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Snay -17

What would life be without routine? Probably better but anyway here's the May list with all the -17 stuff I jammed this month. Also plz check the competition I'm running if you haven't already. List < 100 albums this time :(
1The Comet Is Coming
Death to the Planet

4.0 [jazz rock fusion] like a jazzier Holy Fuck. Unexpectedly ep of the year so far for me.
2Do Make Say Think
Stubborn Persistent Illusions

4.0 [post rock, jazzy drumming] it's like they were never gone. Or in the words of Alex Silveri: still shitting on everyone else 8 years later
3The Physics House Band
Mercury Fountain

4.0 [psychedelic post rock] ILU
Bronze Mystic

4.0 [math rock] get on this if you dig instrumental rock, math rock and/or Holy Fuck. Also I've got this weird metallic theme going here with this and Mercury Fountain
5Jaimie Branch
Fly or Die

4.0 [avant-garde jazz] perfect mix of avant-garde improvised stuff and taste compositions.
6Forest Swords

4.0-3.5 [dark electronic, dub, downtempo] I'll be damned if this isn't almost as good as Engravings
7Wilted Woman
Diary of a Woman

4.0-3.5 [idm, 8bit, dark dub] yes! Patchy but catchy
8The Inward Circles
And Right Lines Limit and Close All Bodies

3.5-4.0 [drone] belated movements goes harder but this is a nice piece of drone.
9Marco Shuttle

3.5-4.0 [idm, ambient] yes. Schizofrantic and mellow at the same time. Check if you dig "modern idm" or whatever
Dark Towers, Bright Lights

3.5-4.0 [post metal, sludge] if you're looking for heavy and or post stuff. Look no further.
11Employed to Serve
The Warmth Of A Dying Sun

3.5 [chaotic metalcore, hardcore] by the books but really well crafted. FFO: The Rodeo Idiot Engine
12Vatican Shadow
Rubbish Of The Floodwaters

3.5-4.0 [techno] out of nowhere this minimalistic masterpiece drops. Not the most innovative album but that's the only thing keeping it from a four
13Elder (USA-MA)
Reflections Of A Floating World

3.5-4.0 [psychedelic stoner rock] working around the limitations implied by the stoner genre tag in a most satisfying way and even though tracks go on for ages they never cease to impress or grow stale.
14Perfume Genius
No Shape

3.5 [indie folk] might grow to a 4 cos this is real good. Could've shaved 10 minutes or so tho
15Carl Craig

3.5 [techno, classical] reworks for classical setting works just fine

3.5 [drone, post rock, industrial] In general I'm not a fan on how industrial sounds but this is executed rather well with a classy post rock vibe and a ritual like feeling. The inclusion of CVHE is a nice touch that really adds to the overall experience.

3.5 [death, black metal] feeling weird as of lately. Check this. Also punky and grindy and really good
18Hwyl Nofio
From Elevated Gangways Rivers of Molten Metal Flow

3.5 [field recordings, static, drone, musique concrete] yes this is right were it should be. A 45 minute long form song divided into two parts.
Bonds of Prosperity

3.5 [drone, ambient, noise] much like to movie a torinoi lo you have no idea what's going on but the ride is damn beautiful

3.5 [shoegaze] how shoegaze should sound

3.5 [jazz fusion, indian folk music] Waclaw Zimpel with another worthwhile release

3.5 [slow-fi dream pop] fucking sweet (in genre).
23Marcello Benetti
Il Vizio!

3.5 [jazz, progressive] a mouthful of weird time signatures, instruments and melodies.

