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Rec Doof ONE Album Released Between 1950 and 1973

Rules: Once an artist is named by someone I won't accept another rec from the same artist
1The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Nothing by these dudes, sorry...
2The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

Or these...
3The Rolling Stones
Sticky Fingers

Or these...
4The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Electric Ladyland

Or him...
5Bob Dylan
The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

...and definitely not our Bob. Apologies for that.
6Larry Coryell
Barefoot Boy

wham49 rec

Doof isn't a huge fan of jam music or jazz fusion but I surprisingly dug this a fair bit, has a quality overall feel and atmosphere though I have to admit it isn't the sort of thing I'll ever put on. Maybe if I still spliffed first thing every morning I'd find a time and a place for this - as it is, this is great, not really for me, [3.5/5].
Cold Fact

Boney rec

The album runs out of steam a bit after an excellent start, still definitely some songs here I'll revisit. In places something about his delivery has a similar tone to Josh Tillman in Father John Misty guise (Establishment Blues, I Wonder). Overall a bit gutted the later songs are so much weaker, meaning I can't rate this above a [3.5/5].
8Miles Davis
Kind of Blue

Zakalwe rec

Ok, the Doof and jazz, the final frontier. This was nowhere near as painful as expected, and as much as half of my listening of the album turned into background listening, that didn't matter. It was supreme, superior background listening all the way in those moments. I'm probably upsetting everyone not awarding this a 5 straight off the cuff but for now I'm plumping for the [4.5/5] and let's all chalk this down as a good day's werk.
Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls

InFlames rec

I wanted to like this more, it's somewhere between a comedy album, a historical curio and a solid meat and potatoes 60s rock album. It doesn't really 100% satisfy in any of those guises for me. It's certainly not scary, well about as scary as a film like From Dusk Til Dawn is scary - more of a retro thing with a bit of a cool factor working in its favour. The spoken word 'Satanic Mass' finale is ridiculous as listening to the Ku Klux Klan or Scientologists or any other cult of nuts for me honestly. I just felt like Dan Akroyd in Dragnet listening to it. Aaaaah, I'm sure this is really influential but not for me really, a 'quirky' [3/5].
10Nirvana [UK]
The Story of Simon Simopath

Danielito rec
11Sam Cooke
Ain't That Good News

Spluger rec

An upbeat album that I can dig...well, the first half is upbeat anywho. I like this, it's well outside what I'd usually reach for but Sammy must have some charisma working for him because I like the cut of his jib. The over the top strings and brass on the second half, whenever they show up, sound great to my ears too...blame Lambchop maybe. I'm not guaranteeing this will keep hold of this rating but right now, catching me in a good mood...a [4/5].
12The Who
Who's Next

Titan rec

Just no, couldn't stand this, had to turn off after five songs. Hate the dude's vox, and the music is weak sauce (every song has at least one very cheesy 'non rocking' element that breaks you out of any potential there is for actually rocking out to this) - a [2/5] as it was the first thing here I couldn't bring myself to complete. Who's next? No more fucking 'The Who' Mr Towsend, that's a given, now clear your internet search history and kindly leave me alone ta.
Kebnekaise II

Sniff rec

The prog element is woven in pretty well with the folk melodies, this has grown on me as the album has progressed and I'm happy to award it an improved surprise [3.5/5].
14Gene Vincent
Gene Vincent & The Bluecaps

kascettcadett rec

This must have been as raw as you could get in '57, dig this a lot. The album will always have a place in my heart for being the rating that pushed me to 100% objectivity - yeah you read that right bitches, 100% OBJECTIVITY. Just imagine for a second you were this cool, shootin' this a sweet [4.5/5].
15Phil Ochs
Pleasures of the Harbor

