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Screamo Albums I Really Like

I was originally going to do a list called "Screamo Albums I Like" and have 100 albums, and 1 album per band, but around 75 albums it got too difficult and I had to start adding stuff I didn't really consider screamo. SO I just decided to do 25 of my absolute favourites, 1 per band, so here it is. I haven't made a list in like a month so whatever I wanted to do something.
1Carrion Spring
A Short History of Decay

My 2nd favourite screamo album of this decade, A Short History of Decay is unlike
many other recent screamo albums, with a very 90s sound, a very bleak
atmosphere, and vivid imagery. A fantastic album that I doubt the band will ever
2Usurp Synapse
This Endless Breath

Usurp Synapse were a special little band. Though they only were together for a
short time and went through multiple line-up changes, they were one of the best
bands to combine screamo with powerviolence and grindcore, and though this
album is one of their earlier works, it sees them at the top of their game.
3I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism...
8 Song Demo

iwrotehaikusabotcannibalisminyouryearbook, though not very well known, went on
to form bands like Punch, Loma Prieta, ...Who Calls So Loud, and Beau Navire. Their
mostly known for their self-titled LP, but this demo contains 6 of the best songs
from that LP, as well as 2 songs that are much better than what they added on to
the LP. This demo is raw, emotive, and powerful.
4Beau Navire

This band started out playing a style that I like to call "dreamo" before going on to
have the sound they've had for their last two LPs, and this album is where they
execute that sound to it's fullest potential.
5...Who Calls So Loud
...Who Calls So Loud

Some fine-ass post-rock screamo. A very moving and beautiful album.
6Loma Prieta

My favourite screamo album from this decade. Everything about it is perfect, from
the fuzzy distorted guitars, the pounding drums, and the PISSED FUCKING VOCALS.
I could go on about this record forever but it's just a very passionate and intense
screamo album with no weak moments.
Chaos Is Me

An obvious classic, Jayson Green is probably the greatest lyricist in the genre, and
that matched with the incredible songwriting of Will Killingsworth and...others, this
album is rightfully hailed as one of the best and most influential screamo albums.
8Jeromes Dream
Seeing Means More Than Safety

Probably my favourite album ever. Everything about this album is perfect, it's fiery,
passionate, intense, violent, interesting, and unique. The vocals took a while to
grow on me, but this is seriously the pinnacle of the genre in my opinion. Nothing
has ever been as cathartic.
9Pg. 99
Document #5

HNNNNNG. Album is fucking PISSED. So good. One of the most hardcore punk
influenced screamo albums and the results are fantastic, through nine volatile songs
of pure rage, it all culminates with the 11 minute closer, and one of the greatest
songs in the genre, By The Fireplace In White. The whole song just builds and
builds towards the climactic ending in an epic fashion, and when it reaches the
climax..FUCK. Such a fucking good song, on such a fucking good album. A definite
classic in the genre.
10City of Caterpillar
City of Caterpillar

One of the best albums to combine screamo and post-rock, and one of the most
influential ones as well. A heartfelt album to say the least.

I'm gonna quote Micah on this one, hope he doesn't mind, but he put this album
into words better than I ever could. "Saetia breathed life into a genre that could
have died out just as suddenly as it took its first breath. This is a masterpiece in
every sense of the word."
12Off Minor
The Heat Death of The Universe

One of the most praised screamo albums on this site (for good reason), Heat Death
is a beautiful album that's just as technical as it is emotional. Instrumental
proficiency meets emotion.
13A Fine Boat, That Coffin!
The Second Nail

A crazy ass chaotic screamo album from Germany with jazz influences. A seriously
unique album.
14Gas Up Yr Hearse!!
A Banner Year For The Sum Of Our Losses

Perhaps my favourite screamo band that's formed in the last five years, GUYH!!
have been consistently putting out a brand of chaotic screamo that had almost
died with bands like Combatwoundedveteran and Usurp Synapse. Energetic as FUCK
and unpredictable, this THREE MINUTE album does some really awesome stuff over
the course of five songs.
15Circle Takes The Square
As The Roots Undo

One of the most artistic screamo albums, filled with interesting imagery and one-of-
a-kind songwriting. Might actually be worth the hyperbolic claims it recieves.
16Coma Regalia
En Sperata

Another one of the best screamo albums from this decade, En Sperata has a sweet
90s sound to it, and is just really really good all around. One of the most underrated
albums in the genre.
All the Footprints You've Ever Left...

A classic post-rock/screamo album from Japan. Through the 22 years they've been
together they've gone through many styles and released many albums, but this
album is pretty much the pinnacle of everything they've ever done.
18Lord Snow

Lord Snow is a fantastic and unique screamo band that's gained a lot of popularity
lately for being incredibly talented musicians, having prominent jazz influence in
their drumming, and having one of the most unique guitar tones I've heard in
screamo. Oh, and their vocalist is female and awesome.
19The Saddest Landscape
Lift Your Burdens High For This is Where We Cross

The definition of heartbreak.
20Her Breath On Glass
We Aimed Straight Down

Super raw and almost classic-rock influenced screamo (but it works), members of
The Saddest Landscape during their hiatus continued to play their brand of
passionate screamo.
Mrta Benefit

One of the most important bands in defining screamo as it is known today, Anomie,
a french band formed in 1994, are one of the most important bands that introduced
melody into screamo while retaining the intensity of their hardcore punk roots. And
yeah this album is really great.

Get down with the birdcore yo. Crazy-ass vocals coupled with crazy-ass
instrumentation makes a sweet-ass modern screamo album.
23Merchant Ships
For Cameron

A screamo album, heavily influenced by midwest emo, Aziz described it perfectly as
"Frighteningly beautiful." Also a very personal album to me.
24Sed Non Satiata
Sed Non Satiata

The french really know how to do screamo man.
25Suffocate For Fuck Sake
Blazing Fires and Helicopters on the Fro

A masterpiece. A beautiful album following a bi-polar Swedish girl and her time
spent in a mental institution, while the band plays a style incredibly influenced by
post-rock, but with a lot of heavier moments as well. It tells a story better than
most albums I've heard, the songwriting is perfect, and the imagery is extremely
vivid. One of the most atmospheric and beautiful screamo albums I've ever heard.
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