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The Screamo Bible

I have been meaning to make this list for a very long time. At this point in my life I feel entirely comfortable saying that "screamo" is probably my favourite genre, as well as one of the most commonly misunderstood. Most here are probably familiar with what screamo actually is but for those that aren't, it was a style developed in the early 90s, largely from sassy punks in California and sad punks in France, and eventually ended up as a lovechild of hardcore punk and emo. The genre has developed and shifted and produced such a wide array of material, so much so that anyone who discounts the genre entirely probably doesn't know what they're talking about. 1-10 are the records I feel are the most essential, 11-70 are records in chronological order that played a role in shaping the genre, and 71-101 are more contemporary "skramz" records that I feel are keeping the genre respectable and forward-thinking. Only 1 album per band.

The turn of the century held final swan songs as well as a swift to end to many of the screamo bands of the 90s, when the genre was perhaps at its apex. Often considered just a self-titled LP, Gatefold was the final album from the seminal emoviolence band, who "back in 99, all the kids stood in line" to see. They finally disbanded in 2003, signifying the end of an age, as the next wave was already blooming. This beautiful, explosive 25 minute last album summed up their whole career and the whole movement of the 90s. The songs say everything a screamo band would ever need to say, instrumentally and lyrically. Jayson also adopted a more interesting vocal style, switching between his classic throat-tearing screams and earnest shouting. (Peers Jeromes Dream and Usurp Synapse also did the shouting thing at the end of their career, perhaps as a return to screamo's sassy post-hardcore roots?) Point is, this is the peak of the genre at its turning point, and its influence cannot be understated
2Pg. 99
Document #8

Although I slightly prefer Docs 5 and 7, Doc #8 is more worth mentioning simply based on its impact, and its cult-classic status. Pg. 99 were a fascinating band in that they never intended to play screamo, they would always would refer to what they were doing as "hardcore" or just "punk", and in a sense they were right, but they were punks who were far too moody and innovative to be contained to those terms, and just listening to the closer on this shows you the capacity for powerful melodies they have that most hardcore bands couldn't dream of. Doc 8 is more polished than an average screamo album in terms of production, but the playing is sloppy and honest enough to forgive that and the multiple vocalist attack is at full capacity here as well. This vocal approach as well as their dark sound set in punk roots inspired countless bands in the future, and defined their local scene for years. Released in the same year as Gatefold, 2001, Doc 8 is a standard for any sensible screamo nerd.
3Circle Takes The Square
As The Roots Undo

This album needs no introduction, and deserves this spot alone for being the most well-known screamo album of all time. These folks had been on the scene since 2001, and had all the ambition and novelty to stir up an enormous following, and earn their spot as easily one of the most controversial and divisive screamo bands. Released in 2004, ATRU kicked off the third wave with an enormous bang, taking all the post-rock and math rock tinged screamo bands before them and creating something entirely new, never to be recreated. Somewhat of an experiment in creating a screamo odyssey, CTTS try their hardest to be larger than life in a genre built on having no pretenses, and the results are chaotic in a way separate from all their peers. ATRU dissects screamo rhetoric in a fascinating way, and captures anxiety and suspense in a much more visceral way than post-rock/screamo bands before them. A perfect entry level album to someone not so familiar with the genre due to its accessible sections.
A Retrospective

Although this is technically a compilation, it functions well enough as an album and starts off with the band's most important work anyway. Saetia did wonders for the more "emo" side of things, starting out as kind of an embarrassing hardcore band with spoken word poetry and squeaky high screams, but still making great and candid stuff. Their self-titled LP and Eronel 7" are both still laden with a lot of poetry and octave riffs, but a much more mature approach to song-writing that sounds like a young and fruitful Off Minor, backed by the emotive honesty of Billy Werner, never afraid to put himself out there. A Retrospective is their complete discography as well as a few somber, gorgeous live recordings. They are one of the most popular screamo bands because Jamie Behar is a fucking incredible guitarist (even when ripping off other bands) and Billy's trademark "emo-ness"(??) and lyrics that are as immersive and well-written as they are adolescent.
All the Footprints You've Ever Left...

