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Epics Pt. 2

There are many reasons why a song may be called an "epic": It may be its length or instrumentation, or just its lyrics or the atmosphere it creates. This is the second part of my "Epics" list ( in which I present you more songs that I feel can be placed in this category
1Al Di Meola
Elegant Gypsy

Midnight Tango -

Al Di Meola is one of the most important figures in jazz fusion and he's one hell of a guitarist. His passion for spanish music can be spotted throughout his entire discography, however, it is in "Elegant Gypsy" where you can see the prog, the jazz and the mediterranean styles mixing the he always want them too. Midnight Tango is probably the best song in the album, with its warm atmosphere, mad guitar soloing and excellent percussion, the skills and awesomeness of the song are certainly "Olé" worthy

Other epics by the artist: Elegant Gypsy Suite, Casino
2The Allman Brothers Band
Eat a Peach

Les Brers in A Minor -

The Allman Brothers are probably one of the best examples of an excellent jam rock band. Known for their live concerts, they certainly could translate that into the studio as well. Les Brers in A Minor shows a band in which every member manages to shine in an instrumental that's filled with excellent guitar moments, fast drumming and a groovy organ. This is what you think of when you think of 70's rock jamming

Other epics by the band: Mountain Jam, You Don't Love Me, Whipping Post, Stormy Monday

Color Humano -

One of the many acclaimed projects by "El Flaco" Spinetta was Almendra, a psychedelic/prog argentinean band. Color Humano is the longest song in the band's debut and mixes acoustic guitars with early 70's hard rock in a song that has a five minute guitar solo on it performed by Edelmiro Molinari, one of the best latin guitarists

Other epics by the band: Agnus Dei
4Amon Duul II

Soap Shop Rock -

At first the song goes with a standard psychedelic rock vibe however later goes into different sections featuring operatic vocals, majestic guitar work, a violin, powerful drumming and weird tempos. Soap Shop Rock is one of Amon Düül II's best songs and one of the greatest gems to come out of that weird thing we all love and know as "krautrock", a genre that's so unique it is difficult to describe, just listen to it.

Other epics by the band: Phallus Dei, Luzifers Ghilom, Yeti (Improvisation)
5Ash Ra Tempel
Ash Ra Tempel

Amboss -

At almost 20 minutes, Amboss is one of the two songs in Ash Ra Tempel's debut and works, just like Soap Shop Rock, as a great example of krautrock at its finest. The song mixes ambiental and atmospherical passages with heavy, distorded and fast guitars, creating a unique feeling that takes your mind and won't let it go until the very last second.

Other epics by the band: Traummaschine

Buzzard -

Ugh, that fucking riff is seriously one of the best things ever. More than 8 minutes of pure old school m/

Other epics by the band: Last Stand Before, Silver Tightrope, Basking in the White of the Midnight Sun

Tartaleta de Frutillas -

Featuring one of the sweetest flute works ever, Tartaleta de Frutillas is an instrumental that goes from an extremly calming feeling to pure rock jamming filled with a powerful bass and crazy organ. Probably the best example of the impressive instrumental skills by one of the big three of Chilean (and arguably) Latin prog.

Other epics by the band: Allegro ma non Troppo, Sandokán
8Blue Cheer
Vincebus Eruptum

Doctor Please -

It is difficult to sound as raw as Blue Cheer did in their debut and Doctor Please is the best example of it with its fuzzy riffs and wild vocals, it works as the proof of why Blue Cheer are regarded as one of the heaviest bands of the 60's

Other epics by the band: Peace of Mind
9Brand X
Unorthodox Behaviour

Nuclear Burn -

Crazy jazz fusion that will show you that Phil Collins is truly one of the best in the drums. With a fast bass and an eerie guitar and synth, Nuclear Burn might not be the longest song in the band's debut but certainly creates the coolest and most "epic" atmosphere of them all

Other epics by the band: Born Ugly, Unorthodox Behaviour, Why Should I Lend you Mine (When you've Broken yours), Malaga Virgen
10Brian Eno
Ambient 1: Music For Airports

1/1 -

It is just amazing how Eno takes you to a beautiful and calming place with over 17 minutes of the same notes. The song (and whole album) is composed in a way that you won't get tired of the repetitiveness, you'll just lay down, and relax

