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Top 25 Favorite Pokemon

My favorite Pokemon
Voices of Omens

Gengar- All time Favorite he's saved my ass more times than I count especially when I was young
playing Gen I, the elite four him with dream eater and thunder were not okay at all. (If only shadow
ball had exsisted) And back then he laughed like an asshole at the fighting gym plus his dex
description is pretty badass.
2Sabertooth Zombie
Midnight Venom

Bulbasaur- My first card and first ever starter
3The Abominable Iron Sloth
The Abominable Iron Sloth

Dragonite- In first Gen he was pretty much the second most powerful behind Mewtwo ( or your
pikachu if its pokemon yellow)
4Graf Orlock
Destination Time Tomorrow

Haunter- People seem to favor Haunters look more than Gengar while I can see that and would
almost agree just cause he's the traditional ghost and we actually don't get that many with our
ghost pokemon. Plus at his level he is damn good and fun to play with
5Electric Wizard

Heracross- my favorite bug and my favorite fighting pokemon it's pretty rare for me not to get him
super early in soulsilver when I play it
Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)

Tyranitar- while a single fighting move would completely fuck up his world he's still known as one of
the most powerful pokemon even 3 generations after

Houndoom- looks like a hellhound or something and he's one of my favorite fire pokemon
...And Out Come the Wolves

Primeape- he's not very good especially compared to other fighting pokemon from that gen
(machamp?)but if you train him well he can actually be a dick with his speed and attack
9Operation Ivy

Charizard- nothing can be said about the best fire starter in pokemon and one of the best fire
pokemon still to this day
10Dark Tranquillity

Arcanine- He was originally supposed to be a legendary (which is why he's so fucking stupid good)
but for some reason decided against it and growlithe came to be
Abandon All Life

Magmar- Charizard Vs. Magmar. Remember that? Still one of my favorite pokemon episodes and
still a great childhood memory for me watching that episode when it aired
Unloved and Weeded Out

Lucario- it's a hard choice for favorite fighting pokemon between him and Heracross
A Diamond for Disease

Metagross- he's the pokemon tank pretty much
Pokemon - The First Movie

Mewtwo- one of the most powerful and well known pokemon he still ranks as one of the most
powerful legendaries especially now hes aged like a fine wine with the move set you can give him

Milotic- I've always thought of Milotic as kinda the female Gyarados how it evolves from a retarded
fish that can't do shit honestly I prefer milotic over Gyarados(x4 to electric doesnt help its case)
16Yndi Halda
Enjoy Eternal Bliss

Cubone- seems like an odd choice I know but sometimes pokemon are awesome for their
descriptions alone and Cubone where's his mothers skull on his head. That's some dark shit.

Scrafty- in my honest opinion I think Scrafty is the best pokemon in Gen V and I say that because
he's got great attack amazing defense and Descent enough speed to get by just fine plus he has
ability of shed skin or moxie I prefer moxie simply because it raises his attack by one stage each
time you faint an opponent combine that with hi jump kick and you got an unstoppable little
18My Bloody Valentine

Blastoise- he's more defensive than the other 2 starters in gen I doesnt make him any less good
than the other two
19Massive Attack

Pikachu- he's the poster boy of pokemon for a reason he can fuck up even the
pokemon God Arceus how? Light ball. It doubles his attack and special attack so on average if you
don't EV train you'll get a pickachu with 500-600+ attack and with volt tackle.
Enemy of the Sun

Feraligtr- I'm pretty sure technically he's the best water starter

Umbreon- my favorite evveelution besides Espeon I really feel like Johto was the highlights for the
evveelutions jolteon and Vaporeon are both amazing but flareon is shit Umbreon if given the proper
move set can be untouchable

Escavalier- he's a bitch to get ahold of but once you do hes made for taking hits and dishing them
back out(just no fire pokemon)
23Pianos Become the Teeth
The Lack Long After

Kingdra- my favorite water pokemon that's a non starter
24Cult of Luna
Cult of Luna

Crobat- Crobat made zubat and golbat more than just pokemon to fill up your dex he's one of the
fastest pokemon and one of the best of gen II
2BA Masta

Lapras- I'm sad I haven't used one as much as I really should because I find Lapras to be actually
kinda underrated he seems to just get lost in the shuffle I never hear him being brought up in
conversations or message boards or anything and its sad cause I do believe he's one of the top tier
non legendary water types besides the first two gen starters, kingdra and milotic( I could be
forgetting others)
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