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Best of the Worst: The Competition ROUND 1

There is a myriad of awful offerings swirling around in the music industry. And some artists tend to be somewhat consistent in their terribleness, but that is not to say that all of their material is a testament of repulsion. I want you, my fellow Sputniks, to submit one TRACK you deem to be WORTHWHILE from an artist that is usually perceived to be of low quality. One entry per user. The rules are similar to those of tacos N stuff's genre rec annihilation thread series, except in here the genre doesn't matter. Just make sure that the song is good and the artist properly bad. I will stop the entries either once it reaches the number of 30 contestants or once it is enough to play. The winner then gets the official Unique Seal of Approval valued as high as virtually nothing. Let's do this.
24Snide Remarks
Anything But Casual

I faked a wedding and all I got was a shitty song title

And I thought that Bladee is cancer to Hip-Hop... 1.3/5
23Bloodhound Gang
Hefty Fine

Something Diabolical

The fattie on the cover as if symbolises everything Bloodhound Gang and the entire guild of these Pop-Punk bands from the hayday of the 90s and early 00s represent. It's a full-of-itself joke that is stuck in the creative box it doesn't really fit in, but still never leaves it. This song might be the least similar to any of the breed, but that does not make it anywhere near acceptable. It's a boring semi-electronic obscurity that was based off of no musical creativity at all and leads effectively nowhere. A musical equivalent of a fart. 1.6/5
22Hollywood Undead
Day of the Dead


Oh boy, I would have never guessed that this is Hollywood Undead, cause this song is just a pure directionless and forgettable sappiness with nothing even remotely interesting to offer. I guess you can count it as a musical change of pace, but it's still pretty much a dud. 2.0/5
21Owl City
Maybe I'm Dreaming

The Saltwater Room
20Justin Bieber

Bad Day

It's not that there is anything outstandingly wrong with this track, if anything, I wouldn't mind hearing it on the radio if it came up, it's not repulsive or anything, HOWEVER, there is just also nothing to grab onto with it. It's a completely forgettable Pop track with little-to-no personality or soul in it and it is not even finished. It's 2 minutes of concept that wasn't drawn to its fullest potential (whatever that may have been) and it, fittingly enough, ends on an overlong fade-out leaving an aftertaste of hollowness and unreached expectations. 2.4/5
19The Black Keys

tacos N stuff
Everywhere I Go

Of all the tracks you could have chosen, you chose one of their dreariest. It's a shame, given that I believe the band to have many songs that might have won this contest, but Everywhere I Go is just a boring, bleak and forgettable oddity. 2.6/5


And once again I meet with the breed of humans that turned Emo into a joke. Nevertheless, they go for accessability and catchiness among overproduced, over-the-top, overblown instrumentation and cheesy songwriting and that's pretty much what you get. Nothing above that and nothing less. It stupid, but it works for what it is. 3.0/5
17Twenty One Pilots
Twenty One Pilots

Addict With a Pen

Interesting production and instrumental arrangement and some intriguing lyrics on here, but the way the vocals pierce my ears like screwdrivers just lowers the level of the track so far. It could have been a somewhat pretentious, but still quite enjoyable emotional journey, but it ended up being just sort of obnoxious. 3.0/5
16Limp Bizkit
Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog...

Take a Look Around

A silly and fun track that is not as enragingly stupid as pretty much all of the band's other material. It's just sort of forgettable, outside of that introductory guitarwork. 3.1/5
15Kid Cudi
Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven

Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven

I haven't heard the entirety of this album, but from the parts that did enter my ears I couldn't quite decypher the enigma as to why people take such an offense at this record. Sure, it was stupid and extremely subpar, but nowhere near the worst thing ever. And this track, while still not the best is somewhat listenable. Cudi's vocals aren't exactly outstanding, but the gloomy atmosphere kept me going and overall it sounded more like an unnecessary detour on some other superior album that would eventually be cut out and released in a much less appreciated B-Sides collection about 10 years later. 3.2/5
14Snoop Dogg
Tha Blue Carpet Treatment


Chill and nonchalant track that is as pleasant to listen to as it is to smoke a joint...I think. 3.3/5