Other epics by the artist: 2/2
Tago Mago

Halleluhwah -

A bassline has to be perfect for it to last for 18 minutes and still be awesome. One of the best songs by probably the most popular of the krautrock bands shows the potential this band had, with weird vocals and immersive instrumentation

Other epics by the band: Paperhouse, Bel Air, Future Days, Pinch, Soup
12Captain Beyond
Captain Beyond

Dancing Madly Backwards/Armworth/Myopic Void -

A riff fest with a groovy feeling that will make you start to play air guitar. Captain Beyond's debut was what Rod Evans needed to show the world that he was far more than just "that Deep Purple vocalist that wasn't Gillan nor Coverdale"

Other epics by the band: Breath of Fire Parts 1 and 2
Fandangos in Space

Looking Outside (My Window) -

Along with Triana, Carmen was the other band that managed to mix prog and flamenco in a perfect way. Looking Outside (My Window) has everything you love, acoustic guitars, and spanish vocals that will (again) make you OLÉ!. (Kinda ironic that this band wasn't from Spain)

Other epics by the band: *the band only had one album*
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

Demon's Gate -

Demon's Gate features one of the coolest riffs in doom metal along with some perfect fast drumming and great guitar solo. We are in the presence of some Sabbath level doom in this song since what we have in here is just pure, quality m/

Other epics by the band: A Sorcerer's Pledge
Chicago Transit Authority

Liberation -

So many poor bastards that think Chicago was just another soft rock band. They just have't checked their first three albums in which they show amazing musical skills. Liberation is the longest song in the band's debut (which is certainly their best album) and it is a 15 minutes of pure guitar awesomeness that only by the end starts to bring in the horns that were the staple (and their coolest feature) in the album and the band's first years

Other epics by the band: Introduction, Beginnings, Poem 58, Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon
16Chico Buarque

Construção -

Bossa Nova is just so beautiful and calming, however it is oftenly filled with short songs that wouldn't usually fall in the category of an epic. The classic t/t of Chico Buarque's Construção is different though. It's orchestral arrangements and backing vocals make of this 6:30 minutes song a delightful experience, one that's even more warm that most bossa nova

Other epics by the artist: *None from what I've checked (I certainly must check more of him)*
17Curtis Mayfield

(Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go -

Its weird intro creates the mood for the horns, percussion, bass and lyrics filled with social topics that are classic in Curtis's funky/soul sound. It is just difficult to groove as hard as Curtis Mayfield and the first song of his first album is the proof of that.

Other epics by the artist: Move On Up
18The Dear Hunter
Act II: The Meaning of, & All Things Regarding Ms. Leading

The Lake and the River -

Both heavy and emotional, The Lake and the River is among the best songs in Dear Hunter's best album, the fast instrumentation goes into a more slow-paced style in the final part of the song, however the power and emotion on it can be heard during its more than 9 minutes of length

Other epics by the band: The Bitter Suite, 1878
19Dream Theater
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory

Scene Nine: Finally Free -

The closer on the band's magnus opus shows us what DT can do when they just doesn't wank all over the place. The song's climaxes at around minute 4 and in the final part of the song are among the best ever and are certainly among the most glorious DT moments even if they are (unlike most of their music), relatively simple, musical speaking. It is the way they're composed and played what proves us that there is musical talent in DT, not just super fast shredding.

Other epics by the band: Beyond This Life, Home, Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, Scarred, A Change of Seasons
20Dun (FRA1)

L'epice -

Along with krautrock, zeuhl has to be one of the most weird genres to come out of the 70's. The weird tempos in the first song of Dun's only album is filled with repetitive, yet complex and epic instrumentation.

Other epics by the band: Arrakis, Eros
21Elton John
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding -

Elton John goes out of his typical pop-rock style in the opener for his most popular album. for more than 11 minutes, we can hear to atmospheric synths, powerful bass and excellent guitar playing by David Johnstone. Not only Elton John's best song but also one of the best 70's epics, by far.

