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30 Songs Deep Purple

I wanted to do a top20, but it was really impossible for me to pick just 20 songs from them. So here we have, the 30 songs i select from one of my definitve bands. It does not intend to be the ultimate list, but a personal pick, considering a) personal taste, b) relevance and c) trying to cover most of their catalogue. And, it is a great opportunity to have feedback of others DP fans. Please comment. This list includes tracks from 13 of 19 DP records (studio only, sorry Made in Japan), and all DP Marks are represented, with the exception of MkV (because, let´s face it, they sucked) and MkVI (because this Mk didn't release any studio records). Obviously Mk2 gets the lion´s share, with 50% of the list. Here we go:
1Deep Purple
The Book of Taliesyn

1. Hard Road
This was the rise of their signature sound. fantastic riff and call and answer duel.
2Deep Purple
The Book of Taliesyn

2. The Shield
I always thought that Simper was a cool bassist. This prog DP song proves it.
3Deep Purple
Deep Purple

3. The Bird Has Flown
First original Single. Listen the album version, its interlude rocks. The distorsion was ahead of its time.
4Deep Purple
Deep Purple

4. April
Lord´s song. this one is MkI´s Child on Time. Every second of it is amazing. The first part, with sweet Blackmore guitar and the classical interlude just prepares you to the hard finale. Masterpiece.
5Deep Purple
Deep Purple in Rock

5. Speed King
Summoned in just one word: intensity.
6Deep Purple
Deep Purple in Rock

6. Bloodsucker
Groovy and hard, what a combination. Oh and some awesome howling from Gillan.
7Deep Purple
Deep Purple in Rock

7. Child on Time
No DP list could be complete without this masterpiece, no matter how cliche or used it turned to be, this song is just incredible. Also, Gillan.
8Deep Purple
Deep Purple in Rock

8. Living Wreck
Glover´s lines are so amazing, they complement very well with Paice´s rhythm and Blackmore/Lord responses.
9Deep Purple
Deep Purple in Rock

9. Hard Lovin´ Man
I was not a fan of this song until i listened to a live version. Man what a journey!
10Deep Purple

10. Fireball
Paice pulls a terrific display here, and seems so effortlessly cool it blows our minds. Lord´s solo here is amazing as well.
11Deep Purple

11. Demon´s eye
This is one hell of a riff. Amazing songs that makes you forget the disc you bought had no "Strange Kind of Woman".
12Deep Purple

12. Fools
They were kind of prog and psychedelic in the beginning, before they stuck with the hard rock great stuff. Now they revisited prog and psychedelic in Fools, but this time, from a hard rock point of view. This is one of DP´s best songs ever.
13Deep Purple
Machine Head

13. Highway Star
Perhaps the best song they ever wrote. This is one of the songs that improves your mood right away. Everything rocks: the lyrics, the rhythm section, the solos, the riffs, the production, the classical chords. Outstanding.
14Deep Purple
Machine Head

14. Never Before
Funky, even before Coverdale and Hughes. Lord injected some true rock and roll mood in the mix and nailed it.
15Deep Purple
Machine Head

15. Smoke on The Water
World´s most recognizable riff, even to those who does´t know what a riff is.
16Deep Purple
Machine Head

16. Lazy
Another prog track that turned to be an amazing rocker. They were really at their pick of their capabilities. Lord´s section is so engaging, then it comes the smoothy bass, and then rock & roll all over the place. Class.
17Deep Purple
Machine Head

17. Space Truckin´
Durú... Du Du Du, Duuuuu Duuuuu Durú! You got to love this song.
18Deep Purple

18. Burn
Burn is perhaps my favorite DP song. It is so intense, so raw, so amazingly crafted, and with the introduction to Coverdale and Hughes´s harmonies it really blows my mind. No matter where you are, you just want to raise one hand, do the horns and scream Buuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrnnnn!
19Deep Purple

19. Might Just Take Your Life
To show you how great Burn was as a record, after they hit you with Burn brutality, there comes a groovy and funky tune. Oh what a treat.
20Deep Purple

20. Sail Away
Now this is funk 101. This song really highlights the coverdale/hughes harmonies. Amazing, insanely catchy. Hughes was and is something special.
21Deep Purple

21. Mistreated
Blackmore guitar crying, Coverdale voice ripping it off, the rest of the band grooving slowly... peak moment for the band.
22Deep Purple

22. Stormbringer
Classic 75´ song. Blackmore didn´t enjoy the making of this record (to much funk for his taste), but in this songs he pulls off a fantastic guitar work.
23Deep Purple

23. Soldier Of Fortune
The lights up in the concert moment. This one became almost a cult song. Fantastic. Blackmore all over the place.The DP´s Free Bird.
24Deep Purple
Come Taste the Band

24. Love Child
Bolin was an amazing guitarist, and this song is a solid proof of that. Catchy riff, funky bridge, smoothy rhythm section, this one is a song that deserves more recognition.
25Deep Purple
Come Taste the Band

25. You Keep on Moving
Hands down, MkIV greatest song. Everything works. The bass lines are just amazing. The choruses outstanding. The guitar solos at the end fantastic. This is one of Lord´s favorites.
26Deep Purple
Perfect Strangers

26. Perfect Strangers
All the comeback record was incredible, but i pick the title song because it sums all the mood of the MkII reunion.
27Deep Purple
The House of Blue Light

27. Strangeways
I don´t know what it is, but i find this song hypnotically amazing. Perhaps the steady rhythm.
28Deep Purple

28. Loosen My Strings
Purpendicular was their last great record. Morse was a perfect choice. Glover was really inspired here. Just amazing. The record is awesome, but for me, this track stands out.
29Deep Purple
Rapture of the Deep

29. Rapture of The Deep
Morse finest moment as DP member.
30Deep Purple
Now What?!

30. Vincent Price
What the hell, this song is pretty funny, and my choice has nothing to do with the video´s guitar solo scene.
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