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Aids' 2013: Albums Of The Year

I usually wait until like February to decide on my favourites of the year but oh man who cares? It's only sputnik right? Top 90 ish is my favourite LPs, in order, and then I shoved some dope EPs at the end (most of which are dubstep tee hee). Happy new year everybody, smoke weed every day.
Without You

[100-88: EPs of the year, not in order] The LP was just ok but this release was

dubstep is rarely this emotional
Press On/Tantra

up there with V.I.V.E.K for favourite dubstep releases of the year

Biome is always great. He put out a lot this year, but this was my favourite.
96The History Of Gunpowder
Time's Teeth

RIYL "real" music

Rival Dealer

the plot thickens

I love rapping with dubstep/grime
92Kryptic Minds

Badman VIP is too good
No More

Shut Your Eyes/Underneath

Frazee-fraze was busy in 2013 but this is probably my favourite of the EPs he
produced this year. He's expanding on his atmospheric bass-y sound brilliantly.
[insert some british lingo here m8, big ups, this wan, choon!!!]
89Wolf Thief

A marvelous EP made by my friend, which was turned into a short film by two other
friends of mine. Solid stuff all around, watch the film here
Asteroids/Over My Head

my favourite short-player of the year. Deep dubstep is alive and well.
One Big Particular Loop

[this is the start of the LP list]

these guys may be finished with the music game but you can still hit them up on
their celly-cell
85Blood Orange
Cupid Deluxe

I wish this had more rapping.
84A Wilhelm Scream

Nowhere near the level of Career Suicide for me but a fun listen nonetheless.
83Depth Connection
Different Waves

one day I will legally purchase and consume marijuana while hanging out with
Tanner and watching him play a set
82The Wonder Years
The Greatest Generation

If only this band's fans weren't endlessly annoying I'd probably like this more. I
thought the previous album was quite a bit better though. Also I hate this album's
title (man I'm negative today).

thrust that pelvis dog, get your ass into it. that dancefloor aint gonna destroy itself.
80Tyler Brown
The Hollows

this guy likes Bon Iver I'm pretty sure
79The Knife
Shaking the Habitual

I'm so beta for this being so low on my list. Sorry team.
Holy Fire

77Janelle Monae
The Electric Lady

I wish I liked this album more but it's definitely great.
76Data Romance

"The XX, if The XX bumped"
Days Are Gone

Adam "chorus porn" Downer
74Youth Lagoon
Wondrous Bughouse

very bughouse
such wonder
73Frank Turner
Tape Deck Heart

Apparently he's covering Plea From A Cat Named Virtute soon. Careful!
72Jake Bellows
New Ocean

do you ever check out your favourite artist's favourite recrods? This is Laura
Stevenson's favourite album of the year and wouldn't you know it's pretty good.
Kind of simple but touching at parts.
Spiral Power

protip: listen to this while you play pokemon and you are guaranteed to catch them all
70John Lithgoat
Who Gives a Fuck Nowhere

Steven Farmer making a strong showing this year
69ASAP Rocky

68Rosie June
Listening Post

the word "lush"
With Love

Disappointing but still excellent.

Disappointing but still excellent.
65Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

Disappointing but still excellent.

album artwork of the year by a country mile, don't even attempt to argue that it isn't
63Deltron 3030
Event II

underrated cause everyone was actually thinking they could replicate their classic
62Sed Non Satiata

french people screaming
61Majical Cloudz

I like this album significantly less than I like Ali Ashoor.
60Dirty Beaches
Drifters/Love Is The Devil

dirty cause of oil spills? or..... No Enbridge, right? Pretty sure that's what this album
is about.
59Mister Lies

always tell the truth kids, play safe
Abandon All Life

sometimes I listen to non-pussy shit, who knew

me me

This wouldn't be on my list if not for Heartbreaks + Setbacks which is one of the
best fukkkkn songs I've ever heard. I really wish I liked Thundercat more but he's
just not my jam. I like him a lot and respect the shit out of him, but it's not my cup
of tea. I mean it is, but it's like the person making my tea asked me if I wanted
milk and I said no but they put milk in it anyway. It /is/ my cup of tea but I'm not
100% about it you feel me?