Japanese sweethearts Envy have been around since 1992, and after starting out (like many of these bands) by playing raw, not that interesting hardcore, went on to popularize post-rock/screamo, mostly due to this album and the album that followed, A Dead Sinking Story, which is arguably even better. All The Footprints still stands as the gospel of post-rock screamo, holding on to the urgent aggression that has always defined them, but expanding with the addition of bright melodies, clean vocals, as well as long build-ups on the B side of the record. Envy's harmonious approach to hardcore music as a whole doesn't get enough credit, considering the countless bands they've influenced since this seminal release.
6Off Minor
The Heat Death of the Universe

Another album that really needs no introduction here on sputnik, but this site's favorite screamo band was formed from the ashes of Saetia, finding a more stable and mature approach to songwriting in the form of a trio. The songs on this album are fucking tight and supreme but I feel like most of you don't need to me to tell you that. If you haven't heard this tender, bassy, emotional hardcore masterwork, just give it a go.
7City of Caterpillar
City of Caterpillar

Post-rocking sweeties from San Diego released some other miscellaneous material that's worthwhile, but the bulk and apex of their material can be found on this self-titled full-length released conveniently at the close of the second wave, the heyday of special venues like the Che Cafe. Another essential for any screamo nerd's collection, CoC solidified a style ridden with bleak adolescent lyricism and gorgeous guitar passages that build from quiet anxiety into full-fledged panic. Their unique approach drew almost as much from post-hardcore as it did from post-rock, especially in regard to the vocals, again handled by two similarly forlorn young men spitting vivid and visceral notebook writings. Some may accuse CoC of "generic post-rockings" or being melodramatic but they were fully aware of what they were doing and how emotionally potent it is, I personally feel they toe certain lines but never cross into any uninteresting territory.
Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes

It would be shameful if I were to not include any European albums in the essential ten, and although this LP may stand alone I truly feel it deserves it. Lyon, France's Daitro's open-tuning and atmospheric take on European screamo pays plenty of homage to bands before them while solidifying their own distinct and excellent sound, always maintaining a tight balance of raucous and fragile that finds catharsis in momentous climaxes as well as fluffy refrains. The guitar work is delicate and the music is consistently gripping and heartfelt. No band has nailed the French sound quite like Daitro.
9Funeral Diner
The Underdark

This dreary trip deserves its spot if for its influence if nothing else, specifically on the Bay Area scene which has produced a plethora of the most dismal music screamo has to offer. Funeral Diner are at their peak here incorporating more builds into their sound than ever, and including a stand-out drum performance that I imagine many young screamo drummers have listened to closely, this album is overwrought with minor scale octave riffs and hectic drum fills, almost so much so that it begins to become tiresome over the course of the album. Still, all the material here is high quality enough to justify any stagnation it may present.
10Jeromes Dream
Seeing Means More Than Safety

Some may not agree with this being an essential pick, but I feel it is in every sense of the word. Jeromes Dream formed in CT in 1997 and after a few years perfected their unique and rhythmic approach to emoviolence that makes them an absolute staple of the sub-genre. Bassist and vocalist's Jeff Smith's high-pitched howls were performed live unamplified, and are a force to be reckoned with indeed. Their music quickly took emoviolence to its natural conclusion here on their most refined release, showcasing breakneck riffs and breakdowns that flurry in between dissonance and melody, often leaning charmingly towards the former. These volatile but meticulously crafted pieces are separated by samples and bits of noise, serving as breathing room and introspection between outright psychological panorama, young and confused, magnifying mood swings to an extreme. An untouchable masterpiece.

Notable first of all for arguably being the first screamo LP ever recorded, one can also note it's high quality and intensity. One who finds bands like Saetia or Kodan Armada to be insufferable due to "sap" could find many things to enjoy here, its defining innovation being the high-pitched and emotive screams alternating between distorted spoken-word. The music is basically punchy and raw early 90s hardcore, with a few small hints toward melody.
Sculpteur De Cris

Another very early favorite of mine, French hardcore band Ivich present 13 tracks of bassy and incredibly raw "proto-skramz" onslaughts that function incredibly well on their own as well as hinting towards what was to come.
Heroin ['92]

Relatively ordinary for 1st wave stuff, rough and fast hardcore with vague and hinted emo tendencies. Only really notable as being one of the first bands to do it.
14Petit Printemps

Very melodic and melancholy for 1st wave screamo, these anonymous Frenchies lean far from traditional hardcore to something much more introspective, a crucial step forward in the genre that was quickly picked up and expanded upon.
15Antioch Arrow
In Love with Jetts/The Lady Is a Cat

Not screamo by a bit, but still a sassy and important predecessor steeped mostly in post-hardcore. Not my favorite but still a significant band.
16Indian Summer
Indian Summer

