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Willie's Final 2015

Here it is, my final 2015...
1Paradise Lost
The Plague Within

Paradise Lost pick up where 1993's Icon left off, but they include the death metal vocals of their debut, the clean singing of their latter albums and the solid songwriting that they've always been known for. Excellent and dynamic doom.

The best thing they've done since their debut. Mixes the best of the first three albums while smartly ignoring the fourth.
3Void Of Sleep
New World Order

Stoner rock meets a little 'Nothingface'-era Voivod with a bit of modern Katatonia darkness thrown in for good measure. Yes-fucking-please.
Aphotic Veil

Some very good doom/death. Atmospheric, dark, and heavy.
5Cradle of Filth
Hammer of the Witches

Cradle of Filth recapture everything that made them so good from 1994 to 2000. The riffs and melodies are awesome. The keyboards are complimentary and the songs writing is finally back on par.

This is the gothic metal album that could have come after Irreligious. This is everything that is right about gothic metal without any of the cheese. Great clean vocals, sparse harsh vocals, great melodies and excellent atmosphere.
Juggernaut: Omega

Melodic and proggy Djent. I never really liked their older stuff, but this one is pretty good.
8Shape of Despair
Monotony Fields

Moody, atmospheric and heavy funeral doom done right.
9Dead When I Found Her
All the Way Down

If you were to take Skinny Puppy's song 'Warlock' from their Rabies album and enhanced the darkness, atmosphere, and melody, you would have this album. The only reason it isn't closer to a 4.5 is because the last three tracks all drag a little bit. Still the best industrial I've heard this year.
The Ride Majestic

Soilwork takes the best elements from their double album and try to cram them all into a single album. For the most part it works, but not quite as good as the previous release.
Condition Human

Queensryche are moving right along now that they've got the new singer. Easily the most metal and progressive album they've released. Not nearly as instant and catchy as their previous album together, but still really good.
Under the Red Cloud

Kind of like the perfect mix of Elegy and Silent Waters with even a bit of 1000 Lakes throwback in places. Definitely a huge step-up from Circle.
13Hanging Garden
Blackout Whiteout

What a surprise. Hanging Garden were always an above-average doom metal band that pretty much played it by the numbers (ignoring their post metal sophomore release), but not this time. This takes the sound made famous by latter-day Katatonia and mixes it with some post rock and the melodic doom of Hanging Garden's first and third album. Very good.
14Atlas Losing Grip

Great Melodic Punk featuring the vocalist from Satanic Surfers. One of the better punk releases I've heard lately.
15Rivers of Nihil

Starts out kind of sounding like typical modern death metal, but the progressive side slowly shows itself. Very good and interesting from start to finish.
A Century in the Curse of Time

What a comeback. Takes the best parts of their melodic death metal era and their alternative rock era and mixes them together (kind of like their Twinaleblood album did, but way better and in more equal parts). They mix it with a modern sound, punk influence and even a bit of prog. What a surprise.
17Disarmonia Mundi
Cold Inferno

Melodic death metal and metalcore meet. They're kind of a one-trick pony, but it's a good trick.
Of Beauty and Rage

Red return to what made them great in the first place. Emotional alt. rock driven by some very symphonic melodies.
19Meg Myers

Meg Meyers makes some catchy and edgy indie pop. Read Davey's review for a full description.
20Fear Factory

Easily the most melodic thing Fear Factory have ever done, but they did it without losing track of their core sound and audience.
21August Burns Red
Found in Far Away Places

I'm not overly familiar with these guys (although I have heard them before). I like their brand of aggressive, progressive metalcore. Good stuff.
22Eskimo Callboy

Generic Metalcore meets generic pop and somehow makes a fucking awesome baby.

