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Anarchist Genre-King

Like all the other ones but there's no limit to anything, all of you dump the best electronic songs (of any variety) you've ever heard. depending on how many people play i'll obliterate all the people from the ranks who gave a bad song and we will go from there. If you win, I'll write a 1/5 review for anything you want.
1Boards of Canada

First and possibly only genre; Electronic
You're out if it sucks or its not evn elec
Anyone can rec ONE song, if u rec TWO i will PERSONALLY make sure TO NEVER listen to it UNTIL THE DAY I DIE

Land Diving: 2
danielito: 10
dbizzles: 5
pjorn: 5
butcherboy: 5
chortles: 12
Sinternet: (1+10+4+1-most of them+10-all of them-DO-OVER card) (5+1-1+OBLITERATED FROM THE ROUND AT A) 4
CaimanJesus: 10
Relinquished: (5+10) (14+5) 25 and a DO-OVER card
halifax: (5+2+5): 25 and RETALIATION card
Dctarga: 3
cylinder: 3
Dewinged: 15
Superluminals: (1+6+a bunch) 30 and a OBLITERATION card
Nocuffin': (3+10+2) 30
Worthlesscab: 5
wtferrothorn: 10 and Sabotage card
deezer666: 40
UniqueUniverse: 10 and a Swappero card
cygnatti: 10
calmrose: 20
havey: 25
dinosaur jones: 10
eatdirtfartdust12: 5
conmaniac: 25
mindlesticks: 3
Avagantamos: 15 and INVULNERABILITY card
hansoloshotfirst: 3
DinosaurJones: 2

BONUS BONUS: 5 points to whoever can correctly rate Spiderman: Homecoming on a scale from 1-5

Land Diving: "This"

A good entry-level track, not too shabby. Pots give two points.

zippatharippa: 15 and a DOUBLE OR NOTHING card
3James Holden
The Inheritors

danielito: "Renata"

this is sik af and I havn't heard it before I bestow 10 points in your general direction
No Better Time Than Now

dbizzles: "Ringleader"

a classic shigeto track. great pick from dbizz this boy kno his game i place five entire slices on yo nappy head
5Pan Sonic
Kesto (234:48:4)

Pjorn: "Arktinen / Arctic"

this shit chill as boners and it gets a bonus boner for i havnt even hrd. 4 minute mark is on some 'the nine inch nails' shit. have five of these
6 Mount Kimbie
Love What Survives

butcherboy "Blue Train Lines"

a new song from some very well acquainted musicians. i am pleased. this isn't one of my favorite of their collabs together but its still great. they played it live as COOPER an instrumental and i was like hmm this needs king krules tbh. u may have five
7Andy Stott
We Stay Together

Chortles: "Cherry Eye"

well firstly you get automatic 10 points for andy. wouldnt be my choice for best stott but stott is stott and stott is god so u may have TWELLLVE points
8DJ Spooky
Songs Of A Dead Dreamer

Chinguy: "Galactic Funk"
that was alright but way too long and repetitive for my attention tbh. normally i'd give u 3 points for giving me something i don't know thats decent but since you have like 7 more recs in the comments section ahead of you i figure i'll give you points frugally. have a 1
9I Monster

CaimanJesus: "Who Is She?"
haven't listened to anything from this album in a v long time great job hi five, plus another, thats 10 boys
elseq 1

Redinksquished: "feed1"
i hated that but i guess ur nerd l33t so at least i can give u that and also sinternet is being a lil fuckin snitch so you have to get more points than that guy, have 5
11Leon Vynehall

Relingling: "Butterflies"
I like vynehall and i havent heard this song and it is extremely very good extremely have an additional 10 points to a grand total of 14 points!
12DJ Richard

halifax: "Savage Coast"
that was aight homie and i didn't know it so you can swing at me with a fat 5'er bud
13Mirrored Theory
Enter Future

Dctarga: "We Are Ghosts In This Town"

you are lucky i just started learning to appreciate some modern drum and bass otherwise id give that a hard 1 point. i still think this particular song is pretty generic but its nice enough i suppose. have 3 point
14Mouse on Mars
Iaora Tahiti

cylinder: "kanu"

i know mouse on mars but havent heard this or anything from this album. its a bit flamboyant for my tastes tbqhhhh, like, its just a little too "post". have 3 points tho cuz something i havent heard that wasn't terrible
15Marek Hemmann

sinternet: "Gemini"

you made up for your snitchery with this one bud. ten points for a total of 9 points for sin

