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'13 Favorites/needs More Listens/disappointments

Lots of goodness released this year. Some I liked immediately, others took more time to win me over and some still haven't and probably won't. Overall I think 2012 was better but here ya go:
Heart Of Oak

Favorite album of the year! This and VHOL's ST came out on the same day and
while I was looking forward to that album more considering the personnel, this one
won me over. Looking forward to the future of this band.
2Queens Of The Stone Age
...Like Clockwork

2nd favorite!
Target Earth

Took a few listens but I finally came around. Their best in a very long time.
4Secrets Of The Sky
To Sail Black Waters

Impressive debut.
Rites Of Separation

Can thank Grim Kim for this one.
6A Sun That Never Sets

Local boys doing good things.

Keep getting better and better.
Surgical Steel

Best reunion of the year. Easily. QOTSA doesn't count.

As mentioned, I ultimately liked Anciients' debut better but this still is awesome.
Again, local boys (and girl) doing good things.

Didn't know much about this band before this year but was pleasantly surprised by
this album and their entire discography.

Saw them 2 nights in a row for my birthday this year. Great times. Great album.
From The Ages

Had been wanting to get into this band for a while and finally (thankfully) did when
this was released.

Not as good as their debut but still tons of fun.
Habitual Levitations

Took several spins but it finally clicked. Hard.
15The Dillinger Escape Plan
One Of Us Is The Killer

Never been a huge fan but this album is pretty great.
16Polkadot Cadaver
Last Call in Jonestown

Solid and consistent despite it being all over the place musically.
Sister Faith

Like Earthless, had been meaning to get into them for a while. Glad I did.
Grand Blood

These guys seem to get better with each album.
19Black Crown Initiate
Song of the Crippled Bull

Came from out of nowhere and floored me. Sweet!
20Black Tusk
Tend No Wounds

Kept hearing that this was a stopgap of the same old-same old. Maybe...but hell yeah!
21Mutoid Man
Helium Head

Had no idea this band existed until a few weeks ago. This is the Cave In offshoot
I've been waiting for!

Slept on this for too long. Would probably be higher if I had heard it earlier.
23The White Mandingos
The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me

My favorite rapper joins a punk band? And it's good?
24White Widows Pact
White Widows Pact

Stumbled on this EP over at MetalSucks. Good shit if a little dated.

Real heavy. Real good. Full-length, please.

This, along with 'The Assailant', where two great but different EPs from East Of The
Wall's Matt Lupo. Keep up the good work, dude!

They also released 2 EPs this year. Both good but not as good as last year's release.
28Soul Pie
Battling Mountains

More local boys doing good things. Got to know their music very well as I helped
them with all their video stuff this year.
End Of Disclosure

Blood Drive

This album probably took the most tries to get into. I liked all the elements but it
didn't coalesce until recently.

While I like this album, I don't want to suck its dick like most people. Yet again,
local kids doing good things.
32Lord Dying
Summon The Faithless

Cool debut.
33Mammoth Grinder

Fun shit right here. Want to go see them with Exhumed next month.

Nice! 'Parasitical' is the jam.
35KEN Mode

Really interesting stuff. Hadn't paid much attention to them until this year. My
36Red Fang
Whales And Leeches

I really want to like this band more than I do. They almost everything. I'm not sure
what it is they're missing. Solid if uneventful album (as usual).
Serpents Unleashed

Best since 'Permafrost.'
The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart

I have loved this band for so long, I will always check out their next album. Derrick
takes too much unwarranted shit. Good album by a good (once great) band.
Agony Defined

I liked this more the first time I heard it. Still good but pretty same-y. Slayer
worship at its best.
Waiting For The End To Come

Best since 'In The Arms Of Devastation' for sure.

Not much of a doom fan but this grabbed me pretty hard. Would be higher but I
saw them live recently and it was kinda boring.
42 Mephistopheles
Sound Of The End

Heard great things about this band. Soild album if a bit hard to get into at first.
43Yeah. Sure. Whatever.
Through The Heart

More locals making music. I worked on video projects with this band as well this
year. After hearing their demo I was underwhelmed but the final product sounds
44Steak Number Eight
The Hutch

This band has such a dumb name, I almost didn't check it out. Glad I did. Very
Abandon All Life

Rages hard. Can't wait to see the live set this Friday (opening for Exodus).
46Power Trip
Manifest Decimation

We now arrive at the albums that I need more time with. I am loving this album but
just started listening last week.
47Steven Wilson
The Raven That Refused To Sing

I find his solo stuff hard to penetrate but ultimately rewarding. Still not enough time
with this.
Patricidal Lust

So far, so good...and filthy.
49Russian Circles

Only heard it twice all the way through.
Forever Becoming

Good but I liked their last album better. Needs more spins.

