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Words That Mean Things #3

The first one of these I made on my old account, so that's long gone... The second one I made with this account, but for some reason, that one's also long gone... So I apologize for any duplicates if any of you even remember, lawl. But I don't think there are. Well, there may be duplicates of albums, but definitely not of lyrics. Anyway, check out this great poetry. Let's talk about the statements they're making. Death, love, language, fate, etc.
1Johnny Foreigner
Waited Up 'til It Was Light

Your jealous friends have gotta get laid - The only thing that's stopping you is more of the same
2Depeche Mode

Vows are spoken to be broken - Feelings are intense, words are trivial - Pleasures remain, so does the pain - Words are meaningless and forgettable
3The Doors
The Doors

We chased our pleasures here, dug our treasures there - But can you still recall the time we cried? - Break on through to the other side
4Buck 65

You'll find a girl with a low voice who holds the world in her bare hands - You'll fall in love, you'll have no choice, once you are given a fair chance - For the first time you will sleep well, take a deep breath, see the Sun shine - Hold on to her for dear life, then watch the whole world unwind - Ask her to show you some magic and I guarantee that she will say yes - Tell her you've seen forever and you'll be together not a day less
5Arcade Fire

And the power's out - in the heart of man - Take it from your heart, put it in your hand
6The National
High Violet

You said it was not inside my heart - it was. You said it should tear a kid apart - it does.
7Yo La Tengo
I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One

We could slip away - oh, wouldn't that be better? Me with nothing to say, and you in your autumn sweater
8Bob Dylan
Bringing It All Back Home

While them that defend what they cannot see, with a killer's pride, security, it blows their minds most bitterly - For them that think death's honesty won't fall upon on them naturally, life sometimes must get lonely
9Soul Coughing
Ruby Vroom

Gone savage for teenagers with automatic weapons and boundless love - Gone savage for teenagers who are aesthetically pleasing, in other words, "fly" - Los Angeles beckons the teenagers to come to her on buses - Los Angeles loves love - - It is 5 AM, and you are listening to Los Angeles
10The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

My folks, when I wrote them, told 'em what I was up to, said "that's not me" - I went through all kinds of changes, took a look at myself, and said "that's not me"
Brand New Eyes

'Cause I'm just one of those ghosts - Travelin' endlessly - Don't need no roads - In fact, they follow me - And we just go in circles
12Edie Brickell
Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars

Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box - Religion is the smile on a dog
The Eye of Every Storm

The race to render your vision - A fracture in the world can devour - Return to the light of the bearer - The radiant breaks down into life
14Sonic Youth
Daydream Nation

There's something moving other there, to the right - Like nothing I've ever seen
15Emma Ruth Rundle
Some Heavy Ocean

If we both get caught, then we'll run forever
Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

The music scene is crazy, bands start up each and every day - I just saw another one just the other day, a special new band

I don't wanna hurt nobody, I ain't gonna cause a scene - I just need to admit that I want sugar in my tea
18The Postal Service
Give Up

Last week I had the strangest dream, where everything was exactly how it seemed - Where there was never any mystery of who shot John F. Kennedy - It was just a man with something to prove, slightly bored and severely confused - He steadied his rifle with his target in the center - And became famous on that day in November
19System of a Down
System of a Down

I want to fuck my way to the garden - 'Cause everyone needs a mother, fucker!
Sailing the Seas of Cheese

Cyanide works oh so fast, is it luck? - Polyester makes you sweat, is it luck? - If a graham cracker gets you off, is it luck? Love. Love? Is it luck?

Should I apologize if what I say burns your ears and stains your eyes? - Oh, did I crack your shell? When it falls away, you'll see we exist as well!
22Alice in Chains

What's my drug of choice? Well, what have you got? I don't go broke, and I do it a lot
23Ani DiFranco

Art may imitate life, but life imitates TV
Dear You

Survival never goes out of style
25Operation Ivy

No one's got a thing against you, unless you got something to prove
26Manic Street Preachers
The Holy Bible

He's a boy, you want a girl so tear off his cock - Tie his hair in bunches, fuck him, call him Rita if you want
27Young Marble Giants
Colossal Youth

If you think the world is a clutter of existence - falling through the air with minimal resistance - you could be right - how would I know? - colossal youth is showing the way to go
28Angel Olsen
Burn Your Fire For No Witness

If you've still got some light in you, then go before it's gone - Burn your fire for no witness, it's the only way it's done
29Talking Heads
Fear of Music

I'm charged up, I'm kinda wooden - I'm barely moving, I study motion - I study myself, I fooled myself! - I'm charged up, it's pretty intense. - - I'm charged up, don't put me down - Don't feel like talking, don't mess around - I feel mean, I feel ok - I'm charged up, electricity
Marquee Moon

I was listenin', listenin' to the rain - I was hearin', hearin' somethin' else
31Bad Religion
No Control

Hey, man of science with your perfect rules of measure - can you improve this place with the data that you gather? - Hey, Mother Mercy, can your loins bear fruit forever? Is your fecundity a trammel or a treasure?
40 Oz. to Freedom

The moral of the date rape story: it does not pay to be drunk and horny
Summer in Abaddon

Toss it away - into the water - toss it away - into the fire
34The Notwist
Neon Golden

No matter what we say, no matter what we think - We will never, we'll never leave this room - - What are we going to do about this?
In Utero

I just want you to know that I don't hate you anymore - There is nothing I could say that I haven't thought before
In Rainbows

You used to be alright - What happened? - Etcetera, etcetera... Fads for whatever - 15 steps - and then a sheer drop
37Genelec & Memphis Reigns
Scorpion Circles

This blizzard in the middle of spring hits with swift unexpected force, showing neglect for projected course - Expect remorse from those not ready - caught heavy when Hurricane G drops steady - Never before measured the method that mirrors mine - effortlessly aggressive in essence, spirit and mind - clearin' that fine line, terminal velocity - inferno of animosity, man, there's no stoppin' me
38The Evens
The Evens

When things should work but don't work, that's the work of all these governors

Hate if you wanna hate, if it keeps you safe, if it makes you brave
40The Beatles

But listen to the color of your dreams - it is not living, it is not living - Or play the game: existence to the end - of the beginning, of the beginning, of the beginning, of the beginning...
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