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Pink Floyd Studio Albums, My Ranking

For a PF fan, rank their studio albums is a tough task. Iīll try.
15Pink Floyd

It seems like a default choice to put More at the bottom. Let me explain though. First of all, i think there is no bad PF album. With that said,
More is more like a path to something bigger. The band was shaping back then, moving from Sydīs influence and leadership to a band of their
own. More is the record where they found Gilmourīs gorgeous soft voice and Waters emerged as main songwriter. There are highlights like
Green is The Colour and Cymbaline (Daveīs voice again!) and the hardest Floyd tune, The Nile Song, but overall, this record is not stuff that will
hunt your mind after listening to.
14Pink Floyd
The Endless River

If you expected a fully developed PF album on 2014, you got dissapointed. But once you realize the fact that TER is more a movements
collection more than an album, you will be able to embrace it. Think of this record as if David invited you to a crazy jam session with him and
his pals Mason and Wright. Who can say no to that? Highlight: Itīs what we do, pure PF.
13Pink Floyd
The Final Cut

To be honest, The Final Cut is more a Rogerīs album than the bandīs. All lyrics, all songs, all ideas, and almost all vocals as well (except for
Not Now John) are his. But that sneaky guitarist of theirs slipped a couple of amazing solos in the mix and we can be grateful for that. Anyway,
itīs a solid record, with some true and vulnerable moments on it. Highlights: Your Possible Pasts, The Final Cut (both with tasteful guitar solos)
and Not Now John.
12Pink Floyd
A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Pink Floyd records have a quality: they seem timeless, no matter when were they released. AMLOR is the one that fails. It seems kinda stucked
in the eighties sound. That, anyway, is not necessary a flaw. There are some huge tunes in here. Learning to Fly is a great song. On The Turning
Away is a moving tune. The two reasons why i rank this Gilmourīs PF record over The Final Cut is 1) Sorrow, magnificent song (even better
when live) and the fact this record is not responsible of any breaking whatsoever.
11Pink Floyd
A Saucerful of Secrets

This surely was an awkard record to make. They were struggling with Sydīs issues, Gilmour was a new member and they had no idea what
his role was gonna be at that stage. The songwritting duties were all over the place and they were not sure where to go musically speaking.
Maybe thatīs why A Saucerful of Secrets have this hipnotic quality. Itīs somber, childish at times, progressive and weird sometimes, from
the reverse scale of Watersīs bass lines on Let There be More Light to the funny Mason lead vocals on Corporal Clegg (and the kazoo, donpt
forget the kazoo!), from Wrightīs songs to the heartbreaking farewell. Iīd rank this record much higher if the title track would be as great in
studio as it was on Live at Pompei.
10Pink Floyd

Itīs really hard to rank this work. If you take into consideration both discs (Studio and Live), the Live set sends Ummagumma way up in this
list. The live versions of some of the biggest pre Dark Side songs are all brillant. But if you skip the live record and listen just the studio disc,
well Ummagumma gets more or less this position. I enjoy all three parts of The Narrow way though.
9Pink Floyd
The Division Bell

The Division Bell is the first BAND record since 1975 (well, at least 75% of it). Despite some harsh critic it deserved (Roger himself smashed
this album), i think this one is a really great and mature work. The collaboration between the members of the band is noticeable. The music and
spaces they created was a true nineties Pink Floyd sound, or perhaps how Pink Floyd should have sounded in the nineties. Some amazing
highlights: Marooned (thatīs space music right there!), What Do You Want From Me (borrowing Raise My Rent riff from Daveīs first solo
album), Coming Back to Life (perhaps the best lyrics penned by Gilmour) and the epic High Hopes.
8Pink Floyd
Obscured By Clouds

It seems like iīm overrating this one. I think iīm not. Think about this: In the middle of a thight schedule, they got the offer of a new
soundtrack (for a trippy movie nobody saw). They accepted (those greedy bastards!). They didnīt have a plan, the didnīt think about it a lot, so
it was they and their music, just that. The record was made in just two weeks, and shows a band making what they liked. And it sounds
amazing. And as a bonus, if you listen to it carefully, youīll hear glimpses of tunes, sounds and ideas that were gonna be developed on their
next album. It was about a moon or something.
7Pink Floyd
Atom Heart Mother

I really donīt get why Atom Heart Mother was threw to the trash can the band members. Itīs one hell of an album. The title track suite is full
of sounds, moods, great tunes an even some funkie moments. The side two has a concept like Ummagumma, where every member has a song
of their own. But here we have more cohesive songs. Fat Old Sun is the highlight, but Wrightīs tune is musically excellent (forget those lyrics).
And the Masonīs idea for Alanīs breakfast is really clever, with brushes of Gilmour tastefull tunes on it.
6Pink Floyd
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

There is not another music record that deserves to be labelled "Psychedelic" as this one. Is really amazing. Space imaginery, check. Crazy acid
trips, double check. Somber childish tunes, check. Poppy songs with a twist, check. Smart music and lyrics. Funny enough, some hairy guys
were developing their version of Psychedelia in the other room.
5Pink Floyd

This one was all Rogerīs. But Dave came with just one idea. They developed that musical idea into half of the record time. That idea was the
music for Dogs, one of the most impressive Pink Floyd songs ever. Pigs is so clever it hurts. Sheep is ahead of its time and the intro and outro
mellow guitar is like a sweet butterscotch hiding the bitterness of Animals.
4Pink Floyd

Even after hearing Meddle tons of times, i still find new subtleties i didnīt get before. Meddle is the turning point into something larger than life.
Mason said one time that this was ther record they collaborated as equals. And it feels that way. The spooky One of these Days should be in
every top10 PF song list. And then, suddenly, the only true love song of their entire catalogue. Then the positive Fearless, the weirdly happy
San Tropez and some dog howling. But then, there goes Echoes. No other song has that imaginery. Masterpiece.
3Pink Floyd
The Wall

Waters is a genius, and The Wall is definitely his finest work. The concept and musical (and theatrical) ideas involved are absolutely amazing.
And despite the fact that the whole work is Rogerīs child, Gilmour made The Wall a true Pink Floyd album by delivering a guitar work only
reserved for masters. Comfortably Numb is a prime case of that. No wonder why Waters is still making zillions revisiting this timeless material.
2Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

I canīt think of another smash hit follower better than Wish You Were Here. Gilmour and Waters were the perfect match, one of them with
something edgy to say and full of ideas, and the other with an uncanny musical sense and feeling. Wright was the paint artist, creating some
amazing soundscapes. Mason was the tastefull rhythm core. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is the sum of that. The "unknown" tracks are as great
as the best known ones. And Wish You Were Here is perhaps the best rock ballad ever (funny that it is not about love). A perfect record.
1Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of The Moon

This is the case where everything was at its place and worked. They have one idea, and perfected playing it live until its final shape. Then they
went to studio. But they didnīt recorded this album. They Performed it until it was perfect. Everything works and has a purpose. The voices. The
sharp lyrics and absolutely relevant theme. The solo on Time. The effects. The cymballess choices. The orgasmic one tape. The key kords. The
loony ending. There is no dark side of the moon really...
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