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How Do You Really Rank Your Albums?

Because when a 2.5 album ever "average"?
Blackwater Park

5.0 = Classic. Unquestionably one of the best albums of the decade. The first amendment does not apply to people who disagree with my opinion of this album!
2The Flaming Lips
The Soft Bulletin

4.5 = almost a classic. So close. You want to 5 it but something is just missing, or getting in the way (in this album for instance, its those remixes).
3 Godspeed You! Black Emperor
'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

4.0 = That awkward zone between good and great. OMG its a new GY!BE album! (Downloads and listens immediately). Well, kind of cool atmosphere here, not quite as climatic as the old releases, but that's okay because if they did attempt that it would just be contrived. I just need to listen to it a few more times to really get it. (3 listens later). Well time to go 5 it on sputnik. Inner conscience: "Now hold it, right there. This is not a 5 album and you know it. The words "Godspeed You! Black Emperor" does not immediately make something a classic. This is 3.5, a 4 at best. Really though, its a 3.5." Me: What? I can't rate a GY!BE album under 4! Sigh, I guess it is closer to a 3.5. Okay, 4 it is.
4The Shins
Port of Morrow

3.5 = pretty good. I enjoyed the album. After a few listens, I download something else and forget about it for the rest of the year until December when its on everyone's top 10 albums of the year list.
5Dropkick Murphys
Going Out In Style

3.0 = Meh. Not sure if the band is starting to go downhill or if my tastes are just changing.
6Dropkick Murphys
Signed And Sealed In Blood

2.5 = Poor. Yep, they're definately going downhill.
(Should probably note this is the last album I've actually listened to and rated on this list, there are some exceptions but you usually you know what you're getting into before hearing a 2.0 or lower album, so why put yourself through it unless you're being paid to? The rest of this list is to avoid doing calculus.)
7 Fallout Boy
From Under The Cork Tree

2.0 = Pretty shitty. I send Pete Wentz a message on myspace telling him how much I love him and how he has saved me from my own self destruction, then I create over 100 images on imgur of me and him together and what our life could be like, and he ignores me throughout the myspace era and eventually blocks me?? I'll show him, I'll give this a 0 on sputnik! No, thats too far, I'll give it a 2. I'm still mad at you Pete, but I'm not a psychopath or anything.
8One Direction
Take Me Home

1.5 = Very shitty. It's top 40 pop music for tweens though, of course its going to be shit. Why waste time and money making good music for the last discerning of audiences? If you were these guys at their age, and someone offered you fame and forturne to play shitty music for tweens, would you pass that up in the name of artistic integrity? Of course not. You would take the money, play your shitty songs, and fuck every girl on the Disney Channel before your 15 minutes of fame are up. I pretty much never rate anything this low because I like to listen to every album before I rank them, and I would never put myself through this type of album. It wasn't made for me anyways.
9 brokeNCYDE
I'm Not A Fan, But The Kids Like It!

1.0 = Bottom of the Barrel. I've met two people who like this band. One was an 18 year old chick with a 3 year old who asked me out on a date, just to cancel that night because she didn't feel well, and then posted all over facebook how amazing her date was with this scene-bro looking guy. If I ever met that guy, I would seriously owe him more than just one beer. I hope I don't though, because I'd rather not talk to scene kids. This is why you should always stay away from online dating sites folks, especially when you live in the butthole of Ohio. As for the other person I've met who liked this band, he was kind of like that girl except not as bright. Yeah...
10Blood On The Dance Floor

0.0 = I want to find whoever made this and rip out their anus. Music just doesn't get any worse than__no, not gonna say it. I said that "music can't get any worse than this" when brokenCYDE came out and then these guys came out. Not falling for that trap again.
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