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The Saddest Albums

These albums fill me with such emotion... They are my favorites, my favorite saddest albums. Each and every one of them are great and deserve a listen. I would rank each 4-5.
1Ryan Adams

One of the first amazing recs I got from sputnik was this album. I had never heard
of Ryan Adams and when I heard Heartbreaker for the first time, I was blown away.
I wasn't aware that his genre of alternative country existed. I tried listening to
other albums by him, but they weren't the same. I first heard this album at a rough
time in my life and I will always relate back those emotions when listening to this
album. The song "In My Time of Need" really gets me. Simple, yet beautiful. Stand-
out vocal harmonies and repetitive, yet perfect guitar.
2The Antlers

This album doesn't really need a description. If you have ever lost a loved one, this
masterpiece is the blanket of emotion that covers you in the first few weeks of
grief. It keeps you just warm enough to inspire some light in the wall of darkness.
Sea Change

This is my favorite Beck album for a number of reasons. It is so different, so pure,
and so perfect. I never skip a single song when listening. Each song fits into its
own special place in the tracklist. It branched off from Beck's usual quirky style in
which he mashed up countless genres, and stripped his sound down completely.
What we are left with is an acoustic, lightly-synth layered album that encompasses
a sense of sadness and loss. It also reveals Beck as the outstanding singer that he
is. I can't wait to own this one on vinyl.
4Bon Iver
For Emma, Forever Ago

It may be hipster, but it's damn good. I love all of Justin Vernon's work, but his
debut will always be the most memorable. "Flume", the opener, is my favorite and
always will be. Unique is an understatement. It's not often a listener is graced with
a falsetto of this caliber.
5Bright Eyes
I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning

The best Bright Eyes album and the best of all of Conor Oberst's material is both
musically and lyrically perfect.
6Carissa's Weird
Songs About Leaving

Another rec from this site, very good.
The White Birch

After hearing the Barely Real EP, I wanted more. The White Birch was the next step
I took in my listening of Codeine. I was surprised at how much more I like TWB then
Barely Real... I remember listening to this song in English II as the snow fell outside.
It was a desolate day.
8Death Cab For Cutie

DCFC will never release another album quite like Transatlanticism. "Title and
Registration" and "A Lack of Color" will remain my favorites from the band. Gibbard's
vocals will always stick out and set his work aside from the rest of the indie crowd.
Very pleasing stuff.
9Nick Drake
Pink Moon

Another singer/songwriter that supposedly killed himself... Among him, on this list
alone, are Elliott Smith and Mark Linkous (of Sparklehorse)... I sometimes wonder if
the musical world would be the same if they were left alive to produce more music.
Most days, I don't think it would be the same. It's a shame Nick Drake was only
alive to release a few albums. Pink Moon is a masterpiece and many consider it one
of the greatest albums of all time.
10Frightened Rabbit
The Midnight Organ Fight

I've always thought of this album as the perfect break-up album, "Poke" being a
favorite. If you enjoyed this album, check out FR's newest album, Pedestrian Verse.
Get the bonus edition... The last tracks on the album are the best.
11Matthew Good
Hospital Music

Matthew Good at his best. It's too bad nobody talks much of his music on here
anymore. I come across the occasional thread where somebody mentions him, but
he is good enough to compete with the rest of the albums on here. "Metal
Airplanes" is such an awesome song.

I included this album for nostalgia. Track 1 is one of my all time favorites, not so
much sad. "The Warming Sun", track 11, is enough sadness for the whole album. I
can relate to it so completely that whenever I hear it, my situation doesn't seem so
bad. People always have it worse than you, remember that.

