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My Evolution Through High School

These are the main things I listened to through each year of high school. All of these were very important to me at a certain time
1Freshman Year

Back to the days when my parents had to take me everywhere
In Utero
3Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin III

This will always be one of my favorite albums. I became obsessed with this right
before freshman year started and probably listened to it everyday while dreading the
coming of school.
4 The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Electric Lady Land

This got me playing guitar that was more difficult than power chords.
Enema of the State

So much nostalgia. I would listen to this with all of the new friends I made.
6Jethro Tull

My friend (that is now my girlfriend) was obsessed with the song Aqualung and we
would always sing it together
7The White Stripes

I wanted to be in a band like the white stripes for such a long time but as a freshman
every attempt to start a band ended with a single practice under our belt and no
8The Smiths
The Queen is Dead

I was obsessed with the smiths for quite some time and always wanted Morrisseys
9Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

I distinctly remember listening to this album inside of Braums waiting for my friends
on the last day of school and being tremendously happy.
10The Ramones
Animal Boy

Even though basically all of the music I listened to came from school of rock, it was all
pretty good shit that I can still enjoy
11 Sex Pistols
Nevermind the Bullocks

I thought I was so punk rock for this and the ramones
Moving Pictures
13Sum 41
All Killer No Filler

This is a band I look back on and regret spending money on
14Two Door Cinema Club
Tourist History
15The Who
Who's Next

I fell in love with this band and tried to get all of my friends to like them
16Brand New
The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

My soon to be girlfriend showed me tommy gun and the rest is history. Brand New
stands still as one of my favorite bands for sure. So much nostalgia with some great
friends jamming this album and speculating when they will nut up and release new
The Yes Album
Sing the Sorrow

Got back in to these guys in the winter of that year

My first friend in high school was obsessed with these guys and got me in to them
hard. It was one of those bands that you bond over and this album was constantly
playing while we would attempt to beat Kingdom Hearts in a single night. We grew
apart but this band/album hold a lot of cool memories.
20Angels and Airwaves

Tom Delonge was basically my childhood hero and I pretty much loved this band
solely because of his involvement. This whole album seemed so hopeful and uplifting
that it skyrocketed me out of the depression I had been in the previous year.
21Anti Flag
For Blood and Empire

Their political agenda and angsty themes real connected with my younger mentality.
22Billy Talent
Billy Talent

I learned all the songs on this album on guitar because I thought the guitar lines were
so fucking cool. This was the one band I had to myself that nobody else listened to
and it just got me pumped up,
Demon Days
24Green Day

This was truly the peak of my pop punk love.
25Sophomore Year

This was a very split year. Half of the music I still love and the rest I just look back on
in distaste. My friends started to get cars and we were all a very free and roaming
group of people. This was a year of exploration and dick heads that become your
friend just to torture you.
26A Day to Remember

The one friend that could drive at this time went through a big metal core phase at
this time so we would always listen to these albums in his car at full volume while half
of our body hung out the window.
27Escape the Fate
Dying is Your Latest Fashion

Once again a result of my friends metal core. I remember flying down this highway
back home while me and my friend climbed out the window of my friends truck in
attempt to high five over the top of the truck all while listening to Situations. I can't
stand this band now but it was fun while it lasted.
28My Chemical Romance
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Due to a new friend who loved them and the upcoming new album, I had a
resurgence of MCR this year. Danger Days was a huge disappointment but I bonded
with people over this album in particular.
Walk Among Us

This was my first experience with the misfits. My stoner friend showed me them in our
film class.
Surfer Rosa

Another band my girlfriend got me into.
31 Streetlight Manifesto
Everything Went Numb

I listened to this when me and my friend tried to get back in to skating. We would hold
on to the back of my friends truck through neighborhoods going 25-30 MPH resulting
in one of the scariest experiences of my life. I can't believe I actually survived this
year because of all the stupid shit I would do for a cheap thrill and this album was at
the heart of it all.
32System of a Down

I would sing this at the top of my lungs with my friend that later dismantled our entire
friend group. I hate the guy now but I have so many good memories with him that it
still makes me upset.
33Taking Back Sunday
Tell all Your Friends

Another album I would sing with my friend. We had the two vocal parts down to
almost every song and couldn't drive for more than 5 minutes without one of them
being played.
34This Will Destroy You
Young Mountain

I was shown this in the late hours of the night on a snow day. My entire county was off
of school for a whole week due to snow and ice and not once was I away from my
friends. This album was the gateway album to every post-rock band I love today.

Me and my friends all piled in to the car to go see Weezer and the venue was so filled
with the aroma of weed that half of my friends were claiming they received a contact
high. This was obvious bullshit and they were just acting stupid but it ended up being a
fun night and a funny story.
36Young the Giant
Young the GIant

Saw them at the same festival as Weezer right before they get pretty big. It was cool
seeing them with such a small crowd right before they exploded in popularity
37 Cold War Kids
Robbers & Cowards

On January 28th, 2011 I asked my friend to be my girlfriend. This was something that
changed everything. I was so excited and happy but some of my friends weren't due
to my lack of attention towards them.
38City and Colour
Bring me Your Love

Things started to get bad and friends started leaving. It all erupted one night when
everyone screamed at each other in the street while I sat as an onlooker. My friends
were divided. Half of them hated the other half, while the others sat and wondered
what they had done to deserve their hate. This resulted in the loss of many good
friends that I will never be able to get back.
39The Dear Hunter

refusing to take sides, I ended up in the middle of it all and was left with no friends
except for those that I never saw and my girlfriend.
40Death Cab for Cutie