Sinternet rec

Has a sort of 'Bryter Layter' vibe though I do admit I find this a stronger effort than Drake's final album. I'm thinking this will be an album that you need to live with a long while before you really start to fall for it...which is going to be difficult because it seems really difficult to find a copy of it in the UK :/ I'm awarding this an initial [4/5] but that might be doing it a slight disservice.
16Uriah Heep
Demons and Wizards

danielcardoso rec

As everyone knows this is the sort of prog rock the doof can't abide. It's as lumpy/ploddy as Sabbath only without the dark/Satanic overtones and instead stuffed to the gullys with far more wizzard widdly-do noodling and other such nonsense. It's proficient within the genre's probably the lamest of all genres (and I've recently been spinning some chibi-tech music to put that statement in context). God awful, and earth shatteringly boring to boot, in fifty years no one has ever had sex (with another person present) to this music [2/5].
17Charles Mingus
The Clown

ianblxdoe rec

Didn't enjoy this much as the Miles Davis, was a little bit more jarring in places, but I liked it enough. Won't be running out to buy a copy but again it served as some decent background music (if that makes me a jazz philistine I can only apologise). So yup, a [4/5] for this one.
18Blue Cheer
Vincebus Eruptum

chuck rec

A lot of blues, very little cheer - as bog average a band of blues hound rockers as you could find. A [2.5/5] every day of the week.
Maggot Brain

Maniac! rec

Wasn't expecting to enjoy this too much, was preparing myself for another Parliament album or the like. Then I started listening to the t/t and I realised that wasn't the deal here. That opener is the best track but I enjoy a fair bit more too, so happy giving this one a solid [4/5].
AMMMusic 1966

spacesh1p rec

Early noise, well at least you can say 'this sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday!' because, erm, it's noise. The more it went on the more I relaxed into it but in all honesty, will I return to this? Nah, [3/5].
21Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass
South Of The Border

dbizzles rec
22Mayo Thompson
Corky's Debt to His Father

altertide rec

After two listens I like this a lot, the ultimate cliche is being readied...ahead of its time, sounds like it could have come out yesterday, etc. Could grow on me, for now a [4/5]
23Curtis Mayfield


So I knew a few songs here already, and this is an enjoyable album for sure. Does it blow my mind? No. He has one of the archetypal soul voices and I appreciate just how high class this album is...but for me, still predominantly background music. So a really harsh [3.5/5] for this but that's just Doof.
24Jeff Beck

DinosaurJones rec
25Deep Purple
Deep Purple in Rock

MrSirLordGentleman rec
26R. Stevie Moore
On Graycroft

SandwichB rec

Ok, a groundbreaking bedroom tapes artist is the spiel only he has a little help from some friends/a sort of band. This is very strange but he does have an ear for melody and tone, that's for sure, and odd how he sings very differently from one song to the next. The moments when the tape gets screwed up would invite the old 'genius or accidental genius' arguments but that's all fine. I like this, it's the sort of bullshit I'll end up really liking two songs, end up downloading the lot, and getting a bit obsessed over. Right now, after one spin...I can't go over a [3.5/5]. Not really. Odd.
27Ahmad Jamal
At the Pershing: But Not for Me

thiswastheyear rec
28Captain Beyond
Captain Beyond

RunOfTheMill rec

The thing I like about this album is the looseness, it rocks in a way that still translates today. For a start, I'm pretty sure the boys from Clutch have jammed this on that tourbus a few times...and what's more they could have taken a bit more of the looseness on display here tbh. Groovy album, proto stoner rock almost, awarding it a solid [4/5].
Black Mass

Ovrot rec

Space age electronic album that's enjoyable enough that I might give it another go, didn't make a massive impression on me so a [3.5/5].
30Scott Walker
Scott 4

Twig rec

The atmosphere on this is second to none and I slowly warmed to Walker's vocals more as the album progressed, took a while for his personality to really transmit. I'm going to place a [4/5] on this one for now but I'm not ruling out that it could rise a .5 in the near future.

