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09.07.17 Songs about her

Songs about her

It's just a list of songs that reminds me of what i feel when i think about about the girl i'm in love with. It's been roughly two years since i first met her, and it was love at first sight. That kind of special love that you get when you understand you have found everything you wanted in your life. She made me understand what i wanted, and it was her. This list is a sort of homage to her. Premise: Some songs may not be stylistically perfect, but they recall phases of our story together, don't be too critical about it. I also must apologize for grammar mistakes, as my first language is not english but italian.
A rush of blood to the head

The first month i got to really know her was november. I used to get to the train station early just to wait for her, i remember the cold temperatures, and this song was my companion through the wait.
Swomee Swan

I got my self onto an english exam, and i knew she was much better than me on the subject, so i decided to ask her for some help, and she lent me a book to read, "The good omens". I used to read this book while getting home, listening to this song (actually the whole "electric sea" album, but this song in particular)
3Foo Fighters
February Stars

During christmas holidays i didn't had the chance to see her, and i spent countless nights thinking about her while looking at the ceiling listening to this song.
4Guns N' Roses
There was a time

While talking about music she told me she dug "chinese democracy", so i gave it a look. It's not one of my favourites, but it had some great songs, and we share the love of "there was a time"
Angry days

Our relashionship at this point wasn't even a solid friendship. We were some strange kind of friends that sometimes made leak a bit of feelings. Sadness overloaded me, because i knew i would have never meant to her what she meant to me.
6Neutral Milk Hotel
Oh Comely

The sadness got weaker and weaker, i understood i had to go on without her, in a "brain over hearth" kind of way.
7Three Days Grace
Animal i have become

The iconic song of "One-x", a milestone in our story. Three days grace were her favourite band when she was younger. It was the first time she really opened up to me, telling me something personal (she is really introverted)
Where is my mind

We hang out with some shared friends one day. At the end of the day we took the train to get back home, and she sat near me. During the travel she grab my arm and fell asleep, hugging me in a really lovable way. (she never did this to a person). My mind was really confused.
9Regret the Hour
The runaway

It's just a sad song that describes perfectly what i felt. She began to act more and more interested in me, and i never really lost interest in her, but i didn't knew what to do
Planet caravan

It's christmas time again, and i bought her a stuffed kitty because i knew she wanted a cat, and that was the furthest i could go to a real animal. She also bought me a gift, "Far beyond driven". Planet caravan was stuck in my head, it was a sort of "A rush of blood to the head" in terms of feelings.
Come as you are

We also have the common interest of playing guitar. I can play it but she can't and everytime i play for her something, is "come as you are". I also taught her how to play the main riff, and now the song is more beautiful than it really is, to me.
12Julien Baker
Sprained ankle

We were strange together, sometimes we couldn't talk, sometimes she wouldn't talk to me, or i was too cold. I was generally tired, "maybe it's not worth it" came many times in my head
13My Bloody Valentine

The end of the story, we have never been together, altough there is something weird between us. I don't want to let her go, but we will probably be nothing more than friends.
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