Similar to The American Dollar, Helios always puts out consistent post-rock/ambient
stuff that inspires a lot of emotion. Eingya is my personal favorite. It is best
listened to at night.
14Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson's music was never meant to be heard by anyone but himself. He
wrote these songs for a lost love he hasn't seen in years. Henson's voice is a little
different and it may be an acquired taste for some, but I don't understand how
someone couldn't love the guy and feel sympathetic for him, especially after
listening to the sense of loneliness that his lyrics encompass.
15Hot Chip
Coming On Strong

"Shining Escalade", track 9, is Hot Chip's best song and is another one that
contains enough sadness for me. I'll toss this album on and although the bulk of this
album is great, I can't wait to hear "Shining Escalade". The vocals are haunting, the
melody is enchanting. In the rain, it's perfect.
16Jets To Brazil
Orange Rhyming Dictionary

"Sea Anemone", track 6, still remains THE most emotional song of all time for me.
Listen to it here - "I will tell you I
am fine. I got some news, friend, feels like I'm dying"
17Linkin Park
Minutes To Midnight

Argue all you want, this is Linkin Park's best album. The second half of the album is
amazing. It's mellow, it's lyrically fascinating, and the obscure electronic
instrumentation is outstanding. "Valentines Day", "In Between", "In Pieces", and
"The Little Things Give You Away" are some of the best of Linkin Park.
Things We Lost In The Fire


Moby admitted that he created this album in hotel rooms after midnight. On tours,
he would sit in his suite alone in the big city after everyone else went to bed, and,
suffering from insomnia, he would stay up and play his acoustic guitar, loop his
computer tracks, and contribute some of his own vocals... in the end, Moby
created Destroyed, who's album art features an airport hallway that Moby
photographed himself. The opening track, "The Broken Places" inspires an emotion
that is unlike any I feel from other songs. Desolation? Isolation? You tell me. -
20Nine Inch Nails

Although not what Mr. Reznor is best known for, this album sticks out in NIN's
discography for me as being one of my favorites. Mellowed out and calmed down,
this "unplugged" EP takes some of Trent's best work and turns it into something
new, something awesome, and something worth hearing.
21Red House Painters
Red House Painters I

Albeit a difficult listen, Rollercoaster (or Red House Painters I) is perfect for this list.
Quite a sad album indeed. If you like Idaho, Sun Kil Moon, Codeine, Mark Kozelek, or
American Music Club, you will enjoy this album. "This album can be cripplingly
depressing. However, much like depression, there are alleviating moments of beauty
to be found after and within the darkness, and it?s worth delving within RHP I?s
considerable mass to find such moments."
22Elliott Smith

The master of depressing folk music, Elliott Smith did it again and again. I always
make sure to keep my copy of this album and his s/t in my car so that when I'm
having a rough day, I can pop it in and share in some sorrow. If you want a sad
album, look no further. Elliott Smith is here to provide.
23Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith

His lyrics are genius. His music is simple, yet haunting, the perfect accompaniment
for such a voice. I wish Elliott was still with us. The world needs another artist like
him to play some real music. His songs drip with emotion. His talent as a
singer/songwriter will always be held highly among folk music enthusiasts.
It's A Wonderful Life

Sparklehorse is the kind of band that you either love or you hate. Linkous' vocals
are somewhat of a marvel. They are different and to me good-different. The lo-fi
electronic backdrop accompanies easy-going guitar. I have never heard any band
that I would compare to Sparklehorse because of the mere fact it would be hard to
imitate their sound, even if you tried. "Sea of Teeth" remains another one of the
saddest song that I know. I can't get enough.
25Third Eye Blind
Third Eye Blind

No filler. This album is chock-full of perfect tracks, each abiding by strict genre-
standards but being interesting enough that the listener will want to go back and
hear it all again. This is the best of 3EB, their greatest hits album wasn't needed.
26This Will Destroy You
This Will Destroy You

I had to toss a post-rock album on this list, because it fits, but also because of my
love for the genre. "Villa Del Refugio", "The Mighty Rio Grande", and "They Move On
Tracks Of Never-Ending Light" are all masterpieces. It is worth to sit through the
lengthyness of the songs, because the build-ups lead to astounding climaxes that
lead to magnificent resolutions.
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