Perhaps the most important emo EP ever recorded, although still not exactly screamo, Indian Summer's frail and unstable rock music holds as much pure emotion as it does influence.
O Nation, You Bleed From Many Wounds, 1896

More forward thinking post-hardcore seeped in the California sound.
18Sleeping Body

Vigorous and fierce, this is early and undeveloped screamo at its best, and perhaps most explosive. Wonderfully ahead of its time.
19Swing Kids
Swing Kids

Important early CA punkers getting more experimental with things and implementing elements of jazz into angular and emotive hardcore.
20Vanilla [emo]
Demo Tape

More sad French punks help to define the aesthetic, opting to include sentimental spoken word sections

More important and top tier 1st wave French stuff, much more extraordinary than peers like Symptom of Isaac or L'invention du Morel.
22Constatine Sankathi
Who Killed The Killed Kid

Playful and melodic early screamo with touches of faaaat trombone, a special snowflake.
23One Eyed God Prophecy
One Eyed God Prophecy

In the vein of Union of Uranus that falls more into the areas of crust punk and black metal than screamo, this remains a sludgy and dark artifact.
24Amber Inn
Serenity In Hand

Slightly more emo than screamo, this short and sweet EP is still a favorite of mine
25Portraits of Past

Incredibly ahead of its time stuff from the Bay Area that nearly abandons its post-hardcore origins and jumps straight into grim and potent emotional hardcore. Pretty much every 2nd wave band wouldn't exist without these guys clearing the path.
26Peu être / Carther Matha / Rachel

Seminal 1st wave skramz from three noteworthy French bands
27Angel Hair
Pregnant With The Senior Class

The discography of yet another early post-hardcore influenced screamo band, opting for a heavier and groovier sound.
28You and I
Saturday's Cab Ride Home

A touching milestone released in 1997 showcasing just how far the genre had come in such a short time. Basically the beginning of 2nd wave screamo.
29Usurp Synapse
This Endless Breath

A vile and indulgent band that took the sapling sub-genre of emoviolence and quickly took it to new levels of depravity. Absolutely essential stuff.
30I Have Dreams
Three Days 'Til Christmas

Ahead of its time in terms of playful sincerity, and using uncommon techniques that would later be routine of this brand of screamo. Filled with melodramatic cleans and metalcore breakdowns, almost hinting towards to "scene-grind" at points, I Have Dreams quickly realized how over-the-top this amalgamation of emo and hardcore was destined to become, and customized the style to their cheese-filled likings. It's not brilliant music but it's earnest and original enough to make up for that, although it may not sound as fresh now as it did 18 years ago.
31The Spirit of Versailles
In Line For Halos

Another essential band in ushering in the 2nd wave, Spirit are noteworthy for their excessive sentimentalism and soul-bearing lyrics and vocals. Their early work pioneers the use of extremely high-pitched, almost bird like vocals, a style that took a while to catch on, and was ultimately changed for the better. Their self-titled is essential and their whole discography is conveniently compiled and worth listening to.
32The Khayembii Communique
The Khayembii Communiqué

Sounds like standard 2nd wave twinkly stuff, like the last few bands mentioned. Still great and influential stuff.
33Reversal of Man
Revolution Summer

Frenetic and angry hardcore with some screamo and grind leanings
34Yaphet Kotto
The Killer Was in the Government Blankets

Still holding fast to post-hardcore roots, Yaphet Kotto shine an energetic and melodic light on screamo that should've caught on more than it did. Essential listening.
Mrta Benefit

Top shelf French screamo that stays very true to its broad "punk" shoulders. One of the first bands that truly understood the genre.
36Love Lost But Not Forgotten
Love Lost but Not Forgotten

Key emoviolence band that quickly picked up on stylistic innovations made by Orchid that implemented elements of grind into the mix.
37Song of Zarathustra
The Birth of Tragedy

A unique album in its use of synths and drum machines, still hard-hitting and pretty ahead of in its time in immensity and scope.
Robot Wars

Seminal ferocious emoviolence from Amsterdam. Well worth a listen if you like to throw down.
39The Assistant
The Assistant

Members of You and I decide to start a more grind influenced project. It's decent but they should've remembered to keep it more brief.
40Rue Morgue
Rue Morgue

Unsung but exceptional and timely Des Moines emoviolence.
41Hassan I Sabbah
Hassan I Sabbah

Another remarkable and brief chunk of prime US emoviolence, this one rather metallic in nature.

