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2015 Is Bein Cool

i'm havin a good time! all of these are a 3 or above
everything else matters

probably my fave of the year so far. super sweet spring/summer shoegaze that is going to reach it's PEAK in the coming months. very vibey and cool.
2mount eerie

yea phil elverum is a cool dude and this is cool droney weird folky stuff it's rlly good

def need more listens but there's a good reason for the hype fam
4jordaan mason
the decline of stupid fucking western civilization

jordaan finally officially released this today which is cool even tho i haven't listened to it in a good while it's great af and liturgy part two will always be a 5/5 song
no cities to love

rock that is straightforward but very good and i can dance to it so yea solid 5
6i don't want to know why the caged bird sings
things are getting better but i am still dead...

if a week ago you told me that not only that this band had gotten back together but they were going to release an EP that was actually good there is no way i would've believed you. but they did it and three is actually a REALLY good song i'm happy that these guys don't suck now
7viet cong
viet cong

sput's hype album but yea it's fucking sweet i could jam all day
further out

run for cover-gaze that isn't wack. sludgy and thick but on the inside it's beautiful :]]
9masaya ozaki
fluid and dreaming of stripes

fragile and nostalgic ambient to caress you when you're feeling something and wish to feel nothing
10the phonies
your body lost along the shore

from skinny puppy to melodic beauty ~~~ scapes of sound
11crooked sun
sick songs

something i have been anticipating for a while --- bedroom indie tunes that scratch the surface of what is to come and also scratches the surface of my pants
12current joys
me oh my mirror

more from the bedroom indie game but more on the sort of pill friends/high pop/surf curse side of the game than like julia brown/starry cat. ranges from forgettable to excellent
13jeff rosenstock
we cool?

jeff remembers that he is good at making punk music for a bit and i'm glad about it
supersonic home

about what i expected - heavenly and charming melodies layered well to create some damn sweet jams. they will never top their first 7" tho

filthy hardcore/metalcore from australia described as being "integrity meets curl up and die meets orchid". raw as fuck and jams
16piri reis

brief malaysian emoviolence. standard utarid tapes stuff, but in their defense, it is definitely good.
17sensory deprivation
white noise

brendan gets closer to realizing his potential in creating punk tunes
18joanne robertson
black moon days

quiet but eccentric folk music that is as entrancing as it is engaging. great listen although i'm unsure about her decision to end the album with a track 100 times louder than everything else
19lugubrious children
lugubrious children

angry uk hardcore/powerviolence with cool simplistic production reminiscent of older hardcore punk. play this to piss off your mom.
20via fondo
efter, utan under

the band that put out the best screamo release of last year may have done it again. this time they expand on songs they previously released to put out their first full-length and it's just rlly well done swedish skramz
black $uicide

these dudes are really high still
22depression at denny's
mothball club

the teenage years. crushes and dresses. quiet and soft touches. lust. the color pink?
honestly something close to a masterpiece

promising skramz from the czech republic, reminiscent of early 2000s stuff like the kodan armada or early raein. interestingly enough the band's name translates to "0100" which when translated from binary is the number "4" and there are 4 band members!!! kinda cool
24shores (michigan)

slowcore at it's slowest!! good stuff tho combines general sadness with some darker tones and also manages to rock out a lil bit at times
25d. tiffany
the genero ep

the grill that put out my fave electronic release of 2014 drops a solid ep with some fun jams and playful melodies to listen to carelessly on a sunday afternoon
26modest mouse
strangers to ourselves

obvs can't compare to their classics but still a solid album with some songs being muuuch better than others
i wish you away

swedish screamo doing as swedish screamo does. melodic and sad but also a lot of energy and some excellent guitar work as well. goes well with smoothies.
28sufjan stevens
carrie and lowell

SOOF! SOOF! SOOF! dude, his fucking MOM DIED. it's sad af. but yea he turned all that bad ish into some really beautiful stuff and while he doesn't rlly expand on his folk roots perse he still manages to remind me why i LOVE HIM SO MUCH... and seemingly remind a lot of other ppl of that as well. quiet, QUIET, fragile melodies pair together beautifully with haunting and primarily brilliant lyricism to make something that's just rlly special.
young pines

an album i strangely keep forgetting about although i've heard it at least 10 times. it's not the masterpiece that their s/t was, but it's a charming collection of norwegian post-rock that's definitely worth a few spins. plus the melody on hjorten gets me every time.
this disease of language

