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Bands I've Seen/will See Soon

Tried to go in reverse chronological order as much as my memory served me.
1Black Sabbath
Master Of Reality

Seeing them April 13th
2Fuck The Facts
Disgorge Mexico

Seeing them April 12th
Close To The Edge

Seeing them March 30th
Colored Sands

Second favourite live show so far

Kind of bland on record but fun and energetic live. Opened for Gorguts.
6Nero Di Marte
Nero Di Marte

Opened for Gorguts. Had never heard of them and they made me a fan that night.
Still Life

Best live band
Dead End Kings

Opened for Opeth. Couldn't believe how perfectly executed their vocal harmonies
Back Through Time

Fun band to drink and mosh to what can I say
10 Trollfest

Opened for Alestorm. Couldn't really tell what was going on musically. Whole set
sounded like noise. Meh
11 Gypsyhawk
Revelry & Resilience

Opened for Alestorm. Sounded and looked like they were straight out of the LA glam
scene and it was a surprisingly fun set.

Ridiculously fun set. Granted the beer had been flowing freely that night

Opened for Finntroll. Another band that is pretty bland on record but energetic
enough to almost make you forget about it live.
14 Metsatoll

Opened for Finntroll. Had never heard much of these guys but they put on a really
powerful performance although the music itself is pretty simple.

Played Helvetios in full plus a few other songs. Really tight performers

Opened for Eluveitie. Played Time I in full and a few songs from the S/t. Would've
prefered more s/t but a satisfying set nonetheless.

Opened for Eluveite. I know I didn't hate them but I really can't remember their
Black Sails At Midnight

Yup, I've seen these guys more than once. What can I say, I like drinking and
moshing and they are the perfect band for such an activity.
Above The Weeping World

Opened for Alestorm. Solid performance. Mortal Share was super sweet live.
Pleasure To Kill

Yup, these guys came to our shitty 300-person venue and nearly destroyed the
place. Awesome show
21Swallow The Sun
The Morning Never Came

Opened For Kreator. Weird choice for an opener but I was happy. Almost a sort of
calm before the storm that was Kreator.
22Protest The Hero

Didn't list the opening bands for these guys because I have a hard time
remembering who they were they made such a small impression on me (I think
Today I Caught The Plague was one of them). PtH however were solid and precise
and lived up to their reputation as funny, chill dudes.
Korven Kuningas

Disapointed. Setlist was kind of strange (no Wooden Pints?? no Bring Us Pints Of
Beer?? etc), the singer kind of looked like he thought he was better than everyone
there and we ran into some grade-A douchebags. Vodka was a blast though
V: Havitetty

Opened for Korpiklaani. Great opener although too short a set for a band like
Moonsorrow. They only played 4 songs and one of them was from one of their
demos which was kind of a weird pick.
By The Light Of The Northern Star

Opened for Korpiklaani. Sound was spot on. Got there a little late and missed Regin
Smidur though :(
26Iron Maiden
The Number Of The Beast

They didn't play anything newer than Fear Of The Dark. So needless to say it was
an amazing set. I even forgive them for no Hallowed Be Thy Name
27Alice Cooper
Billion Dollar Babies

Opened for Iron Maiden. Still a force to be reckoned with in his old age. Did the
guillotine trick which was cool of him considering he was just an opener.
Fuck Me Jesus

Brutal show, great night.

Opened for Marduk. Great performance from these guys.
Memento Mori

Opened for Marduk. Another band I had heard nothing from that really impressed me
with their live performance.
From The Devil's Tomb

Opened for Marduk. Very glad I got to see them before they disbanded.
Jane Doe

Opened with Jane Doe which was a weird vibe to start with but they made it work.
No Homewrecker :( :( :(
33 Burning Love
Burning Love

Opened for Converge. Nothing extraordinary on record but lots of energy and I truly
enjoyed the performance.
34 Loma Prieta

Opened for Converge. SO. MUCH. EMOSHUNZ. UUUUUGH. These guys rule hard live.
Battle Metal

Had to leave halfway through the set due to a bus we had to catch but we heard
To Holmguard and Beyond so I was happy enough.
Captain Morgan's Revenge

Opened for Turisas. Yup here they are again! First time seeing them and the
funnest of them all. Crowd was more pumped for them than for Turisas
37Ex Deo

Opened for Turisas. These guys don't tour much so it was cool to get to see them.
Had the crowd do a cheesy as fuck roman-themed wall of death but fuck it, it was
38 Arkona
Goi, Rode, Goi

Opened for Turisas. First experience of this band and I was very impressed. Their
vocalist is a force onstage.
39 Huntress

Opened for Turisas. Bland. Vocalist didn't move much other than when she licked
the guitarist which was kind of weird.
40Beyond Creation
The Aura

Doesn't get more precise than these guys. Great set in a tiny ass venue

First metal show in a long ass time and it was a lot of fun. Once again, I can't
stress just how well coordinated they all are
For Lack Of A Better Name

When he closed his set with Strobe I might have creamed myself a little (ok maybe
a lot)
X Rated

Opened for Deadmau5. Bro-ed hard here. Had a blast.
44 Zedd

Opened for Deadmau5. Wasn't the big name he is now so he was mixing together a
lot of stuff from all over the place and it was a pretty fun set.
Dude Ranch

Caught them on their reunion tour before Neighbourhoods came out so I didn't have
to sit through any of that BS thankfully. Fun, nostalgic, almost brings a tear to your
46 Fall Out Boy
Something about a cork tree

Opened for Blink-182. Would've happily not shown up for these guys but my gf at
the time (now ex) liked them so ugh
47Planet Smashers

Opened for Blink-182. Really bland ska.

Played a 3 hour set that included all of Moving Pictures and much more. Fan-
fucking-tastic and I hope to catch them once more before they call it quits.
49Iron Maiden

Setlist could've been better (played a lot of newer stuff) but at least they played
HAllowed Be Thy Name This Time.
50Dream Theater

Opened for Iron Maiden. Didn't like them then, still don't like them now. They were
almost as boring as the wait time between bands.
Punk In Drublic

Very fun band.
Ride The Lightning

James can't sing but fuck it I really wanted to see them at least once.
53Lamb Of God

Opened for Metallica. Lots of energy and a solid setlist. Very enjoyable performance
54 Volbeat

Opened for Metallica. Sucked
55Billy Talent
Billy Talent

First concert back in 2007. Had a blast
56Rise Against
Siren Song Of The COunter Culture

Opened for Billy Talent. Fun and energetic
Underground Network

Opened for Billy Talent. Still the only time I've seen someone throw their bass (at a
roadie, not in the crowd). Very energetic and lots of fun. Just remembered Moneen
played before Anti-Flag at this show but they were awful so fuck those guys.
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