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Bad albums by good bands, part 1

For the past couple months, a coworker and I have been working on a project where we found the worst rated albums for bands that have put out at least decent material. We listened to them, rated them and gave them a short 1 sentence review. What follows is a journey into some truely shitty music, as well as a couple hidden gems. These were our findings. DK=duckking, my coworker Me=me, me.
Music from "The Elder"

DK: 1.5, A laugh riot.  Terrible and inept.
Me: 1.5, Had funny moments, overall just very sad
2Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons

DK: 1.5, I forgot about Burning Up With Fever.  It seems to last forever.
Me: 1.5, Burning up with Fever might be the worst song I've ever heard, terrible album
3Peter Criss
Peter Criss

DK: 2 (review lost for some reason)
Me: 2.5, Not as bad as Genes, not nearly as good as Paul or Ace's.  The middle child of KISS solo albums
4Paul Stanley
Paul Stanley

DK: 3, Sounded like a decent Kiss album.  Nothing stood out, but nothing overtly terrible.
Me: 3, Enjoyable, at best it sounded like a good KISS album at worst it was mediocre
5Ace Frehley
Ace Frehley

DK: 2.5 (review lost for some reason)
Me: 3.5, My favorite of the KISS solo albums, riffs for days and decent vocals
St. Anger

DK: 1, The worst.  I wanted to die.  I may have.
Me: 1, Easily the worst album I have ever heard in my life, felt physically ill afterwards
7Guns N' Roses
Chinese Democracy

DK: 2.5, Sounded like Heaven after St Anger
Me: 2.5, Not nearly as bad as I expected, but not anywhere close to what I hoped.
8Celtic Frost
Cold Lake

DK: 2, Generic butt-rock.
Me: 2, Goes harder than any hair metal, but still the biggest sell-out album of all time IMO
Fly On The Wall

DK: 2.5, Not bad.  What you expect.
Me: 2.5, Generic AC/DC doing what generic AC/DC does
10Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Love Beach

DK: 1.5, HIlarious keyboard filler.
Me: 2, Sounded like I was at a doctor's office for old people
11Black Sabbath

DK: 2, Cliche, a bit sad.  The second half is better than the first.  First track is the worst on the album.
Me: 2, At times reminded me instrumentally of the classics, but the vocals and songwriting was bad.
12Billy Idol

DK: 1.5, Boring, dull, uninspired.  Idol trying to sell a concept album that goes nowhere.
Me: 1, Unbelievably boring.  It's a concept album about cyberpunk future shit, and it's boring.
Super Collider

DK: 2, Some medicore songs that could have been great if they'd been allowed to bake a little more.
Me: 2, Worst Megadeth album I've ever heard, but still had some decent tracks
14Van Halen
Van Halen III

DK: 1.5, It's like a Van Halen cover band from the Hagar era decided to write their own songs.
Me: 1.5, Every time I started to think to myself, "this isn't too bad," the song would correct that thinking.
15Iron Maiden
Virtual XI

DK: 1.5, About all the edge of a yogurt ad.  More repetative than Burning Up With Fever.
Me: 1.5, Started off decent enough, as the album progressed I began to long for the sweet caress of death
16Motley Crue
Generation Swine

DK: 2, Largely forgettable and trying to ape 90's rock.  Glitter was terrible.
Me: 2, When glam metal tries to do the hip new style of rock of the 90's
17Creedence Clearwater Revival
Mardi Gras

DK: 3, Definitely not as bad as I expected.  Solid B-side sound, wouldn't mind hearing again if I had to.
Me: 3, Some goofy tracks but overall a solid rock/country album
18Def Leppard

DK: 1.5, Throwaway boy band garbage.  Glimpses of classic DL, but mostly garbage aping pop at the time.
Me: 1.5, What has 9 arms and sucks?  Def Leppard.  What causes cancer?  This album.
19Lou Reed and Metallica

DK: 1, The creation of this helped Lou Reed to no longer fear death, and now, neither do I.
Me: 1, It was funny to hear a crazy old man rambling over jam sessions at first, but that wore off.  Fast.
20The Who
It's Hard

DK: 2.5, Only two decent songs on the album, one of which was a live version.
Me: 2.5, When I zoned out, it sounded pretty decent.  Then I would pay attention and...oh.
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