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12.24.13 My 60 Favorite Albums Of 2013

My 60 Favorite Albums Of 2013

Just the list of my favorite albums of the year
1Daft Punk
Random Access Memories

Not only my favorite album from the year but also one of my favorites period. Just a
pure masterpiece in my opinion, full of great songs, lush instrumentation, innovative
production and beautiful melodies. 8 years in the making, but it was worth it, I loved it
so much it hurt. Best tracks : all of them
2Queens of the Stone Age
...Like Clockwork

Their most consistent, emotional, sincere and coherent album. A true masterpiece that
just gets better and better with further listens. LOVED IT Best tracks : All of them
3Janelle Monae
The Electric Lady

A sophomore album that just exceeds expectations. Monae experiment with her sound
and made a second masterpiece full of great hooks and instrumental bliss. Plus her
lyrics just became more intense and political, and the concept is still really engaging.
Best tracks : Givin' Em What They Love ; QUEEN ; Electric Lady ; PrimeTime ; We
Were Rock & Roll ; Dance Apocalyptic ; Victory ; Suite V Electric Ouverture ; Can't
Live Without Your Love ; Sally Ride ; What an Experience
4Kanye West

I just freakin' loved what Kanye was trying to do on Yeezus. It's not that abrasive in
my opinion, not that different neither, but these 10 tracks are instantly memorable. An
incredibly high quality album. Best tracks : All of them as well
5The Strokes
Comedown Machine

A vastly underrated release in my opinion. I loved every second of it, every track is
different but they create a totally unique universe as a whole thanks to great
production, songwriting, and instrumentation. Best tracks : All of them
6Biffy Clyro

A near-perfect double album that contains no filler and the most mature release from
the Biff yet. Best tracks : Different People ; Sounds Like Balloons ; Opposite ; Biblical
; The Fog ; The Thaw ; Stingin' Belle ; Modern Magic Formula ; Spanish Radio ;
Victory Over the Sun ; Skylight ; Accident Without Emergency ; Picture a Knife Fight
7Arcade Fire

Some production issues and kind of self-indulgent at times, but God, does the band
deliver another great and unique album. I loved Reflektor and listened to it constantly
since it's release. Best tracks : Reflektor ; We Exist ; Here Comes the Night Time ;
Normal Person ; You Already Know ; Awful Sound ; It's Never Over ; Porno ; Afterlife
Wonderful, Glorious

Their catchiest, tightest and most complete work, E still delivers after 20 years of
career. A true musical treasure with complex songwriting throughout. Best tracks :
Bombs Away ; Kinda Fuzzy ; Peach Blossom ; The Turnaround ; New Alphabet ; True
Original ; You're My Friend ; Open My Present ; I Am Building a Shrine ; Wonderful,
9Sigur Ros

An unexpected return from the majestic Icelandic outfit and a brilliant one as well.
With more industrial influences as well as poppier songwriting, it's another success
from them. Best tracks : Brennisteinn ; Hrafntinna ; Isjaki ; Stormur ; Kveikur ;
Bl??r??ur ; Var
White Lighter

A glorious record and probably the most emotionally potent album of the year. I loved
every second of it. Lush instrumentation and gripping vocals. Best tracks : Artificial
Light ; Young Fathers ; Morton's Fork ; The Lake ; Dreams of Cannibalism ; 100 Years
; Hunger and Thirst ; Common Sentiments ; Post-Script
11Kurt Vile
Wakin on a Pretty Daze

An album that is full of charm, sweet folk instrumentation and irresistibly awkward
vocals. But the songwriting shines throughout and it's an engaging listen from
beginning to end. Best Tracks : Wakin on a Pretty Day ; KV Crimes ; Was All Talk ;
Never Run Away ; Too Hard ; Shame Chamber ; Snowflakes Are Dancing ; Goldtone
12The Flaming Lips
The Terror

Yes it's bleak but not bland. This is another great experience from Wayne Coyne and
co., and a very engaging one with really emotional lyrics. Best tracks : the whole
thing delivers
13Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires of the City

With this much more emotive and melancholic third album, Vampire Weekend
confirmed their position as an indie band who just wants to innovate. It's probably
their best and most complete work to date, and overall just a great record. Best
tracks : Obvious Bicycle ; Unbelievers ; Step ; Diane Young ; Don't Lie ; Hannah Hunt
; Finger Back ; Worship You ; Ya Hey ; Hudson
14My Bloody Valentine
m b v

Just a whole new experience, that's what brought us Kevin Shields with this long-
awaited follow-up to Loveless. And it's an experience I just adored. Best tracks : She
Found Now ; Only Tomorrow ; Who Sees You ; New You ; In Another Way ; Nothing Is
; Wonder 2
15Kirin J. Callinan