Other epics by the artist: Ticking

Poseidon's Creation -

Ocean by Eloy is one of the most "spacey" albums out there. The eerie synths and narration, mixed with awesome bass and drumming in the album's opener are one hell of a psychedelic journey

Other epics by the band: Incarnation of Logos, Decay of Logos
4 Visions

Écoute -

Many people won't get into Zeuhl because of its weird tempos and atmosphere, however Eskaton is a whole different story since their album 4 Visions is probably the most accesible one in the genre. The operatic french vocals and the INSANE bass in the album's longest song are certainly immersive and while Eskaton's sound may be more accesible than usual for Zeuhl, it never loses the classic charm of the genre, in fact, it may sound better than the work by the most popular bands in this category like Magma

Other epics by the band: Eskaton, Attente, Pitié

The Vision -

Exuma is certainly unique, his voice, the instrumentation in his songs, the lyrics. Everything sounds like part of some weird voodoo ritual, however manages to still have that warm and happy je ne sais quoi of caribbean music. The Vision, from his debut with some beautiful main and backing vocals is the perfect example of all of this

Other epics by the artist: Seance the Sixth Fret, Fire in the Hole
Faust IV

Giggy Smile -

Weird and uncoordinated vocals along with some excellent organ and tempo changes; add an excellent sax solo to all of this and you got the recipe for one of Faust and krautrocks best songs

Other epics by the band: Krautrock, Jennifer
26Flower Travellin Band

Satori Part III -

Great riffing and epic guitar skills in one of Japan most important proto-metal albums. The part III of "Satori", just like the rest of the album has a psychedelic vibe typical of its time, but with a very heavy atmosphere for its time that made of this album, as many say, one of the precursors of doom

Other epics by the band: Satori Part IV, Satori Part V

Master Builder -

Spacey introduction, and excellent sax and guitar solos make of Master Builder a master piece in jazz fusion and one of the best songs by one of the biggest names in Space Rock: Gong

Other epics by the band: The Isle of Everywhere, Shamal, Flying Teapot, Other Side of the Sky
The Moon Is a Dead World

Golden Dawn -

I'm not that much into this genre so I admit I don't know much about it, however this album is certainly magnificent and Golden Dawn is its best moment and therefore, the best moment of an extremly talented band that released just one album. The anger and sadness in the vocals that are typical in more hardcore music mixed with an instrumentation that's more complex that the one you tend to find in these styles end up creating what's just a perfect, heavy epic

Other epics by the band: *None, since the band released just one (but awesome) album*
29The Grateful Dead

Dark Star -

Not much needs to be said about this song, it is just 20 minutes of one of the best psychedelic experiences you'll ever listen to. There are perfect guitar songs and this is one of them

Other epics by the band: The Eleven, Turn On Your Love Light, Death Don't Have No Mercy
Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I

Halloween -

Not only there are good songs in power metal, but there are also excellent songs in the genre. The longest song in the first part of Keeper of the Seven Keys has everything that's good about Power Metal, catchiness, great and cheesy vocals and an impressive instrumentation

Other epics by the band: Keeper of the Seven Keys
31Iggy Pop
The Idiot

Mass Production -

You certainly end up getting something unique when you mix Iggy Pop with David Bowie. Mass Production is slow paced and with a simple instrumentation, however it is also dense, dark and twisted in what ends up being one of Iggy Pop's best songs.

Other epics by the artist: Dum Dum Boys
Durazno sangrando

Encadenado al Ánima -

Other of the projects by the argentinean Spinetta, the opener in Invisible's Durazno Sangrando is a 15 minute piece that changes between crazy guitar solos and calmed vocal passages in what's an epic in the same level as any by an european band

Other epics by the band: En un Lugar Lejano del Animus, Perdonado (Niño Condenado)
33Jeff Wayne
The War of the Worlds

Horsell Common and The Heat Ray -

Narration by the late Richard Burton and some excellent guitar and synth playing is what we see in this song an all throughout this Jeff Wayne's album in what's a dark and immersive performance of The War of the Worlds

Other epics by the artist: The Eve of War, The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine, Brave New World, Dead London
Sorni Nai

Akva -

Mixing post rock and doom to tell the popular story of the trekkers that died in the Ural Mountains back in the 50's, Kauan creates a dense, and extremly emotional album. Akva is its introduction and its crescendo goes from almost ambiental bliss to a heavy orchestral post rock in what works as the preamble to one of the most beautiful albums of the last years

