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07.24.14 It Was Only Just A Dreaaaammm Part 204.20.13 It Was Only Just A Dreaaaammm

It Was Only Just A Dreaaaammm

Based on a T.R.U. story
Comeback Season

This wasn't the first time Insurrection had come across former lover
auberginedreams in a public setting. In fact, the other day they ran into each at a
local bistro. After seedy eye contact across the deli, the two met in the washroom
for greedy sex. Insurrection climbed onto the trolley and saw auberginedreams on
the back of the bus next to RosaParks. After an extended period of sexual staring
with the trolley passengers being left in bewilderment, Ins sat down directly behind
the trolley operator and began talking dirty into his ear and slowly licked the
crevices of his earlobe.
2Lil B
Green Flame

The trolley came to a halt at the designated stop and aubergine departed.
Insurrections lust got the best of him and followed suit. He grabbed the arm of
aubergine and pulled him in for a kiss. They enjoyed the kiss. A few onlookers
shouted "OH SHIT" and laughed and threw shit at them. They didn't care. They had
fallen in love all over again. Sara Bareilles walked from around the corner and
started crooning some bullshit.
3Gucci Mane
Trap God 2

4Scissor Sisters
Night Work

It was a rager of a party. Bitches were twerkin. Niggas was wildin. Tools were
shotgunning beers. People were hookin up. Shit was jumping. Insurrection walked
into the house, pockets full of molly, looking to slay some pussy. He set a case of
beer into the fridge and showed hella love to his niggas. He was ready to throw
down. A thick nigger bitch started twerking on him and he got a chub. It was gonna
be a good night.
5Justin Timberlake
The 20/20 Experience

auberginedreams was sitting down on a coach, babysittin only two or three shots.
He walked into the kitchen to grab a Mike's Hard when he saw the bitch twerking
on Ins. Insurrection made eye contact with aubers. It was love at first sight. Ins
suckerpunched the girl and walked over to aubers. They shook hands and popped a
molly together. The DJ played "Luv Dem Strippers" by 2 Chainz featuring Nicki Minaj.
They began to grind together, leaving everyone in shame and bewilderment. People
started to leave, and by 3 AM it was just Insurrection and auberginedreams sucking
each other up on the carpet.
6Frank Ocean
Channel Orange

Ins and aubers continued their storied affair for a few months, losing every single
friend and family member in the process. One day, Ins was going to surprise aubers
with some Flowers and season six of Will and Grace. He walked in and heard the
dirty ginger screeching. Ins knew what was happening. He ran into the kitchen and
saw curseworship paining aubers on the kitchen table. Ins stood there and watched
Josh Fountain push his sweaty hairy penis into the asshole of aboriginedreams
several times as their hairy bodies molded together in a sauna of passion and lust.
curseworship pulled out and creamed on aubers mouth and then met him for a
tonguey passionate embrace. Ins shrieked and ran out crying.
7 blessthefall
Rise Up

aubers felt like shit and Ins would never respond to any of his calls, texts, tweets,
kiks, or facetimes and they both fell into a deep depression. They joined the San
Francisco rave scene and began abusing all sorts of drugs, including crystal meth.
They both tested HIV positive after two raves.
8Meek Mill
Dreams and Nightmares

Well Done

After making out to the amusement of Tim Lincecum and Sara Bareilles, they both
went back home and confessed their true love for each other. They began to kiss,
their tongues intertangling creating an experience neither of them would ever
forget. They stripped each other slowly, rubbing their cocks against each other in
the heat of the moment. Unbeknownst to them, curseworship was hiding in the
10Snow Patrol
Final Straw

They were both naked and laying on the floor rimming asshole and sucking dick. The
stench of homosexuality was overpowering. Ins picked up aubers with his scrawny
gay ginger ass and lofted him into the bedroom. Ins began to put on a condom for
the first time since his uncle showed him the works, but realized that it was futile.
He stuck his sweaty schlong into aubers asshole and began thrusting. aubers
shrieked with excitement and pleasure as Ins piledrived his rectum. curseworsip
began jerking off in the closet, he couldnt help himself.

Ins pulled out and came all over aubers cock and balls and began to furiously suck
his dick. aubers giggled with pleasure and shot his wad into the back of
Insurrection's throat. They laughed together and kissed passionately to begin round
2 when curseworsip kicked down the closet with a gun. "Listen here cocksucker,
you gave me HIV!". He opened fire on both of them and the room was filled with the
stench of faggotry, death, and gunpowder as Josh Fountain then pulled the trigger
on himself.
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