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The Top 250 Users: The App

IT'S HERE. As before the app is on a time limit, so be efficient with your use. I'll email anyone their ratings or app data if you hit up my shoutbox. A guide to the app below.
1Settle Your Scores
Settle Your Scores

To start, I got every rating for the top 250 users from my sputnik year lists, people that requested entry in the comments, and all staff/contribs/emeritus users.
I got genres for all bands/artists and made a two level heirarchy of them. Every genre listed is either a "Main" genre, or a sub-genre of a "Main". No sub-genre has more than one main (even if folk punk could go toward folk and punk I only counted it as punk). Below is how I set up the genres. First column is "Mains" and second is subgenres (for pragmatic I also have rows where Rock is a subgenre of Rock, but you can ignore that):

I scored every user in all genres in which they had at least 15 ratings in the genre.

Genre SubGenre
Alternative Rock Indie Rock
Alternative Rock Post Rock
Alternative Rock Indie Pop
Alternative Rock Shoegaze
Alternative Rock Lo-fi
Alternative Rock Indie Folk
Electronic Ambient
Electronic Techno
Electronic House
Electronic Drum and Bass
Electronic Dubstep
Electronic Downtempo
Jazz Experimental
Hip-Hop Hip-Hop
Jazz Jazz Fusion
Metal Death Metal
Metal Black Metal
Metal Metalcore
Metal Thrash Metal
Metal Doom Metal
Metal Progressive Metal
Pop Pop Rock
Pop Dream Pop
Pop Britpop
Punk Hardcore
Punk Post Hardcore
Punk Emo
Punk Pop Punk
Punk Post Punk
Punk Ska
Rock Folk
Rock Progressive Rock
Rock Psychedelic
Rock Hard Rock
Rock Stoner Rock
Rock Blues
Rock Americana
Rock Bluegrass
Electronic Breaks
Classical Classical
Country Country
Electronic Drone
Punk Folk Punk
Electronic Garage
Metal Gothic
Electronic Grime
Metal Grind
Alternative Rock Grunge
Metal Heavy Metal
Electronic IDM
Electronic Industrial
Rock Jam Rock

Alternative Rock Math Rock
Metal Melodic Death Metal
Electronic Minimal
Rock New Age
Alternative Rock Noise Rock
Metal Nu-metal
Metal Post Metal
Metal Power Metal
Reggae Reggae
Metal Sludge Metal
R&B Soul
Soundtrack Soundtrack
Electronic Trance
Electronic Trip Hop
Alternative Rock Alternative Rock
Jazz Jazz
Metal Metal
Pop Pop
Punk Punk
Rock Rock
Electronic Electronic
Jazz Funk
4Settle Your Scores
The Wilderness

If a band had the label of "Death Metal", for example, it also counted as a "Metal" tag.
From there, I scored how much a user "liked" an album by extracting 4 features of their ratings. 1) How much more did you rate albums in a particular genre over the average of the other users (Rating Difference). 2) How many albums in that genre did you rate. (Count of Ratings). 3) Percent of all your ratings in the genre divided by all other ratings (Percent Share). 4) The average number of ratings that the albums you rated had (Average Count of Ratings). From these features, your compared to other users within the genre and given a score. For interpretability, I converted them to look like the average ratings of albums you see on sputnik (i.e. if you have a 4.7 for your score in Emo, it means you really like emo, a 1.3 means you really hate).
5Soundtrack (Film)

The first thing you'll notice is the spider plots. In a spider plot, each angle corresponds to a particular genre and the further out you are the higher you scored in the genre. The app lets you compare yourself to other users, and pick different genres to compare. Underneath the spider plot is your score in the selected genres, your rank of the scores, and a description and rank of how you did in particular features of your score.
The second tab has the data as a raw table. The table has the "final.score" which is the score I described above, as well as your count of ratings ("simple.count"), and "simple.score" which is just a score that summarizes your Count of Ratings and Percent Share.
6Fluid Minds
Love in Analog

The app can be updated, if you notice any bugs or want more features, comment and I'll see what I can do.