3.5 [jungle techno, ambidment] Has some banging tracks for sure. But the overall production is a bit annoying to me I'm afraid.
25Horse Lords
Mixtape IV

3.5 [free jazz, drone, experimental] I know you'll dig
26Quaint Blue
Two Houses

3.5 [dream pop, shoegaze] WWF makes the great shit.
Black Populous

3.5 [house, idm] analogue sounding and overall enjoyable but nothing really memorable about this. More house than IDM
28Justin Walter
Unseen Forces

3.5 [ambient, minimal] not your average ambient set even though at first glance it may sound basic but i guarantee you it's not
29Ian William Craig
Slow Vessels

3.5 [drone, classical, tape modulation] as beautiful as anything on a snowy May evening
30Ellen Allien

3.5 [techno] formulatic but well done.
Your Markets are Volatile

3.5 [techno] make you dance at the same time it makes you chill
32Thunder Dreamer

3.5 [summer pop, indie rock] has this well needed summery feel without getting all annoying as most of this genre is.
33The Mountain Goats

3.5 [storytelling over band music] easy 3.5 will jam again
The Petrified Forest

3.5 [downtempo] strays away from his ambient path. Is good. Jam One Kiss for good example.
Lilac Chaser

3.5 [downtempo with uptempo parts] little of the track from time to time but oh so good when it's good.
L'Amour Au Temps De La Peste

3.5 [emocrustish] oh yes, I like that. Some part sound rather traditional with chord progressions you've heard before but other parts just rock your world.
The Beautiful Stories

3.5 [emocrustish] oh yes, I like that. Some part sound rather traditional with chord progressions you've heard before but other parts just rock your world.
Black Origami

3.5 [footwork] let's face it, footwork is not the best genre out there but this has some banging tracks like Hatshepsut and the latter part of the album
39Here Lies Man
Here Lies Man

3.5 [funk rock] with an almost Black Sabbath-esque groove.

3.5 [indie folk] off to a slow start but the latter part of the album is real good
41James Place
Voices Bloom

3.5 [downtechno] well-structured and reasonable in length. Nothing that really stands out tho.
42Electric Dreams
Temple of Sadness

3.5 [naturewave] time to explore this genre you hipsters
Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness

3.5 [death doom, funeral doom] "Unfathomable Doom from the North...."
44Davy Kehoe
Short Passing Game

3.5 [technokrauty] abrasive and frantic. Crushing and repetitive.
45Kara-Lis Coverdale

3.5 [minimalistic ambient, drone] mellow and soothing after a hard day's work.

3.5 [death metal] interesting mix of old school aesthetics and a new techier approach to songwriting.
47Shabazz Palaces
Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star

3.5 [experimental hip-hop] can be found at your well sorted dl-page. And I encourage you to do.

3.5 [dance friendly electronic funk and whatnot] short enough EP to get you moving.
49Suffering Hour
In Passing Ascension

3.5 [death, black] DSO imitation done right.
50Devouring Star

3.5 [death, doom] fairly standard-esque but serves the purpose.

3.5-3.0 [death/black metal, funeral doom] not on the level of the real masters of funeral doom but a fine and from time to time rather melodic effort.
Two Parts Viper

3.5-3.0 [noise rock] this is like if you took all the fun and chaos out of The Chariot and replaced it with dragging parts. Still some tracks and ideas are ok I guess. Also they need to be called 69 tbh.

3.0-3.5 [instrumental metal, post rock] I'm sorry mr. Barrows but this feels like the most inspired of yours. Not bad tho. Last track is close to making this a 3.5 tho. It's so good.
54At the Drive-In
in•ter a•li•a

3.0-3.5 [post hardcore] what haven't been said already?
55Part Chimp

3.0-3.5 [grunge, sludge] best grunge I heard in a long time. Sludge-wise it's kinda middle o the road tho
56Gerald Clayton
Tributary Tales

3.0-3.5 [jazz] easy going but nothing really new or overly exciting that grips sticks with me.
The Tides Will Prevail

3.0-3.5 [instrumental post metal] decent enough but on the shorter side of memorable
58Tiny Vipers

3.0 [soundscapes] mostly synthscapes. Last track is a highlight, a pleasant 14 minute journey through space.
59Ryuichi Sakamoto

