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@__@ Help Me

I've been practically living on for the past three days (lol) since I don't have a job right now and start back up sometime next week (???). What exactly does that mean? I've been searching for a lot of new stuff and jamming the HELL out of some REAAAAALL good sounds lately. Why should you care? YOU get to DISCOVER and JAM some if it with ME! The following list is me (ethos aka Ethics aka ethixx) asking YOU (the Sputnik community) to help revive this site a bit and show these absolutely outstanding albums some more love. Trying to hit as many genres as possible and convince users to download, buy, or just get a hold of and write/review/or at least rate a lot of these because they rightfully deserve all the attention they can get. Quit this site for like a good month just to get some things sorted out in my life and I come back to a lot of users gone and things seeming a bit lamer than usual. Not cool, so now it's time for some wag.

Alright, we're gonna have sounds coming from all kinds of different directions making you
feel all sorts of vibes but let's kick this hoe off with something that'll get you in the right
groove.. dancing from the start! b00m Kjott, b1tchez. If you dig Talking Heads (especially
Remain In Light) or Can, basically any of those kraut-rock tunes with unimaginable amount
of energy this is the band for you ya little bugger. Starts off with just spastic jams that
get you real focused but grooving from the get go then kinda melts into more of a
spacey/atmospheric rock drone album from there on. Hard to explain due to just how
unique the textures of sound are here (there's even some soul?? lol), but undoubtedly sick
and wayy too much fun - THE FLUTES, THE FLUTESSSS! [Genre: Neo post-
punk/Experimental rock]
Already Gone

Tired from jamming Kjott too hard? Well since you're living on sputnik with me now
you might as well sleep on it too. En's Already gone has some of the most blissful
tones/atmosphere I've heard as of late, and has lulled me to slumber three out of
the three times I've clicked play and cuddled with my mommy. THAT'S 100% OF
THE TIME!!!!! Definitely a night album. [Genre: Ambient/Drone]
Skeleton Veiled In Flesh

Enjoy the first track on Kayo Dot's recent Hubardo? Think it merits a 5 due to it's
unparalleled sense of musicianship and creativity? Are you currently bored with your
life? Does your mom know you're ugly? Do you like people shitting in your ear? If you
answered yes to any of the previous questions then click your soulseek application, rev
up mediafire, or immeditely direct yourself to youtube because your best friend ETHOS
HAS GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU!!!!!!!! [Genre: Comedy/Death-metal]
4Macintosh Plus

Ignore all the HATERS filling up this rating page, there's actually cool stuff to be found within
FLORAL SHOPPE. Ambience and soul is a pretty rare mix and they pull it off pretty well on a
few tracks. Sure, some of the beats from tracks on the second half get recycled a little too
much and the creative process of writing it might be a little cut short but hey at least this
has a really unique mood and a dash of personality! Hey little babe, I'm tryinggggg - to sell
you things that you aren't buyingggg. Don't you understand??? It's all in your head???
WARNING: IT'S NOT DEFTONES [Genre: Electronic/Soul]
5Mad Cliff
Mad Cliff

I met this album when I was 19 years old. And what I loved most it had so much soul. It
said, "Excuse me lil Ethy, I know you don't know me.. But, my name is Cliff see? And I like
to blow trees". And from that point on I never blew it off, niggas come from out of sputnik,
I like to show it off. And make 'em straighten up their hat cause we know they soft. Ok well
yeah that's the story so well... hmmm basically if you're looking to get into soul but don't
really dig vocals being too prevalent - this is the album for you.. instrumentals are
incredibly stunning! [Genre: Soul/Funk]
6The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa

Now this is what some reviews or certain members on this site would call a "hidden
gem" maybe even a "diamond in the rough" hahahahaha what a bunch of brown
sniffers. Anyways, enough of all that talk let's get straight to business since sputnik
is my current job after all. What we have here is pretty much near shoegaze/pop
perfection and undoubtedly deserves wayyyy more attention than what it's
received. Feeling kinda down? Aww is that girl not texting you back cause you no
longer have the money to buy her nice things and instead sit and play CALL OF
happens to the best of us - just jam this! Being around twelve minutes in length
and containing some real warm pussy tones, fuzzy reverb, and a fun lil snatchy
mood.. it'll be sure to get you back and at em to fail miserably again in no time!
Yay!! ^-^ [Genre: Shoegaze/Pop (THE FUN KIND)]
7Main Attrakionz
808s and Dark Grapes II