Dewinged: "Hope"

that was an absolute beaut my dude. now we talkin. will check the whole alb. have a cool and crisp 15'er for that one bud
17Ricardo Villalobos
Easy Lee/Dexter

Sinternet: "Dexter"

sin continues his streak of making up for his foul play. this was very neato and i will look further into his stuff, have 4 points, now you have a total of 12 points
18Weekend Wolves

Sinternet: "Karma"

i really hope this persons other stuff is as straight dank-fire as that. we'll round you up to 13 points
Light Years

Sinternet: "Outside World"

wow u quadruple rec and drop this to polish it off? those two last ones almost redeemed you, one more great track in a row and i was gonna toss ya 7 whole points putting u at 20 but this was hot garbage my god ok you now have 5 points total. but then he lost all the rest of his points for shit talking and being a garbage lord sin ZERO POINTS

Superluminals: "Kino-i mix"

i hated that but at least it was new to me so i give u 1 point
21animal holocaust
messe noire

nocuffin': "Messe Noire (Original Mix)"
not for me, but as far as that stuff goes i minded that a lot less than most so u can have 3 pointers
Trax Classix

Halifax: "100% of Dissin U"

that was like enjoyable comically for the hilariously vintage sounds but for enjoyment i will for sure never listen to that ever again. i'll add 2 to your 5 to make 8
23Terry Riley
A Rainbow In Curved Air

worthlesscab: "A Rainbow in Curved Air"

hadn't heard this actually. it was aight and new to me so 5 points
Crying Over Pros For No Reason

halifax: "Ashtray"

man i havent thought about this record in so long. great plug thanks. halifax is at a total of ten
Neō Wax Bloom

wtferrothorn: "Bug Thief"

I know iglooghost, saw him in june with flylo in fact, but hadn't heard this new single. great stuff ferro, i give u 10 points for that one. plus you one the anarchy lottery and now possess the second anarchy card from this round. you pulled the sabotage card! you now have the one time power to remove 10 points from any participant at any time. use it now or save it for later!
26 Dark0

nocuffin': "Fuschia"

this was actually a pretty slick track. i also appreciate the depth of sach's engagement in this considering he probably hates my music taste en masse yet is still pulling for recs he thinks i'd enjoy. thanks bud. have 10 on your 3

nocuffin': "LAVA (ft. Endgame)"

that was dirty my bruv thanks again. lets land u at 15 tote and let u draw an anarchy card. looks like sach drew the DISQUALIFIER card. you can immediately disqualify any participant from the remainder of the round, so cannot gain more points nor can they rec unti the next round. use it now or save it for later!
Dream Sequence

deezer666: "Starfox"

I know kuedo but havent heard this track. and considering how disappointed by his recent album i was, thank you for reminding me why kuedo is dope. that earns u 10 points plus 4 for being awesome.
29Space Art
Space Art

UniqueUniverse: "Watch It"

that was some old-school magic dude, i approve, thanks for the lesson. u have 10 points as well as a SWAPPERO cardd

deezer666: "Glow (Clark Remix (of Kuedo))"

i saw clark live a couple months ago and it was absolutely monumental. definitely one of the heaviest electronic shows ive ever seen. deez ur holdin 20
Lack of Being

cygnatti: "Lack of Being"

that was weird and it made me uncomfortable. 10 points.
32Charles Murdoch
Weathered Straight

calmrose: "Light Words VAO feat. Steffaloo"

holy fucking shit on my dick and fuck my ballsack bud, i already had a full on broner for you before this but this rec fucking smashes the cake bruther. right in the chocolate icing. holy fuck. 20 points.
Electric Girl

Dinosaur Jones: "Heartbeats"

lol word that was great. 10 points ye
34Treha Sektori

eatdirtfartdust12: "Treha Sektori"

word dude. not electronic but 5 points because there are no rules and you can rec any genre you want!! evilfartdude unlocked the hidden pathway!
The Maze To Nowhere - Part I

deezer666: "Oxbow B"

holy tummy sticks deez, u the beez neez. Lorn is a legend and i actually have just been listening to him again the last few days after having not for a while. deeznuts got a cool thirdy
36Point Point
Contrastive Focus Reduplication

Conmaniac: "Life in Grey"

awe shit dude homie know WATSUUUP slap a fuckin 15'er on that hot dog
37Ten Walls

sindernet: "Gotham"

that was really sick, u can have one point
38I Hate Models
Warehouse Memories

sinternet: "warehouse memories"

and then minus one point.

