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Album & Drug Comparisons

There are some albums that almost HAVE to be modeled after some type of psycho-active substances. So if you haven't tried a certain type of drug (not that I encourage you to do, of course), here are some albums that you may of heard to help compare you to it, and vice-versa!
1Bob Marley

If you aren?t feelin da music, then get with it mon! Reggae has been synonymous
with the herb for years, and while there are hundreds of tokers who stick to the
beach-side bongos, Marley is the undisputed king of love, peace, and smoke rings!
2Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

Both Acid and Pink Floyd exploded into the scene come the early 70s. The simple,
yet trippy album cover of TDSOTM provides a great depiction of the minor visuals
one receives during a fry. And no feeling on Earth, not sex, not opiates, not even
free falling, compares to the blissful magic of the moment you first get slapped in
the face by the LSD you dropped an hour ago. But in all seriousness, it?s pretty
similar to the orgasmic transition between the songs Speak to Me and Breathe:
where all the tension of the excruciatingly long come up is released into the most
blissful and surreal vibes you?ve ever felt.

You honestly have to be bat-shit insane to think you?re cool for doing PCP. Sure,
there?s gotta be some redeeming reason for taking PCP, but no one in their right
mind would enjoy binging to that shit for the rest of their lives. Enter Slipknot?s
debut: you aren?t cool when you brag about being a ?maggot?, and god have mercy
on the soul who has vowed to stick with this artist until they die of nu-metal
4Bon Iver
For Emma, Forever Ago

Everyone wants to pretend they love Shrooms. It just seems cool to like them, ya
know? You heard about that one hipster on campus who locked himself in a cabin in
the woods and ate an 1/8 of some nice caps. Well what you don?t know is that
same guy was puking his guts up in hysterical crying, contemplating everything he?s
lost in his life and kicking himself for it. Sound familiar to any artist you know?
5Electric Wizard

Dirty, filthy, and amazing. That?s what the king of opiates and the king of doom
metal have in common. The sheer euphoria and rush derived from these things are
unparalleled. Society hates them because they fear the havoc that is built around
them, but they are both pretty much completely harmless save for their addicted
potential. Be warned! They both probably contain more filler then you?d wish.

You can?t get more pretentious then DMT, unless of course you are Maynard James
Keenan. I mean what else brags to be the best of its class, besides Maynard? And
what else has claimed to change more lives for the better, excluding Maynard
again? To be fair, DMT is very powerful. Not many people can understand the way
it will enlighten you to grasp the universe in a way you never thought possible...
Just smoke it. Keep going. Spiral out.
7My Bloody Valentine

There is an undeniable factor of sexuality laden in both XTC and My Bloody
Valentine?s Loveless. The cloud of undistinguishable feedback forms happy and
comforting melodies that completely engulf the listener, much like that of E. The
bliss of being embraced by the orgasmic touch of the pink is startlingly similar to
the soft hands you feel guiding you during the best of your rolls. Just stare at your
feet and smile, that?s what the boys and girls of MBV are doing!
8Green Day
American Idiot

America liked these two things at one point, but that?s because we didn?t know a
lot about them. Once we had grown up with them, we realized that Green Day
pollutes adolescent music tastes in the same dauntingly high quantity as cancer-
sticks do their lungs. Most people get into the band or the drug at a young age,
because they are rebellious little punks that want to be cool. All that they got from
that is the history?s WORSE single stuck in their head (you know the one) and
terminal cancer of the heart. I don?t know what?s worse?
9Lynyrd Skynyrd
Nuthin' Fancy

You were first introduced to either alcohol or the band Lynard Skynard when you
were in high school. It was also at a campfire, next to the girl you?ve been crushing
on for months. And since everyone else was doing it (either singing along or sipping
away), you wanted to pretend you were a pro. All that gave you was an
embarrassing moment (either puking up your guts or humming notes that aren?t
even there after you claimed to be Skynard?s biggest fan). Its also worth
mentioning that anyone who continued to devote their lives to either of these two
things ended up fat, bald, and probably beats their wife
Jane Doe

30 minutes of "What the hell just happened?"
11System of a Down
System of a Down

The most paranoid, crazy, and intense feelings humanly possible are bottled in both
the drug Methamphetamine and SOAD?s self-titled album. I mean, it?s so
unbelievably over the top that you can?t help but want it. The entire band looks like
(and probably are) meth addicts. And when they were popular, more teens talked
about ?Toxicity? then they do ?Breaking Bad? today. I guess that just makes this
more like meth, right?
Welcome to Sky Valley

Hear a purrin? motor, and she?s a burnin? fuel as you cruise your way through the
southern American deserts. The world is flying by you, and you feel more in tune
with nature then you ever had before. If this is the case, you?ve either hacked
down enough peyote to be labeled a fugitive, or you have Welcome to Sky Valley
on repeat. And hey, I?m not stopping you from doing both. In fact, the guys of
Kyuss are all for you doing both at their desert gigs. Just pitch a tent and trip to
the sound of the stoner-rock hippy kings themselves. The come up is long, (?fuckin?
takes so long?), but it?s well worth the wait.
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