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So Much Music, So Little Time.

I feel like the last couple of weeks/months have had great albums that I want to immerse myself in, but I feel like I don't have the time to focus on it. Am I the only one who listens to so much music/so many bands that I don't spend nearly enough time listening to each individual artist/band as I want to? The list is leaks/album releases that have sprung forth these last two months that I want to really get into.
Bloom and Breathe

This sounds beautiful from what i've heard so far, a huge step up from their previous
material, which wasn't bad either, not bad at all.
2Have Mercy
A Place Of Our Own

The band that released my favorite album (well, tied with another album) last year, and also
my favorite emo band (pretty much), is already back with a new one, and it brings dem feels.
The only thing that I can complain about so far is how they've managed to release enough
albums that you can see a pattern in their songwriting, which makes them sound a bit
repetitive. BUT ALAS, probably gonna make my top 10 this year anyway.
3Pianos Become The Teeth
Keep You

Well, duh. PBTT has always been a band that i've enjoyed, especially The Lack Long After
really got me into them. But I HAVE unfortunately grown a bit weary with heavier music, so
to hear them ditch the screaming in favor of surprisingly competent singing makes me really
happy. Need to spend more time with it though, haven't really heard any moments in the
songs that were "OH WOW" yet, it blends together a bit, but extremely solid from what i've
heard so far anyway.

I enjoyed their previous LP, the one simply titled "LP2" (wow, how do they come up with
these clever names? WORDSMITHS I TELLS YA), and it had some excellent songs that just
sounded like The Gaslight Anthem if they listened to a lot of post-rock (shitty comparison
maybe, IDGAF), but yeah. This one doesn't seem like it will hit me as instantly, it doesn't
have any songs like "D" as far as I can tell. But it sounds cool. Cool indeed.
5Hey Rosetta!
Second Sight

I'm completely new to this band, and I downloaded it on a whim (uh, I mean... uh, bought
it.) and it sounds really catchy. Sort of like cool indie rock/pop jams, not sure what I would
liken it to. It has a bit of a folk vibe too.
6From Indian Lakes
Absent Sounds

FIL were always a band that I loved musicwise, but had a bit of a problem really getting into,
Able Bodies and The Man With Wooden Legs are both solid albums, but at the same time,
while they were a beautiful listen, I rarely came back to it knowing which song was which
etc. I think this album could potentially break that streak, and when i've become more
aquainted with this album I'll hopefully be able to love their previous albums as well.
7Ben Howard
I Forget Where We Were

I had always dismissed his music because I understood him to be some sort of mainstream
indie-folk artist that only teenage girls like, but I was really wrong, and i'm happy to be.
I've only spun this about two-three times but they were solid listens, I think this is cool. Not
sure if it's gonna stay with me, but I do think it's really good for what it is.
8Adult Jazz
Gist Is

Not sure if this leaked recently, but it's new to me anyway, and I really enjoy the vibes on it.
The way they approach their music is very unique, I don't want to say experimental, but it's
a bit different from a lot of other stuff that i've heard. Couldn't really name one other band
they sound like, even though the vibe might be somewhat familiar. Also no, this is not jazz
for adults. Not jazz for children either. Pretty much not jazz at all, nah.
9Submotion Orchestra

Wellwellwell. SO is a band that I've really enjoyed, I got into them with their Finest Hour EP
(as it's titled in my music library)/Submotion Orchestra EP (as it's titled here on Sput, maybe
someone can give me clarity on which is the official title of the EP?), and i've loved it ever
since. The Finest Hour LP was a bit hard to digest, but Fragments was the perfect mixture of
jazz and electronica/pop/dub/whatevz, but on this one I feel like they've gone a bit too heavy
on the electronics, I'm not overly impressed with my first couple of listens, but I hope it
grows on me. But for the first time ever i'm seeing that they're starting to lack a bit of
creativity. But hey. Nothing lasts forever.
Also I should mention that it's still solid and better than a lot of other stuff i've heard this

I actually haven't had the time to listen to this at all yet, but i'm stoked to give it a go.
Enjoyed Solace so this should be good, if it's anywhere near as good as people say it is.
So there ya go.
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