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No Christians Or Microwaves Allowed

A short list of the albums that have shown me what black metal is capable of, and thereby making it my favorite musical genre. In order from, roughly, least to most well-known:
Daath [demo]

the album that got me into black metal. weird, unique, and actually great, i still listen to it every week or so. the climax in "Aurora Borealis"(which i've linked to on their Sputnik entry page) gives me chills every damn time

formerly bandmates with members of Nahash in a band called Nemesis. it's insane that this album isn't recognized around the world. a lot of people are going to get pissy for me saying this, but bands like Sacramentum and Dissection have nothing on this album. it's as good as Graveland's best
Min Tid Skal Komme [reissue]

i rave about this album every chance i get. one of my all-time favorites, no matter what genre we're talking about. if you think Ved Buens Ende, Solefald, Borknagar, or Thorns are "avant-garde," i dare you to listen to this. those guys'll seem like Boyz II Men by comparison
Under Ein Blodraud Maane

almost as innovative as Fleurety's album, and just as enjoyable. think Ulver, but without Ulver's constant preoccupation with doing shit that's supposed to be impressive but ends up being plain annoying instead
Masterpiece of Bitterness

for someone who likes eclectic music, this is an essential listen. you're into viking metal? this is for you. post-rock? for you. stoner rock? drone? psychedelia? blues? shoegaze? avant-garde? FOR YOU, FOR YOU, FOR YOU. i could only describe them by telling you to imagine that Kyuss, The Doors, Windir, and both old AND new Enslaved were thrown into a blender. now imagine that somehow, out of the carnage, a baby has been formed by all the bits of flesh thrown together, and then that patchwork baby crawls out and is raised by a threesome of Sigur Ros, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Bathory. i'm serious.
6 Raise Hell
City of the Damned

terrible fucking music, honestly. just awful. but, when i was first getting into the genre, i liked it. so it is, sadly, part of the history
Welcome my Last Chapter

i'm not generally into ultramelodic black metal, but this may be the perfection of Norway-style melodic black metal. excellent album, depressingly underrecognized
8Averse Sefira
Advent Parallax

although it has to take a back seat to Mirrorthrone's album, this is both one of the harshest and one of the most thought-provoking releases of the year. pure agression expressed through a fondness for mysticism that leads the listener into subconscious glimpses of heroism. amazing work, and definitely the band's best album to date
9Blut Aus Nord
The Work which Transforms God

i love Memoria Vetusta I just as much as i love this, but in the end i went with this one simply because it's so goddamn distinctive. which is no easy task; Memoria Vetusta itself was already extremely unique. but this is a whole other level of weird. some people have criticized it for basically using the same ideas developed by Swans, Neurosis, and especially Godflesh. to which i counter, none of those bands transport my mind into an alternate (and terrifying, but glorious) reality. this album is an entity unto itself. very possibly a modern classic

incredible writing. based purely on compositional value, this is probably the year's best release. not really black metal, but i came across it because i was looking for black metal, so i think it warrants inclusion
The Celtic Winter

any black/viking metal fan not familiar with this should get their priorities straight
The Sham Mirrors

the least black-metal album on the list, included for the same reason Mirrorthrone is. this is another of my favorite albums ever, regardless of genre. first time i heard it i completely loved it, listened to it the whole rest of the day. that was over a year ago; just the other week i listened to it again, and felt exactly the same way i did the first time i heard it. that's staying power
Vikingligr Veldi

most of Enslaved's fans like their newer prog-rock stuff, and those fans who do prefer the viking stuff tend to consider Frost to be the band's best. but to me, Frost sounds a little too much like everything else in black metal. this album, however, is distinct. long, droning, and easily the most hypnotic traditional black metal album i've heard(Darkthrone doesn't do anything for me)
In the Nightside Eclipse

this one should be obvious. you can't call yourself a black metal fan if you haven't heard this
At the Heart of Winter

their best album? no, definitely not. but it is the first black metal album that made me realize the genre could be enjoyable, fun. that it could... rock. it's also the first album by a major act about which i could honestly say, "i love that album". no longer a personal favorite, but still pretty damn good
Blood Fire Death

should i even say anything? if i have to explain this to you, you really just don't fucking get it
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