3.0 [ambient] not bad but maybe a bit underwhelming
60The Underachievers

3.0 [hip hop] some bangers and some uhm in lack of better descriptions, filler. They'd probably benefit from having longer time between releases
61Mchy i Porøsty
Hypnagogic Polish Music For Teenage Mutants

3.0 [dark ambient with a splash of techno] offers a quite shallow journey imo.
62Jonny Nash / Suzanne Kraft
Passive Aggressive

3.0 [ambient] with jazzy undertones. Nothing special but it's pretty at least.
We Sing the Blues

3.0 [screamo] vocals are a bit grating and musically it can feel a little grating but overall a fine experience.
64The Fun Years
Heroes of the Second Story Walk Up

3.0 [drone, ambient] nothing particularly wrong with this but I don't feel it. On repeated listens maybe?

3.0 [hip hop and whatever undergenres] some cool parts and lyrics but also a lot of parts that drag and do this whole autotune lame ass shit.
The Headache

3.0 [hardcore punk] Refused worship done decent.
Ett sista farväl

3.0 [crust] weird production and not top tier in genre. But decent enough to merit a 3.0
68Paul Weller
A Kind Revolution

3.0 [blues rock, funk rock, new wave] sounds fun
69Laurel Halo

3.0 [techno, jazz & ambient with a hint of "metro beat"] This is not bad but I miss when Laurel Halo did Chance of Rain stuff :(
70The Heliocentrics
A World Of Masks

3.0 [psych, world jazz] pretty bland but the last two tracks are the kind of slow burning psych jams that I can dig.
71Les Discrets

3.0 [shoegaze, industrial] enjoyable but not more than that.
72Aaron Dilloway
The Gag File

3.0 [chillnoise, experimental] a bit disappointing to be honest.
73Croatian Amor
Finding People

3.0 ["bubblegum industrial"] much like last years LP
Thin Black Duke

3.0 [avant-grade metal, progressive] not bad but on the other hand a bit too all over the place for my taste.
75Sabbath Assembly
Rites Of Passage

3.0 [progressive doom rock] parts are good but parts are also bad.
76Son Lux

3.0 [art pop] reminds me of Anohni, only better you know

2.5-3.0 [soundscapes] pretty indiff toward this. Nothing sticks and even for a soundscape offering this is quite uneventful
78Tape Five
Soiree Deluxe

2.5 [electro-swing] bland af
79Sarcasm (Swe)
Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds

2.5 [melodic death metal, black metal] look elsewhere for good music

2.5 [post punk] not feeling it. Closer is feels tho.
81Nite Jewel
Real High

2.5 [slick pop] boring as most of this genre. I don't even know why i keep checking stuff like this out when I know i'm going to find it boring.

2.5 [poetry and soundscapes] not music
83Obnoxious Youth
Disturbing the Graves

2.5 [thrash metal] fair enough. But nothing better than average.

2.5 [ambient] so quiet it's close to none existing
What Mountain

2.5 [drone, experimental] it's an acquired taste. A taste that I don't have.
White Girl Mit Luger

2.5 [trap whatever] beats are aight. Lyrics I wouldn't know but probably not

2.5 [progressive metal] few cool moments. Lots of not so cool moments.
88Mutoid Man
War Moans

2.0 [power metal with stoner riffs] mostly boring but has some riffs

2.0 [deathcore] br00tal
90Anal Trump
If You Wanted To Qualify For Health Insurance, The

2.0 [trumpcore] worst of the bunch.
91Felicia Atkinson
Hand in Hand

2.0 [drone] whispered vocals make my whole body itch and are so annoying I dont even know where to begin + production is stupid. But a few redeeming moments songwriting-wise.
Eating What You're Fed

1.5 [static, noise] basically tinnitus with a gross cover photo. But you gotta like the feeling you get after a 2.5 hour intense static session.
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