Don't act like you don't nod your head to some of the grimy hip hop tunes that pop on the
radio every now and then. It's great fun, but we all know that hip-hop has definitely lost
some credibility (not all) within the past few years as far as the public media is concerned.
Don't you wish you could still jam some of the incredible "Tha Carter II" or "Da Drought 3"
without being bored by it's tremendously low replay value after a while? WELL, LOOK NO
FURTHER BECAUSE IT'S HERE - everything that you (somewhat) despise about hip-hop/rap
that's running amok right now on your littler sister's favorite radio station done intelligently
and properly can be found on 808s and Dark Grapes II. You can tell they put a lot of time
and heart into this record because it shines through on absolutely every beat on each
track. Lyrics are hit and miss sometimes but for the most part it's real good stuff to listen
to as a source of inspiration/moving forward. Might take a little time to get into if you're
more into lyrics opposed to beats but if it's the other way around for you it'll strike as a
close to near classic almost instantly because the musicianship is outstanding. Production is
real nice on this one, started on a 3 and with continued listens grew into a 4.5. Just one of
those albums you can play under almost any situation, has got some great vibes and the
musicianship is great and pretty damn interactive for the genre it's under. I mean you can't
hate, you can't hate ((chuch)). [Genre: Hip- hop/Experimental]
8Kate Bush
Hounds of Love

Essential Kate shout-out. The Dreaming is better of course, but this is the best
place to start. I dedicate this list to the hard time and dedication some of our best
users put into 1100+ pages of unadulterated fun and wag around this season last
year. OPERATION BUSH - REVIVE SPUTNIK 2013. Spread Kate not Hate, bitches.
[Genre: Art Rock/Pop/Experimental]
9Arthur Russell
World of Echo

This is my favorite album. I recently wrote a review to try to spread it around this site
but it didn't seem like it was enough so I'm taking another stab at getting it around here.
Arthur Russell plays and composes extremely experimental avant-garde pop songs heavily
drenched in reverb, various effects, and strange loops on on the cello. Fans of Ariel Pink
or James Blake should check this guy out immediately, I found Arthur Russell before
hearing James Blake but people always seem to make the comparison between the two. I
don't really understand the relations considering Arthur Russell's work is immensely more
thought out and emotionally composed (in my opinion), but that can only mean a good
thing - right? Anyways, yeah.. can't even joke around too much when describing this and
don't feel like reiterating what has already been said in my review.. just click above and
discover/enjoy the artist for yourself! [Genre:Pop/Classical/Experimental/Folk/Disco]
10Goodie Mob
Soul Food

Straight SOUL, Goodie Mob's about to take you back to church son. Perfect example of southern
rap done properly, lyrics have tons of culture and intellect. Probably the most emotional hip hop
album ever released. Cee-Lo Green, Andre 3000, Bigg Gupp, Khujo, and T- Mo slaughter every
single track effortlessly. Do I need to say anymore? Raw as the streets, definitely a southern
classic in my eyes. Absolutely essential listening. Deserves 50x more attention on this site,
check it out if you haven't! [Genre: Hip-Hop]
11Heat Wave
I'm Fuckin You Tonight

I've been pitching this guy around this site like crazy as of late and it STILL only has EIGHT
votes. What's going on? I can guarantee Heat Wave will probably be one of the most
unique listens you'll hear all year if you decide to give him a chance. One of my favorite
albums, similar to 808s it can be played in almost any mood or setting and still pull through.
Basically a downtempo, screwed & chopped, lush, textured, experimental mixtape that
showcases samples from popular 80s groups and various other bands. Full of creativity and
ideas, filled to the brim with warmth and a smooth liquidy feel. Very addicting and
captivating album if you vibe it out properly, one of the strongest in the field of electronic
music. [Genre: Screwed & Chopped/Electronic]
12Animal Collective
Water Curses

Hahaha you thought there wasn't going to be an Animal Collective release in an ethixx list
for once? YOU THOUGHT WRONG. This is the most essential Animal Collective EP for me and
hits things off properly pretty much every time I spin it. Water Curses is straight FUN.
Aquatic, sunny, vibrant.. kinda reminds me of like that one lagoon overworld area in Diddy
Kong Racing if any of you dudes played that cool N64 game as a kid. Probably showcases
them at one of their highest creative peaks as far as songwriting goes, Street Flash is my
favorite song that I've come across so far in life... so if you wanna figure out why~ just
snag this wherever it lies~ [Genre: Electronic/Pop]
13Burkhard Stangl & Taku Sugimoto
An Old Fashioned Duet