Mindlesticks: "Reference"

first played off like a Kid A interlude then it got more twinkly and posty and overall it was decent. have 3 points
Raum In Raum

i dont know what album and coulfnt b fucked to find out but
sinternet: 8000 HD

ill honor your recs up until sach obliterated you but they don't give u any points either direction. that song was sweet.
Polygon Cities

sinternet: "Pipeline"

honestly man u should come back next round with a fresh new attitude and you could go far. uve has some really awesome recs and also some really terrible ones and if u just recd a couple amazing ones u could be leading this game
42Boards of Canada

sinternet: "roger sanchez - Lost"

ya man like i love ur recs just chill a bit and come slay
43Boards of Canada

superluminals: "Problem"

that was sick dude have a six to ur 1
Formal Odors

conmaniac: "After or With Me"

that was some weird dope shit my dude. u ata 20
45Boards of Canada

Sinternet: "ricardo villabos - 808 bass queen"

that was ok but ur obliterated so u get nothing
46Boards of Canada

superluminals: "Now Now Now - Problem (Abyss Version)"

nice have some more u at 15

Avagantamos: "Cessation Summation"

that was actually a really awesome aphex/boc worship track holy fuck. have 10 boi, thanks.
48Various Artists (Electronic)
No Lotion

Superluminals: "Bed of Nails"

man i commend u for continuously rec'ing good stuff in sub genres that i wouldnt normally explore. u at 20
Strange Or Funny Ha-Ha?

Superluminals: "Tuning"

i think that was my favourite of the tracks u linked. it was like where my taste in trip hop meets with your taste in electronic. very sick. also i commend u some extra points for always providing album name even tho it wouldnt come up for one regardless. u at 30
50The Haxan Cloak

Avagantamos: "The Drop"

i know haxan cloak but havent heard that track or album! that was awesome good job. you now have 15 and invulnerability card so no one cannot.

Relinquished: "Aries (feat. Teebs)"

that was pretty good man. a little on the 'post' side of things but not too far that i couldnt enjoy it. ive always been on the fence with Daedelus. seen him live and he was great and had a cool mirror show, but when it comes to his actual music nothing has truly blown my mind, and while some is better than others, nothing has truly sucked either. this is one of the best tracks by him ive heard. have some. 5 of them.
52Rhythm & Sound
See Mi Yah

havey: "Queen In My Empire"

that was some great minimal dub, im not familiar with much stuff like this, thanks. u have 25
53Kangding Ray
Cory Arcane

relinquish the boners: "acto"

that was pretty neato. have 5
54From The Kites Of San Quentin
7​.​83Hz: Earth Chorus

deeznuts: "Durok (live)"

im pretty sure u told me to listen to this months ago but i never did by accident. it is amazing. sorry for taking so long and thanks. slap a 10'er
55Boards of Canada

nocuffin': "Senate - Filibuser"

i liked that.
56Soda Plains

nocuffin': "Rushes"

i found this interesting more than i feel that i actually enjoyed it but that in itself has merrit u are at 25
Call To Mind

halifax: "Be True"

my roommate is a "connoisseur" of dnb and he loves the metalheadz label. this is the exact kind of dnb i can get down with. i like the sometimes borderline girly melodic shit but heavy stuff just is not my jam at all. thanks have 15 point for rec'ing something good in a genre im interested in exploring more currently
Formal Odors

conmaniac: "Formal Odors"

i didnt like the first half but the second half was dope af. have 5
59Boards of Canada

no cuffin'; kamixlo

that was really tight, probs one of my favs of ur recs so far, another 5 to u
60Coyote Clean Up
Double Doom

hansoloshotfirst: "Seventeen"

that was aight have a 3
61Boards of Canada

DinosaurJones: " Volant - Full Circle"

that was ok have 2
62Blanck Mass
World Eater

UniqueUniverse: "Rhesus Negative"

not one of my favorite 2 on the album but still a good song from a good album. u at 15
63Boards of Canada

UniqueUniverse: "Dark Model - Rage and Redemption"

words. cannot express how much i hated that. ur back at 10

UniqueUniverse: "Stress"

i mean yeah my inner grade 10 self gives you a thumbs up but my current self doesnt take any points for that one but he also doesn't give any.
65Odonis Odonis
Post Plague

UniqueUniverse: "Needs"

10 still.
66Young Magic
Still Life

ZippathaRippa: "Lucien"

dude. so i have a bunch of their songs on my car cds so they come up on my drive to and from work frequently and just earlier this week i was specifically reflecting on how dope this band whenever they came up. This is one of those tracks. have a solid 15 point start. adnu drew a double or nothing card. so on any one of your recs of your choosing u can go double down and if i like it u score double what i would have normally given but if i hate it u get subtracted
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