That summer I left with my Swedish friend to visit his house in Stockholm. This
allowed me to get away from everything somewhat but when I got back there was
more tension and anger than before.
41Foo Fighters
Wasting Light
Punk in Drublic
43 Harvey Danger
Where Have all the Merry Men Gone
44 Manchester Orchestra
Means Everything to Nothing
45 Panic! at the Disco
Pretty Odd
Oracular Spectacular
47Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral
Slanted & Enchanted

Another good band my girlfriend showed me
OK Computer
50Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
51Junio Year

Junior Year was met with frustration, anxiety, depression, and a dip in grades
52The Republic of Wolves

Having little friends made me a lonely fuck that relied solely on my girlfriend for
53Godspeed You! Black Emperor
F#A# (Infinity)

My mood made me get into more music that I normally wouldn't. A lot of things were
filled with emotion and anger.
54Minor Threat
Minor Threat

There are little to no good memories to share in this year besides my introduction to
D&D from an old friend who I hadn't hung out with for a while.
55Black Flag
My War

I became best friends with the friend that drug me to D&D and his best friend who has
a massive hard on for metal. These friendships introduced me to much of the music in
this year.
Still Life

Those two friends took me to my first metal concert (being Mastodon and Opeth) and
thats what really started me expanding my musical taste.
58 Sigur Ros
Ágætis Byrjun

This year was the first time I went to a record store. Good Records in Dallas ended up
becoming a large portion of me and my friends life. This was the first thing I can
remember my friend buying and listening to in the car. This album really blew me
59The Sword
Warp Riders
60American Football
American Football
The Mantle
62The Antlers
63Bad Brains
Bad Brains
65Dead Kennedys
Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

I got really into 80's hardcore this year
66Brand New

Half way through this year me and my girlfriend broke up for a month. The division of
our friends and my increasing neediness became a hassle for her and we were both
unhappy. This wrecked me. I was so unhappy and the stress revealed a hidden
digestive disorder that made me emotionally and physically in distress.
67Explosions in the Sky
All of a Sudden, I Miss Everyone

The breakup, although tormenting, forced me to grow closer to the two friends I
mentioned earlier. We began hanging out relentlessly and started a band. We ended
playing at the house of blues but it ended in disaster because we had little time to
prepare and only a small amount of material.
Young Team
69The Adicts
Joker in the Pack

Once me and my girlfriend got back together, everything seemed right. I had these
two revived friendships that I knew wouldn't end in drama and a girlfriend that I was
ecstatic to have back.
70The Mars Volta
Frances the Mute

My two friends asked me to join them and some of their friends in smoking cigars and
playing D&D again. This was somewhat awkward at first because I didn't know half the
people there and this was all a pretty new experience they were showing me.
Brother, Sister

Those who I began playing D&D with became my best friends. I now had a group of
guys I could hang out with without being a needy dick to my girlfriend. They showed
me new experiences including but not limited to, hookah, whiskey, marijuana,
Dungeons and Dragons and cigars.
Times of Grace
Wavering Radiant
74Off Minor
The Heat Death of the Universe
Celebration Rock

Although an overall shitty year, it ended perfectly. Senior year was set up to be
76Senior Year

Senior year was the best year of my life so far. So many new music and experiences.
I got off school at 12:30 everyday and hung out with my friends and girlfriend
77 Om
Advatic Songs
Red Album
80 The Black Keys
Attack and Release

Me and one of my friends formed a two piece garage rock band for fun. We played
simple, easy songs with catchy riffs and vocals. The white stripes-esque band that I
had always wanted to be in had finally come to be a reality.
81Pink Floyd
82Sunny Day Real Estate

There was literally nothing I would change about this year. My friendships grew, my
relationship was awesome and I had more fun than ever before without the
recklessness of my sophomore year.
84Inter Arma
Sky Burial

In march, me and my three friends went to SXSW in Austin for spring break. This was
easily one of the best experiences of my life. I had my best friends staying in a nice
lake house with my family, roaming the streets of the greatest city in texas, eating
awesome food that made us shit like crazy and seeing some fantastic bands. This was
the one band we saw multiple times that really left an impact and made me a huge
85King Crimson
In the Court of the Crimson King
86 Dads
American Radass
Milo Goes to College

Me and my best friend went to see the descendants, NOFX, rise against, municipal
waste and an onslaught of other bands. This was easily one of the most fun concerts I
had been to.
88 As Cities Burn
Come Now, Sleep
89Beach House
90 Sigur Ros

This was the first album I listened to high
91Catch 22
Keasbey Nights

I jammed this while taking a trip with my best friend to visit the college he was
looking at going to. Although the trip was tremendously boring, the ride there and
back was a great experience and I'm glad I got to drive him up there.
92Drive like Jehu
Yank Crime

Senior year I bought all of Fugazi's albums as I found them at our local record store.
They easily became one of my favorite bands and had a huge impact on my senior
94Godspeed You! Black Emperor
'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

Saw them a few weeks before this album came out and it was a moving experience
95Nana Grizol
96Giles Corey
Giles Corey

I got this album when it came out however, I don't think it really hit me how great it
was until this year.
Souls at Zero

The last show I got to see before all my friends left for college was the Melvins. They
were fantastic but what really stuck was the experience before and after the show. It
was a sort of cathartic experience going to cafe brazil for the last time.
Sailing the Seas of Cheese
100Empire! Empire! (I was a lonely Estate)
What it takes to move forward

High school was a time of highs and lows both musically and emotionally and the
nostalgia is hitting hard. Sorry for the gay list
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