userlinks SubGenre final.score
McMegaMountain Alternative Rock 4.297
Thuckabe Alternative Rock 4.289
eloimayano Alternative Rock 4.283
montekristoo99 Alternative Rock 4.282764
DoubtGin Alternative Rock 4.255103
skoopy48 Alternative Rock 4.250023
rovert620 Alternative Rock 4.243903
discovolante Alternative Rock 4.241699
AliW1993 Alternative Rock 4.226644
Sinternet Alternative Rock 4.222281
8Death Ambient
Drunken Forest

userlinks SubGenre final.score
MisterTornado Ambient 4.363
Topaz Ambient 4.353
Yotimi Ambient 4.351
Shadow17 Ambient 4.332
ApplaudBlue Ambient 4.326
hal1ax Ambient 4.312
JS19 Ambient 4.275
Havey Ambient 4.269
omegaswitch33 Ambient 4.264
YakNips Ambient 4.259
9American Football
American Football

userlinks SubGenre final.score
theBoneyKing Americana 4.770
DoofusWainwright Americana 4.455
Gassman3268 Americana 4.400
mborlan1 Americana 4.380
mynameischan Americana 4.337
klap Americana 4.328
zosofellini Americana 4.327
DarinRG Americana 4.302
emptyblackbox Americana 4.271
AttyTude Americana 4.262
Black Metal

userlinks SubGenre final.score
desecravity Black Metal 4.444
Hawks Black Metal 4.404
ZombieParty Black Metal 4.341
Crysis Black Metal 4.321
JoergsonVomWalde Black Metal 4.296
Zoo Black Metal 4.289
themadavenger Black Metal 4.280
CaptainDooRight Black Metal 4.278
Wizard Black Metal 4.272
FlyheadMetal Black Metal 4.270
11B.B. King
The Ultimate Collection

userlinks SubGenre final.score
spamming4life Blues 4.495
manosg Blues 4.473
AllMUSICGUIDE Blues 4.417
zosofellini Blues 4.395
DickGraves Blues 4.381
leothelion Blues 4.357
AttyTude Blues 4.307
IronWolf Blues 4.296
LepreCon Blues 4.286
AdrianAran Blues 4.268
12As Silence Breaks
The Inferno

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Topaz Breaks 4.467
PoodleRapist Breaks 4.206
Deviant. Breaks 4.195
SandwichBubble Breaks 3.973
exitsense Breaks 3.752
Phate72 Breaks 3.723
omnipanzer Breaks 3.703
LordePots Breaks 3.559
discovolante Breaks 3.547
Sinternet Breaks 3.535
13Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Havey Classical 4.606
Greem Classical 4.584
Snowdog808 Classical 4.580
exitsense Classical 4.564
Ziguvan Classical 4.515
Topaz Classical 4.456
liledman Classical 4.443
JoergsonVomWalde Classical 4.371
menawati Classical 4.329
GrandpaSeth3000 Classical 4.285
14Johnny Cash
At Folsom Prison

userlinks SubGenre final.score
BigHans Country 4.490
theBoneyKing Country 4.490
Stereochrome1 Country 4.413
zosofellini Country 4.400
Gassman3268 Country 4.363
iranscam Country 4.331
sickpriest Country 4.286
SandwichBubble Country 4.285
leothelion Country 4.281
Muisc4Life26 Country 4.276
(What's the Story) Morning Glory?

userlinks SubGenre final.score
NickLizard49 Britpop 4.578
Beauers Britpop 4.412
AliW1993 Britpop 4.359
zakalwe Britpop 4.241
Lasseg Britpop 4.185
insomniac15 Britpop 4.154
DarinRG Britpop 4.082
JViney Britpop 4.075
Titan50 Britpop 4.075
fuzzbutt Britpop 4.072

userlinks SubGenre final.score
desecravity Death Metal 4.433
Anthracks Death Metal 4.339
insanedrexl1 Death Metal 4.324
FlyheadMetal Death Metal 4.320
ZombieParty Death Metal 4.307
Jacquibim Death Metal 4.294
evilford Death Metal 4.286
HenchmanOfSanta Death Metal 4.255
YUJOS Death Metal 4.250
ShadowRemains Death Metal 4.243
17Cult of Luna
Cult of Luna

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Crysis Doom Metal 4.332
Aion Doom Metal 4.324
Maco097 Doom Metal 4.303
ShadowRemains Doom Metal 4.296
desecravity Doom Metal 4.292
Inveigh Doom Metal 4.271
Relinquished Doom Metal 4.269
jingledeath Doom Metal 4.261
Zoo Doom Metal 4.237
xenocide. Doom Metal 4.233
The Invisible Line