I don't know exactly what this is... I don't feel like I'm knowledgeable when it comes to
thoroughly understanding this genre of music (yet), but I stumbled into it through some list
and it struck me in one of the strangest ways music ever has. Like, it just sounds as if
people are just randomly strumming on their instruments as if they're an object or weapon
lol.. but the way the notes are placed feel so natural - really placed in the proper spot as if
when one instrument plays the other one responds intelligently trying to hold conversation.
Lots of space between sounds, a lot of rests. Has this very calming mood to it as well, even
though a few tracks nearly drove me insane. Definitely not for everyone but it's unique stuff
that I plan on looking more into in the near future. [Genre: Improv(?)/Experimental]
14Mike Oldfield

Checked this dude out a few days ago, I'm not really into this genre of music but was
thoroughly impressed. Don't have a lot to say about it other than if you're into like prog this
guy will be your black master. [Genre: Prog/New Age]
15Tokyo Incidents

(Also known as Tokyo Jihen) It rules. Basically Shiina Ringo taking a more in your face
approach to her songwriting, very full in sound - rich and captivating. Really forward
aggressive style the kind that puts you up against a wall and oh no shiina im scared
dont grab my neck NOO!O!O!O but then hugs u aww shiina u still cute u still shiina,
wayyy too much fun. Has a real nice jazz vibe going on within it too, every song has a
distinct sound.. nothing ever becomes monotonous as far as the music goes. Don't
understand ilovetree's 2 at all, this is probably my second or third favorite Shiina release.
Definitely needs more love on this site though, someone should review it! [Genre:
Japanese Rock]
The Return Of The Space Cowboy

This guy's pretty popular in the UK, but not as much in the United States. Made the
song (Canned Heat) Napolean Dynamite dances to during his talent show in the film.
Real soulful/funky space-vibing stuff. Easy listening, but still delivers in pretty much
every way it needs to.. meanders a bit near the middle of the album but it's not too
much of a big deal because the title track is probably one of the strongest funk singles
ever released. Oh, and surprisingly it's also Tyler the Creator's favorite song of all time
if that means anything to you LOL. Drums in this are stellar and it has a great
woodwind section, cool kids listen to Jamiroquai so if you like to WAG/DANCE while
trapped in your headphones and don't give a shit about Between the Buried and Me this
one's for you! [Genre: Funk/Soul]
17Twa Toots
The Peel Sessions

Havey (my everlovin') went a bit cRAazYY and started posting this cute lil package of twee pop
bliss all over sputnik one day and it just so happened to pop up on my wall. Pretty much fell in
love immediately cause it's straight a'wwww. Please Don't Leave A Rainy Night In Georgia is the
highlight of this release, but every song delivers. A good pick-up album for moments where you
don't really know what to play. Short, fun and to the point! [Genre: Twee-pop/Girl Group]
18David Thomas Broughton
The Complete Guide to Insufficiency

"It's music like this that would impel me choose going blind over going deaf/if you're looking for an
exquisite folk album folks, you've got to narrow down your search". Winesburgohio's words from
his soundoff on the review pin this album to a tee. Folk done exceptionally well, meticulously
layered musicianship with a straight and honest feel. Lyrics are absolutely brilliant and heartfelt.
Nothing but praise for this one, tons of charm and growing potential as well, probably a modern
classic. Highly recommended and deserves a much larger audience. Sad stuff's usually the best
stuff in this field (except Animal Collective's Campfire Songs hehe), and this album's a clear-cut
example of that statement. [Genre: Folk/Experimental]

Pure. [Genre: Noise/Industrial]
20How To Dress Well
Love Remains

Remember this? No? Well it still rules either way bitch. Dreamy electronic r&b tunes with tons
of atmosphere and catchy hooks. Don't dig his new one at all but Love Remains still kinda
get's me lost in it's own world with it's immense soundscapes. Really immerse environments
with a nice mixture of warm and cold feelings scattered throughout, kinda reminds me of
James Blake as well but way better. LOL sorry my man James just don't dig your style too
much (Wilhelms Scream still rules though). [Genre: Ambient/Pop/R&B/Soul]
21William Parker
The Peach Orchard

