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My 64 Favorite Albums Of 2014

My 50 favorite albums from 2014. Not necessarily the 'best' albums, just the ones I enjoyed rlistening to the most. Recs would be sweet, especially in the genres that don't dominate this list.
64The Antlers

Lyrically, its among the best. The entire album has one of the most cohesive atmospheres
since Kaputt. However, many of the songs drag; it feels like a much more daunting listen
than 9 songs. Still, the things it does right earns it a spot on this list.
63Lana Del Rey

I was one of the biggest Lana haters back in the day, but I gotta give credit where it's
due- even if the track list reads like list of buzz words curated by urban outfitters. She
seems to have found her artistic voice on this album. (My little brother made the
mistake of seeing her at ACL and apparently her fans are still awful.)
62Planning for Burial

A bit too lo-fi for its own good ("why did they record it like that" asked a friend when I
played him the first track). The songs themselves are absolutely epic.

Very disorienting beat album that sometimes indulges itself a little too much. Really
hope he's busy working on Kanye's new album right now.
60 Thom Yorke
Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

Some really creative stuff on this one. Sure its not Radiohead quality, but still a very
rewarding listen.
59Chad VanGaalen
Shrink Dust

Super unique folk album. Lots of weird noises while still being very catchy.
Jimmy the Burnout

It has some duds, but overall is one of better hip hop releases in an admittedly weak
year. When this album hits it refuses to hold back. The beat on Little Green Monsters
is filthy. Those hats doe.
57Ty Segall

I loved it on the first listen, but later realized it contains a ton of filler. Still, the
amazing album buried within earns a spot on here.
This is All Yours

Strong sophomore effort by Alt-J. Their live show was probably the worst of the year
(due to a shitty crowd) or else it might place higher.
55 Dads
I'll Be The Tornado

Solid album with great lyrics.
54Lykke Li
I Never Learn

Gorgeous album, but could use a little more variety.
53Schoolboy Q

I feel that the success of GKMC put a ton of pressure on Schoolboy and he let it get
to him. This album had a ton of potential, and while it's still great, it could've been so
much more.

A bit too sprawling, but this album quickly shows it has more to offer than the
father/son novelty. It is at its best when it slows down and lets the songs breath.
51The Hotelier
Home, Like Noplace Is There

Very deep, very dense lyrics. This album pays off more and more after each listen.
50Cymbals Eat Guitars

Cymbals Eat Guitars made a huge leap with this album. Jackson is one my top songs of
the year.
49United Nations
The Next Four Years

Stunningly intense album. Very cool blend of genres/styles.
48Kalle Mattson
Someday, the Moon Will be Gold

Another fantastic album inspired by the death of a loved one. Very strong songwriting
and instrumentation. Kinda reminds me of a folky Gaslight Anthem for some reason.
47 Modern Baseball
You're Gonna Miss It All

Very energetic pop punk album that magically deals with breakups without sounding super
whiny. Almost every song has a line or two that should extort at least a chuckle.
46Jess Williamson
Native State

My favorite singer/songwriter type album of the year. Although it really feels much more
complex than that.
45Alex G

The best rehash of "There's Nothing Wrong with Love" era indie guitar pop since at
least Boat's "Songs That You Might Not Like"
44Azealia Banks
Broke with Expensive Taste

Worth the wait and Twitter drama? Nope. But a very strong release, nonetheless. Much
more promising than her mixtapes.
43Joyce Manor
Never Hungover Again

Simple, straight forward pop-punk at its finest. Just don't stage dive while jamming out.
42Cloud Nothings
Here and Nowhere Else

Cloud Nothings find the perfect aesthetic for their music on this album. While there are
no songs as incredible as Wasted Days, it is much more consistent than Attack of
Teenage Retirement

It was a great year for pop-punk, a genre which depends on lyrics that hit the nail on
the head, but often produces lyrics that make you wanna hit yourself in the head with
a hammer. The Pains of... is one of best songs of the year.
40Isaiah Rashad
Cilvia Demo

Great music from the Black Hippy affiliate. Stands up there with/exceeds all the BH
members' early work.
39 Allo Darlin'
We Come From the Same Place

A little more mellow than their last two album, but just as enthralling.
38Pianos Become the Teeth
Keep You

Once you get over the fact that this sounds nothing like anything they've done you can
appreciate how amazing this album is. Very emotionally draining listen, but worth it.
37Big Ups
Eighteen Hours of Static

Probably the best straight up punk release of the year. Great lyrics bring it to the next
Cool Choices

The lyrics feel a little gimmicky by the time you get the end (c'mon just admit that you're
part of the problem), but the songwriting is insanely catchy the whole way through.
35Jenny Lewis
The Voyager

Her lyrics really do make the album. It demands your attention much more than you might
expect after an initial listen. The singles are all super catchy as well.
A Toothpaste Suburb

A good year for Hellfyre Club (Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, and Busdriver had notable
releases as well). This one has more accessible beats than Open Mike Eagle, the lyrics
are just as good, but its a bit too long and doesn't flow together as well. The best songs
are the ones where he reflects on death. "Then I got these tattoos to prove that I too
could last forever" is a nearly flawless line.

This album had so much more potential. Almost all of the best songs have been
released on EPs and singles, but at the end of the day it remains a very strong
collection of songs.
32 EMA
The Future's Void

A little more restrained than her breakthrough album, which I think makes it
significantly better.
Youth Culture Forever

Lo-fi rock at its finest. Super fun album. Listened to it driving the Blue Ridge Parkway.
30Kishi Bashi

A stunningly beautiful and unique pop album. The lyrics can be a little too clever for
their own good.
29Parquet Courts
Sunbathing Animal

Solid Pavement era rock with some punk flavor thrown in. They get some bonus points
for the second release as Parkay Quarts, which is a worthwhile album by its own
28Leonard Cohen
Popular Problems

I'm not a huge Leonard Cohen follower, but I definitely plan to check out some of his
older stuff after this.
27Real Estate

I have mixed feeling about this one. On some days I love it, but on other it just makes
me wanna put on Days. Overall its awesome enough to earn a high spot on my list.