"Sunbather is too low!!!" No, no it isn't. I like this album. It is my 55th favourite
LP of the year. I have place it at #55 on my list. Good day.

yo dubstep is tyte tho
There Is No Neutral

"sometimes screamo is still good blahblahblah"
52Tim Hecker

I haven't gotten as into this one as Ravedeath, at least not yet.
Nightmare Ending

perfect music for napping, which I realize makes it sound boring or something but
it's not
50Johnny Good

Johnny "loves top 10 lists" Good. Also this is my friend's album and it's damn good
so give it a listen please. Massive choruses, beautiful harmonies, soulful music. He's
really good at using loops too, check out this video
49The World is a Beautiful Place...
Whenever, If Ever

I love that album cover. All nostalgic n shit.
48Yo La Tengo

really though you don't need "yo" for that sentence to make sense yo
47Arcade Fire

Once upon a time, Chan said I looked like a greasier Win Butler. I was not thrilled.
46My Bloody Valentine
m b v

my shoes are red I love looking at them
45Troubled Medium

Can you?

If you use the term "friend zone" in real life then you probably also watch The Big
Bang Theory and get in comment battles on youtube. Hey also this album's good.

changed my life (with regards to how I perform oral sex)
42Okkervil River
The Silver Gymnasium

Robin "4.5/5" Smith
41Black Milk
No Poison No Paradise

I hope I never go to Detroit ever but they've got some good rappers!!
40Queens of the Stone Age
...Like Clockwork

best QOTSA since Songs for The Deaf
39Maya Jane Coles

I want to go out just once in my life and hear music like this all night. I'd be all
about clubbing if this is what was played while I got my intoxication on.
38Chance The Rapper
Acid Rap

soooo I thought this was just alright then I got really drunk and saw him live and
yeah now I love it. burnholes in my memories, my homies think it's dank.
Silent of Light

are you I enough for this DM??
36Sigur Ros

drums again, yes!
35Boards of Canada
Tomorrow's Harvest

copyright infringement on this band name yo I'm pissed. hmu canadians we need to
take this shit to the courts. (sorry)
34James Blake

Why did Ali not put this on his 2013 list? Your reason made no sense you wonderful
33Shugo Tokumaru
In Focus?

was on my 2012 list as well but I'm sneaking this in on a technicality
32 Boris

guaranteed this will fuck up the artwork on my beautiful list. gonna try without the
umlaut (?) over the first a, wish me luck. thanks guys.
31The Front Bottoms
Talon of the Hawk

Adam "doesn't like The Daily Mail" Knott
30The Dodos

Rudy "my facebook comments get mad likes" Klapper
29And So I Watch You From Afar
All Hail Bright Futures

I miss when everyone loved this band. This album is comparable to their first one
for sure, I don't understand the backlash.
28Old Man Markley
Down Side Up

get your ire on, but also have a hoe-down cause yolo
No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers

Joseph "even Aids would like this" McGlone
Images Du Futur

Music won't save you.
Surfing Strange

Waxahatchee is betterrrrr, nice try other Crutchfield sister.

Dubstep is tight. Bristol is tight. Phaeleh is tight.
Terry - D

free on bandcamp get all up in it, kinda like FlyLo I suppose
22Streetlight Manifesto
The Hands That Thieve

Oh my god, I will hold my tongue and I'll breathe easily, if anyone can say with any
sort of certainty that there is something to believe.
21Pusha T
My Name Is My Name
rS1qztvpwo1_r1_500.gif , he puts numbers on the boards
20Justin Timberlake
The 20/20 Experience

I swear to god if I see anyone holding the wall I'm gonna lose my shit.
19Frightened Rabbit
Pedestrian Verse

good job Scotland, you did it
18Dean Blunt
The Redeemer

this album makes me wish I made music. I don't really know what that means but
at the same time I do woahhhhh mannnnnnn this is sum guuuuuud weeeeeeed
17Jon Hopkins

this guy put on probably the "best" electronic performance I've ever seen. Like,
Flying Lotus was a better show (in my opinion), but this guy's hands never stop
moving. He made my DJ-hating friend a believer. Also, this album hey? It's all
good and shit.
16Basia Bulat
Tall Tall Shadow

Basia is an incredible artist and should have more fans. Amazing singer, immensely
talented multi-instrumentalist, beautiful lyrics, and a great performer.
15Captain, We're Sinking
The Future Is Cancelled