Other epics by the band: Kit, Khot
35Kayo Dot
Choirs of the Eye

The Manifold Curiosity -

Ethereal and dark, just like the whole album. However Manifold lacks the characteristic that songs like the opener of Choirs in the Eye have: As it is not as heavy as other parts of the album, it may be more accesible to more people that want to enjoy the skills this band has for mixing post-rock and metal in what's a heavy yet atmospheric experience

Other epics by the band: Wayfarer, The Antique

Autobahn -

One of the pioneers of electronic music, the long t/t of Kraftwerk's Autobahn showed the world a completely new style of music that managed to be so simple, yet so charming

Other epics by the band: Europe Endless, Neon Lights
37Lucio Battisti
Anima latina

Anonimo -

Lucio Battisti creates a pretty unique sound in Anima Latina, mixing italian pop with some latin flavor and many prog tendencies. Anonimo works as the perfect mix of all of this as it is a calm ballad with some cool acoustic instrumentation, delivering exactly what you'd expect to be the mix of italian and latin warmness

Other epics by the artist: Abbracciala Abbriacciali Abbriacciati, Anima Latina, Macchina del Tempo
38Macintosh Plus

リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー (Risafuranku 420 / Gendai No Konpyū Lisa Frank 420 / Modern Computing) -

Despite the fact that by these days it is seen more as a joke or a meme, the truth is that for more than 7 minutes "420" creates a delightful vaporwave ambiance. While repetitive, it is still super catchy and fun yet atmospheric and ethereal

Other epics by the band: 数学 (Sūgaku Maths)
Mekanïk Destruktiw Kommandoh

Hortz Fur Dëhn Stekëhn West -

Mekanïk Destriktiw Komandöh is probably the most popular album to come out of Zeuhl. Lyrics in a totally new language, operatic vocals and a crazy galloping piano. The opener of the album shows everything that's so awesome and weird about Magma. This is another of those cases where it is actually pretty difficult to describe a song, just listen to it

Other epics by the band: Da Zeuhl Ẁortz Mekanïk
40Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Messin' -

Messin's t/t is one of the best songs by one of the most inconsistent bands ever. A catchy, classic heavy prog epic, it showcases an amazing guitar playing and what this band was capable of when they truly focused on what they were really good at: Creating amazing prog epics instead of covering old pop songs

Other epics by the band: Buddah, Father of Day Father of Night
Misplaced Childhood

Bitter Suite -

Marillion's Bitter Suite features everything that we love of that classic neo-prog sound Fish created plus some amazing instrumentation, specially with the guitar

Other epics by the band: Blind Curve
42The Mars Volta
De-Loused in the Comatorium

Roulette Dares (The Haunt of) -

I'm not really a Mars Volta fan, however in this song they really did an amazing work. The sound is heavy and distorded just like the usual in De-Loused but with a polished instrumentation and catchy, epic vocals. Its chorus is really one of the coolest ever

Other epics by the band: Cicatriz Esp, Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt
43Marvin Gaye
What's Going On

Right On -

Just like with Curtis Mayfield, here we have one of the biggest stars in soul music. Right On features awesome piano and orchestral driven instrumentation going along with Gaye's classic voice

Other epics by the artist: *Haven't checked more of his albums, def gotta change that*
44Meat Loaf
Bat Out of Hell

Bat Out of Hell -

You can say whatever you want about Meat Loaf and this album, but its t/t is certainly a perfect song: catchy and with many excellent climaxes it also features an incredible instrumentation, both in the piano and the guitar along with Loaf's powerful voice

Other epics by the artist: For Crying Out Loud, Paradise by the Dashboard Light
45Massive Attack

Group Four -

Group Four is the longest song in one of the most acclaimed Trip Hop albums, featuring beautiful female vocals along the classic trip hop calming sound, Group Four is certainly a song to get lost into as soon as you close your eyes

Other epics by the band: Black Milk
46Mercyful Fate

Melissa -

Melissa's t/t is one of King Diamond's best vocal performances and one of the best ever seen in metal in general. The emotion and the notes he manages to reach in here make of this a song worthy of its classic status

Other epics by the band: Satan's Fall, The Oath
47Blue Effect
Modry Efekt & Radim Hladik

Boty -

Modry Efekt's sound is not pretty unique when compared to other prog bands but the skills showed in Boty as well as in the whole album, really makes you wonder how is it possible that a band with so much talent managed to remain under the radar