Given that I've heard Attila's records in their entirety in full before, I wasn't ready to enjoy another one of their gibberish blend of everything a vaguely-informed Metal mind ventures into. However, as a standalone, this track is actually showcases an interesting insanity that I previously deemed to be just a simple directionlessness and inability to write music properly. It's really wild and the fact that it is so all-over-the-place and unfocused makes it much more intriguing and mesmerising for it. 3.3/5
Down In Albion

Fuck Forever

Pete Doherty's vocals are ugly to a point of being insufferable, but I wouldn't expect anything more of him. The dude's style is simply that he gives no two flying fucks. The songwriting has potential and with some good production and execution could have been bloody killing it. But it's jsut kind of underwhelming in almost every way. It does have a grower-power though. 3.3/5
11Chase and Status
No More Idols

No Problem

This is so perfectly silly, what with the lyrics and the vocal contributions absolutely not matching the music, but it is an easy-listening electronic jack off, which isn't hard to get through. The beat is catchy and the line "It's no problem for me, but it's a problem for you." simply gets stuck in your head no matter how much you try to shake it off. 3.5/5
The State

Leader of Men

Do you remember back when Nickelback were good? Or not even good, just okay. 'Memba that? Well, here's a track to remind you. It's a decent enough Post-Grunge radio-burner that doesn't exactly pretend it is a testament of Rock music in general and (thankfully) doesn't have your typical Nickleback philosopjhical photograph-gazing conundrum. It's an okay track is what I'm saying. 3.6/5
9Fall Out Boy
Infinity on High

The Takeover, That Breaks Over

Decent enough track that is somewhat generic, but has a fine chorus and the FOB vocals always had a somewhat nicer sound to them. The progression and crescendo towards the end is quite nice aswell. Overall, it's a good track that doesn't shine with originality or even a partiular memorability, but is fun while it lasts (which isn't long). 3.6/5
8Lil Uzi Vert
Luv Is Rage 1.5

XO Tour Llif3

I honestly never found LUV to be as bad as people made him up to be and this song is no exception. Apart from some obnoxious mumbling parts, it's a decent gloomy ballad with nice dreamy production and odd flow. 3.6/5


Instrumentally rapid and with frantic vocals, goofy lyrics, but ultimately quite a catchy nature. Catchy not in the way that you remember the melody, but you definitely remember the energy and the heaviness. The electronics in the mix were unnecessary, but oh well. But the calm clean vocals were pretty much a dud too. 3.7/5
6James Blunt
Moon Landing

Heart to Heart

Oh man, I remember this track. It was on the radio for a long time back in the day. I completely forgot about it. It's still that sweet and naive Pop-y foolishness that my 12 year old me would listen to in secret, cause the tenderness resonated with him for whatever reason. 3.7/5
5The Dears
Times Infinity Volume Two

Of Fisticuffs

This was an actually fun track with a catchy hook and melody. It could have used some emotional investment, because it sounds quite underwhelmingly dimmed-down, definitely needs better vocals and more passionate production. It's still enjoyable nevertheless. 3.8/5


Holy shit. Creed actually could write a song that kicks ass. And while the vocals could use an improvement, the freaky heaviness of the track is simply enthralling. 3.9/5
3Five Finger Death Punch
The Wrong Side of Heaven and The Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2


It's either this or Alter Bridge's In Loving Memory that is the most overarranged and overdramatic unintentionally silly song that tries to be as emotional and heart-wrenching as possible. But unlike Alter Bridge's lyrical cringefest, this one actually surprisingly succeeds. It's a good tune with nice instrumentation and dramatic atmosphere that leaves a heavy load on your soul. It's really well done. 4/5


Lyrically cheesy and obtusely melodramatic, but surprisingly emotional and with a great melancholic atmosphere. Kesha's vocals are not irritating, although it seems like they are about to be at each moment. And dear god, once the drums kick in, it turns just soul-tearing. At no point of my life would I think that Kesha could come up with a track as near-profound as this. But goddammit, now I have to hear the whole album. 4.1/5
1Neil Diamond
Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show

Sweet Caroline

Didn't know Neil Diamond was concidered as a bad artist. Not that I've heard a lot of his stuff, I just knew that he existed and that's about it. But this track is exactly as the title suggests; it's sweet. The chorus is simply beautiful, I love all the instruments and Neil's vocals, while nowhere near perfect, do seem to be fitting perfectly. This is the 60s version of bloated Pop music, I guess, but hell, it works for me. 4.2/5
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