Grindy and surprisingly consistent.
43Louise Cyphre
Wenn Wir Menschen

Officially putting Germans on the map as the true inheritors of the emoviolence "aesthetic".
44Tristan Tzara
Omorina Nad Evropom

The Germans who did it even better than LC, from the ashes of Kobra Khan there formed a much better band. Their whole discog is worth listening to for any fan of the genre.
45Majority Rule
Interview With David Frost

Dark screamo influenced by Pg. 99 but played with less urgent intensity and more thoughtful angst.
46Joshua Fit For Battle
To Bring Our Own End

Breakdown heavy and playful screamo that goes hard and has significant influence but really isn't anything special.
47Ten Grand
The Comprehensive List

Not entirely screamo and not entirely post-hardcore, Ten Grand sit nicely in the middle and craft some touching, albeit calculable music. Still, no band sounded quite like this.
48The Death of Anna Karina
The Death of Anna Karina

Relatively experimental and notable for being one of the first Italian screamo albums.

Heart-on-its-sleeve political screamo with a punk edge.
Les jours se suivent et ne se ressemblent plus

French post-rock/screamo that gets a bit sludgy, an important signifier of what brilliant music was to come from that scene.

The first statement from musicians that would later form bands such as Beau Navire and Loma Prieta, and a damn fine statement at that. Two tracks of surprising quality.
Il n'y a pas de orchestre

My favorite Raein, basically the kingpins of Italian screamo and for good reason. Later releases have seen them cooling down with impressive results but here we see them in classic octave riff aggression.
53Mara'akate/Rep Seki
Mara'akate/Rep Seki Split

Two modest US emoviolence acts reach their peak simultaneously.
54Neil Perry
Lineage Situation

Full discography of one of the very best 2nd wave bands, nothing if not essential.
55I Would Set Myself On Fire For You
I Would Set Myself On Fire For You

My personal favourite of their two albums. Very twinkly and over-the-top but well done enough that I can forgive all that. Also arguably one of the first albums of the 3rd wave.
All Our Tomorrows End Today

God tier stuff starring Orchid's guitarist and undeniable screamo legend Will Killingsworth. Songwriting on this is almost unrivaled.
57Mihai Edrisch
L'un Sans L'Autre

Visceral and beautiful post-rock screamo from France. Much prefer this band's works to bands like Amanda Woodward and Belle Epoque.
58The Saddest Landscape
Lift Your Burdens High For This is Where We Cross

The pinnacle of TSL's discography, a very unique and underappreciated band whose recent decline in quality saddens me. Before the break-up at least they were playing a very unique brand of 3rd wave screamo that took equal influence from the first two waves, not to mention elements their sound even went back as far as emo pioneers Rites of Spring.
59La Quiete
La Fine Non E La Fine

Most likely the pinnacle of Italian screamo, La Quiete craft a profound album with inspired songwriting and passionate everything. A grower, but an indispensable piece of screamo history.
Los peores 7 peores Km de mi vida

Ferocious and experimental post-rock/screamo from Spain, implementing noise and harsher sounds into a style that is generally more placid.
61A Fine Boat that Coffin!
The Second Nail

Tongue-in-cheek grindy screamo from Germany, implementing samples as well as elements of jazz fusion for maximum "chaotic hardcore" cred.
62Transistor Transistor
Erase All Name and Likeness

Sassy but worthwhile band that sound a whole lot like a more screamo inclined Blood Brothers.
The Moon Is a Dead World

This is post-hardcore, not screamo, but you guys would throw a fit if I didn't put it on here. Fucking legendary album no matter what genre it is.
64The Kodan Armada
A Collection Of Songs

One of the most extravagant and over-emotional screamo bands ever also happen to have some beautiful and disturbing melodic punk tunes. Not every song is a winner but they're consistent and unique enough to make quite a name for themselves.
65Sed Non Satiata
Le Ciel De Notre Enfance

French post-rockers Sed Non Satiata enter the scene in a huge way with this debut EP/LP/whatever. 5 breathtaking tracks, although I prefer the self-titled by a bit myself.
66Eleventh He Reaches London
The Good Fight For Harmony

Dark post-hardcore with emo and post-rock tinges, a more modern and melodramatic City of Caterpillar but still captivating enough.
67Cease Upon the Capitol