John "Terrible Middle Names" Hanson
14The National
Trouble Will Find Me

they took a noticeable step down in quality with this one, but who woulda known?
they still rule
13Julia Holter
Loud City Song

ferry rides
12Neko Case
The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight...

sleeper hit of the year (aka I am dumb for not listening to this shit ages ago)
11Sorrow (UK)

bass you guys, bass

drugs you guys, drugs
Flying Colours

Shad should be world famous.
8Oneohtrix Point Never
R Plus Seven

One of my roommates asked me if I'd heard of/liked this album. I was like BRO one
of my favourite of the year. He hated it. I was pissed but we worked it out
everybody. Don't worry guys, don't worry.
7The Flaming Lips
The Terror

in Wayne we trust
Cerulean Salt

simple, heartbreaking, brilliant
The North Borders

This guy gets better which each release. At this rate his next album's gonna be
6/5. Know You - come on, shit bangs.
4Run The Jewels
Run The Jewels

You know why Run The Jewels was Walter White's favourite album of 2013?
Chemistry. (oh my god that was awful, apologies) RTJ2 is gonna rule so hard
though cause they'll actually be trying. This was essentially a 30 minute free
mixtape (bustling with bonafide gold, mine you) that was produced "just for fun". So
when they get back in the studio and go through the proper motions for producing
a full LP, shit's gonna pop off. ps. A Christmas Fucking Miracle is so good that I
want to cry. check that: I did cry. Many times. Hold me.
Pure Heroine

I hate trying to justify why I like Lorde so much, so I think I'm gonna not even
bother. I'll just say that, like most of you, I often find myself at odds with the
mainstream music community and what gets pimped out on the radio, so when an
artist comes along that actually seems genuine and refreshing, I'm all about it. I
don't believe in guilty pleasures (see: my unabashed love for Call Me Maybe last
year), but yeah I still always seem to have to do a bit of extra work to justify Pure
Heroine as a good album. The lyrics are refreshing (hardly "never been done", but
very welcome in the world of increasingly unimaginative mainstream acts), her voice
is amazing, and the production is handled tastefully. A minimalist approach is
employed expertly to allow Lorde's voice to shine (rightfully so) over pulsing bass
tones and an aesthetic that falls somewhere between hip-hop and indie-pop. To
me, this is what more mainstream artists should aspire to sound like. It's fucking
ear candy and I honestly kind of feel sorry for anyone who doesn't enjoy this
glorious piece of pop on the same level as me.
2Danny Brown

Old sees my long-troubled relationship finally come full circle. At long last I have
learned to embrace all the tropes that used to grate me, and Danny Brown is to
thank for that. Thanks to his clever trickery, I find myself relating to stories about
life on the streets, slinging crack, getting mugged. It's because he frames it with
more relatable themes like struggling to live up to one's potential and anxiety. It's a
very human listening experience and one of the more unique approaches to lyricism
in quite some time. The Side A/Side B dichotomy is definitely one of the things that
makes this album so special, and the skill in which he executes the separation of
the two deserves ample praise. Unique delivery, gripping and relatable lyricism, and
some of the "biggest" sounds of the year (Smokin and Drinkin omg): Old is a glorious
1Laura Stevenson

This will shortly become my favourite album of all-time (I'm waiting until it's been
out for a few years to make this declaration cause loving a new release so much is
not allowed round these parts). It's strikingly honest and self-effacing and speaks
to me more deeply and frankly than any other album I have ever heard. I loved Sit
Resist and was anticipating this album heavily so that by the time it came out I was
ready to go into full-blown obsession mode. I listened to virtually nothing else for
months; this album worked its way into the deepest recesses of my mind. I know it
like the back of my hand now, every lyric, every guitar riff, everything. It was
released at the perfect time for me to be receptive to it: I was deep in a transition
phase in March, tentatively stepping away from a long-standing depression and
cynical attitude towards my surroundings. After Sit Resist, Laura Stevenson
seemed ready to re-focus her bleak outlook, and Wheel sees her succeed with
flying colours. The world is fucked, absolutely and unquestionably, but we may as
well enjoy what little time we have left. Is the sadness any less real? Is impending
doom any less frightening? Absolutely not, but when we do ourselves a disservice
by letting fear control out lives. The world keeps spinning, just like the wheel,
whether we huddle in our lonely corners or we go experience life to the fullest, and
Wheel is the musical realization of that wonderful, inspiring truth.
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