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75 Songs
1Aaron Lewis
Comfortably Numb

It's a cover, but it's the only cover of Pink Floyd I like, this time even more than the original.
2The Acacia Strain
Smoke Ya Later

Heavy, heavy, and heavy are the only words needed. Oh, and the lyrics rule.

There's just something about the opening that sets the whole song up perfectly. One of the best melancholic songs ever.
4The Agony Scene
We Bury Our Dead at Dawn

I love the suffering in this song.
5All That Remains

Just a great metal song, the embodiment of what metal should be.
6Blue October
Hate Me

Calm, mellow, slit your wrists depressive. Some of the most natural lyrics I've ever heard.
7Breaking Benjamin

Catchy, insanely so. And the closing lyrics are powerful.

There's just something about the first two verses.
9Cat Stevens
Cat's in the Cradle

This song just has personal meaning.
Sin & Sacrifice

5 minutes of barely controlled chaos, perfectly done.
11Dick Burnett
Man of Constant Sorrow

This should need no explanation.

Personal meaning.
13Dobie Gray
Drift Away

Again, this is a classic and shouldn't need to be explained.
14Explosions in the Sky
Welcome, Ghosts

Beautiful, cheerfully depressing post rock.
15The Faceless
An Autopsy

The time changes, the talent, the skill, this is everything tech-metal should be. Also catchy as hell, something not seen too much in said genre.
16Fear Factory

Powerful, epic, beautiful, crushing. If you haven't heard it, go listen to it.
17Funeral for a Friend
Walk Away

The lyrics just strike a nerve with me, such a sad song.
18Godspeed You! Black Emperor

It starts off so oppressive, only to hit some of the most uplifting moments in music ever at around 9 and 21 minute marks.
19The Dead Flag Blues

Bonus points for the spoken intro, just a perfect song.
20Goo Goo Dolls

poppy and depressive, great soft rock.
21Green Milk From the Planet Orange
Concrete City Breakdown

Post/Prog rock with a punk-ish vibe. Nothing short of perfect, the highlight is about 13 minutes in.

Choppy prog rock with an almost metal edge to the guitar lines. The climax at the end of the song is insane.
23When Every Colour Turns Black

more proggy post rock, the song structure is insane and is one of the most rewarding songs I've ever listened to.

The lyrics in the bridge are some of the best I've read.
25Into Eternity

A weakness for odd time signatures, 5 is my favorite. This song is in 5/4.
26Iron Maiden
These Colours Don't Run

I like the new, slow Maiden more than the old.
27Johnny Cash

One of the best country songs ever, so regretful and sad.
28Josh Turner
Would You Go With Me

Happier country, I love his voice and the energy in the song
29Kayo Dot
30Kazumasa Hashimoto

Simple and insane catchy, also happy.
31The Kovenant
The Perfect End

Has quite possibly the best intro I've ever heard.
32Lamb of God
One Gun

The lyrics make the song what it is.
33Lolipop Lust Kill
Knee Deep in the Dead

From their first album, not the second. Pure evil fun.

calming ambiance done right.
35maudlin of the Well
The Blue Ghost/Shedding Qliphoth
36Stones of Octobers Sobbing

One of the more interesting metal songs, the trumpets are a great idea.
37Mindless Self Indulgence
Stupid MF

I work in the service industry...

Personal reasons, the lyrics are some of his best and the feel of the song is incredible.

Love the 2 3 4 at the end of the song.

Again, I love odd time signatures and changes. And this band is just plain weird.
41Nine Inch Nails
Hurt (Quiet Version)

Different from Cash's remake, Reznor's rendition is more self hating, but equally as good for different reasons.
42Nobuo Uematsu
Maybe I'm a Lion

All the music in FF8 is great, this song is just so energy packed.
43The Pax Cecilia
The Tragedy
44A Perfect Circle
3 Libras

They should have stuck with the quieter sound. This and Blue are my favorites, and everything else they do doesn't quite reach the same level.
45Pig Destroyer
Thought Crime Spree

the guitars from 1:10-1:16 and 1:50 til the end of the song.
46Planet X
Alien Hip Hop

Quirky and unpredictable prog. The arrhythmic opening is the best.
47Protest the Hero
The Dissentience

Perfect song
48Turn Soonest to the Sea

The outro really makes the rest of the song what it is. Just try to resist singing along.
49Bone Marrow

Has the most epic closing lines ever, not to mention the beautiful piano afterwards.

Quiet and sad. The lyrics are very poetic.
51Stein Um Stein

Best moment is the first time the chorus hits. So not expecting the heaviness.
52Randy Travis
Forever and Ever, Amen

great classic country
53Conway Twitty
That's My Job

Personal meaning.
54Reverend Bizarre
The used Dark Forces/Teutonic Witch

doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom. No other explanation needed.
55Rise Against
Dancing For Rain
Life Support

Harsh and painful, some of the most true lyrics ever.
Something's Got to Give

The intro riff is one of the best ever made. Oh, and his voice is crazy good.

Not the version with the chick from Evanescence. The original version with just the singer, good acoustic rock.
59Sequence Pulse
Broken Into Little Pieces

More post rock... another weakness.
60Sins of Omission
Eager for the Fray

Another great intro, the whole song gives off a vibe of having lost everything.
62Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

When he starts screaming about 6-7 minutes in.
63Sleep is Wrong

Odd, disjointed, I love the explosion at the end of the song.
64The Companions

Rather tranquil and serene melody carried by someone who manages to pull it off and sound evil anyways.
65Something Corporate

Emo done right.
66Walking By

Again, emo done right.
67Sonata Arctica
The Cage

Fast and energetic.

Staind when they were great, this song just inspires anger.
I Am
Happy is a Yuppie Word
The Artist in the Ambulance
73Trust Company
Take It All
Psychic Jugglers
75World Inferno/Friendship Society
Zen and the Art of Breaking Everything In This Room
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