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Ten Underground Black Metal bands you'll enjoy

Underground Black Metal shines with more diversity than the popular bands straight outta Norway. Of course, the second wave bands are meant with this statement. While these are good groups, I can not deny how much I praise underground musicians especially when they manage to write spectactular symphonies even though they'll never get the deserved attention of the mainstream Black Metal audience. The time has come to show you the classics from unknown projects, everyone (even you) will enjoy.

Starting the song with an intro out of our space, technical riffs start to transform the smooth atmosphere in a terrific alien invasion without loosing the fear of getting kidnapped by one of these beings, like Cartman. Symphs imitate the sound of our galaxy, the chocolate bar called milky way, which shapes the sounds into another black hole of earth 52 (Dc Universe).
2Hårda Skit

Hårda Skit is a trve Polish Black Metal band from Finland (a 'The black satans' reference). The production is unlike in lots of bands of this genre well done. If oldschool Behemoth's Nergal decided to do a project with Infernus they would've probably played the same kind of songs like these weird Finns.

As all Polish citizens know, Poland has always had a strong Black Metal scene with very important bands like Taran. Instead of using the same formula which Ulver and Darkthrone used (bad production) we can expect a very great bass riffs without sounding polished.
4Shining of Kliffoth

Did you know KoRn members had a Black Metal side project? They actually never had one but the Austrians have a bass player who plays like he'd be in a 70's Funk band while on the other hand the guitarist plays a sinister solo in the style of Chuck Schuldiner at 0:36. What kind of food do they eat in Austria to create such creative symphonies?
5Misty Forest

Dimmu Borgir is one of the most hated bands worldwide. They even get more hate than Limp Bisquité. But I've found Misty Forest who play like Dimmu Borgir but the difference between them is that they have talent to write good songs. A fantastic piano intro already showcases their superior songs compared to Dimmu Burger.

Norway's newest underground hereos are in a playlist by Spotify which is not wondering at all because it was about the time someone is better than Gorogoth in playing great Black Metal with catchy tracks. Some comments on youtube state this song seems to be a bit like one from Decapitated.

Native Americans are a rarity in our scene. Even I can only name Chuck Billy with his awesome harsh vocals. But I've never heared of Nechochwen who fuse Neo Folk and Black Metal. This is a great mixture to help native Americans to get into extreme Metal genres.

One of Russia's exports when it comes to music is simply called W. Every fan of Atmospheric Black Metal needs to know them due their speciality to create masterpiece after masterpiece, only to fascinate us with albums which never stop at being one of the best musical appearences from Mother Russia.

At first I was confused. The reason why was because they sounded just like a blackened version of Suicide Silence but while I was keep listening to them I realized how foolish I was. They play Technical Black Metal which couldn't be compared with other bands of this strange subgenre. I suggest you to listen to them by yourself to know what I mean.
10In Lengua Mortua

It can be said that Dimmu Borgir is the equivalent of how a mediocore band with huge potential can start to devolve into a joke. In Lingua Mortua aren't a joke. This group fascinates all Symphonic Black Metalfans of all ages, not because of a fake image, they fascinate us because nobody ever played a piano as it should be like them. No shallow piano parts, just notes that are without Metal elements already a masterwork. For one reason this song reminds me of 'Carol of the bells'. Merry Christmas.
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