A perfect snapshot of C86 style pop music. Almost every song here is worth the time.

A very dark electronic album that sometimes somehow manages to sound just as
infectious as anything on the radio.
With Light and With Love

Another consistent release from Woods. Good mix of pop and psychedelic rock.
Everything Will Be Alright in the End

The first good Weezer album since Pinkerton. While not nearly as unstoppable as Blue or
groundbreaking as Pinkerton, this album stands up fine on its own and finally gives =w=
fans something to look forward to.
22Open Mike Eagle
Dark Comedy

Unique beat production. Very clever lyrics. Doug Stamper feat Hannibal Buress is straight
up hilarious. The album sounds like a highlight reel.
21Freddie Gibbs and Madlib

The best old school rap album in a while. No gimmicks, just a simple yet infectious
beat and honest storytelling.
20The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Days of Abandon

They toned down the distortion and released one of most chill pop albums of the year.

Very fun and energetic twee-ish/ punk-ish album. Great listen with the windows down
from Half Moon Bay to San Fransisco.
18Slow Club
Complete Surrender

Slow Club venture into soul music and (surprisingly) pull it off. The guy takes a back
seat on this one; his voice couldn't support the huge energy found on this album's
many gems. The girl sometimes sounds forced, but overall the album is incredible.
17Mac Demarco
Salad Days

Mac delivers a super chill album. Perfect for summer days where you wanna space out,
lie outside, and watch clouds melt into the skyline.
Spliff optional.
16Mick Jenkins
The Water[s]

My favorite 'underground' rap release of the year. I hope this is Mick's equivalent to
Section.80. If so, he has a bright future ahead of him. The album is very cohesive. It
could use some editing, but overall leaves you "thirsty" for more. (sorry)
15Angel Olsen
Burn Your Fire for No Witness

Captivating record. Olsen made the right call in adding a full band to her sound.
14FKA Twigs

One of the few standouts from the Post-Rnb scene this year. The atmosphere on
these songs is ridiculous.
13St. Vincent
St. Vincent

St. Vincent continues to take it to the next level. Bigger, stranger, catchier than
Strange Mercy.
12Perfume Genius
Too Bright

Took me completely by surprise. If his next album makes the same artistic/aesthetic
leaps as this one it could easily be one of the best of all time.
11How to Dress Well
What Is This Heart?

A beautiful album that immediately pulls you into its universe. The Repeat
Pleasure/Words I Don't Remember combo is epic.
10 Flying Lotus
You're Dead!

FlyLo delivers again. Each track melts to the next and each listen deserves another.
9La Dispute
Rooms of the House

La Dispute tones down the erratic riffs. Amazing story telling held together by a loose
concept. Strange how similar this album is to the Sun Kil Moon one. Post-hardcore and
Folk are more similar than I'd expect, both tonally and lyrically.
8Sun Kil Moon

If you can look past his vacuous feud with War on Drugs, you might remember that
Sun Kil Moon dropped one of best albums of the year. The album feels like a collection
of short stories, which is its greatest strength and weakness; the album has limited
replay value.
7Sturgill Simpson
Metamodern Sounds in Country Music

The country equivalent to last year's Deafheaven. Simultaneously defies and adheres to
the rules of country. One of the best albums in this genre of all time.
My Krazy Life

The album Schoolboy Q tried to make (aka "gangster" version of GKMC). Thanks to DJ
Mustard almost every track on this album is a huge banger (not to overlook YG's huge
input- which was sorely missed on Mustard's mediocre solo release). Its also higher on
this list than it should be cause I played the fuck out of it.
Our Love

I'm going to get this out of the way here. This was a weak year for AOTY. The last
two years I had to make a very difficult decision and not give a flawless record the top
spot. This year I had 5 amazing, yet flawed, albums and had to pick one as being less
flawed and therefore the best of the year. I stand by my #1 choice, but any one of
albums #2-5 of 2013 would beat out #1 on this list. With that said: Our Love is such
an incredible album. Caribou finds the perfect blend of rnb and house. Great for every
season too.
4Sharon Van Etten
Are We There

There is something about her voice that gives me chills. Afraid of Nothing and Your Love
is Killing Me would easily both be in my top 10 songs of the year. A perfect afternoon
road trip album.
They Want My Soul

This might be my new favorite Spoon album. At the very least, its the only one to give
Ga Ga Ga Ga etc. an honest run for its money. The synth work fits perfectly into
Spoon's minimalist world.
2The War on Drugs
Lost in the Dream

One of those rare albums where the first listen feels like a conversation with a lifelong friend. Listening to this at 3am while
driving up
the Jersey Turnpike on my way from Houston to Boston was one of the highlights of my summer.
1Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels 2

An unstoppable force; Killer Mike and El-P are pissed and ready to take over. The reason I chose this as my #1 pick
is because of its potential longevity. This is album I can see people talking about in 5 or 10 years. I can imagine
people telling their kids what they were doing when El-P "leaked" it. Which exam they stopped studying for. Which
essay they stopped writing. How tired they were at work the next day... This album made me 30 minutes late to
work because my piece of shit computer refused to sync my iphone at 630 in the morning. And when I finally was
able press play, I knew it was worth it.
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