This is one of the most memorable debuts in recent history. Callinan has just got so
much personality and his songs are instantly thought-provoking and unique. Best
tracks : Halo ; Embracism ; Victoria M. ; Scraps ; Chardonnay Sean ; Stretch It Out ;
Landslide ; Love Delay
16Touche Amore
Is Survived By

Of the best punk albums I've ever heard. There is some much emotion in the raw
vocals and melodic instrumentation, it almost lead me to tears at times. It's a true
album, with a beginning and an end, it's just awesomeness all along. Best tracks : Just
Exist ; To Write Content ; Praise / Love ; Anyone / Anything ; Harbor ; Social
Caterpillar ; Non Fiction ; Steps ; Is Survived By
17Chelsea Wolfe
Pain Is Beauty

One of the most emotionally engaging albums I think I ever heard. Brilliant
songwriting from beginning to end, beautiful and forward-thinking arrangements.
Chelsea's voice is to celebrate as well. Best tracks : Feral Love ; House of Metal ; The
Warden ; Sick ; Reins ; Ancestors, the Ancients ; They'll Clap When You're Gone ; The
Waves Have Come ; Lone
18Streetlight Manifesto
The Hands That Thieve

In my opinion, this is their best, most moving and melodic album. Every tracks just hit
with sincerity, rawness, horns sections that are just fantastic and life-affirming lyrics.
Best tracks : The Three of Us ; The Littlest Things ; The Hands That Thieve (one of the
best songs of the year for sure) ; With Any Sort of Certainty ; If Only for Memories ;
They Broke Him Down ; Toe to Toe ; Your Day Will Come
19The National
Trouble Will Find Me

Their most mature album yet, less accessible, but really one when they show their
ability to put more power and emotion in subtle songs than most bands can put in
straightforward rockers. Best tracks : I Should Live in Salt ; Demons ; Don't Swallow
the Cap ; Fireproof ; Sea of Love ; Heavenfaced ; Graceless ; I Need My Girl ;
Humiliation ; Pink Rabbits (okay I put 10 of the 13 songs here)
20Mikal Cronin

There is so much charm in Cronin's sweet vocals, melodies and production, it's
impossible not to fall in love with this high quality album where every song is just
great. Best tracks : Weight ; See It My Way ; Peace of Mind ; Change ; Don't Let Me
Go ; Turn Away ; Piano Mantra
21Steven Wilson
The Raven That Refused to Sing

A throwback to the 70's progressive rock sound but with that classic Steven Wilson
songwriting and his signature poetic melodies. Best tracks : Luminol ; Drive Home ;
The Watchmaker ; The Raven That Refused to Sing
Time is a Machine

A freaking intense record, with breathtaking guitar work and chilling spoken words
vocals. Short but nothing short of amazing. Best tracks : Eyes to the Ground for
Change ; Not Today ; Tornadoes ; I Think It's Called Survival ; There Are Wrecking
Balls Inside Us ; It Will All Happen the Way It Should

A wild experiment, and a successful one as well in my opinion. This is not perfect but I
just enjoyed it so much. Fun, dark and just brilliant. Best tracks : Alien Days ; Cool
Song No. 2 ; Mystery Disease ; Introspection ; Your Life Is a Lie ; I Love You Too,
Death ; Plenty of Girls in the Sea ; An Orphan of Fortune

An intense, monumental album that is a mix of Black Metal vocals and Post-rock
instrumentation. A melancholic but not dark record, I would even say it's a life-
affirming one, with long emotional tracks and beautiful interludes. Best tracks : Dream
House ; Irresistible ; Vertigo ; The Pecan Tree
25Arctic Monkeys

Probably their most consistent and focused record since Favourite Worst Nightmare, a
sexy, catchy, and most of all elegant record. Loved it. Best tracks : Do I Wanna Know
? ; R U Mine ? ; One for the Road ; Fireside ; Why'd You Only Call Me When You're
High ? ; Snap Out of It ; I Wanna Be Yours
26The Drones
I See Seaweed

Discovered them this year with this dark, abrasive, and gripping album. Epic but never
too long tracks, storytelling lyrics with a point and loud chilling instrumentation
throughout. Best tracks : I See Seaweed ; A Moat You Can Stand In ; Nine Eyes ; The
Grey Leader ; Laika ; Why Write a Letter That You'll Never Send
27Of Montreal
Lousy with Sylvianbriar

An unexpected shift from their recent electronic albums, Lousy with Sylvianbriar is
definitely one of my favorites Of Montreal records in a long time. Amazing chord
progressions, beautiful melodies and lyrics, I love it.
Best tracks : Fugitive Air ; Obsidian Currents ; Sirens of Your Toxic Spirit ; Colossus ;
She Ain't Speakin' Now ; Hegira Emigr? ; Imbecile Rages
Holy Fire