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Deviant. Downtempo 4.681
LordePots Downtempo 4.510
Topaz Downtempo 4.334
TheWrenKing Downtempo 4.330
Sinternet Downtempo 4.327
Yotimi Downtempo 4.273
yourgodisinferior Downtempo 4.208
Matski Downtempo 4.207
Rail Downtempo 4.166
djunior Downtempo 4.139
19Beach House
Teen Dream

userlinks SubGenre final.score
sixdegrees Dream Pop 4.430
McMegaMountain Dream Pop 4.382
SandwichBubble Dream Pop 4.358
MisterTornado Dream Pop 4.355
Yotimi Dream Pop 4.328
AggravatedYeti Dream Pop 4.322
Sinternet Dream Pop 4.276
Thuckabe Dream Pop 4.274
rovert620 Dream Pop 4.267
TheWrenKing Dream Pop 4.251
20Bull of Heaven
013: Elsa, Are You In There?

userlinks SubGenre final.score
SandwichBubble Drone 4.364
Havey Drone 4.346
hal1ax Drone 4.340
YakNips Drone 4.312
MisterTornado Drone 4.279
Rail Drone 4.272
user Drone 4.253
JamieTwort Drone 4.241
JoergsonVomWalde Drone 4.235
Shadow17 Drone 4.234
Hard Normal Daddy

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Deviant. Drum and Bass 4.759
Brostep Drum and Bass 4.281
Topaz Drum and Bass 4.140
Matski Drum and Bass 4.065
PoodleRapist Drum and Bass 4.006
Relinquished Drum and Bass 3.982
hal1ax Drum and Bass 3.964
Yotimi Drum and Bass 3.879
Deathcar Drum and Bass 3.862
omegaswitch33 Drum and Bass 3.857
Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Deviant. Dubstep 4.671
Topaz Dubstep 4.468
Aids Dubstep 4.313
Brostep Dubstep 4.245
Rail Dubstep 4.222
Deathcar Dubstep 4.157
djunior Dubstep 4.135
p4p Dubstep 4.129
HBFS Dubstep 4.115
PoodleRapist Dubstep 4.113

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Deviant. Electronic 4.495
Topaz Electronic 4.436
MisterTornado Electronic 4.395
LordePots Electronic 4.388
Yotimi Electronic 4.385
p4p Electronic 4.351
hal1ax Electronic 4.318
exitsense Electronic 4.310
discovolante Electronic 4.285
Sinternet Electronic 4.284
24Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

userlinks SubGenre final.score
delajetsetradio Emo 4.396
swordsforhands Emo 4.355
Artuma Emo 4.312
Surette Emo 4.306
Trebor. Emo 4.305
Bloodhail Emo 4.293
CrackTheSkye Emo 4.279
YakNips Emo 4.277
Sithese Emo 4.273
Conmaniac Emo 4.269
25We Are Scientists
Brain Thrust Mastery

userlinks SubGenre final.score
exitsense Experimental 4.461
Havey Experimental 4.441
SandwichBubble Experimental 4.398
Frippertronics Experimental 4.394
Ziguvan Experimental 4.370
Veldin Experimental 4.333
mrfixit Experimental 4.300
GrandpaSeth3000 Experimental 4.290
SloppyMilkshake Experimental 4.286
ibringyoufire Experimental 4.270
26Bob Dylan
Highway 61 Revisited

userlinks SubGenre final.score
SandwichBubble Folk 4.430
theBoneyKing Folk 4.370
mEyck07 Folk 4.319
LordePots Folk 4.288
zosofellini Folk 4.274
Snowdog808 Folk 4.272
TheWrenKing Folk 4.261
thejared Folk 4.254
Atari Folk 4.251
mborlan1 Folk 4.251
27Against Me!
Reinventing Axl Rose

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Minushuman24 Folk Punk 4.260
mborlan1 Folk Punk 4.247
helpoemer420 Folk Punk 4.235
porcupinetheater Folk Punk 4.222
AliW1993 Folk Punk 4.210
Hep+Kat Folk Punk 4.202
cb123 Folk Punk 4.180
Blindsided Folk Punk 4.157
Curse. Folk Punk 4.146
Prole Folk Punk 4.103
28James Brown
Live At The Apollo

userlinks SubGenre final.score
insomniac15 Funk 4.422
discovolante Funk 4.389
eloimayano Funk 4.366
ncbest32 Funk 4.343
SharkTooth Funk 4.309
Muisc4Life26 Funk 4.305
thealbumman Funk 4.294
mrfixit Funk 4.259
Stereochrome1 Funk 4.249
EverythingEvil2113 Funk 4.246
29The I Don't Cares
Wild Stab

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Deviant. Garage 4.475
djunior Garage 4.197
p4p Garage 4.196
PunchforPunch Garage 4.162
discovolante Garage 4.124
LordePots Garage 4.105
aaronrkc Garage 4.105
Deathcar Garage 4.085
MisterTornado Garage 4.051
Topaz Garage 4.038
30King Diamond
The Best of King Diamond