Ever wanted to completely lose your mind to SOME jAZZZzzz MANNNnN? Listen to this
masterpiece! Words can't really express what's going on here, just utter brilliance as far as
control of their instruments and musicianship is concerned. Fact paced, sprawling (lol Godspeed),
energetic, spastic, free jazz that will floor you right from the first few notes. SO MUCH IS GOING
ON it's sometimes hard to just keep up. You know that moment in Duet Solo Dancers where you
feel like your mind's about to explode from the sheer intensity of the pace in notes? This one's
got a BUNCH of those. Like.. I kind of imagine from Thot (the first song) this person running and
tripping but continuing to pick them-self back up repeatedly at this increasing pace while holding
an assortment of various items, dropping and picking them back up as well. This is like something
I don't even feel I've fully digested/understood properly but like after two listens immediately
rated superb. Might even hit classic soon after a few more listens. Every single track offers
something new to the table (which is rare to see in jazz) and reaches it's potential stunningly.
It's as good (or maybe even better) as The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady as far as I'm
concerned. Yes, you read that properly. Maybe not as great as far as composition is concerned,
but it's got so much aggression and personality that it definitely put's up a strong fight. This is
some raw ass jazz, dawg. Get it immediately. [Genre: Jazz]
22Archie Bell & The Drells
Tighten Up

Real close friend of mine had this sitting on his vinyl player and I decided to give it a
shot since he said his mom jammed it when she was young and we never got around to
actually listening to it in person. Tighten Up has got to be one of the strongest
openers to any soul album I've heard in a loooong time, immediately gets you in a
cheerful mood with it's absolutely mesmerizing bass groove and get up and dance vocal
style. Rest of the album is real consistent for an album full of singles. Straight out of
Houston, Texas too which is pretty sweet. "Move... to the left. Move... to the right!
Tighten it up...? now! You can do it allllright!" [Genre: Soul/Funk/R&B]
Our Naivety

This is mindlevictus' (a user on this site) most recent release. It's the only user-related piece of
music that I've ever handed out a 4.5 to - don't want to give too much of a description
because I'm actually contemplating on writing a brief review on this thing but PLEASE check it
out if you're into ambient/drone kind of stuff, has a slight Vladislav Delay kind of vibe and
remember to keep in mind that he's trying reconstruct the sounds of airborne life on tracks 1, 2
and 4 and underwater life on 3 and 5 because it kinda helps depict a better image in your mind.
Momentum is probably my favorite from this, but every song hits pretty hard.. great for calming
down/relaxation or filling a room with tons of sound if you have the proper equipment to do that
with. Last minute of Natch might make your body literally lift off the ground. [Genre:
Sun People Sleepwalker

I'm convinced that this album's at peace with itself. Probably my favorite mixture of
ambience and field recording released at this point. The first few tracks don't give a
good feel for what the entire thing holds, so if you don't enjoy them at first I really urge
you to continue listening because Frozen Beach I and II, Mint Mountain, Silver Lake, and
Lazy Oasis create a perfect mental picture of what the album cover suggests and
probably is the strongest five song suite in ambient history. This album is some straight
up holy magic, god damn wtf this guy must have been a priest or something.. second or
third favorite ambient release of all time. First half is a 3.5, second half an undeniable 5.
A must for fans of Stars of the Lid (although I don't enjoy them that much). Seek it out
and rest well, sputnik. [Genre: Ambient/Field Recordings]
25Aeterna Tristitia
Sub Ea Omnes

This is cinaedus' (Lakes) most recent release to sputnik. I've been following his stuff for about
a good year now and can say with confidence that he's improved tremendously over such a
brief period of time. Although I feel as though the material presented on this album isn't up to
par with all the other stuff on this list it's definitely something that's at the very least worth
your time to check out. Favorite tracks from have got to be Glass Ceiling (the dialogue material
is kinda : , but it adds an interesting atmosphere to the song), There Must Be A Way, and
What I Want. Lakes is definitely is definitely showing a lot of potential and is acting on that
potential by improving his material almost every single time I check one of his new releases
out. His most recent song on his bandcamp is probably my favorite and something I would
actually actively listen to outside of knowing him/being his friend so that's always a great
thing. You guys should definitely give it a listen as well, smart dude - definitely going
places/doing stuff with his music. Can't wait to see where he'll be another year from now.
[Genre: Lo-fi/Drone/Psychedelic/New-Age]
26Grachan Moncur III

Cool free jazz trombone album, with a bunch of xylophone stuff going on as well. Dude on the
drums is on point throughout the entire deal. Just real good easy listening kind of stuff, great for
people looking to get into some snazzy accessible jazz. Love the album cover, awesome hue of
pink. [Genre: Jazz]
27Mark Hollis
Mark Hollis

