.. plus you lose points because he was doing that King Crimson thing on the album cover, which by the way looks like someone is trying to finger God's pussy.. 2.5/5
31Art Bears
The World As It Is Today

The Song Of Investment Capital Overseas

i saw the run time and thought, this might be alright.. it wasn't bad per se, but the lyrics are idiotic, surreal without any point (which is not the point of surrealism) and in a fairly spare short song, they sit pretty starkly.. tense percussion at the end was good.. 2.5/5
32John Cale
Music For A New Society

Taking Your Life In Your Hands

The guitar work is beautiful here, subtle and o so pretty, but i would expect nothing less of Cale.. the song is a bit over-sentimental sounding to me, low-key grandiosity.. i did love the lyric 'don't take your life in your hands like I did..' 3/5

Fripp's score = 3.3
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