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Ten obscure Black Metal bands I recommend you

There were so many bands I missed which happened to exist for a long time but I've never given them a real chance. This situation might remind you of yourself. Sometimes I think I don't like a band after listening to just one of their songs and afterwards I'll never listen to them anymore. It's such a pity, isn't it? If we all only detected by perceiving the sound of the awful 'The view', then nobody would like Metallica noire Lou Reed. Whatever you think of these musicians, you know what I mean. Contemporaneously we are capable of rejoicing in the melodies these ensembles are capable of as a menagerie. Even though their genres couldn't be much different, the diversity can be seen as opportunity into diving in other denomination of Metal. Overall these are not only good but phenomenal groups.

This doom subgenre always was hard to get into from my perspective. It always had some sinister tone in it which made me go away from it and to ignore its bands forever. This was a lie. I actually wasn't able to like it because the bands I've listened to were just boring. Not as boring as Sun 0))) but still not interesting enough for me. This changed when I revisited Usnea's 'pyyrhic victory' which overhelmed me with its light spirited energy that leads everybody to relax and to philosoph about the thing called life.

What comes in the mind of an ordinary man or woman when I ask them to tell me three things that remind them about Sweden? 'Ikea, Köttbullar and the show Petterson & Findus.'
When I think about Sweden I think of Marduk, Götheburg and especially Avslut. The only Black Metal band that is able to write a journey for all your kinesthesias - Terra Mater.
Njut av det här otroliga spåret. This means
'Enjoy this amazing track.'.

With their demo 'Nachtwind' aka nightwind these Germans proved us they have the balls to play some heavy excellent Metal straight out of
Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria. They may not be the stars like the overpraised Skeletonwitch but instead of overstimulating the oldschool formula which is attented by many bands, they sticked to their own original roots until Thargos disbanded in 2007.

Is it just me or did Germany always stand for quality Metal music? After all we have the teutonic four with frontmen who even were on 'Kika' (tv channel for kids). Yes, Mille was there but don't watch it on youtube because the moderator hasn't enough knowledge about Rock and Metal at all. When I think about Goatfuck I think about the better and less successful version of Goatwhore just without any Death Metal elements. And guess what. The German group is amazing. So expect some great dark riffs.

Their latest album 'Hypnosophy' was released in 2016 with the help of the saxophone player
Orestis Zyrinis. He added his abilities to implement a wonferful performance on 'Black Nerve'. I couldn't find the single itself but instead of one song you can enjoy a whole album.

Everybody knows one of the most legendary bands even some non - metalheads like. They inspired bands like System of a down but also Lugubrum from Belgium. I mean Mr. Bungle if you haven't noticed yet. Let's do some math - Mr. Bungle + Black Metal = Lugubrum. The sax solo is wilder, faster and more chaotic than the previous ones but this means it's heavier but still great.

禊 (Misogi) is the purification process which is proceeded by people who believe in shinto. This ritual can be described as incredibly demanding and it involves standing under a waterfall to cleanse oneself of human impurities. From the country with the uprising sun originates the in Higashi-Abiko, Chiba based group Misogi. If you always wanted another great band like Sigh you should take a look at these masters of sounds.

Germany always has been the European Metal fortress. With our large history of different subgenres we managed to have another talented band called Magoth who released their first album in 2017. "Cleansing of the Ancient Spirits" is the first track which has a sinister and cold atmosphere. Ecompassing and dense guitar riffs can be categorized in this way of a honest creation of new music.

Doom comes in various styles but I've never heared of Blackened Thrash Doom until now.
It combines everything I like. The hysterical Black Metal vocals, energetic Thrash Metal riffs and an atmosphere which will make you drown slowly in your own empty doom.

But there's only one band that succeded to also add some goofyness in their songs and art which impressed my young ears even more. I felt like discovering a darker Candlemass and boys and girls - This feeling was amazing.
And I want you to experience the same feeling like me so I show today a band with a good attitude.
10Zeal and Ardor

A New Yorker asked on a website people what genres he should combine. As answer he got delivered 'Blues and Black Metal'. Nobody has ever fusioned these genres until he has morphed them in one masterpiece which is his album. The concept of the album is that persons of color which were slaves back then ask the devil for help ,due he didn't judge them for their skin color, to get away from their opressesers.
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