If you haven't heard Laughing Stock or Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk yet listen to them. It's
really that simple. Don't even finish this list, just listen to them NOW. Two of the most
ethereal and sublime musical experiences imaginable. They put themselves in a CHURCH for
NINE months and came up with Spirit of Eden. Absolutely unreal. Two of the few albums I feel
as though define transcendence through music. This.. however, is something that usually goes
unnoticed by most Talk Talk fans. Really incredible stuff, so quiet and intimate. Lots of
warmth, begs you to pay real close attention to detail. Keep it at around the volume of how
loud it would be if they were directly in front of you and it gains even more enjoyment. Mark
Hollis was a firm believer of musical thoughts being played at their best when first expressed, I
feel as though this album depicts that statement extremely well. "Before you play two notes
learn how to play one, and don't play one unless you've got a reason to play it." [Genre: Post-
28The Brave Little Abacus
Just Got Back from the Discomfort

Fans of Cap'n jazz - this is what you've been waiting over fifteen years for. I firmly believe this is one
of the strongest bands to form within the last three years and it's a shame they didn't get more
publicity/attention before they called it quits. If you can get over somewhat nasaly/whiny vocals I can
guarantee this one will hit you super hard. Mood on this has such a fun and bouncy vibe, highly
emotional. The way the songs are structured blows me away almost every time I decide to jam this,
surprised more people aren't realizing how strong of a vocalist this lead singer is. I can understand
that for half the album he sounds like he's talking to himself alone in a room.. but man, he has some
real sick rhythms going on and his dynamics are also really interesting as well. Bassist in this band
drops some of the hardest grooves I've ever heard, especially track six.. man... AND they do like 8bit-
esque stuff as well.. album spans from like ambient/drone at one point then emo/indie rock the next.
This album's just got so many positive aspects, defines the stages in sound from adolescence to
adulthood perfectly. PLEASE, check it out... I believe it's free on their bandcamp. And if you can't find
it there, just do a quick google search or something. [Genre: Emo/Indie-Rock]
29John Fahey
Fare Forward Voyagers (Soldier's Choice)

Near perfection as far as stripped down finger-style guitar albums go. So incredibly emotional and
moving despite it only being one instrument, very meditative and bright in sound. Flows effortlessly,
everything sounds as it's placed in the proper spot - kind of reminds of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue in that
aspect. Just very powerful and gripping. Best synopsis I could give this would be miniature symphonies
being played out on guitar. Essential for anyone who plays the instrument or aspires to at some point in
their life. [Genre: Folk]

I can't even begin to describe this other than repeating 5/5, 5/5, 5/5 over and over again
while the twelve minute EP loops itself behind my voice.. so I'll just post this mini-review I
found on the internet instead. Oh, btw Je Derve Avec Lair is the best 2:36 ever recorded.
Ever. Although I don't feel as though this album is "haunting" or "depressing" in almost any
way whatsoever (other than the beginning of Montparnasse) but rather hopeful/longing for
transcendence the words following the __ give a really different perspective and insightful
approach to the sounds presented. _____ Y?ran's 1981 EP "Montparnasse" is a depressing
release, not only because of its mood but because it is so unfortunately short and obscure
that one is only left to wonder about it without ever really knowing anything about it. The
album begins with "Concert Maillol", which starts out as a bitter-sweet ballet- esque piano
piece which later degenerates itself into a weary collage of what seems to be a weak
synthesizer or a guitar with some of the most haunting and magnificent field recordings of
people talking I've ever heard. Then the track transforms into "Je Derve Avec L?ir", starting
out with the same notes as the piano piece in the beginning of the last track, only that this
time the field recordings feel even more desperate and outrageous. Laughs, whispers, and
what seems to be an angry imperative sentence haunt this delicate piano piece, crumbling it
into a poem of retreat and pain. One cannot stop thinking that this release has some sort of
story at this point of the EP. The next track is "Montparnasse" this time the piano-piece
sounds heroic and even fearless, like it's trying to liberate itself from the shiver-worthy
words of whoever is speaking over it. Steps, a howling wolf , delicate screams of pain, and
joyless whispers bitterly attack this piano-ballad once again, by the end of this track we
feel defeat, as if the music has crucified and tortured itself for the good- being of
something else. "La Bou....." is a toy-box melody accompanied by words that seem to
announce a epilogue, an epilogue of sweet death. "Montparnasse" is a self-destructive EP
that seems to try to get rid of itself, one can only pretend to understand such a dusted
gem. One can only invent its story, maybe it's a haunted ballet studio, a piano-ballet that
brought a man to its demise, or maybe just a statement of depression and curiosity in its
purest form. [Genre:Experimental/Ambient/Pop/Psychedelic]
31Balloon Journey
Balloon Journey

What do you like about Balloon Journey? I admire Balloon journey for its originality, I like how something
so simplistic can be so amazing. [Genre: Experimental]
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