Prime stuff from the 3rd wave, a bit of post-rock in their sound but they keep it tasteful and assertive.
68...Who Calls So Loud
...Who Calls So Loud

Improving on blueprints left behind by Funeral Diner to create an affecting piece unlike any other... Bleak and hopeful constantly fight for control over kinetic drumming and soaring instrumentals. Yet it's all so very every day and blunt.
69Mesa Verde
The Old Road

More dreary post-rock leaning stuff, not my favourite but has a certain charm to it.
70Loma Prieta
Last City

Perhaps the most important "screamo" band still making music, Last City was a statement of expected quality out of modern screamo, meticulously crafted and captivating songwriting atop their brilliant approach to dynamics and harmony, this masterpiece revitalized the genre at a very important turning point. Still I.V. will always be my favorite album by Loma, but the significance and quality of this record is just as great.
71Her Breath On Glass
We Aimed Straight Down

The two core members of The Saddest Landscape craft a crude but inventive approach to stripped-down emotional hardcore, never afraid to pull out a riff or two.
72Beau Navire/Suffix
Split 7"

Two bands that exemplify modern screamo in their extremely melodic approach, opting for emotional heaviness rather than sonic heaviness. Songs from both bands are frenetic and youthful and prove that a genre like this doesn't have to be colorless or humdrum, and that twinkly isn't always a bad word. All works by both bands are also worth checking.
73Suis La Lune

An obvious pick as being one of the most exemplary EPs the genre has to offer, these boys are known for popularizing the Swedish style of screamo, almost always notable for its clean guitar sound coupled with busy drumming and fuzzed out nimble bass lines. The songs take their time to create atmosphere when they need to, and at times blaze in between glistening octave riffs, always keeping things interesting melodically and rhythmically. The lyrics are so sappy but they are effective, and if you haven't come to expect a bit of sap from this genre, that's your own fault.
74Via Fondo

My personal favorite from the Swedish scene, these consistent gentlemen perfected the style here in this 14 minute EP, presenting more raw energy and fervor than Suis La Lune or their peers ever had.
75Gas Up Yr Hearse!/Coma Regalia

A square 7" split from two of the most interesting newer bands, GUYH! playing a whitebelt/grind dual vocalist style that borrows from the old while looking ahead, they play loudly and aggressively like a lot of these bands popping up nowadays somehow forget to do. Coma Regalia are notable for being one of the most prolific skramz acts of this decade, releasing more splits with more bands than I care to count. Their single song on here, though, is a focused and melodic build that uses tasteful repetition to their advantage. A very different approach than GUYH! for sure, yet somehow their two approaches contrast each other wonderfully.
76Suffocate For Fuck Sake
Blazing Fires and Helicopters...

Incredibly bleak and sample driven post-rock that also has significant ties to screamo and sludge metal. An absolutely perfect album in my opinion, although some will see it as overlong or overly emotional.
77King's Girls

Frantic modern emoviolence from Halifax, only five minutes and some of the best and most original stuff to come out of the genre in a long time.
78Lord Snow

The best album in this genre released in the last 5 years as far as I'm concerned (save for maybe I.V), Lord Snow take all the technicality and unpredictability that made 2nd wave skramz the greatest and transfer it to a new generation.
79Carrion Spring
A Short History of Decay

More 2010s skramz that succeeds largely in recreating the old school sound, especially production wise. Stark and depressing, they unfortunately never reached this level of quality again.
80I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism...

A "discography" compilation from a band that is ineffably important in the internet age of emo. Taking cues from the Bay Area sound but refining them into a highly personal concoction, iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook are as profound as they are absurd.
81Deer In The Headlights
Deer In The Headlights

Crust-influenced dark and atmospheric screamo from Bosnia, these guys (and girl) are still making music, and it's still absolutely killer.
82Flowers In Gun Barrels

Nolan Arthur is a figure well worth mentioning in this "skramz" internet era, having run the largely cassette based labels Plastic Smile (R.I.P.) and now Off Cloud Nine. The quality of the stuff he puts out fluctuates but is generally far better than stuff like Driftwood or Dog Knights (no disrespect to either, I proudly own a Dog Knights shirt anyway.) As well as running labels Nolan has also been the man behind projects such as this, Iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing, The Truth About Dreaming, and Aokigahara. His style at large borrows plenty from more extreme emoviolence (the iwrotehaikus parallels are a bit much at times) but always has an affinity for syrupy and dreamy guitar work. My favorite works of his come from the Iwontstopwondering period, but his first project here is an ethereal and compelling look into the man's psyche.
a long lifetime of dying slowly

Incredible and eloquent contemporary stuff from Italy, only very small gripes are the programmed drums and occasionally cringe-worthy lyrics. Apart from that, the production is rough but impeccable and makes those negative aspects barely even noticeable in light of how passionate and well-written these songs are.