Chill, lush and melodic progressive rock. For fans of Porcupine Tree, Riverside and other prog rock bands that stick to the mellower side of the house.
24Princess Chelsea
The Great Cybernetic Depression

Strange, spacey, indie pop full of lush melodies.
25For All Eternity

Melodic metalcore. The heavy parts are pretty cool and the melodic musical parts are cool too. The clean vocals leave a little to be desired, though.
26The Bunny The Bear
A Liar Wrote This

Kind of a poppy, electro-post hardcore sound with male/female vocals. People don't like it. I like it more every time I listen to it.
27Born of Osiris
Soul Sphere

Not too much different than anything else they've ever done. Kind of Djent, kind of melodic death metal, kind of industrial, kind of groggy. Kind of good.
28Walking With Strangers

Kind of a dark metalcore sound with a lot of that Djent sound. No clean singing and very powerful shouts.
29Feed Her to the Sharks

Chugging metalcore. Everyone seems to be bitching about how generic this album is and how it isn't 2006 anymore... who fucking cares? It's good and the only real problem is that a lot of the choruses sound similar.
30Shade Empire
Omega Arcane

Excellent symphonic death/black metal that doesn't rely on the symphonic elements to cover up a general lack of talent. Good stuff.
Juggernaut: Alpha

The more subdued of the two Juggernaut albums. This one isn't as good, but it's still pretty damn great overall.
32Between the Buried and Me
Coma Ecliptic

I've never been a fan of their music, but this is much better. My main problem with these guys is the same one I've always had? they seem to lack any kind of direction or cohesiveness. Songs just go until they stop.
33End of the Dream
All I Am

This is just well done gothic/symphonic metal with excellent female vocals. Is there anything special or unique about this album? Not really, but it's well done without taking the symphonic element too far and the female vocals aren't annoyingly high pitched.
All Fours

Post black metal/screamo/punk whatever. They have an excellent drummer, too.
Shadow World

Epic melodic black metal. It's really well done, even if there's really not much to help it stand out.

Mechina are nothing if not consistent. They've got the symphonic industrial death metal thing down... it's just too bad that, despite improvement with each album, it just feels like more of the same at this point.
Here Comes The Sun

Atmospheric prog. Kind of like a cross between Porcupine Tree and latter-day Katatonia. Not as psychedelic as PT but not as doom & gloom as Katatonia.
Secret Youth

Melodic and atmospheric post metal. Almost feels like the album has an alt. rock feel, too.
39The Dreaming
Rise Again

The core of Stabbing Westward re-unite. There are definitely some Stabbing Westward elements here and should appeal to anyone that liked their brand of Industrialized Rock.
Ascending Hate

Graveworm's first few albums were pretty damn good, but starting with 'Engraved in Black' they kind of had an identity crisis. It seems that after five albums of varying quality, they have finally worked out their new sound. It's melodic death/black metal with subtle and tasteful keyboard sections that aren't trying to be metalcore or Dimmu Borgir.
41Tad Morose
St. Demonius

Another dark, moody, slab of progressive metal from one of the long running bands in the genre.
42Killing Joke

It seems like the band took the melodic side of albums like Brighter Than 1,000 Suns and mixed it with their apocalyptic post punk sound of today. That's a good thing.
The Moon Lit Our Path

Instrumental metal that doesn't include any shredding. Instead they kind of riff their way from beginning to end utilizing a mix of post metal and black metal.
44The Orb
Moonbuilding 2703 Ad

The Orb's music is an acquired taste. It's kind of an all-over-the-place version of electronic/ambient/club music. Good stuff.

Very mellow progressive rock. It's not bad when I'm in the mood for it.
46The Tumor Called Marla

Lacuna Coil meets TesseracT. It's pretty damn cool.

It's fucking Slayer... or mostly Slayer with a side of Exodus...
Her Halo

They've taken their modern prog sound and stretched out the moody progressive side a little bit more than the last album. Not as good as the last album, but still really good.
Enigmatic Smile

More Djenty metalcore. The songs seem more fleshed out than on the debut, but I still prefer that one.
50Hope Drone
Cloak of Ash

Long, droning, post black metal with doom elements.
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