Other epics by the band: Hypertenze
48Mom's Apple Pie
Mom's Apple Pie #2

Rain -

The excellent vocals and the guitar mix up with a superb work on the horns and the organ, creating a beautiful ballad that's among the best in hard rock. A classic of american rock, that never got the attention it deserved

Other epics by the band: *none that I am aware of*
49The Mothers of Invention
One Size Fits All

Inca Roads -

Inca Roads is one of the best and also one of the most normal(?) songs Zappa did during his heyday. It features a sexy bass line and a great work on the marimba plus, of course, your classic Zappa weird vocals and amazing guitar playing

Other epics by the band: The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet, Po-Jama People
A Tab in the Ocean

Desolation Valley/Waves -

One of the best riffs in prog, along with some of the coolest organ playing. Nektar showed us with Desolation Valley that they were among the kings of space rock

Other epics by the band: A Tab in the Ocean

Hallogallo -

Hallogallo is repetitive just like many other krautrock songs, but with its cool guitar and synth playing does just what every great repetitive krautrock songs needs to do which is taking you on a psychedelic journey that lasts for the entire length of the song in which you won't even end up noticing that Hallogallo lasts more than 10 minutes

Other epics by the band: Leb' Wohl, E-Musik, Negativland
(What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Champagne Supernova -

It might be overplayed as hell but that's because Champagne Supernova is truly a classic. Excellent vocals mixed with one of the best and most emotional heavy guitar solos ever

Other epics by the band: Slide Away
53Ozric Tentacles
Jurassic Shift

Jurassic Shift -

Jurassic Shift's t/t is one hell of a modern space rock song, with eerie synths, electronic effects and great guitar playing, this instrumental is another breath taking song that takes you on what would be a great acid trip

Other epics by the band: Feng Shui
Mothership Connection

P. Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up) -

The vocals in here are so good that even the spoken word intro is just delicious. This is just some of the funkiest funk you can get baby

Other epics by the band: Mothership Connection (Star Child)
55Patti Smith

Birdland -

This is all about the lyrics and Patti's extremly emotional voice

Other epics by the artist: Land
56Pescado Rabioso

Cantata de Puentes Amarillos -

Pescado Rabioso was the other of Spinetta's big three prog projects and Cantata de Puentes Amarillos is an excellent song to get into his style with his classic argentinean accent and an impressive job on the acoustic guitar

Other epics by the band: Cristálida
57Transsylvania Phoenix

Invocatie -

Probably the most iconic eastern europe band thanks to its tense past with communist authorities, Invocatie is the best way to start the band's best album with a mix of prog and hard rock, it takes the western influences the band had and adds that great romanian flavour

Other epics by the band: Negru Voda
58Pink Fairies
Kings of Oblivion

I Wish I Was a Girl -

Heavy proto-punk with amazing guitar work. Pink Fairies were also among the heaviest bands of their time. I Wish I Was a Girl shows those amazing guitar skills and proves (along with the rest of the album) a raw punk sound many years before it became popular (á la hipster)

Other epics by the band: Street Urchin
59Popol Vuh
Hosianna Mantra

Hosianna Mantra -

Hosianna Mantra's t/t is just 10 minutes of piano, guitar and operatic vocals. However, it is its simple composition what makes of this such a calming and beautiful experience. A truly unique song, with a perfect eerie ambiance

Other epics by the band: Nicht Hoch Im Himmel
60Primal Scream

Loaded -

Primal Scream are a band with a pretty unique sound which is certainly difficult to describe. Known for their mix of rock, pop and electronic influences, Loaded works as one of their coolest songs with a happy and catchy yet well performed sound

Other epics by the band: Come Together
Sign o' the Times

It's Gonna be a Beautiful Night - (live version since you know it is impossible to find Prince's studio material on Youtube)

It's Gonna be a Beautiful Night is a live track in which we can see the talent of late Prince's band "The Revolution", with its classic great vocals and catchy hooks, this is a perfect 9 minutes song with a fantastic work on the horns and a great piano in its final part

Other epics by the band: Automatic, Purple Rain

Halloween Part I -

Rather calm for a 20 minutes prog epic, the first part of Halloween still has its faster moments in which the band will go full nuts showing their instrumental talent, but its more tranquil parts are certainly great too as they're truly beautiful too