Azertherion rec

Definitely one of the coolest album sleeves of all time and the dude's story is satisfyingly nutty...the music contained within is pretty strange too, could imagine it soundtracking a quirky animation about a mythical world or some such baws. For now a [4/5] but not ruling anything out here. I'm already loving how albums from this era are that bit shorter, nice n' easy to digest.
The Marble Index

Fripp rec

I've never totally got the Nico thing, even with the Velvet Underground. For every time she impresses me there's an opposing time I want to tell her to shut the fuck up and sing proper already. This is similar, some of it kinda envelops me...then some of it is a real trudge. Hoping it grows but for now only an optimistic [3.5/5]. EDIT: the album does get markedly stronger as it progresses.
33Silver Apples
Silver Apples

cylinder rec

This is an album I've been aware of for a while and has been on my backburner to check, something about it was calling out to me. It's immense, part tribal, part trance...1968. Drugs I'm guessing. I have no problem slapping a first listen [5/5] on this and you know what...I think it'll cling onto that rating too.
Grave New World

Diva rec

This is alright, nothing out of this world, but it has some high points. It skirts close to the most annoying traits of folk prog but just pulls away in time. Another fence sitting one, and to be fair I haven't had too many of those so far in the list. A boring rating of [3/5], I'm sorry all. I'm not usually a huge fan of 'Best Of' compilations but that would be my next stop with this band.
The Second

Ebola rec

Most middle of the road thing so far, didn't hate it, didn't love it, barely noticed it. Apparently the 'big hit' was 'Magic Carpet'...didn't sweep me off my feet neither. A 'no harm done' [3/5].
36Pink Floyd
Live at Pompeii

TVC rec
37Robert Johnson
King of the Delta Blues

JWT rec
38Laura Nyro
Eli and The 13th Confession

nukethewhale rec
39Krzysztof Komeda

Hovse rec
40Dr. John

tempest rec

Second 1968 [5/5] on the list, this is the most transportive album of the recs I've checked so far. I'd heard a bit of Dr. John before spinning this but never a full album and having now listened to this front to back I get exactly where he's coming from. Tom Waits must have played this a few times.

ScuroFantasma rec
42Jerry Lee Lewis
Live at the Star Club, Hamburg

Cygnatti rec

Archelirion rec

More 70s psychedelic hard rock and I'm a-startin' to feel like a connoisseur of the genre by this stage oh yeseroo. The interesting thing about this album is it gets progressively (snarf) better as it continues and by the end I was feeling happy enough with it to award a healthy [4/5]. Wtf is that album sleeve though? The musical content here ain't exactly Nailbomb.
44The Pentangle
Basket of Light

Atari rec

This album would probably be a Doof 4 out of 5 if it was either worked into purely instrumental music/the female vocals weren't quite so shrill and, for me, dull/obvious. The male vocals are inoffensive but average also. I know, I'm getting picky with my 60s female singers, but it's just how I'm feeling it. So, all in all, a [3/5].
45Herbie Hancock
Head Hunters

WellDressedBalloon rec

Classic album sleeve, will the music contained within grab me? More jazz for the Doof to peruse...and we all know how I struggle with the ol' jazz. This album is smooth, cocktail lounge smooth, but obviously there's a little more going on. The problem is in terms of the overall atmosphere and aesthetic this just isn't what I'm majorly attracted to, if I walked in somewhere and they're playing this, perfect. Would I choose to spin this myself? Probably not too often. The second track, with more world influences, was my favourite. A great album surely, just not really for me [3.5/5].
46Paco de Lucia
Fuente y caudal

Dewinged rec

An album of (I'm guessing) very traditional Spanish, flamenco influenced, guitar music. Technically all sounds good, and it's enjoyable to a point. Got to be honest I don't think this is one that'll be jammed on repeat at chez Doofus but I think I like it enough to give it a 'Senor, I'm technically impressed by the beauty of your playing' [4/5]. EDIT: Amazon download £3.99...maybe I'll get to know it better then.
47Ornette Coleman
Science Fiction

NeroCorleone rec

Sadly this is 100% not for me. Free jazz..and on some numbers, free jazz with someone warbling over the top. Really sounds like a woman wearing headphones in the next room singing to what she's listening to while the jazz band play next door. I find 'burst of noise' parps (they're parps, come now) a really acquired taste, squealy and jittery, and that's just not Doof's aura. Y'know, like I can't abide that man, it messes with my whole chemistry. Competent I'm sure, but sounds to my untrained ear like a particularly grim sound check. I can only apologise [2/5].
48The Doors
L.A. Woman