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Willie Gothic 4.608
discovolante Gothic 4.509
Hellscythe Gothic 4.466
fuzzbutt Gothic 4.447
EvoHavok Gothic 4.446
kypusher Gothic 4.436
BallsToTheWall Gothic 4.415
laughingman22 Gothic 4.392
DoctorDoom Gothic 4.389
Flugmorph Gothic 4.374
31Ol' Dirty Bastard
Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version

userlinks SubGenre final.score
exitsense Grime 4.356
helpoemer420 Grime 4.006
Deviant. Grime 3.996
LordePots Grime 3.772
djunior Grime 3.725
oltnabrick Grime 3.681
Yotimi Grime 3.638
Topaz Grime 3.509
anobsoletevernacular Grime 3.428
Sinternet Grime 3.370
32Pig Destroyer

userlinks SubGenre final.score
VagitarianZombie Grind 4.481
Prole Grind 4.337
Angelboros Grind 4.334
FlyheadMetal Grind 4.329
ZombieParty Grind 4.329
HenchmanOfSanta Grind 4.304
ThePalestMexican Grind 4.297
MillionDead Grind 4.294
foxblood Grind 4.285
themadavenger Grind 4.253
33Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog

userlinks SubGenre final.score
BigHans Grunge 4.385
AttyTude Grunge 4.375
CutMan Grunge 4.336
Necrotica Grunge 4.323
accompliceofmydeath Grunge 4.310
aguzman Grunge 4.292
greg84 Grunge 4.274
AliW1993 Grunge 4.265
Nagrarok Grunge 4.236
jmh886 Grunge 4.231
Back In Black

userlinks SubGenre final.score
leothelion Hard Rock 4.471
Jumaos Hard Rock 4.406
spamming4life Hard Rock 4.403
manosg Hard Rock 4.381
SuicycoManiac7 Hard Rock 4.375
AllMUSICGUIDE Hard Rock 4.369
walfernu Hard Rock 4.365
BigHans Hard Rock 4.350
sotirakis123 Hard Rock 4.346
IronWolf Hard Rock 4.322
35Minor Threat
Complete Discography

userlinks SubGenre final.score
accompliceofmydeath Hardcore 4.531
Hep+Kat Hardcore 4.467
delajetsetradio Hardcore 4.451
MMX Hardcore 4.404
bobby72 Hardcore 4.325
ZombieParty Hardcore 4.312
VagitarianZombie Hardcore 4.307
Prole Hardcore 4.304
aaronrkc Hardcore 4.303
CrackTheSkye Hardcore 4.298
36Judas Priest
Sad Wings of Destiny

userlinks SubGenre final.score
walfernu Heavy Metal 4.421
manosg Heavy Metal 4.410
leothelion Heavy Metal 4.393
SuicycoManiac7 Heavy Metal 4.369
IronWolf Heavy Metal 4.342
Aion Heavy Metal 4.337
Nagrarok Heavy Metal 4.325
JasonStatham Heavy Metal 4.318
Jumaos Heavy Metal 4.317
TheNotrap Heavy Metal 4.309

userlinks SubGenre final.score
imjustjoshinya Hip-Hop 4.630
Hep+Kat Hip-Hop 4.504
ncbest32 Hip-Hop 4.449
aaronrkc Hip-Hop 4.403
discovolante Hip-Hop 4.400
emptyblackbox Hip-Hop 4.357
MMX Hip-Hop 4.340
NickelbackFTL Hip-Hop 4.329
oltnabrick Hip-Hop 4.329
GrandpaSeth3000 Hip-Hop 4.310
38House of Fools
House of Fools (EP)

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Deviant. House 4.519
p4p House 4.445
Yotimi House 4.318
Topaz House 4.313
LordePots House 4.285
exitsense House 4.248
Sinternet House 4.242
HBFS House 4.230
Matski House 4.227
MisterTornado House 4.214
Stay Close To The Fire

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Yotimi IDM 4.496
Topaz IDM 4.431
Avagantamos IDM 4.428
omegaswitch33 IDM 4.384
Deviant. IDM 4.296
StrangerofSorts IDM 4.288
Matski IDM 4.268
LordePots IDM 4.260
Relinquished IDM 4.249
TheWrenKing IDM 4.182
40The Tallest Man on Earth
The Tallest Man on Earth