I'll admit this list in general doesn't pay enough attention to the thriving Russian screamo scene (I don't see June Paik on here anywhere, for shame) but this brief chunk of excellent emoviolence gets too much hate for Jeromes Dream similarities, while these have guys have always had their own vision for the genre, more recently than ever.

The apex of the style I lovingly refer to as "birdcore", used semi-frequently nowadays by bands such as Meryl Streaker, Avari, Flowers Taped To Pens, etc. Very over-the-top and ridden with unnecessary samples but that doesn't detract much from how moving their stuff is. Before this band was killing it they were playing even more twinkly but still great music in the band Malon, although their two albums have been taken off the internet. Hit me up if you'd like a DL.
86In Loving Memory...
As Years Pass and Feel Like Seconds

Throwing this in very late simply because I somehow forgot it, dual vocal 2nd wave emoviolence that totally nails everything that made this approach's aesthetic so perfect around the turn of the century.
87Afterlife Kids

Metallic and moshy screamo from Germany, a very refreshing listen, and their split with Lord Snow is possibly even better.
Between Stone Slabs

One of the most innovative releases the genre has seen in years, these Russians fuse a melodic and accessible incarnation of skramz with noise rock and even hints of shoegaze. The trio works together as a symbiotic being, leading to their builds and climaxes to be larger than life in the best of circumstances.
89John Cota/Ten Thousand Leagues
Split #2

Two relatively no name Bay Area bands that encapsulate everything I love about their local scene. The best material from both bands here forms a criminally underappreciated release.

One of the more well-known recent releases from the genre, and for good reason, these Italians understand European screamo in a way not many bands have. It's a shame there's been a drop-off in quality from them since this, and even the production here can be a bit constricting.
91Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket
Den sorgligaste musiken i varlden

Another recent European album that did relatively well commercially, this time coming from Sweden, and taking all the lovely post-rock tropes you would expect from them and amplifying them tenfold. Acoustic guitars and low atmosphere are just as commonplace as their dramatic, but beautiful musical eruptions. It heats up around the second half and never really cools back down.
92Warren of Ohms
The Wolf and The Fox

I choose this as the one of the two user albums I will include, but there is no favoritism at play here. Sammy Gurule a.k.a XingKing borrows his angular playing from genres like math rock and post-hardcore, but plays emotionally charged and dynamic music that is entirely his own. Both albums by him are well worth a listen.
93A City Sorrow Built

The other user album here, is also well deserving of its spot. I realize I haven't shined enough light on the South-East Asian screamo scene (sorry Daighila!) but these three gentlemen from Indonesia perform it incredibly well, with enough influence from outside genres to keep you on your toes throughout.
94William Bonney
Good Vibes

Slightly less emo leaning than their related project, Merchant Ships, and almost as good.
This Is Dead Art; This Is Dead Time...

One of the better screamo albums released last year, relatively normal revivalist stuff from the UK, but its significantly better than anything they've released before it, the clean vocals are a nice addition and don't come across as cheesy either.

Fierce new skramz that takes influence from bands like Ampere and Neil Perry as much as it takes from Envy, Daitro, etc. A clear portrait of where the US scene should be headed.
97Ken Burns

Dope stuff that sounds almost like it could've come from CA in the 90s, shame bands like this are so short-lived.
98The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch

A jagged and unique band that sound like they never intended to play screamo at all, but happened to end up with a transparent and emotional approach to punk music that is tuneful more often than not. Their lyrics also have tons of personality and are always worth a read.
99Weak Wrists

In the vein of Republic of Dreams, Capacities, and other contemporary emoviolence bands that aren't so interested in new ideas as much as sharpening old ones, this band still manages to stand out with an uncompromising and somber sound.
100La Luna
Always Already

Formed after the break-up of the wonderful Brain Fever, this is personable and gripping skramz in 2016.

My favorite screamo release of this year thus far though, borrows as much from post-rock and emo as it does from hardcore. These Australians have solidified their take on the European sound (Swedish specifically), but implement their own rough edges and even some smooth saxophone playing during the more lulling parts.
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