Other epics by the band: Halloween Part II
63Quarteto 1111
Onde, Quando, Como, Porquê, Cantamos Pessoas Vivas

Onde, Quando, Como, Porquê, Cantamos Pessoas Vivas Parte 1 -

The first amazing album involving Jose Cid, it features some truly beautiful political lyrics against Portugal's dictatorship and it finds in its first half its greatest moment. Cid provides impressive vocals and the combination of the guitar and the keys in the second half of the song has to be among the most chill givin' climaxes ever

Other epics by the band: Onde, Quando, Como, Porquê, Cantamos Pessoas Vivas Parte 2
64Rare Earth
Get Ready

Get Ready -

Impressive 20 minutes epic with that great 60's second half vibe that also showcases a great drum solo and an excellent work on the keys

Other epics by the band: *this is the only album by them I've checked*
65Return to Forever
Romantic Warrior

Sorceress -

Sorceress has to be one of the best jazz fusion songs ever, with Stanley Clarke's classic and impressive bass playing, Al di Meola's classic and impressive guitar playing and Chick Corea's classic and impressive synth playing. The thing is, this is instrumental is just that: Classic and impressive, a whole climax of more than 7 minutes

Other epics by the band: The Romantic Warrior, Duel of the Jester & the Tyrant (Parts I & II), Captain Señora Mouse
66Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom

Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road -

Some excellent horns during all the song, accompanied by some weird vocals end up creating a pretty unique and immersive track

Other epics by the artist: Alifib
67The Sizlacks
The Sizlacks Demos

Deeper -

You've probably heard some of this band's material in High5Toons youtube videos which, among others, includes the popular "Pikachu on Acid" animation. Deeper is part of the band's demo (their debut is to be released soon) and showcases the acid rock the band took from the 60's straight into this decade. Great sound for a demo with some of the sexiest psychedelic guitar

Other epics by the band: Insanity Part I
68Sly and The Family Stone
There's A Riot Goin' On

Africa Talks to You 'The Asphalt Jungle' -

Early funk from this classic band. Africa Talks to You features some sexy bass, great choral vocals and excellent guitar playing

Other epics by the band: Thank you For Talkin' to me Africa, Sex Machine
69Soft Machine

Out-Bloody-Rageous -

Mixing jazz and rock, the whole "Third" album consists only of epics and among them there is Out-Bloody-Rageous, which changes between some atmospheric, electronic-esque intro to pure jazz fusion euphoria and then ends with some great calming jazz section

Other epics by the band: Moon in June, Facelift

Lady of the Lake -

Starcastle is one of the many Yes copycats that appeared in the 70's, but they're among that very small group which was actually good and the opener of their most popular albums shows us why. Great vocal melodies and a galloping bass go along with some sexy synth-driven composition

Other epics by the band: Sunfield
71Steely Dan

Aja -

Steely Dan is one of those bands that you use as an example to differentiate "jazz rock" from "jazz fusion", we can see why on Aja's t/t as it clearly follows a jazzy rythm; however, with their vocals and general instrumentation, Steely Dan creates its own style of jazz... its own style of rock

Other epics by the band: Deacon Blues
72Steve Hillage
Fish Rising

Aftaglid -

Spacey and with some cool riffing and soloing, Aftaglid is a truly epic songs that lasts almost 15 minutes. The awesomeness of the song is achieved thanks to Hillage's great talent which shows how important he, and his guitar were for Gong

Other epics by the artist: Solar Musick Suite, The Salmon Song
73Stevie Wonder
Songs in the Key of Life

Another Star -

It is difficult to groove as hard as Stevie Wonder. Another Star shows why he's one of the greatest. His powerful voice, a funky instrumentation and great backing vocals providing us an excellent pop song

Other epics by the artist: Black Man, Living for the City
74The Stone Roses
The Stone Roses

I am the Resurrection -

Ian Brown's band gives us an excellent 8 minutes alt-rock epic with I am the Resurrection: It is catchy and uplifting with some excellent instrumental passages featuring excellent percussion an some great guitar