Like this band but find it hard to get into their stuff.
Savage Masters

Good but nothing standing out yet. Maybe nothing will. Remains to be seen/heard.
53Cables And Arms

My co-worker's band's debut EP. Not big on post hardcore but this is cool. Only
heard a few times through.

Better than the debut but still not grabbing me despite liking aspects here and there.
55Orchid (USA-CA)
The Mouths Of Madness

Even more local dudes. Good throwback shit but haven't listened enough.
Raging Death

Cool, solid death metal. That is all.
57Inter Arma
Sky Burial

Everyone is creaming themselves over this. I like parts but feel like it drags at
times. I must be missing something so I'll dive back in again soon.
58Amon Amarth
Deceiver Of The Gods

Like Red Fang, I want to like them more than I do. They just don't stand out. This
album is solid but unspectacular.
59Scale The Summit
The Migration

The won me over a few years ago with their live set. That said, I still can't seem to
get into their records.
60All Pigs Must Die
Nothing Violates This Nature

Angry stuff. Need to listen more cuz the first few when in one ear and out the other.
The Headless Ritual

See Amon Amarth/Red Fang.
62Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
Mind Control

More throwback goodness that has yet to grab me like it has others.
63Deltron 3030
Event II

Love the first one from like 10 years ago. The first few spins of the sequel were
good but unmemorable.
Colored Sands

Why is this not clicking yet?! It will. Right?
65Death Angel
The Dream Calls For Blood

Liked the last one just a little better. This is DA treading water. Maybe more will
reveal itself on repeated listens.

Like DA, this is Soulfly treading water.
67Big Business
Battlefields Forever

So far, so good but only listened twice.
Hold Me... But Not So Tight

Same as Big Business.
69Tidal Arms
Tidal Arms

Would probably be higher if it was released earlier in the year. Liking a lot after 2
70 Summoner

Same as Tidal Arms.
71Church Of Misery
Thy Kingdom Scum

Never heard of them until this year. Need to listen more but liked this a lot at first.
72Primitive Man

Same as Church Of Misery.
Blood Becomes Fire

Same as Church Of Misery and Primitive Man.
Black Death Horizon

Same as Church Of Misery, Primitive Man and Beatwars.
75In Vain

Taking a couple listens but cool so far.
The Mountain

Same as In Vain.
77East Of The Wall
Reaction Artifacts

Only heard a few songs so far but I know this will grow on me like their other albums.
78Voices (UK)
From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary

Pretty damn cool but only listened twice.
79Take Over And Destroy
Endless Night

Same as Voices.
Earth Rocker

Same as Voices and TOAD.

Same as Voices, TOAD and Clutch.
82Semantik Punk

So weird! But so...enticing. Must listen more.
83Oranssi Pazuzu

Now we've reached albums that disappointed me this year. In some cases, this
doesn't mean they are necessarily bad albums but they just didn't live up to
expectations. 'Valonielu' is one such album. Kept hearing amazing things but found
it boring and pretentious.

Another album that is good but didn't live up to what I was hoping for. THeir debut
kicks so much ass I was hoping this would do the same. It does to some regard but
only about 80% as much.
85The Ocean

Another good but ultimately underwhelming release. I love this band but I can't get
past Loic's harsh vocals sometimes. The instrumental doesn't hold up on its own
either. Good but not noteworthy.
Part Ache

Really liked their debut EP. This album I found boring.
87Mindless Self Indulgence
How I Learned to Stop Giving A Shit and Love MSI

I don't know why I expected this to be good. I got over this band many years ago.
Epitome of Torture

A bit of a snorefest.
Everybody Loves Sausages

Cover albums are usually lame but if anyone is going to make an interesting one,
it's the Melvins. While parts a definitely interesting, I'm not digging it. Haven't even
bothered to check out their other album from this year.
90Morality Crisis

Absolutely loved their debut. This is a step down but still listenable. I think the
whole thing is ruined by a joke track to start things off. Silly shit but f'real?
91Alice In Chains
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

AiC going through the motions.

'Bilateral' was one of my favorites a year or so ago. 'Coal' is good and innovative
but it isn't grabbing me much.
Unnatural Selection

My fault for expecting amazing things after Time Is Up. Hopes were too high to be
met. Still a fun album.
94Svart Crown

Their last album was better.

This album is super fun, don't get me wrong, but it just didn't blow my wig back like
their other albums.
Crown Of Phantoms

Like MSI, I'm not sure why I was expecting this to be good. It's not out-right bad,
just nothing special.

I think I'm the only Kylesa fan that didn't like this. I don't think they'll ever top
'Static Tensions.' Maybe this will click one day.
98Nine Inch Nails
Hesitation Marks

Pretty boring. I always want to like a NIN album all the way through but that almost
never happens.
99Dream Theater
Dream Theater

Used to love 'em. Now can't be bothered.

This was one of my most anticipated albums of the year. I don't hate it but I don't
like it either. This album puts me to sleep. Goodnight.
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