Maybe not as mature as their previous release Total Life Forever, but still a high
quality album with big builds, more moody as well as more aggressive at times. I
enjoyed it a lot. Best tracks : Prelude ; Inhaler ; Bad Habit ; Late Night ; Milk & Black
Spiders ; Providence ; Stepson ; Moon
29Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels

Short, aggressive, wrapped with catchy hooks, huge production and great wordplay,
what more can I ask from a rap album ? I love El-P and Killer Mike ! Best tracks : Run
the Jewels ; 36" Chain ; Sea Legs ; No Come Down ; A Christmas Fucking Miracle

Abrasive but straightforward and nostalgic at the same time. It might be my favorite
from them after Halcyon Digest. Best tracks : Neon Junkyard ; The Missing ; Blue
Agent ; T.H.M. ; Sleepwalking ; Back to the Middle ; Monomania

Didn't expect to enjoy it this much. Quality songwriting and production throughout, a
wide palette of styles and song structures. I found this rewarding. Best tracks : Now ;
Part II ; Last Hope ; Still Into You ; Hate to See Your Heart Break ; (One of Those)
Crazy Girls ; Future

A very strange and interesting combination of blues, electronic and minimalism with
eerie vocals and unique textures. Best tracks : Golden Arrow ; Heart ; Paper Trails ;
The Only Shrine I've Seen ; Freak, Go Home
33These New Puritans
Field of Reeds

A neoclassical bizarre but extremely well-composed album, and a radical stylistic
departure for the band. Best tracks : Fragment Two ; V (Island Song) ; Organ Eternal
; Nothing Else ; Field of Reeds
34The Weeknd
Kiss Land

A very unique and different approach to R&B with dark and moody soundscapes as
well as progressive songwriting. My only issue with it are the sometimes really cheesy
and shock-value lyrics. Best tracks : Professional ; Adaptation ; Love in the Sky ;
Belong to the World ; Pretty ; Tears in the Rain
35David Bowie
The Next Day

A welcomed return from this legend : 14 classic-sounding Bowie tracks with a lot of
charisma and momentum. I really dug it. Best tracks : The Next Day ; The Stars (Are
Out Tonight) ; Love Is Lost ; Where Are We Now ? ; Valentine's Day ; I'd Rather Be
High ; Boss of Me ; How Does the Grass Grow ?

A nearly perfect comeback album from this underrated brit-pop act. Straightforward,
romantic, anthemic and moving. Best tracks : Barriers ; Snowblind ; It Starts and
Ends with You ; What Are You Not Telling Me ? ; Always ; Faultlines
37Franz Ferdinand
Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Definitely a grower, this album is catchy, has the variety Franz Ferdinand' albums
missed to this point, and even adds funky and bubblegum pop influences. Best tracks
: Evil Eye ; Love Illumination ; Stand on the Horizon ; The Universe Expanded ; Brief
Encounters ; Goodbye Lovers and Friends
38Fuck Buttons
Slow Focus

A moody, dark and chilling instrumental album focused on big builds. Worth your time.
Best tracks : Brainfreeze ; Year of the Dog ; Stalker ; Hidden XS
39James Blake

An accessible and triumphant sophomore album with well-composed beats and
complex melodies. Best tracks : Overgrown ; Life Round Here ; Take a Fall for Me ;
Retrograde ; Digital Lion ; Voyeur
40Okkervil River
The Silver Gymnasium

A magnificent collection of heartland-inspired anthems and ballads, with live-like
production, and a ton of emotion. Best tracks : It Was My Season ; Down Down the
Deep River ; Where the Spirit Left Us ; Stay Young ; Walking Without Frankie ; All the
Time Every Day
41Jon Hopkins

A masterful and moody electronic album with solid progressions, a little overlong but
still a rewarding listen. Best tracks : We Disappear ; Open Eye Signal ; Breathe This
Air ; Abandon Window ; Immunity
Silence Yourself

A honest feminist statement and one of the best straightforward post-punk records of
the year in my opinion. Best tracks : Shut Up ; I Am Here ; Waiting for a Sign ; She
Will ; Husbands ; Marshal Dear
43Justin Timberlake
The 20/20 Experience

A well-written and rewarding pop album with catchy melodies and expansive
songwriting, as well as an unique production. However, the lyrics are really corny for
most of the songs and part 2 is definitely weaker, but it has some great tracks too.
Best tracks : Pusher Love Girl ; Don't Hold the Wall ; Tunnel Vision ; Let the Groove
Get In ; That Girl ; Mirrors ; Blue Ocean Floor
44Primal Scream
More Light

