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A warning to all: This list has some unpopular opinions. Many of these albums you will probably disagree that it is a 5. These are my opinion. Thanks.
25Circle Takes The Square
As The Roots Undo

I hate to put this album at last, it's an amazing piece of music, but I don't feel that
strong of a connection to it. Still though, a fantastic album worthy of being a 5/5.
Although, it's probably not worth the mounds of hyperbolic claims it receives.

I found out about this band like many others have, through Code Orange Kids.
Sharing 3/4 of the members, Joe (bass), Jami (drums), and Reba (guitar) their music
has the same feel to it as COK. The only difference is this band is an indie/emo
band, and god do they know how to push my buttons. I didn't enjoy this as much
as their more recent album, but I loved this too much none-the-less.
23The World Is A Beautiful Place And...
Whenever, If Ever

Can't wait till I have this thing on vinyl, such a great emo record. It rides the line
between catchy and sad perfectly. Also a very nostalgic vibe here. All around I just
love this record, especially the vocals.
22I Hate Myself
10 Songs

Yet another emo/screamo album in my bottom four. This though, this record has
two of my favorite songs of all time, Caught In A Flood With The Captain Of The
Cheerleading Squad and Conversation With Dr. Suessicide. One of the most
depressing albums of all time, the band name perfectly describes this band.
Clear My Head With You

Got this album shipped to my house in white vinyl form. God it sounds great.
Adventures matured just a bit from the last record, and created something even
better, with one of my favorite songs of the year on it, PROMISE. So fucking good.
20The Dillinger Escape Plan
Calculating Infinity

I feel like this should be higher. The word "masterpiece" is thrown around a lot. I
truly feel like this album is a chaotic masterpiece, that inspired many mediocre
mathcore bands to come out of the woodwork just with it's sheer heaviness and
abrasiveness. Fantastic record, embodying the emotion of rage.
19Dance Gavin Dance

This is the only DGD record without Jon Mess on screamed vocals. As much as I
love Mess' vocals and lyrics, I think Will Swan fit perfectly into this album. His lyrics
actually remain relatively coherent, unlike Mess, and his vocals are deeper and more
heavy sounding. Honestly I enjoy DGD with Mess more, but this is still a classic in
my book.
18La Dispute
Somewhere at the Bottom of the River...

This album hits harder than Manny Pacquiao from the first listen. A tale of two
loves becoming separated may sound corny to some, but the way La Dispute
execute this story with such passion really shows the emotion displayed in this
record. "I think I saw you in my sleep, lover, I think I saw you in my sleep, you
were stitching up the seams on every broken promise that your body couldn't
17Veil of Maya

This was my very first "favorite album of all time". I held this album in more high
regards a few years ago. Granted, my music taste has "matured" a bit more, but I
can't help but have a connection to this album. Not to mention I just love
everything about from start to finish. Marc Okubo is still one of my favorite
guitarists of all time.
16Loma Prieta

This was the very first screamo album I heard. The very first. I'm definitely very
late hopping on the skramz train, but this is the album that sold me on the genre. I
watched Anthony Fantano's review on this album, and went into it with high
expectations. This record reached all of my expectations, and smashed them into
the ground.

I think it's incredible how an instrumental record can tell a heartbreaking story, just
through guitar, bass, drums, and song titles. My third favorite Cloudkicker album is
still an absolute classic to me. This is his most metal release, forgetting The
Discovery, and god can Ben Sharp riff. That man is a genius guitarist.
14Dance Gavin Dance
Dance Gavin Dance

This was the first DGD record I ever heard. I actually didn't like it that much at
first, but good god did it grow on me. I had to listen to Uneasy Hearts Weigh The
Most 100 times until I was used to their style, as this band was the start of my
maturing music taste, and from there I just fell in love with this album.
13Explosions In The Sky
The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

This is a post-rock staple, and the true musical embodiment of tranquility. I don't
know how else to describe this record other than beautiful. This is what I would
listen to when I would skip class and go to my dark corner. I guess I have an
emotional attachment to this album, but nevertheless it's still absolutely marvelous.
12Touche Amore
...To the Beat of a Dead Horse

This is one of the only 5/5s I remember giving on my very first listen. You have to
be in a hopeless mood to truly enjoy this album, but god do the lyrics seem to
speak to me personally. This album if full of emotion and relatability.
Another Year Of Disaster

Alright, I take back what I said about [id]. THIS was my very first "favorite album
ever". Say what you want about it, immature lyrics, too many breakdowns, I love it
all. This album is the reason why I love music. Adept is the very first band that I
actually felt connected to, and that opened me up to a world of music that I would
never have known about, if it wasn't for this Swedish post-hardcore outfit. A very
personal record for me.
10Dance Gavin Dance
Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean

I wrote a whole review about this album, I'm not gonna type it out again. Good.
Good. Good. Emotional. Good.
9Streetlight Manifesto
Everything Goes Numb

If there's one thing I can thank sputnik for, it's introducing to me some of my
current favorite music. This album is a prime example. Every song here is upbeat,
passionate, and has incredible lyrics. There's a reason why this ska album is held in
such high regards.

An album that's helped me through tough times. Ben Sharp reaches a perfect
balance between his heavy side and his calm side here. The song Seattle on here is
pretty much his current magnum opus, showing what he is capable of. This a great
instrumental album that anyone can enjoy.
7Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

4 Satin

Mogwai's forgotten classic is criminally underrated. This was the first EP Mogwai
ever released, and contains only three songs. This EP is truly short and sweet. I
find it hard to describe my feelings about this album, but every song, including the
feedback ridden closer, just make me feel things that most music can't make me
feel... Impossible to describe, but I just love everything about 4 Satin.
5Godspeed You! Black Emperor
F#A# (Infinity)

Like I even need a reason to rate this thing a 5. It's known as the album that just
blows you away entirely and destroys you. Listen to this if you haven't. Odds are
you probably have, and you know why I've rated it a 5.
Jane Doe

Ryan Flatley's sput review sold me on this. Everything about this album is fantastic,
and although I'll never be able to describe it as well as Ryan did, it's basically an
album about a woman you once loved becoming nothing to you. Oh yeah, and the
instrumentals are chaotic, crazy, and packed with energy. Have fun!
Let Yourself Be Huge

I own this album on coke bottle green vinyl, and it just might be my prized
possession. I used to listen to this album once a day, every day, after coming home
from school. I still should listen to it everyday really, it is one of the most soothing
and calming records I have ever heard. All the way through this album makes me
feel like I'm floating on a cloud. So warm. So great. Ben Sharp.
2Dance Gavin Dance
Downtown Battle Mountain

I have probably listened to this album more than any other album ever. How I feel
about this album is exactly how Channing Freeman feels about The Devil And God
Are Raging Inside Me. I don't know what is used to mean to me, and I don't know
what it means to me now. The connections are just there.
1Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas...

In my opinion this album is the pinnacle of human achievement, and the greatest
piece of art in music form to ever grace the Earth. Now, THAT is a hyperbolic claim
that this album deserves. I could write a book about this album. It has an
unfathomable sentience to it, it feels alive. It's like every time you listen to it, the
end of the world IS happening. This is an album that truly needs to be experienced
from start to finish. When looking at music as an art form, and not an object to be
mindlessly enjoyed, Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven is as good as it
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