Other epics by the band: Fools Gold
75The Stooges
Fun House

Fun House -

Iggy's voice and the general instrumentation in Fun House's t/t shows why they're regarded as one of the most influential bands for the punk genre. But even if the punk side of the song is amazing, what makes of this a truly unique piece (as well as the whole album) is Mackay's sax which is extremly powerful and catchy. If you wonder what a sax can do in punk, lemme tell you, it can only make it better

Other epics by the band: Dirt
Storm Zone

Southern Cross -

I'm not that much into jazz, but the opener of Takashi's Storm Zone might be one of the best things ever. At almost 7 minutes, Southern Cross features a catchy and extremly well performed piano, and a great spanish flavoured bass. The song follows a clear structure which is odd for a jazz song since it is a genre that goes more into the vein of improvisation, but maybe that's what makes of it a real highlight

Other epics by the artist: Moko-Moko
77Tame Impala

Let it Happen -

Let it Happen is a weird song, since it is pretty uncommon to see songs that could be named epics in modern pop. Tame Impala changed their Beatles-esque style for their latest album and finally showed to the world their own sound which is uplifting and catchy, yet immersive and atmospheric

Other epics by the band: Apocalypse Dream
78Tangerine Dream

Ricochet, Part One -

at almost 18 minutes, the first part of TD's live album Ricochet is the paradise for every synth lover. An early influence for what would later become present day's electronic music, Ricochet is eerie, mystical and a real magical electronic experience

Other epics by the band: Ricochet Part Two, Phaedra, Rubycon Part One, Rubycon Part Two
79Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our

Broken Chords can Sing a Little -

Broken Chords's piano is simple, extremly simple and slow, yet it sounds so powerful and filled with emotion that it creates a beautiful ambiance for those that listen to it; a magical ambiance that gets even better with a classic post-rock violin and great, atmospheric vocal samples

Other epics by the band: Blown-Out Joy From Heaven's Mercied Hole, Austerity Blues, What we Loved was Not Enough
80Yndi Halda
Enjoy Eternal Bliss

A Song for Starlit Beaches -

Enjoy Eternal Bliss might be one of post-rock greatest creations, on the same level as any GYBE album, A Song for Starlit Beaches shows us why, the climaxes are truly epic with some dense orchestral instrumentation and the more calm passages of the song are truly relaxing

Other epics by the band: Dash and Blast, We Flood Empty Lakes, Illuminate my Heart my Darling!
The World Is a Ghetto

The World is a Ghetto -

Great funkeh funk in here, with some excellent vocal harmonies and one of the sexiest sax solos ever. Feel da funk!

Other epics by the band: City Country City
The Crimson Idol

The Great Misconceptions of Me -

Crimson Idol is something many people wouldn't believe actually exists: While it may be true that there are obvious prog metal or heavy metal moments, overall it is still just a glam metal album, a conceptual glam metal album, that's actually not only catchy but extremly well performed. Great Misconceptions of Me is the proof that there can be quality and epicness even in the less popular genres

Other epics by the band: Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue), The Idol, The Heretic (The Lost Child)
Todd Rundgren's Utopia

Utopia's Theme -

Todd Rundgren went full prog with Utopia's debut and its "theme" is certainly one hell of an epic, showcasing great instrumentation, specially the keys and guitar

Other epics by the band: Freak Parade, The Ikon

Nevermore -

Nevermore is a fantastic piece of great jazz fusion by the british super group U.K., with some fantastic instrumentation, this song is the result of a band in which every member is a star on its own that needs to prove why they're considered such

Other epics by the band: Thirty Years, Mental Medication
85Los Bunkers
Vida de Perros

Ahora que No Estás -

Just 6 minutes may not be the average length of an "epic" specially if we're talking about an Indie Rock/Pop song in the vein of Franz Ferdinand like it is Ahora que No Estás by Los Bunkers, however its composition which has an in crescendo riff with a Zeppelin vibe might be one of the coolest climaxes there is with a certain epic atmosphere

Other epics by the band: *None that I am aware of*

Lateralus -

We all know this song, we all know Tool's staple sound so there is no need to tell why it rules. Still, the fantastic drumming, heavy distorded guitars and great bass need to be mentioned as they're the highlights in here

Other epics by the band: The Grudge, Reflection, Third Eye, Pushit, Eulogy
87Wishbone Ash

Sometime World -

Andy Powell is probably one of the best guitarists ever, and Wishbone Ash are among the "twin guitars" greatest names. Sometime World features a perfect guitar work and bass work with some great and catchy vocals