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Sinternet Indie Folk 4.397
Thuckabe Indie Folk 4.382
Aids Indie Folk 4.379
klap Indie Folk 4.363
DoofusWainwright Indie Folk 4.325
NickelbackFTL Indie Folk 4.310
Rashandarei Indie Folk 4.309
cb123 Indie Folk 4.284
mx Indie Folk 4.282
thejared Indie Folk 4.280
41Tegan and Sara
So Jealous

userlinks SubGenre final.score
klap Indie Pop 4.383
Sinternet Indie Pop 4.375
Thuckabe Indie Pop 4.355
AggravatedYeti Indie Pop 4.322
SandwichBubble Indie Pop 4.300
rovert620 Indie Pop 4.294
Anthracks Indie Pop 4.292
DaveyBoy Indie Pop 4.280
NickelbackFTL Indie Pop 4.264
Willie Indie Pop 4.260
42The Shins
Oh, Inverted World

userlinks SubGenre final.score
McMegaMountain Indie Rock 4.354
rovert620 Indie Rock 4.338
klap Indie Rock 4.316
SandwichBubble Indie Rock 4.283
Sinternet Indie Rock 4.279
Thuckabe Indie Rock 4.274
mborlan1 Indie Rock 4.267
Dickens44 Indie Rock 4.266
NickelbackFTL Indie Rock 4.233
Monsterpoptart Indie Rock 4.227
43Nine Inch Nails
Head Like a Hole

userlinks SubGenre final.score
fuzzbutt Industrial 4.541
Willie Industrial 4.532
NickLizard49 Industrial 4.520
Sithese Industrial 4.454
exitsense Industrial 4.363
VagitarianZombie Industrial 4.356
Havey Industrial 4.339
Wizard Industrial 4.330
hal1ax Industrial 4.329
discovolante Industrial 4.322

userlinks SubGenre final.score
gocsa666 Jam Rock 4.274
mrfixit Jam Rock 4.205
AttyTude Jam Rock 4.196
Stereochrome1 Jam Rock 4.194
feav233 Jam Rock 4.154
AllMUSICGUIDE Jam Rock 4.100
insomniac15 Jam Rock 4.075
menawati Jam Rock 4.054
spamming4life Jam Rock 4.050
sonictheplumber Jam Rock 4.035
45Miles Davis
Kind of Blue

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Havey Jazz 4.412
SandwichBubble Jazz 4.378
exitsense Jazz 4.368
Frippertronics Jazz 4.335
Ziguvan Jazz 4.331
liledman Jazz 4.331
Veldin Jazz 4.298
Mendigo Jazz 4.280
mrfixit Jazz 4.277
LordePots Jazz 4.262
Demons Of Hate

userlinks SubGenre final.score
mrfixit Jazz Fusion 4.446
Snowdog808 Jazz Fusion 4.434
Jethro42 Jazz Fusion 4.430
Ziguvan Jazz Fusion 4.383
menawati Jazz Fusion 4.372
Chaosmonger Jazz Fusion 4.370
Veldin Jazz Fusion 4.349
Shadowmire Jazz Fusion 4.345
sonictheplumber Jazz Fusion 4.340
SandwichBubble Jazz Fusion 4.306
47Beat Happening
Beat Happening

userlinks SubGenre final.score
MisterTornado Lo-fi 4.443
SandwichBubble Lo-fi 4.353
rovert620 Lo-fi 4.311
YakNips Lo-fi 4.309
McMegaMountain Lo-fi 4.302
Kiran Lo-fi 4.298
ibringyoufire Lo-fi 4.265
chillin420 Lo-fi 4.255
brainmelter Lo-fi 4.246
TheWrenKing Lo-fi 4.241
48The Dillinger Escape Plan
Calculating Infinity

userlinks SubGenre final.score
swordsforhands Math Rock 4.683
eloimayano Math Rock 4.639
elephantREVOLUTION Math Rock 4.632
Tyler. Math Rock 4.338
Ulshad Math Rock 4.334
Shimana Math Rock 4.329
Calc Math Rock 4.319
DoubtGin Math Rock 4.302
Conmaniac Math Rock 4.247
TheScariestFish Math Rock 4.222
49Children of Bodom

userlinks SubGenre final.score
mEyck07 Melodic Death Metal 4.530
desecravity Melodic Death Metal 4.490
Crysis Melodic Death Metal 4.414
SuicycoManiac7 Melodic Death Metal 4.330
Metalstyles Melodic Death Metal 4.330
gallus90 Melodic Death Metal 4.302
jayfatha Melodic Death Metal 4.295
soulxstlr Melodic Death Metal 4.295
EvoHavok Melodic Death Metal 4.258
Willie Melodic Death Metal 4.253
50Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast

userlinks SubGenre final.score
desecravity Metal 4.354
FlyheadMetal Metal 4.278
SuicycoManiac7 Metal 4.270
gallus90 Metal 4.240
walfernu Metal 4.219
mEyck07 Metal 4.211
Willie Metal 4.204
VagitarianZombie Metal 4.203
ZombieParty Metal 4.196
CaptainDooRight Metal 4.190
51Poison the Well
The Opposite of December

userlinks SubGenre final.score
X3ni92 Metalcore 4.465
iamSeraph Metalcore 4.415
SatelliteYears Metalcore 4.392
Gameofmetal Metalcore 4.380
JustinKing Metalcore 4.376
SleepingGiant Metalcore 4.330
ThePalestMexican Metalcore 4.325
Angelboros Metalcore 4.306
accompliceofmydeath Metalcore 4.294
jmh886 Metalcore 4.288
52Sachiko M
Bar Sachiko

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Topaz Minimal 4.508
exitsense Minimal 4.373
p4p Minimal 4.293
GrandpaSeth3000 Minimal 4.273
Havey Minimal 4.252
user Minimal 4.228
Yotimi Minimal 4.219
Frippertronics Minimal 4.208
sickpriest Minimal 4.194
liledman Minimal 4.158
53Devin Townsend
Ocean Machine: Biomech

userlinks SubGenre final.score
DikkoZinner New Age 4.276
hal1ax New Age 4.158
Necrotica New Age 4.129
gagnonov New Age 4.098
Willie New Age 4.093
NickLizard49 New Age 4.048
oltnabrick New Age 4.029
Snowdog808 New Age 4.006
insomniac15 New Age 3.982
menawati New Age 3.952
54The Jesus Lizard

userlinks SubGenre final.score
SandwichBubble Noise Rock 4.518
NeroCorleone80 Noise Rock 4.361
charlesdivision Noise Rock 4.316
McMegaMountain Noise Rock 4.304
Chortles Noise Rock 4.300
ibringyoufire Noise Rock 4.300
rovert620 Noise Rock 4.287
ExitOnly Noise Rock 4.270
Hep+Kat Noise Rock 4.269
sickpriest Noise Rock 4.268
Around the Fur

userlinks SubGenre final.score
ThePalestMexican Nu-metal 4.396
SatelliteYears Nu-metal 4.383
CutMan Nu-metal 4.371
greg84 Nu-metal 4.349
Angelboros Nu-metal 4.348
discovolante Nu-metal 4.346
breakingthefragile Nu-metal 4.291
Willie Nu-metal 4.283
gallus90 Nu-metal 4.280
Metalstyles Nu-metal 4.268
Like a Virgin

userlinks SubGenre final.score
discovolante Pop 4.439
leothelion Pop 4.397
NickLizard49 Pop 4.272
DaveyBoy Pop 4.265
AttyTude Pop 4.262
SandwichBubble Pop 4.254
Angelboros Pop 4.246
X3ni92 Pop 4.235
Cygnatti Pop 4.230
AndreasFlea Pop 4.225
57Jimmy Eat World
Bleed American

userlinks SubGenre final.score
skoopy48 Pop Punk 4.462
Surette Pop Punk 4.430
DaveyBoy Pop Punk 4.417
Hep+Kat Pop Punk 4.377
accompliceofmydeath Pop Punk 4.370
drasticaction74 Pop Punk 4.342
Beauers Pop Punk 4.323
swordsforhands Pop Punk 4.304
TheScariestFish Pop Punk 4.281
AndreasFlea Pop Punk 4.277

userlinks SubGenre final.score
discovolante Pop Rock 4.471
leothelion Pop Rock 4.457
AttyTude Pop Rock 4.387
DaveyBoy Pop Rock 4.377
skoopy48 Pop Rock 4.364
AndreasFlea Pop Rock 4.334
Stereochrome1 Pop Rock 4.323
SowingSeason Pop Rock 4.320
BigHans Pop Rock 4.294
DirtBagDan Pop Rock 4.275
59At the Drive-In
Relationship of Command

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Shimana Post Hardcore 4.432
swordsforhands Post Hardcore 4.424
delajetsetradio Post Hardcore 4.396
iamSeraph Post Hardcore 4.363
SatelliteYears Post Hardcore 4.335
elephantREVOLUTION Post Hardcore 4.322
X3ni92 Post Hardcore 4.319
TheHung89 Post Hardcore 4.313
skoopy48 Post Hardcore 4.284
Surette Post Hardcore 4.265

