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08.01.15 Favorite Songs of All Time06.29.15 Favorite Albums of All Time

Favorite Albums of All Time

(in no particular order and incomplete)
Kid A

There isn't much to say about this album that hasn't been proclaimed from the mountains, blown up across headlines, or etched into stone. One of the turn of the millennium's most important events, and an album that can be depressing, uplifting, terrifying, and utterly awesome all at once.

Favorite track: Motion Picture Soundtrack
2Aphex Twin
Richard D. James Album

When it comes to making emotionally resonant and atmospheric music, let alone in IDM, this is Aphex at his apex. (really wanted to make that joke)

Favorite track: Girl/Boy Song

What you'd get if Paul's Boutique was an alternative rock album. The two albums are actually made by the same producers (Dust Bros), funnily enough.

Favorite track: Where It's At
Metaphorical Music

Imagine that you have a cold, and you're on a boat wading in an ocean of chicken soup. That's what this album is like, and it's the breath of fresh air that hip hop really needed come the turn of the millennium.

Favorite track: A Day By Atmosphere Supreme

Good God, i love this album to death. Everything from its deliberately radio-hostile sound to the dynamic duo of Madlib's wonderfully eccentric production and MF Doom's brilliant lyrics. A good album to study for any aspiring rappers.

Favorite track: Curls

The first album i ever really held close to me. One of the finest albums I've ever listened to, and great proof that sampling isn't just a tool to use out of laziness.

Favorite track: Honey
7Daft Punk

I'll be really sad if this album goes into the history books just because of "Harder Better Faster Stronger", because this is genuinely a fantastic album that showed us that Guy-Man and Thomas can not only rewrite house, but reinvent it too.

Favorite track: Superheroes
8The Postal Service
Give Up

Another album I've held close to me from a young age. The greatest indie album I've ever listened to, great for crisp-aired promenades in a fine young autumn.

Favorite track: District Sleeps Alone Tonight
9DJ Shadow

One of the most definitive examples of the power of sampling.

Favorite track: What Does Your Soul Look Like pt 4
Demon Days

If you love this album just because of "Feel Good Inc", you deserve a slap across the face. The production creates a wonderful atmosphere, strung together by 2D's beautiful yet broken vocal deliveries. Also includes "All Alone", which i think is the greatest song of all time.

Favorite track: All Alone
11Beastie Boys
Paul's Boutique

explains itself.

Favorite track: Shadrach
The Slim Shady LP

This album made this list almost exclusively for that legendary 4-bar rhyme scheme in "Brain Damage" based around "orange juice".

Favorite track: Brain Damage
13Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

This captures everything about indie rock, from the aesthetic to the atmosphere. Also, horns. Nuff said.

Favorite track: Holland, 1945
14Green Day

Extremely underrated album IMO, I really love the album's diverse forays into different genres all strung together under the umbrella of pop punk or alternative rock.

Favorite track: Reject
15Michael Jackson

Another album that I've held really close to me from youth.

Favorite track: Heal the World

Their most acoustic and laidback effort, and in my opinion their best, despite countless accusations bashing the band of being a watered-down Radiohead.

Favorite tracks: Shiver, Sparks
17Daft Punk
Alive 2007

The greatest live album of all time. Not an opinion, just a fact.

Favorite track: Superheroes / Human After All / Rock'n Roll
18A Tribe Called Quest
Midnight Marauders

Sure, most people give "Low End Theory" all of the acclaim, but it would be a disservice to skip their next and equally legendary album. I still think I'll remember the lines to "Award Tour" when I'm 80 or so.

Favorite track: Award Tour
19The Smashing Pumpkins

Another extremely underrated album that everyone thought was crap because it sounded nothing like Mellon Collie and had electronica roots (how dare they!). Honestly my favorite Pumpkins album.

Favorite tracks: Once Upon A Time, To Sheila
20Basement Jaxx

Another album that I have a long history with, one of my favorite house albums.

Favorite track: Breakaway
OK Computer

Never have I seen an album with such an immaculately constructed atmosphere and pathos that remains intact from track to track.

Favorite track: Climbing Up the Walls
22Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

Holy fucking shit.
The Bends

Easily the most depressing rock album ever made, from start to end. This is an album that you bury your face in a pillow and cry to because your mom didn't let you hang out with your friends because parents just don't understand.

Favorite track: Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was
24Kanye West
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

I hate how good this album is.

Favorite track: Dark Fantasy
25Kanye West
The College Dropout

The first album I tried listening to all the way through. Despite looking rudimentary compared to Ye's later work, the production on this album is still amazing.

Favorite track: Spaceship
26Kanye West
Late Registration

The production. The lyrics. The flow. Not one thing on this album that isn't done perfectly. I can't even listen to the start of "Hey Mama" without getting emotional.

Favorite track: Drive Slow
27Camera Obscura
Biggest Bluest Hi Fi

Greatest indie rock album out there. Everything from the atmosphere to the soundscape to the aesthetic is pinned down perfectly.

Favorite track: Swimming Pool
28Frank Ocean
Channel Orange

One of the most well-produced, well-constructed, and well-spoken albums I've ever listened to.

Favorite track: Pink Matter
29Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral

This is an album I was pressured into listening to after hearing its rave reviews. "Mr. Self Destruct" is one of the most terrifying introductions to an album I've ever heard, but it quickly grew on me, and I ended up listening to the entire thing in one sitting. If there's an album that really runs on emotion, no matter how distorted and bitcrushed it has to be, this is it. Jesus Christ.
25 Nights for Nujabes

The most important album to me in terms of musical influence.

Favorite tracks: Nights 2, 8, 16, 17
31Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

An album with a connectable emotional core surrounded by beautiful guitar/Moog soundscapes.
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