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Share Some Singles 3!

Hope y'all know the drill by now: If you have some RECENT singles you've been digging on, go ahead and throw them down in the comments and I'll add them here. Descriptions of songs are appreciated, gives readers an idea of what they're getting into. Got quite a lot of singles this time, so I hope you guys enjoy.
1Animal Collective
The Painters

"Kinda Bonkers" -

While I didn't outright despise 'Painitng With', which seems to be the case for a lot of people, it was quite underwhelming. It did have it's highlights though, and this track matches in quality to those highlights. It carries the characteristics of most great recent AnCo songs: manages to stay catchy and smile-inducing while bringing some odd instrumental elements into the mix to keep things interesting. Also no hocketing. Thank you.
2The Beatles
The Beatles

Shawn Wasabi - "Spicy Boyfriend" -

Yes, it's the viral video guy. However, in addition to being a joy to watch how the song came to be, the song itself is still a cute, bubbly electronic track with an equally sweet hook. I've always enjoyed people take sampling to a whole new level, and Shawn Wasabi definitely falls into that group. Come out with an album pls

"Friend Zone" -

The lyrics may be as facepalm-inducing as the title indicates and I did end up coming out of 'Drunk' not entirely satisfied, but DAMN that instrumental. I love a great synthfunk beat, and Mono/Poly sure as hell delivers. It's a groove and a half man.
4Richard Edwards
Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset

"Lil Dead Eye-d" -

An incredibly beautiful, melodic folk ballad with some country undertones (maybe? Boney help pls) that touches at my heart. Also the producer on this track also co-produced Elliott Smith's final four record, so it's bound to sound great (it does).

'Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset' is out March 31
Inherit the Earth

"Infinite Wave" -

Great use of chopped vocal samples on this track, especially with it's use in the buildup.

"Big Beautiful Day" -

The lyrics, an big fuck you to thee people who believe they can look down on you simply because of who you are, absolutely make this track. The chorus not makes this point clear in the best way possible. This is the first song I've heard from this group and I'm already incredibly excited to hear much more from them, especially this new record.

'Pageant' is out May 12!
7Noga Erez
Off The Radar

"Toy" -

For people who are looking for foreign artists to get into, this Israeli producer is going to be worth keeping an eye on. This track's instrumental is crazy, super off-kilter. The lead vocals, at times, are a bit grating, but they aren't that bothersome to the point that they ruin the other crazy good things happening in this song.

'Off The Radar' is out June 2

"Lost In My Mind"

*No youtube/soundcloud link, it's on streaming services tho*

Just based off of the leading vocal melody I knew I'd be in for a treat. Over a spacey instrumental comes a melody that feels extremely inspired by Eastern music. The vocals continue through the song to carry quite a bit emotion. Sparks eventually begin to fly as the instrumental slowly evolves to involves some bold piano chords and some wonderful organic percussion. I remember I forgot to check this duo's debut a few years back, and now I definitely regret doing so.

"Slow Motion" -

'Sensorimotor' is out now!
10Marika Hackman
I'm Not Your Man

"Boyfriend" -

The lyrics are probably the most interesting thing about this track. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure it's sung from the perspective of a girl talking to the boyfriend whose girlfriend she's dating? Not quite sure, but either was, I really enjoyed them. "I held his girl in my hands (I know he doesn't mind)
She likes it 'cause they're softer than a man's (I like to moisturise)" are especially golden. I have a hunch that this is part of some kind of concept record? Maybe, maybe not. Great single either way!

'I'm Not Your Man' is out June 2!
11The Beatles
The Beatles

Perera Elsewhere - "Something's Up" -

"Something's Up" is quite the subtle track. The chorus is far from explosive, there's no hard hitting beats, and the vocal performance isn't going to blow someone away with it's power. However, this doesn't stop it from having a super slick hook, a kind of spacey instrumental with some great synth tones, and a vocal performance that balances sultriness, soulful, and sinister.

No specific date, but her sophomore record is on the way
12Molly Nilsson

"Not Today Satan" -

It's usually pretty hard for me to get into a lot of the dreamy, reverb-heavy indie shit coming out recently, but there's just something special about this one. The synths feel so warm, the sweet guitar riff going off modestly in the background is a surprising earworm, and when the chorus comes in...oh man.

I've heard 'IMAGINATIONS' is coming out May 26, but there's no cover art and the release date has been changed quite a bit, so I'm not 100% sure.
13The Beatles
The Beatles

Blond Ambition - "Stupid Boy/Girl" -

I just gotta say, I am ALL over this chorus. It glides in so smoothly, and the melody is an absolute treat. This just an overall great pop song.

