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Rush: Manchester Set List Ranked

They played one which I just couldn't place, it must have been from Power
Windows, Hold Your Fire, Grace Under Pressure or Test For Echo as I don't have
any of those albums. It was good on the whole, with some really nice bass, and
only rated so far down the list because I didn't know it really.
21Grand Designs

I don't actually know the song, as I haven't got round to buying Power Windows
yet, so I'm not sure whether or not the version sounded a little muddled, but to me
it did. Still enjoyable.
20Wish Them Well

I were dying to hear this one, and although the guys reproduced better than almost
any other band in the world would there own songs, by their standards it was about
average. Plus I'm pretty sure Alex cocked up the opening of the song, though they
tried to cover it up as a false start. Still good, but not what I was hoping of the
song. The guitar solo was decent as well, yet lacked at some moments (except
when Neil and Alex coupled the the choppy, singular power chords and powerful
drums in one particular section. That was produced with more aggression than the
album version).
19Clockwork Angels

Everything sounded great within the song except for the vibrating guitar intro which
for some reason didn't match the melodic nature of the album. Still very, very
good, and would probably be higher except for my preferences and the surprising
standout moments.
18Sub Divisions

They opened with this song so some of it probably went over my head, but it was a
wow moment on the whole, the only problem was a few glitches with the sound
quality and some "opening song" hiccups.
17Where's My Thing

The instrumental was slightly different, with Alex playing a changed version of the
chords which run alongside Ged's bass line (The one which dominates the song)
then Neil charged into another super solo before the guys rejoined him to finish out
the song. The version was great in most places but due to some changes, most just
put into place due to the constraints of playing live, it lost a little. Still a real
bouncing song and much better than this description has made out.
16Halo Effect

Really nice chilled out opening which remained loyal to the album yet threw in a
slightly different texture which took the song to a new level. It followed a lone
"Hope" esqe guitar solo from Alex which was very entertaining and set the mood
excellently for the more mature/wry yet nostalgic love song. If it can or should be
called a love song. It would place higher on the list but I prefer Force Ten as a
15Force Ten

Overall it blew me away, especially ged's vocal delivery on lines such as "Attack
the day like birds of prey..." but something was lacking in the mix: mostly the bass
line which drives the song, which was somewhat drowned out at times by Alex, Neil
and the synths.

Very powerful, the opening section was eerie as it reverbed around the arena, ged
and Alex were on top form within the instrumental section (especially Ged's bass
work) whilst Neil remained as awesome as always.
13The Analog Kid

People went fucking crazy when Geddy mentioned Signals, then when the riff
kicked in there was a collective fist pump. The song was rocking and somewhat
contemplative, just like the original, but held a little more edge.
12Red Sector A

Sounded just like the album, only bigger, plus the images on the screen fit the song
perfectly (Hunched over stick fingers wandering through a red mess cage
environment). The song was hypnotic.

The riff was awesome, the whole song sounded just as frantic as you'd want it to.
The entirety of clockwork Angels sounded great, the mix (or whatever you call the
live equivalent) was a lot better than on some of the other songs.
102112 (Overture, The Temples Of Syrinx, Grand Finale)

Mega. Not the best live version I've heard of the song, but it's such a part of the
band and one of their true classics that it would make anyone's top ten.
9The Wreckers

They captured/reproduced the atmosphere of the song entirely, it made you throw
your head back and close your eyes, imagining the violent waves. It really was that
good - though it seems a little hyperbole.
8Big Money

Another Huge sounding song, it filled the arena. Truly great version, had everyone
7Headlong Flight

Was dying to hear this and it didn't let me down: when the riff changes in the
instrumental section and Neil comes in with that crazy, rolling drumming he leapt
into a drum solo which was out of this world.
6The Pass

Not the band's greatest song on the set list, but certainly one of their hidden gems.
The live version put the album version to shame: ten times the emotion and power,
the simple bass line coupled with another perfect performance from Geddy's vocal
chords rose goosebumps. A real surprise highlight.
5Far Cry

The only song the band did from Snakes And Arrows, but what a song, and what a
version. The main riff was huge, the verses cool as fuck and Ged's vocals where
hair-raisingly (I know that's not a word) good.
4Tom Sawyer

First song in the encore, sounded massive, and I mean fucking MASSIVE. So glad
to hear it live, the roar from the crowd when those first few bars kicked in was sick.

Unbelievably good, great, awe inspiring. The bass lines rung throughout the arena
like nothing else I've ever heard, Neil's drumming was lifted directly from the
album and Alex showed yet again why he should be counted among the rock-
guitarist-elite with that sumptuous solo.
2The Garden

Geddy's voice was note perfect, the overall tone and the emotion within the song
were perfect and swept over everyone. Plus Lifeson's solo was astounding.
1The Spirit Of Radio

The crowd went fucking mental with this one: an ocean of clapping hands. The guys
smashed the living fuck out of it, just awesome. It was the last song before the
encore and was very special indeed.
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