romulanrancor rec

This is great, I enjoy The Doors but I have to admit they've always sounded like quite the museum piece on the early albums. A fascinating, worthy museum piece, don't get me wrong...but a museum piece all the same. Now this is bluesier, more conventional...but also meatier, with more modern production values. It just hits hard and I was never head over heels for Jim in full 'over-sexed cult leader rambling on and on for 10 minutes on the one track' mode. What stops it getting into 4.5-5 territory? The blues baby, just a bit too much of the blues (I can take or leave blues ballads like 'Cars Hiss', however great the atmosphere undeniably is). One of the 'big hitter' names on the list and this feels a bit of a cheap win but that's my failing, still great to check this now and it's still a [4/5].
49Nara Leao
Dez Anos Depois

chortles rec

It's verrrr purrrdy and pleasingly minimal...but is it really my thing? This is the most fence-sitty thing in the list so far, my instincts are telling me this is the sort of music I hear someone play and I go 'what nice taste they have, not my thing, but I doff my cap to thee none the less'. In other words a [3.5/5].
50kevin coyne
Marjory Razorblade

Yotimi rec
51Anne Briggs
Anne Briggs

rabidfish rec

I'm sure this is very authentic folk but I just can't take this much unadorned singing at the best of times, even less when the lyrics concern dead dogs and making finch broth or what have you. I got three quarters of the way through this and had to stop, enough. In small doses not horrible so a [2.5/5].
52The Pretty Things

TheSpaceMan rec

The first 7 songs and I was thinking "just a solid meat and potatoes 70's rock record; the vocals are strong but not overly memorable, the song writing is sturdy but not overly ear catching; the playing is solid but not overly mind bending." Then it steps up a notch, a song like 'Grass' even skirts close to Floyd territory. Decent album, solid rec, happy to throw a [4/5] this one's way.
53Os Mutantes
Os Mutantes

protokute rec
54Isaac Hayes
Black Moses

wacknizzle rec

I can dig this...sort of. Soul stuff like this I do find too nondescript/mellow and also a bit 'uhhhh, sexuuuual groooaaan'. Sadly I kinda like this sort of stuff more when it's been injected with a bit of flaccid white boy misery, blame dem Tindersticks. You guessed it a 'uuhhhhh, take my hot looooooooaaaaaaaad [3.5]' (Also the South Park debacle reduces any cool points by half)
55Paul Chambers
Bass On Top

FullOfSounds rec

Egarran rec

Another winner, not sure how people would label this...afro freak folk campfire music maybe? Always on the lookout for 'world' music that offers something a bit different and this certainly ticks that box. Could this rise to a 5...not sure I'm feeling this to that sort of degree but stranger things have happened. Could land anywhere between a 4-5 so for now I'll split the difference at a [4.5/5].
57The United States of America
The United States of America

Ars rec

Psychedelic can sometimes be a handy catchall for acts who kinda don't land anywhere too specific, and that's definitely a feeling I get from this. It's all over the place. Pleasingly so some times, other times it is a bit kitchen sink/circus music/monkeys at the typewriter. Also, yet again another 60s album with this sort of Nico flat vox which are ok but...imagine if this music had a singer who really adds to the experience! (That isn't the male vocals here unfortunately, they're also just ok). I do like this album, it could well grow on me significantly, but for now I'm slapping on that predictable [3.5/5].
58Vashti Bunyan
Just Another Diamond Day

FlagAsh rec

You remember when I said I liked the idea of Nico singing more normally and playing it straight...well, yeah, now I'm not so sure. This is what you picture when you think 'trad folk', songs as simple as nursery rhymes with melodies a five year old could deliver. This is nice enough but it'd take me to be reincarnated as an 18th century freckly red headed little girl to get anywhere close to 5'ing this. A perfectly ok [3.5/5].
59Linda Perhacs

brokencycle rec
60The Sonics
Here Are the Sonics

UniqueUniverse rec
The Yes Album

DamnVanne rec
62Pharoah Sanders

DrMaximus rec
63The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Time Out

pbateman rec
64Perry Leopold
Experiment in Metaphysics

plane rec
Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus

KILL rec
66The Byrds
The Notorious Byrd Brothers

Sunnyvale rec
Round the Edges

budgie rec

I'm sure there are going to be calls of 'but so much 70s rock was like this, this ain't special' but you know what, I prefer this to a lot of the other rock discs on this list. Even the Captain Beyond on first impressions. Really surprised but this is one of my favourites so far, a killer [4.5/5].
Kohntarkosz Anteria (K.A.)