THE PREMIERE BIRDCORE BAND RETURNS!! except this time with less bird.... but idgaf these guys producing some great U.S. skramz which has been unfortunately rare as of late. and they managed to keep their annoying samples to just one track!! but ye it's not as perfect as their LP but it rules feckin hard
31ethereal shroud
they became the falling ash

atmospheric bm that's pretty sweet but doesn't exactly blow me away. worthwhile for any fans of bm though
le voyageur imprudent

passionate and fiery post-hardcore that lacks the catchiness of their earlier stuff but still manages to impress.
poisoned leaves

acoustic "emo"? jams sort of reminiscent of balance and composure but some unique personality thrown in there as well. overall excellent release from loveisamixtape
34kendrick lamar
to pimp a butterfly

idk if you guys have heard about this it's a hip-hop album
35ghost bath

jaw-dropping depressive/atmospheric bm that borders on blackgaze with engaging melodies and incredible songwriting
36sed non satiata/carrion spring

this is cool, i wanna say it's disappointing but i knew coming into it that both of these bands are past their prime and while this has some great moments it's all-in-all not the return to greatness i was hoping for
37zlota jesien
girl nothing

i can basically only describe this as polish experimental dream noise drone shoepunk
the ark work

very odd midi horn black metal or something??? he fucking raps at one part its weird af but it rules
söngvar elds og óreiðu

brUTAL and ICYhot black metal that combines entrancing atmospheres with crushing RIFFS
40earl sweatshirt
i don't like shit, i don't go outside: an album by earl sweatshirt

hermit hop. yea i just coined that *fire emoji*
41marika hackman
we slept at last

pretty and well-written folk music that rarely reaches above and beyond, save for the brilliant "undone, undress"
42sensory deprivation
cop block

more brendan punx. short and sweet but still could be cut down
43der weg einer freiheit

german spaced theme atmospheric/progressive black metal, nothing new but enjoyable
scar sighted

hellish black/death metal that fuckin RIPS U UP man. whole thing is drenched in a rlly bleak atmosphere but still manages to be super heavy
452 8 1 4

vaporwave infused ambient with the vibes of downtempo is a match made in heaven. lustrous atmospheres and swirling synthesizers make a lengthy but wonderful experience.

angry metalcore/hardcore that jams hard and also manages not to be at all overwrought
47strange mountain
glass clouds ii

simple but enjoyable and pretty ambient tunes
48lost salt blood purges
the voids we all long for

droney ambient/folk stuff from snox, does a great job of maintaining this bleak and crushing atmosphere but rarely does anything rise out of the atmosphere to surprise or excite me. still very well put together

nihlistic and dark garage rock that experiments with pre-conceived notions of an established style
50gay kiss
preservation measures

destructive hardcore/powerviolence with a bit of sass to it as well. it has pretty much everything i look for in a punk album.
51touche amore and self defense family
self love

a great band (sdf) collabs with an average band (ta) and the result is.... somewhere in bewteen.
52self defense family/creative adult

a brief split where an incredible sdf song is under-powered by a unexceptional creative adult song
53two boys alright
hazy realms

dreamy space rock made my members of the band duster
l'aorasie des spectres rêveurs

a great atmospheric black metal EP that is a step up from their last release in every way

chill cloud rap-ish instrumentals. the last song samples this fuckin modern day babylon song that i used to jam a bunch back in 8th grade and has bones rapping on it lmao so that was a trip.

absolutely quality hardcore/crust punk from potato-land

great "trans" hardcore to cross-dress mosh to

post-rock/black metal instrumental jams put out by flenser and foretold of by the bae
all fours

monotone and one-sided but still good atmospheric bm
60elvis depressedly
new alhambra

my aoty. absolutely perfect. a heavenly combination of every style mat cothran has ever attempted. going to write a review when i feel up to it.
...and the lamps expire

some of my favourite bm of the year. based around the "cascadian" style but manages to do so much more than just that in a mere 20 minutes.
62global chernobyl

m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/ good metal jams with beer and stuff
dust on the chamber floor (demo)

good bm that tries a little too hard to be "trvvve" but still jams
64a diadem of dead stars
the mist bearer

decent wolves in the throne room worship. sort of breezes by but it's nice and composed well
65doda lov
allt vi har kvar

really sad swedish skramz that borders the line between skramz/emo. very twinkly.
66black howling
o sangue e a terra

my favourite black metal album of the year. raw atmospheric shit from portugal, absolute class.

more decent atmospheric bm

great feelsy post-rock with personality
69sensory deprivation

droney post-hardcore/punxxxx that rules
melting the earth onto the body without organs

pretty sweet chill downtempo/techno stuff that while being brief gets better as it goes on
71black cilice

extremely quality raw black metal from portugal, entrancing melodies/production with a unique approach to vocals
life is a struggle, give up

fierce and angry discordant jams that combine elements of grindcore, death metal, powerviolence, and hardcore
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