'Slow All Over' is out May 19!
14The Beatles
The Beatles

Halo Maud - "Du pouvoir" -

Hello French psych pop! The vocals on here are irresistibly sweet, doesn't matter that I don't know what she's saying. The guitar solo on the bridge is a bit...odd, but other than that the songwriting is strong enough to break any language barrier.

'Du Pouvoir EP' is out March 24!
15Roland Tings
Each Moment A Diamond

"Garden Piano" -

As long as you don't mind your dance music sounding a bit bleepy-bloopy, there's a lot to dig on this cut; super colorful production and some decent progression lead to a fun track off a now released EP that I'm hyped to give some spins.

'Each Moment A Diamond' is out now!
Complètement fou

"Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)" -

More French pop!!! But unlike Halo Maud, this track is super synthetic and super quirky. I honestly thought this was something related to PC Music with the single's art resembling the aesthetic and the unexpectedly shiny keys. But while it's not from that camp, this is still a silly, bouncy pop song with some incredibly fun, creative production.

No official date, but an album is in consideration

"Piel" -

"Anoche" - (I saw ass cheek, imm call is NSFW)

I wasn't too crazy about 'Mutant', it was too odd for me honestly, but this new direction has me intrigued. While his previous material was instrumental, these new track are almost the exact opposite. Alejandro Ghersi is providing his somber vocals to some instrumental that are eerie, haunting instrumentals. These songs are not catchy, they are not pleasant, they will tingle your spine. I'm interested to see how this album turns out.

'Arca' is out April 7!

"3WW" -

This may not be the case for many, but the subtle, slow-moving direction Alt-J took on 'This Is All Yours' was one I was quite fond of, even though I could see it's flaws in some places. This new track is equally subtle, the evolution is pulled off wonderfully. "3WW" is a beauty of a track that I listened to again and again when it first came out and I can't wait to hear it with the rest of the album.

'Relaxer' is out June 9!
19The Mountain Goats

"Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back To Leeds" -

Gonna let out an embarrassing secret: I've never listened to The Mountain Goats. However, this was a pleasant first experience. The instrumental and vocal performance from John Darnielle are incredibly peppy and a fun contrast to the lyrics. A baroque pop-ish singer-songwriter album all about goth culture is definitely not something I'd expected to ever hear, let alone anticipate, but here we are.

'Goths' is out May 19!

Suggested by FullOfSounds

"Green Light" -

"has been my shit lately"

Suggested by talktothehead

"Liability" -

'Melodrama' is out June 16!

Suggested by FullOfSounds

"Lost Highway" -

"Lost Highway is the perfect sound of Dirtwire's newer, bouncy, and club based sound which is different from previous stuff."

'Showdown' is out now!
22The Afghan Whigs
In Spades

Suggested by SandwichBubble

"Demon In Profile" -

"May 2017 is shaping up to be a damn good time for music. Adding to the trend is the announcement of a new Afghan Whigs album! The song is really good, so give it a spin."

'In Spades' is out May 5!
23The Magnetic Fields
50 Song Memoir

Suggested by UniqueUniverse

"'83 Foxx and I" -

'50 Song Memoir' is out now!
24The Beatles
The Beatles

Suggested by JamieTwort

The Black Madonna - "He Is The Voice I Hear" -
25Joy Orbison
Toss Portal

Suggested by JamieTwort

Joy Orbison - "Off Season / Fuerza"

"Off Season" -

"Fuerza" -

Suggested by JamieTwort

Gonjasufi - "Your Maker (Daddy G Remix)" -

'Mandella Effect' is out now!
27Matthew Herbert
The End of Silence

Suggested by JamieTwort

Jamie Lidell / Matthew Herbert - "When I Come Back Round (Matthew Herbert's Long Night Dub) / Megaphone"

"When I Come Back Round (Matthew Herbert's Long Night Dub)" -

"Megaphone" -
28Ian William Craig

Suggested by JamieTwort

Ian William Craig / Olivier Alary - "A Single Hope (Olivier Alary Remix)" / "Nollywood (IWC Remix)"

"A Single Hope (Olivier Alary Remix)" -

"Nollywood (IWC Remix)" -
29Cold War Kids
Hold My Home

Suggested by UniqueUniverse

"Love Is Mystical" -

'L.A. Divine' is out April 7!
30Frank Ocean

Suggested by dreamgazing

"Chanel" - *check streaming services yo*
31Natalia Lafourcade
Hasta la Raiz

Suggested by Cygnatti

"Tú Sí Sabes Quererme" -

"easily the best pop song i've heard this year"
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