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Ignimbrite Post Metal 4.544
xenocide. Post Metal 4.472
JoergsonVomWalde Post Metal 4.380
Ulshad Post Metal 4.378
cb123 Post Metal 4.350
Sniff Post Metal 4.338
ZombieParty Post Metal 4.303
Relinquished Post Metal 4.282
Wizard Post Metal 4.258
Artuma Post Metal 4.249
61The Fall
Hex Enduction Hour

userlinks SubGenre final.score
SandwichBubble Post Punk 4.480
GetOutOfMyHouse Post Punk 4.416
zosofellini Post Punk 4.401
DarinRG Post Punk 4.370
Cyclotron Post Punk 4.356
Hep+Kat Post Punk 4.353
McMegaMountain Post Punk 4.337
fuzzbutt Post Punk 4.323
bobby72 Post Punk 4.322
rovert620 Post Punk 4.316
62Explosions in the Sky
The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

userlinks SubGenre final.score
eloimayano Post Rock 4.504
Ignimbrite Post Rock 4.432
JoergsonVomWalde Post Rock 4.426
JS19 Post Rock 4.419
Sniff Post Rock 4.369
Greem Post Rock 4.355
Dickens44 Post Rock 4.355
bornthetravestyofman Post Rock 4.354
NationalRadio Post Rock 4.351
elbaliem Post Rock 4.347
Among the Living

userlinks SubGenre final.score
walfernu Power Metal 4.457
Snowdog808 Power Metal 4.359
SuicycoManiac7 Power Metal 4.349
manosg Power Metal 4.332
leothelion Power Metal 4.325
mEyck07 Power Metal 4.323
Mister+Twister Power Metal 4.266
Santaquin Power Metal 4.261
Voivod Power Metal 4.240
IronWolf Power Metal 4.234
64Between the Buried and Me

userlinks SubGenre final.score
gallus90 Progressive Metal 4.363
mEyck07 Progressive Metal 4.322
Symmetry7 Progressive Metal 4.312
Willie Progressive Metal 4.306
desecravity Progressive Metal 4.296
Snowdog808 Progressive Metal 4.289
Shadowmire Progressive Metal 4.271
Thor Progressive Metal 4.265
SuicycoManiac7 Progressive Metal 4.263
ariich Progressive Metal 4.261
65King Crimson
In the Court of the Crimson King

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Jethro42 Progressive Rock 4.650
menawati Progressive Rock 4.566
ariich Progressive Rock 4.442
Friday13th Progressive Rock 4.436
Nagrarok Progressive Rock 4.420
eloimayano Progressive Rock 4.396
sonictheplumber Progressive Rock 4.394
gagnonov Progressive Rock 4.376
LokitheTrickster Progressive Rock 4.368
jrowa001 Progressive Rock 4.340
66Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

userlinks SubGenre final.score
SandwichBubble Psychedelic 4.454
menawati Psychedelic 4.373
Anthracks Psychedelic 4.309
SloppyMilkshake Psychedelic 4.301
zosofellini Psychedelic 4.300
mrfixit Psychedelic 4.298
feav233 Psychedelic 4.262
Jethro42 Psychedelic 4.258
LordePots Psychedelic 4.252
Friday13th Psychedelic 4.247
67The Clash
London Calling

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Hep+Kat Punk 4.484
accompliceofmydeath Punk 4.470
delajetsetradio Punk 4.458
bobby72 Punk 4.382
swordsforhands Punk 4.331
skoopy48 Punk 4.330
aaronrkc Punk 4.302
discovolante Punk 4.281
ExitOnly Punk 4.277
Surette Punk 4.264

userlinks SubGenre final.score
discovolante R&B 4.381
ncbest32 R&B 4.372
anobsoletevernacular R&B 4.356
leothelion R&B 4.333
Iai R&B 4.325
Muisc4Life26 R&B 4.306
CWBrown R&B 4.296
NickelbackFTL R&B 4.291
imjustjoshinya R&B 4.286
GrandpaSeth3000 R&B 4.275
69Jimmy Cliff
The Harder They Come

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Rastapunk Reggae 4.687
aaronrkc Reggae 4.624
gagnonov Reggae 4.582
discovolante Reggae 4.214
jearoslawve Reggae 4.159
Muisc4Life26 Reggae 4.127
ThePalestMexican Reggae 4.121
Hep+Kat Reggae 4.114
exitsense Reggae 4.098
chillin420 Reggae 4.093
70Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin III

