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RULES: A sister-competition to the "Con VS Unique Emo Crown". Three competitors rec 30 albums, 1 at a time, to 3 judges. A new round of recs will be presented once all three judges have finished rating/listening to both albums. This will continue until a total of 45 albums will be presented, 15 from each competitor. Winner will be determined by the highest AVG but tie breaker will be whoever had the best rec and each judge gets 1 vote for that.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NEW RULE: Competitors who fail to submit their recs within 1 day after each list's creation will have .5 deducted from their score for EACH day late ____JUDGES: Conmaniac, DeadlyNightShade, neekafat_____ COMPETITORS: UniqueUniverse, Tyler.,teamster_____ EMO COMPETITION: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?mode=1&listid=176039#comments
The Lady of Heaven

UniqueUniverse's rec

Con: First song greets you with some low end production in the realm of shoegaze post-punk, an obvious attempt to cover up lazy mixing with a genre tag. Despite the more than buried vocals, the rest of the song is somewhat pleasant to listen to, albeit uninspired -- like a lost Turnover demo off of GV. Second song is better produced but unfortunately less original, although I will say I enjoyed the closing vocal melody. Last song is just an ambient little endeavor that didn’t impress me too much so yeah this is below average due to production and unoriginality but I still slightly enjoyed it so 2.3/5
The Lady of Heaven

Neeka: This is more boring than aggressively bad. The first two songs take nice enough sounds and merely stretch them to an unbearable length. They succeed in creating an atmosphere however, even if it’s bland and unoriginal. It’s hard to believe that “南无观世音菩萨” is even a real song and not just some sort of mind-numbing backing track waiting to be dubbed over with a real song. 2.2/5

Track Ratings: Pink Waves: 6, I Suck at Everything Important [“Q’] (DEMO): 5, 南无观世音菩萨 [The Lady of Heaven]: 3.5 - AVG: (4.83)

Deadly: I’m gunna put this pretty bluntly if you wish to waste your time with about 15 minutes of boring, droning, and shoegazey post punk with the most repetitive and dull instrumentals/ vocals you’ll ever hear then by all means waste 15 minutes. If not, do yourself a favor and stay away. 2/5
3Parquet Courts
Monastic Living

Tyler.'s rec
Con: First song seemed somewhat promising as the 1-minute long track hinted at a quick fury of sloppy, dissonant punk tracks with a noise element to them. However, after the title track (part 1) it is clear that this is not the case. Instead, we get nonsensical instrumental meanderings with a lot of experimentation and not a lot of thought or craft. It’s just a mess of half-baked melodies and movements that seem to go on only for the sake of annoyance. If this was their goal, they succeeded. 1.9/5
Neeka: Honestly in some ways this is even worse than the last one due to its unbearable length (for an EP, I mean) and repetitive songs (if you could call them that). I’d only call two or three of these actual music, and the only ones worth any time cut out after barely a minute. It’s just noise, overlong, annoying, grating, uninteresting noise. Boy this one ticked me off. 2.1/5
4Parquet Courts
Monastic Living

Track Ratings: No, No, No!: 6 +, Monastic Living I: 5 +, Elegy of Colonial Suffering: 4 -, Frog Pond Plop: 3 +, Vow Of Silence: 4.5 +, Monastic Living II: 6 -, (Alms for the Poor), Poverty and Obedience: 6 -, Prison Conversion: 5 +

Deadly: HAH I really couldn’t put my thoughts much better than neeka did. He makes exactly the right points. The only two tracks that have any potential as a song are “Alms for the Poor” which is 45 seconds and the closing song “Prison Conversion” which just becomes a repetitive regurgitated pile of garbage after about a minute and just continues to loop to the point of nausea. I can’t even be as giving as a 2 gunna have to slap a rating less than 2 on this thing. Oh and one last thing ending your EP on a repetitive siren esque noise is ANNOYING AS FUCK. 1.5/5
Everyday b/w Hinge and Bracket

teamster's rec
Con: Although these vocals aren’t exactly my thing, the music behind this is actually pretty decent and competent. I guess that’s not too much of a compliment, however, as this is pretty boring, uninspired post punk that I probably wouldn’t listen to again. There’s something here though, and although it’s not better than average I can still appreciate the effort. 2.6/5
Neeka: While not really terrible by any stretch of the imagination, this is some very dull post-punk ya got here. Sure the instrumentals are pretty cool and nice sounding, but it’s repetitive af and those vocals really aren’t doing the music any favors to be honest. Just gonna slide this a 2.6/5.

Track Ratings: Everyday: 5.5, Hinge and Bracket: 6
Everyday b/w Hinge and Bracket

Deadly: Well teamster sorry to say but this is not awful… I mean I could see from a vocal standpoint hating this EP, as they are pretty terrible, but as far as instrumentals this is fairly tight and I especially enjoy the basslines on here. I even think the production here is pretty crisp and pleasant… Sorry to say I have to slap a solid score for this as the only thing that really grated on me were the awful vocals which were fairly sparse anyway. 3.7/5
7Parquet Courts
Monastic Living

Winner: 13.5 (4.5 from each judge) Tyler.
2nd place: 10.5 (3.5 from each judge) Unique
Last place: 9 (3 from each judge) teamster
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