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A 2013 List Posted Mid February Because Life Is Moving Fast And You'll Be Dead Before You Know It

Including LPs, EPs and compilations, limited to one album per artist since some dudes went fucking crazy this year (I cheated a tad bit, putting two Daniel Jonsson projects in.) Ratings are included next to each release mostly for personal purposes.
100Naoki Ishida and Ayato

ambient, field recordings - 3

techno - 3

black metal - 3
Cro Magnox

idm, techno - 3
96Aine O'Dwyer
Anything Bright or Startling?

free folk - 3
In the Midst of Life We Are In Death

death metal - 3

garage - 3
93Eva-Maria Houben
Piano Music

minimalism - 3
92Exit Sense
Cherry Blossom Oblivion

sound collage - 3
91Mammane Sani et son Orgue
La musique electronique du Niger

minimal synth - 3
90Yparxei Provlima Amalia
Kona Kai

field recordings - 3
89Olivia Block

musique concrete - 3
88Sorrow (UK)

garage - 3
87Aidan Baker
Already Drowning

post-rock - 3
86Chelsea Wolfe
Pain Is Beauty

folk, gothic rock - 3
85Oren Ambarchi, Jim O'Rourke, Keiji Haino
Now While It's Still Warm Let Us Pour in All...

noise rock, psych rock - 3
84Gordon Ashworth
Public Loops Volume One

field recordings, tape music - 3
83Atolon and Chip Shop Music
Public Private

eai - 3
82Croatian Amor and Lust For Youth

minimal synth - 3
81Youth Avoiders
Youth Avoiders

hardcore - 3
Ruins of Humans

death metal - 3
79Puce Mary

noise, dark ambient - 3
Opulent Atrocity

death metal - 3

techno - 3
76Anne Guthrie
so it's inverted, occupying the same position...

field recordings - 3
75The Field
Cupid's Head

minimal techno - 3
74Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

ambient, noise - 3
73Jerusalem in my Heart
Mo7it Al-Mo7it

avant-folk, arabic folk music - 3
72Torture Chain
Mutilating Astral Entities

black metal - 3
Through the Window

industrial techno - 3
Musik för tomma rum

industrial, dark ambient - 3
Disposal of a Dead Body

noise rock - 3
68Ildjarn/Hate Forest
Those Once Mighty Fallen

black metal - 3
67Else Marie Pade/Jacob Kirkegaard

drone - 3
66Houria Aichi

berber music - 3
Rival Dealer

ok yeh u got me - 3
64Lionel Marchetti
23 formes en elastique

electroacoustic - 3
63Night Birds
Born To Die In Suburbia

punk - 3
62The Delfonics
Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics

soul - 3
61Jon Hopkins

techno, ambient - 3
60Taku Unami, Moe Kamura & Tetuzi Akiyama

onkyo - 3
You're Nothing

post-punk - 3
58Anne Guthrie and Richard Kamerman

eai, field recordings - 3
57Boards of Canada
Tomorrow's Harvest

idm - 3
56Arnaut Pavle
Demo Tape MMXIII

black metal - 3
55Lubomyr Melnyk
Three Solo Pieces

minimalism - 3.5
54The Black Twilight Circle
Tliltic Tlapoyauak

black metal - 3.5
The Fragility of Happiness

industrial, dark ambient - 3.5
52Stephen Cornford and Samuel Rodgers
Boring Embroidery

free improv - 3.5
51Tal National

afro-funk - 3.5
50Dropdead / Ruidosa Inmundicia

powerviolence - 3.5
49Joe Panzner and Greg Stuart
Dystonia Duos

noise, eai - 3.5
48Ambuya Nyati
Musique rituelle shona

african folk music - 3.5
47Various Artists
100 Moons: Hindustani Vocal Art, 1930-55

hindustani classical music - 3.5
46Soap and Skin

darkwave - 3.5
45Rafael Anton Irisarri
The Unintentional Sea

ambient - 3.5
44Various Artists (Noise)
Belgrade is the World

industrial, noise - 3.5
43Tim Hecker

ambient, drone - 3.5
42Sea of Shit
Sea of Shit

powerviolence - 3.5
41Jar Moff
Commercial Mouth

sound collage - 3.5
40John Butcher, Tony Buck, Magda Mayas and Burkhard Stangl

free jazz - 3.5
39The Rita
Retrospective II

harsh noise - 3.5
38Ryoji Ikeda

glitch - 3.5
37Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba
Jama Ko

mande folk music - 3.5
No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers

post-punk, industrial - 3.5
Severe Disconnect

power electronics - 3.5
34Paysage d'Hiver
Das Tor

black metal - 3.5
33Oneohtrix Point Never
R Plus Seven

electronic, experimental - 3.5
Chewed Corners

idm - 3.5
31Exit Records
Mosaic: Volume Two

drum and bass - 3.5
30Lee Patterson and Vanessa Rossetto
Temperament as Waveform

eai - 3.5
Lush Islands - Illusion of Paradise

ambient - 3.5
28Dora Juarez Kiczkovsky
Cantos para una diáspora

folk - 3.5
27Laurel Halo
Chance of Rain

techno - 3.5
Colored Sands

death metal - 3.5
25Various Artists
Dokument #1

noise rock, post-punk, industrial - 3.5
24Julia Holter
Loud City Song

art pop - 3.5
23William Parker
Wood Flute Songs

avant-garde jazz, free jazz - 3.5
Messe I.X-VI.X

dark ambient, modern classical - 3.5
21Ben UFO

techno - 3.5
20Zahava Seewald and Michael Grebil
From My Mother's House

sound collage, jewish music - 3.5
19Kommando RJF
Sweet Slow Suicide

power electronics - 3.5

death metal - 3.5
A Fabric of Beliefs

ambient, drone - 3.5
16David Tudor
The Art of David Tudor

modern classical - 3.5
15Peter Brotzmann
Long Story Short

free jazz - 3.5
14Tusen ar under jord
Sorgsendomet Fobos

drone, tape music - 3.5
Phone About to Ring

drone, noise - 3.5
12Pali Meursault

musique concrete - 3.5
11Fire! Orchestra

free jazz, experimental big band - 4
Sous juju

avant-folk | playful tunes from Finnish freak folk princess Jonna Karanka. her
creativity is on full display here, and i can't help but love every second - 4
Black Death Horizon

death metal | raw, relentless and ugly as fuck, it doesn't get much better than this
- 4
Time Heals All

ambient | i know i said "dudes" plural in the description but ASC is really the sole
reason why i'm limiting these lists to one album per artist, it's disgusting how much
good music this dude puts out - 4

ambient, folk | Daniel Jonsson creates mournful, decaying soundscapes unlike
anything i've ever heard, i can't stop listening to this - 4
6Dennis Johnson

minimalism | the pleasure of slowly getting nowhere - 4
Mud, Dirt and Hiss

ambient, field-recordings | Analog synth on the one hand, avian field-recordings on
the other, each deployed perfectly. This is some of the most seductive stuff I've
heard all year. The sheer gorgeousity of these sounds will have your eyes rolling in
delight. Lovely for the morning - 4
4The Knife
Shaking the Habitual

electronic, experimental | Like the previous album from this Swedish experimental
duo, Shaking the Habitual is a sui generis creation that, in its own oblique way,
manages to be every bit as catchy as it is unique. Complete unrestrained
creativity. Fun of the highest order - 4

idm | To my ears, Autechre have produced some of the strongest, most
consistently vital music of the last two decades and Exai is no exception. But they
are not breaking any new ground with this one. Instead, it works as a culmination
of their career so far, touching on almost every phase of their catalog and
developing their already established strengths. The result is fucking glorious. Two
hours without one wasted moment - 4
2Various Artists (Classical)
Longing for the Past: The 78 rpm era in SE Asia

old ass music | A four-CD box set of 90 vintage 78 rpm recordings from long-
forgotten cultural outposts of Southeast Asia. Spanning six decades and going back
as early as 1905, this mammoth covers the music of Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia,
Laos, Malaysia and more. From an archival standpoint, this is easily one of the most
impressive compilations of all time. And as if that wasn't enough, the content is
hauntingly beautiful and almost frighteningly consistent given its size. Alien vocal
styles and mystery instruments are aplenty. If your musical interests spread beyond
the conventional confines of Western culture, I say pick this up and get ready to
enter a lost world - 4.5
1Jakob Ullmann
Fremde Zeit Addendum 4

modern classical, lowercase | This hour-long organ piece is about as slow as it
gets. But as per usual with Ullmann, a sense of meditative calm descends on those
patient enough to stick it out, so much so that any unwanted sound - be it distant
engines revving up, the jingling of keys or someone flushing the toilet next door -
will begin to feel like vile intrusions on this delicate sound-world. I went into this
expecting a masterwork for organ - which I got - but what I wasn't expecting was
finding some of the most addictive sounds I've ever heard. Trespass or perish,
bitches - 4.5
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