Sevengill rec
69Carole King

manosg rec
70Flower Travellin Band

Dylan620 rec

Instantly liked this enough to get the £3 download off iTunes, a Japanese answer to Sabbath/Zeppelin with wailing vocals and scratchy guitar intros along with some nice bass lines and riffs. Some great 'Lost in Translation' style Japanese intonations here too. Hard not to fall a little bit in love with this - there's no way this band weren't having a heap of fun here, totally happy giving this an early [4/5].
71James Taylor
James Taylor

Drifter rec
Chicago Transit Authority

neekafat rec

Probably a really cool album, and almost certainly too cool for Doof, this sort of genre just doesn't do it for me in any major way. Jazz fusion? Does this mean it thinks it's super funky? This is fine but I don't think there's any time I'd reach for it, a respectful [3.5].
73The Gadgets

Pheramone rec
74Return to Forever
Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy

yourgodisinferior rec
75The Monks (DE)
Black Monk Time

TheMrAlexK rec
76White Noise
An Electric Storm

adr rec
77Robin Trower
Twice Removed From Yesterday

DominionMM1 rec

I don't really dig endless ploddy bluesy licks with vaguely soulful vox over the top. Hendrix I understand, the experimentation and the energy, and so even if I don't particularly enjoy him as either a songwriter or vocalist I can tell he was born to play the guitar and was an all time great. This has the same weaknesses as Hendrix (functional vocals/some less than engaging song writing) for me with little of the positives (sense of charisma/danger and experimental flamboyance). Certainly not awful but a certain Doof [3/5].
A Tab in the Ocean

bgillesp rec
79Ultimate Spinach
Behold & See

porcupine rec
80Sibylle Baier
Colour Green

Skylark rec
81Bee Gees

Caliggy rec
82Jackson C. Frank
Jackson C. Frank

Ryus rec
83The Mothers of Invention
We're Only in It for the Money

ALA rec

I'm thinking this is the best thing I've heard from Zappa so far, in his own strange way this is really focused. A lot to digest but considering how high I rate 'One Size' and even after one spin I think this is probably better...this all leads to a first listen [5/5]. Will have to see if it keeps it, but it's in the 'guaranteed purchase' pile for next month.
First Utterance

MarsKid rec
85T. Rex
Electric Warrior

Jeffrulesyou rec

Some great tunes here of course but I can't shake this thing I've always had concerning T. Rex in that I feel Bolan sounds really try hard. It certainly doesn't help that he spends half the album making that 'eeeeee...yaow!' noise like the Cat from Red Dwarf. This band still don't blow me away and the idea anyone could hold them up against the best of Bowie in the era is laughable to me, but hey, a juicy enough [3.5/5].
86Frank Sinatra
In The Wee Small Hours

StormTeacup rec
87The Links [1970s]
The Links

BigBlob rec

[is this real life or is this just fantasy/5]
88Simon and Garfunkel
Bridge Over Troubled Water

Aberf rec

Worse than the Beach Boys, in that the vocal tone is even more irritating here and the tender/downbeat songs aren't enjoyable whereas they are from the former. This was a great exercise in seeing whether it's just overfamiliarity which makes me dislike the well known tunes like the title track (bleeeuuurgh) and 'Cecila' (dear god) so much...nope, they're some of the best here, most of the rest is actually even worse (how is that possible?). You know, given the chance I'd rate this lower but the Sput authorities hath spoken so a [2/5]. Did I enjoy anything? 'So Long FLW' isn't bad. 'LB in NY' is tolerable. The rest is filth.
89David Bowie
Space Oddity

Tuna rec

Unfortunately more evidence that early Bowie isn't something you want to catch yourself listening to, absolutely awful. The t/t bumps this a .5 of course. Yup, a [2/5].
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