Other epics by the band: Time Was
88Smashing Pumpkins
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Porcelina of the Vast Oceans -

Another great alt-rock epic: Porcelina of the Vast Oceans has some great vocals and guitars with both its heavy and relaxing sections being excellent reminders of why The Smashing Pumpkins are praised that much

Other epics by the band: Silverfuck

Good Morning, Captain -

Influential for both post-rock and math-rock, Spiderland is regarded as one of the best albums ever and Good Morning, Captain might be its more popular song. With some great instrumentation, it is a dark yet atmospheric and beautiful experience

Other epics by the band: Washer
90Big Brother And The Holding Company
Cheap Thrills

Ball and Chain -

Perfect psychedelic guitar madness + Janis being Janis

Other epics by the band: *This is the only by them I've checked. Something that I want to change*
91Bee Gees

Odessa (City on the Black Sea) -

The Bee Gees were among the most important psychedelic bands, which is why is sad that their reputation went down as they became a disco band with many hits. Odessa is one of the darkest and most mature albums in the psychedelic pop genre, and its opener shows that the Bee Gees were way more than just a bunch of catchy falsettos. The acoustic guitar, the gregorian chants... Odessa is a beautiful, emotional ballad

Other epics by the band: *None that I am aware of*
92Bruce Springsteen
Born to Run

Jungleland -

Jungleland is certainly one of Springsteen's best songs. With a great piano and fantastic performances on both the guitar and the vocals, Jungleland would just need of a sax to be a perfect song... wait, it has one!

Other epics by the artist: New York Serenade, Incident on 57th Street
93Electric Wizard

Funeralopolis -

Another classic of modern doom metal, Funeralopolis has a great, A FANTASTIC bass and some cool doomy and fuzzy guitars. This is how doom should be

Other epics by the band: Weird Tales, Dopethrone
94DJ Shadow

Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain -

I gotta admit I didn't expect something labeled as "instrumental rap" to be good, but damn this is amazing. While it may be a little bit repetitive for some, Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain creates a great acid trip like atmosphere with some cool yet simple guitar and great drumming machine

Other epics by the artist: Stem/Long Term **Transmission 2
95Guthrie Govan
Erotic Cakes

Ner Ner -

Maybe a little bit too wanky for some people, but Ner Ner is a fantastic instrumental with some perfect guitar madness and excellent production

Other epics by the artist: Hangover
96Devin Townsend
Ocean Machine: Biomech

Bastard -

Bastard features some heavy, distorded guitar, yet still manages to create a dense and magic atmosphere thanks to the heavy vocals and some beautiful piano notes consisting of well, just one note

Other epics by the artist: Funeral, The Death of Music, Tiny Tears, Earth Day
97Beastie Boys
Paul's Boutique

B-Boy Bouillabaisse -

At more than twelve minutes, there are two pretty simple things about this song that make of it a classic: The great rapping and vocals by the Beastie Boys and their great talent for the use of samples. Pretty simple, but it is truth

Other epics by the band: *None, at least from the albums by them that I've checked*
98Aphex Twin
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

We are the Music Makers -

There's not a lot to say about this since as many of you may already know, AT's "Selected Ambient Works" is very simple when we refer to its sound. However, despite of its simple sound, we can see in this album, specially in songs like We are the Music Makers, why Aphex Twin is such a big name in electronic music; his songs are atmospheric and calming, while others may differ, I think this is supposed to be listened while resting and closing your eyes, you gotta let the music take you away

Other epics by the artist: Tha, Windowlicker
99Bob Marley and The Wailers

Exodus -

Exodus's t/t has everything we love about Bob Marley and reggae in general: great backing vocals and an uplifting instrumentation

Other epics by the band: *None that I am aware of*
100Soundtrack (Film)
American Gigolo

Call Me (by Blondie) -

8 minutes of a fantastic rock song with a great riff and Debbie's beautiful voice, Call Me is a perfect 80's pop-rock master piece

Other epics by the band: *None that I am aware of*
101Peter Gabriel

Biko -

Along with his amazing and classic voice, in Biko we can see Peter Gabriel creating a magic song that creates what would later be the classic sound of the 80's

Other epics by the artist: Waiting for the Big One
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