A brilliant return to form from Bobby Gillepsie and co., this is a really long and
expansive records with tons of different instrumentation and moods. Best tracks :
2013 ; River of Pain ; Culturecide ; Invisible City ; Goodbye Johnny ; Elimination Blues
; Relativity ; Walking with the Beast
45Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Push the Sky Away

A collection of slow-burning jams and haunting ballads, this is another amazing entry
from Nick Cave. Best tracks : We No Who U R ; Jubilee Street ; Mermaids ; Higgs
Boson Blues

A fun metal album with great guitar playing and impressive songwriting, that varies
moods and travel between different metal sub genres. Best tracks : ?penbaring ;
Bruane Brenn ; Nekrokosmos ; Tordenbrak ; Kvelertak
47Youth Lagoon
Wondrous Bughouse

A great record of epic psychedelia songs with really long instrumental parts and
beautiful as well as eerie melodies. Best tracks : Mute ; The Bath ; Pelican Man ;
Dropla ; Raspberry Cane
48Jagwar Ma

A fun, catchy, energetic collection of dance tracks and surf inspired pop tunes, a really
original debut. Best tracks : What Love ; The Throw ; Come Save Me ; Four ; Man I
Need ; Did You Have To
The Bones of What You Believe

An emotional synth pop album with great hooks and personality, thanks to the
talented singer Lauren Mayberry and a strong debut, even if this kind of music has
already been done plenty of times. Best tracks : The Mother We Share ; We Sink ;
Tether ; Under the Tide ; Recover ; Science/Visions
50Nine Inch Nails
Hesitation Marks

A forward-thinking, smart collection from Trent Reznor with a mostly electronic
composition that is reminiscent of Year Zero's era material. A great album, even if it is
kind of long and has no emotional songs the band used to have. Best tracks : Copy of
A ; Came Back Haunted ; All Time Low ; Everything ; Various Methods of Escape ; I
Would for You ; In Two
Tales of Us

Their most subtle and melancholic album yet, it's an elegant collection of ballads that I
really enjoy, even if it lacks the momentum of some of their electronic stuff. Best
tracks : Annabel ; Drew ; Thea ; Stranger
52Smith Westerns
Soft Will

Great psychedelic pop that have this sweet nostalgic feel to it that I love. There are
some beautiful vocal melodies and guitar leads on this as well. Best tracks : 3 A.M.
Spiritual ; Idol ; Fool Proof ; White Oath ; Varsity
53Cage the Elephant

A great pop-rock record with some brilliant choruses and a great vintage production
throughout. It lacks a little personality sometimes but it is their best album. Best
tracks : Spiderhead ; Come a Little Closer ; Telescope ; Take It or Leave It ; Black
Widow ; Cigarette Daydreams

A pretty good follow-up to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix who have the same defects as
their previous releases : it's still a bit repetitive and here, the instrumental title track
lacks momentum. However, the album is catchy and contains more great moments
than average ones. Best tracks : Entertainment ; Drakkar Noir ; Chloroform ;
Bourgeois ; Oblique City
55Shannon Wright
In Film Sound

An aggressive and sometimes even moving pure rock album, that feels a little short
and doesn't have a real conclusion. Still a high quality release. Best tracks : Noise
Parade ; The Caustic Light ; Bleed ; Captive to Nowhere ; Surely, They'll Tear It Down
56The World is a Beautiful Place...
Whenever, If Ever

Emo done just right. A wide instrumental palette and a coherent listen throughout with
tracks leading into each other, however this is still a little immature, and the record
doesn't have a lot of originality. Best tracks : Heartbeat in the Brain ; Ultimate Steve ;
Getting Sodas
57Julia Holter
Loud City Song

A moving experience intellectually but not quite sentimentally. It's a very subtle,
beautifully written and produced album, but it's just not the music I value the most,
that's why it's so low on this list. Best tracks : Words ; Horns Surrounding Me ; Hello
58Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It's kind of disjointed but Mosquito is a fun record with tons of different flavors and
simple but effective songwriting overall. Best tracks : Sacrilege ; Slave ; Area 52 ;
If You Leave

An original, emotive and quite impressive debut album, the only reason it's not higher
on the list is that I find the music too slow for me at parts and the overall experience
to be a little boring at the end of the day. Best tracks : Winter ; Youth ; Still ;
Lifeforms ; Human
60The Thermals
Desperate Ground

A powerful, dynamic collection of pop punk songs with mostly great hooks. It lacks the
variety of their best work (the tracks sounds quite similar) but it's still very fun, simple
and catchy. Best tracks : Born to Kill ; The Sunset ; I Go Alone ; Our Love Survives
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