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Top 10 Acoustic Ballads

These are the songs you just wanna strum your acoustic guitar to. That is assuming you have one. Here is a list of the top 10 best acoustic songs of all time. I'm basing my list off of the quality of the songs, the songs influence on pop culture, and their popularity. Now I might be missing a few songs but it's 3am in the morning and a few people will probably view this list anyways.. So, let's start this list.
10Rise Against
Swing Life Away

To kick off our list, here is a song that is pretty well- known. Swing life away was a
breakthrough hit for Rise Against. Even till this day when you play the opening riff
to Swing Life Away, almost anyone would recognize it and might even sing along.
The song is great with awesome lyrics. It's just a song about chillin with your buds
and.. well.. Swinging life away.
9Stone Sour
Through Glass

Okay so, it's true this song has a rock section in it. But it starts off as acoustic.
And Corey Taylor usually plays it live in acoustic only. This is a wonderful ballad and
the captivating lyricism, and beautiful melody is what got this song on the list. It is
probably the most well-known Stone Sour song and fans go literally ape-shit when
this song is played live. When you play a song in front of thousands of people and
they're all singing along, you know you wrote a good song. Props to you Corey
8Green Day
Time of Your Life

Say what you will about Green Day, but they managed to pen one of the most
overplayed songs of all time. Time of your life was played at so many graduations,
so many farewell parties, hell it was even played in strip clubs. Okay, maybe not.
But it's still an insanely popular song. I do think there are better songs on this list,
but this song had such a profound impact on pop culture, I just had to include it.
7Plain White T's
Hey There Delilah

C'mon. Did you honestly expect me not to include this song on here? Like Time of
your Life, this song hit the airwaves like a bomb. Every corner you look, you would
see a loser trying to impress a girl by playing this song on his guitar. It's also a cute
song about a long distant relationship. And really, how many songs are about that?
Ahh long distant relationships.. so painfully awkward. I miss you Ashley.. Oh um..
I'm sorry about that. I had a uh.. Moment. Moving on.
6Bright Eyes
First Day of My Life

Connor Oberst is an amazing lyricist. He has a large catalogue of songs that are
truly amazing. This is one of them. This is a sweet love song about the feeling of
falling in love with someone and feeling as if you were reborn. The lyrics are brutally
honest and heartfelt. And with over 10 million views on Youtube, the song is pretty
popular as well. Rapper Mac Miller even made a cover of the song. I mean it wasn't
good, but hey whose complaining.
5Elliott Smith

While we are on the subject of lyrical song writers, I figured I'd discuss Elliott
Smith. One of the best song writers of all-time. It was hard to decide between this
song or Between the Bars. But I picked Angeles because of the hybrid finger-picking
that truly make this song a masterpiece. Another great thing about this song is it's
message. He's basically saying that being in the music industry comes with a price.
At least that's my perception of the song. This song may not be as well-known as
the others on this list, but it sure is one of the best. Rapper Lil B even sampled this
in one of his songs. Yeah, don't ask..
4Neil Young
My, My, Hey, Hey

"My, my, hey, hey. Rock and roll is here to stay". Famous words spoken by folk
legend Neil Young. This song became famous in the late 70's, when good ol' classic
rock and roll was dying out due to the punk movement. The song still holds up
today, with the infamous line: "it's better to burn out, then to fade away" being
quoted in Kurt Cobain's suicide note.
3Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones. Making girls named Angie proud since 1973. The Rolling Stones really
hit the mark with this one. It's smooth, lyrical, has a beautiful melody, and
awesome guitar playing. It has been debatable as to the songs meaning. It could
be about love, or it could be about drugs.. Wait, Keith Richards wrote this.. It is
definitely about drugs..
2The Kinks

The Kinks had tons of more hits than just "You Really Got Me". Any true fan would
know that. The Kink's much more popular song "Lola" could've made the list. But I
chose this song because many would agree it is one of the Kinks best ones. Penned
by Ray's brother Dave, this song is a true classic and is a favorite amongst Kinks
fans. They "really got us" with this one.
1The Beatles

So we've saved the best for last. There is a reason why this is the most covered
song of all-time. This beautiful ballad has it all. Melody, sad lyrics, beautiful singing
and guitar. McCartney nailed it with this one, as this song is insanely popular and
was for many of us, an introduction to the Beatles. There are many other Beatles
songs that could've grabbed this spot. Like Lennon's Julia for example. But none of
them came even remotely close to having the impact that Yesterday had. And that
is why it's in the top of the list. So there you have it guys, top 10 Acoustic Ballads
of all time. If I'm missing anything (which I probably am) please let me know in the
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