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Jethro42 Rock 4.545
leothelion Rock 4.448
manosg Rock 4.425
menawati Rock 4.394
spamming4life Rock 4.359
Friday13th Rock 4.336
DickGraves Rock 4.335
AttyTude Rock 4.333
zosofellini Rock 4.331
Nagrarok Rock 4.323
71My Bloody Valentine

userlinks SubGenre final.score
sixdegrees Shoegaze 4.484
foxblood Shoegaze 4.402
McMegaMountain Shoegaze 4.376
TheSpaceMan Shoegaze 4.357
JoergsonVomWalde Shoegaze 4.300
SandwichBubble Shoegaze 4.296
Bloodhail Shoegaze 4.285
hal1ax Shoegaze 4.258
bornthetravestyofman Shoegaze 4.252
Jasdevi087 Shoegaze 4.242
40 Oz. to Freedom

userlinks SubGenre final.score
TheScariestFish Ska 4.760
aaronrkc Ska 4.405
rovert620 Ska 4.358
discovolante Ska 4.350
Spec Ska 4.334
Minushuman24 Ska 4.248
xfearbefore Ska 4.221
Beauers Ska 4.208
Trebor. Ska 4.166
emptyblackbox Ska 4.164
Through Silver in Blood

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Relinquished Sludge Metal 4.471
xenocide. Sludge Metal 4.446
Ignimbrite Sludge Metal 4.386
Colliiiin Sludge Metal 4.383
Inveigh Sludge Metal 4.382
HenchmanOfSanta Sludge Metal 4.355
Ulshad Sludge Metal 4.351
Sniff Sludge Metal 4.348
evilford Sludge Metal 4.344
ZombieParty Sludge Metal 4.316

userlinks SubGenre final.score
thealbumman Soul 4.505
ncbest32 Soul 4.489
Muisc4Life26 Soul 4.470
Iai Soul 4.456
leothelion Soul 4.436
kingsoby1 Soul 4.425
LordePots Soul 4.360
emptyblackbox Soul 4.312
wtferrothorn Soul 4.303
anobsoletevernacular Soul 4.295
75Soundtrack (Film)
Detroit Rock City

userlinks SubGenre final.score
X3ni92 Soundtrack 4.378
Insurrection Soundtrack 4.349
VagitarianZombie Soundtrack 4.333
ThePalestMexican Soundtrack 4.275
nwhitmore Soundtrack 4.264
insanedrexl1 Soundtrack 4.234
Greem Soundtrack 4.139
Chortles Soundtrack 4.137
LokitheTrickster Soundtrack 4.132
Cyclotron Soundtrack 4.126

userlinks SubGenre final.score
greg84 Stoner Rock 4.535
SharkTooth Stoner Rock 4.484
insomniac15 Stoner Rock 4.468
Stereochrome1 Stoner Rock 4.428
pbateman Stoner Rock 4.317
Inveigh Stoner Rock 4.303
Ulshad Stoner Rock 4.303
bornthetravestyofman Stoner Rock 4.284
xenocide. Stoner Rock 4.282
sonictheplumber Stoner Rock 4.278
77Bee Gees
Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Deviant. Techno 4.441
p4p Techno 4.438
Yotimi Techno 4.276
Topaz Techno 4.240
exitsense Techno 4.229
ApplaudBlue Techno 4.184
MisterTornado Techno 4.143
djunior Techno 4.139
JohnnyOnTheSpot Techno 4.133
PunchforPunch Techno 4.107
Rust in Peace

userlinks SubGenre final.score
SuicycoManiac7 Thrash Metal 4.389
KILL Thrash Metal 4.339
FlyheadMetal Thrash Metal 4.336
walfernu Thrash Metal 4.322
RobSchuldiner Thrash Metal 4.316
desecravity Thrash Metal 4.294
CakeWithCream Thrash Metal 4.293
sonictheplumber Thrash Metal 4.292
VagitarianZombie Thrash Metal 4.282
Voivod Thrash Metal 4.265
79Frank Ocean
channel ORANGE

userlinks SubGenre final.score
Topaz Trance 4.343
Sinternet Trance 4.276
exitsense Trance 4.165
foxblood Trance 4.142
NickLizard49 Trance 4.137
qwe3 Trance 3.962
Matski Trance 3.668
Willie Trance 3.632
ComeToDaddy Trance 3.487
Behexen Trance 3.475
80Massive Attack

userlinks SubGenre final.score
LordePots Trip Hop 4.607
Matski Trip Hop 4.419
Deviant. Trip Hop 4.367
strawfeet Trip Hop 4.361
Iai Trip Hop 4.346
yourgodisinferior Trip Hop 4.336
Willie Trip Hop 4.328
PoodleRapist Trip Hop 4.301
TheWrenKing Trip Hop 4.289
Sinternet Trip Hop 4.288
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